A Cash Warrior Chapter 112

A Cash Warrior 112

# 112

– Volume 5, Episode 12

“Once I decided to accept that offer, but as I was thinking about forming my own army, I realized that there were a lot of things I lacked, especially in the aspect of martial arts.”

Hannah Jang said as if she knew that.

“Now it seems that even an A-grade item is not enough?”

“The Talos Armor, Adamant Knuckle, and Magic Conversion Rifle have done their job well so far, but I think there will be some shortcomings in the future. Since it’s a borrowed item anyway, wouldn’t it be possible to exchange it for another item?”

Last time, I went to enchant Ki Chul-min and felt it.

It was a waste to even apply a self-healing function to an item that was not his own.

If you apply the self-healing function, it becomes an AA-class item, so what do you mean doing that for free?

Even if the level of the weapon rises, it is not reflected in the ranking.

Rather, it was a business that had more leftovers by replacing it with an AA-grade item and renting it out and selling the enchantment scroll.

“My level has gone up, so the level of the armor must also go up that much? I want to go back to the national treasure chest.”

Jang Han-na showed a hint of brazenness when she saw Jeong Dae-sik demanding it as if it was natural.

However, seeing that he had already come to meet him, it meant that he had guessed what kind of request Jeong Dae-sik would make, and that he was willing to grant that request.

Unsurprisingly, Hanna Jang nodded her head more willingly than expected.

However, like the last time, Dae-Sik Jeong tried to negotiate in advance to see if he had any intention of being victimized by reckless use.

“Okay. If you return all your A-class weapons, I’ll lend you one AAA-class weapon.”

“If you return three A-class weapons and get one AAA-class, isn’t that right? If possible, would you lend it to an S-class?”

“S-class is something that I cannot give out in my line. Hiring an S-class or higher item requires a separate examination. As I said in advance, it is quite difficult to pass the examination. ….”

Jeong Dae-sik asked what immediately came to mind when he heard the word “executor”.

“Wait a minute. So, did Choi Hee’s weapon borrow from the State Property Vault?”

Hannah Jang sighed.

“To tell you the truth, yes. To be precise, it was for a limited time.”

Originally, Choi Hee had not been very prominent before becoming an executor.

She had the ability to bring down thunder and lightning, but she had no control over it.

At that time, Choi Hee’s vast magical power was closer to disaster than talent.

But when she appeared as an enforcer, she was completely transformed.

Choi Hee was able to control her abilities through the newly acquired weapon, Horagales.

Instead of committing an omni-directional and indiscriminate sabotage, she was able to hit only the target accurately, thereby slaying the Hunter Killer.

After that, Choihee and Horagalles were almost considered a couple.

However, opinions differed as to the origin of the weapon.

It was around that time that doubts about the existence of the state property vault began to circulate in earnest.

People wondered where such a weapon came out of nowhere, and Choi Hee kept her mouth shut as to the source of Horagalles.

Hannah Jang gave a brief explanation about it.

“It is true that Choi Hee became an executor and the state gave her Horagales. Being an executor, she can receive all possible support. I didn’t.

To get it back, we’ll have to appoint another executor, but Choi Hee is too strong for that. Well, she’s not using her Hora Galles for her own self-interest… It’s because, like the best hunter in Korea, she responds well to various requests. Now I’m just acknowledging it.”

Seeing Jeong Dae-sik immersed in thought after hearing those words, Jang Han-na hurriedly added.

“But, don’t think of acting like Choi Hee. At the current level, you won’t be able to bring SSS-class items like Horagalles. Because of Choi Hee’s work, the national security management organization has also felt a lot. There will be no cases where items of higher grade or higher will be taken out.”

Jeong Dae-sik didn’t have to act with Choi-hee anyway.

Even if it were an item that he could borrow, it would be S-class at best, and it is because it is a semi-permanent rental for the first time.

Jeong Dae-sik asked something else instead.

“Then you’re saying that there are more SSS-class items besides Horagalles in the National Vault? Do you have any M, L, or G-class weapons?”

Jang Han-na said with a firm expression on her face as if she felt that she had made a mistake.

“That’s a no-comment.”

“I’m not saying I’m asking you to borrow something like that, but I’m just curious. What’s the point if you just put an item with that kind of power?”

Hannah Jang was straight.

“Unmeasured grade weapons are much more dangerous than Jung Dae-sik thinks. That means they have the same power as detonating dozens of nuclear bombs at the same time. It is natural to strictly manage them.”

“If it’s that dangerous, why not just get rid of it?”

“I can’t. Awoken, the god you’re talking about didn’t just send the item down for nothing. Besides, it’s impossible to destroy.”

“Well, I guess.”

While continuing the conversation, Jeong Dae-sik asked what came to mind.

“But is it okay to leave Gwangpil-du like that?”

Jang Han-na expressed concern over Jeong Dae-sik’s point.

“We know he’s collecting Seven Stars, but there’s no way to stop it right now. We’ve only gathered two weapons so far, and it’ll be near impossible to collect all the rest.”

Jang Han-na said there was no need to worry, but Jeong Dae-shik heard it as a big deal if they collected all of them.

In any case, as Hanna Jang pointed out, it will not be easy to collect all 7 weapons.

The other three were occupied by the strong players in the top 10, and the other two are completely unknown.

Jeong Dae-sik thought that those two, or at least one, would be in the national treasury.

“Anyway, it has become more difficult to rent items because of Choi Hee’s work. Borrowing an S-grade item would require a lot of time and effort. It will fill the castle.”

“Then let’s borrow three AAA grade items.”

“It can’t be!”

The two quarreled for a while.

This time, Han-na Jang did not back down.

Last time, it seems that the upper level suffered an embarrassment for tearing three A-grade items.

In the end, they agreed to compromise and borrow two AAA-class items.

Jeong Dae-sik said generously to Jang Han-na, who had a tired expression on her face.

“I made a concession, so you owe me.”

Hanna Jang opened her mouth wide as if she was stunned.

But she didn’t seem to dislike Jeong Dae-sik’s audacity.

He soon broke his expression and let out a wide smile.

“I really can’t stop! I’ve been conceding a step too!”

“So is he.”

Jeong Dae-sik admitted it and laughed along, and Jang Han-na blushed a little.

Then he hurriedly erased the sign and said:

“But be aware. The reason why I treat Dae-Sik Jeong so much is because I keep in mind that he will become an all-in-one and become stronger than he is now.”

“Does it sound like you want me to become an all-in-one as soon as possible?”

“Why is that? If I become an all-in-one, are you going to do some kind of biological experiment?”

“Don’t say nonsense. It’s not like Jeong Dae-sik who is being treated like that, and above all else, he won’t sit still at the Awakened Association.

“Do hunters need to be stronger than they are now? I think hunting monsters is enough now.”

Hannah Jang suddenly clouded her face.

She had a look on her face that had a lot to say, but she didn’t reveal her feelings.

I was just adding a word as a request.

“It’s good to be prepared for anything.”

Jeong Dae-sik salivated at the adamantium full body armor, which is an SS-class item in the national treasury, but he could not aim for it in a situation where even S-class items could not be rented.

Jeong Dae-sik, who negotiated with Jang Han-na and received two AAA-level items, was very careful.

It was because we could not meet all the requirements as the number of branches decreased by one compared to the last time.

In the end, Jeong Dae-sik chose armor and melee weapons.

I wished I had another long-range weapon such as a magic automatic rifle, but I gave up boldly because I have been less active with one-dillers lately.

Above all, firearms were more popular than other weapons, so it was easy to find them at arms stores.

I decided that I could buy it with money if I really regret it, so I decided on a battle suit and knuckle gloves.

The battle suit lacked a heavier taste than the Talos full body armor, but it was a more practical design.

It is a type of protective clothing that can be easily worn like a jumpsuit, but as it is AAA level, the function is amazing.

This battle suit changed its size at will in response to magical power.

It means that even if the physique changes through transformation like the small gangdu, it does not tear or tear because it grows together.

In addition, it boasts strong durability that is not damaged in any environment.

At first glance, it looks like a thin piece of cloth, but it does not burn in fire, does not freeze and harden, and is excellent at discharging heat and sweat and protecting body temperature.

Above all, the amazing advantage of this battle suit is that it has a camouflage function.

Like a chameleon, the colors and patterns change according to the surrounding landscape, so there was no need to hide by using a separate skill.

Alternatively, it had a luminous function, which made it glow in the dark.

Of course, there was a sense that it was not enough to call it a defense if it had this kind of advantage.

In terms of protecting the body from enemy attacks, the battle suit was no better.

The battle suit had protectors that covered the shoulders, chest, back, arms and thighs, but it did not budge from any blows.

In addition to simply striking attacks, it boasted excellent defense against stabbing and cutting.

In addition, it had a self-healing function.

It has resilience, so even if the guard was damaged by any attack, it was naturally restored over time.

It was restored faster by using magic power, and the same was true of the clothes part.

Since it is made of cloth spun from the web of an immortal spider, even if it was torn, it was restored quickly just by connecting magical powers.

Is it really a AAA-level item? Another item chosen along with the battle suit, the knuckle glove, was a glove-type melee weapon that reached up to the wrist.

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