A Cash Warrior Chapter 120

A Cash Warrior 120

# 120

– Volume 5, Episode 20

The training ground was crowded with people who came first.

Most of the people who heard the news came out to watch the contestants fight.

Other than that, as yesterday, there were several personnel in progress to prevent accidents that would occur in the aftermath of the battle.

Among them was Yeo Soo-hee, who came out with a battery for power supply.

“Are you ready?”

Kim Si-on, who had been preparing in advance at Kang Young-hoo’s order, nodded.

Then he gestured to the four volunteers.

Ki Cheol-min and the other two were men, and Kim Tae-hee was the only woman, but it was a spectacle.

He was wearing only a single three-stranded sweatshirt with his knees all stretched out.

Jeong Dae-sik was wondering if he could say yes.

If he was confident in his defense, he would have come out like that.

Even if he was injured while fighting without any armor, he quietly shut his mouth thinking that it was his fault.

Kang Young-hoo immediately made the onlookers back down and told Yeo Soo-hee to prepare a shock absorber shield.

And told the volunteers to hear them around.

“The four people here have applied to join the newly created Fenrir Unit. Today’s battle is simply to select the Fenrir Unit members, and even if they are eliminated, they will return to their original unit and receive no disadvantage. If I win, I will be placed under the command of Captain Jeong Dae-sik here as a member of the Fenrir unit.”

Kang Young-hoo looked around for a moment as if introducing Jeong Dae-sik, and Jeong Dae-sik bowed his head toward the applicants.

“Today’s selection won’t take any time. The match is simple. In the tournament format, the victor in the end will take the place of the Fenrir unit. The match ends when one side becomes incapacitated or declares surrender. Use your weapon freely, but be aware that I may intervene and end the fight if it is judged too dangerous. Then… let’s begin.”

When Kang Young-hoo retreated, Kim Si-on approached the volunteers and gave them rock-paper-scissors.

Two people who played the same scissors were tied into one group, and the other two people became another group.

“For the sake of fairness, both groups will face off at the same time.”

Kim Si-on dropped each group on both sides of the training ground.

Then, Su-hee Yeo shouted to turn on the water supply, and soon the water flowing from there was loaded with magical energy and the entire training ground was covered with a shield.

However, unlike the previous time, the shield was divided into two in the middle.

This was to allow each group to focus on fighting without being influenced by the other groups.

Although the battle space was slightly reduced, it was not too narrow for two people to work.

“Woah woo woo woo!”


As the confrontation began, the crew members who came out of the spectacle each stomp their feet and cheered.

In particular, cheers were focused on Group 1, to which Ki Cheol-min belonged, because of the crew who had to deal with Ki Cheol-min.

He belonged to the Nutcracker, and the atmosphere was very playful because the commander there was young.

So, even if a member of the unit applied to another unit, they did not hesitate to pour out cheers mixed with slander.

“Hey, Kim Young-soo! Don’t get tired of pooping because you’re scared!”

“You know that when you come back from a distance, it’s a black history update, right?”

“If you don’t want to wear a blanket while sleeping, fight well!”

The member, called Kim Young-soo, was wearing a smirk and glaring at the members of the Nutcracker.

Then Ki Chul-min said with an expressionless face.

“Are you going to fight or not?”

Kim Young-soo was taken aback and apologized.

“Oh sorry.”

He immediately smiled and took a stance.

“Then, let’s go first!”

Kim Young-soo kicked the ground and thrust the spear he was holding on his side in front of him.

It was a 3 m long spear made of iron, up to the handle, and looked incredibly heavy.

However, even if it was an object made of mysterious metal, Kim Young-soo skillfully handled the seemingly cumbersome weapon as if it were one body.

“A feeling of exasperation!”

Ki Chul-min slid the sword body to the side and let the spear coming in.

Then, he turned his body once, and in an instant he came close to Kim Young-soo.

“Surge of Heaven!”

Ki Cheol-min lifted his elbow and swung his sword from the bottom up.

Kim Young-soo, who had almost had his face cut in two, turned around in confusion.

Then he turned his arm to the side holding the spear short and hit Ki Cheol-min with his elbow.

Similarly, Ki Chul-min, who had blocked it with his elbow, saw Kim Young-soo widening the distance.

Frighteningly, the spear pierced his seat with a terrifying force.

“Generation gap!”

There was an afterglow as if the spear had increased to dozens.

It looked like that because of the magic that Kim Young-soo put into the window.

Ki Cheol-min quickly avoided the attack, but a deep cut was left on the shoulder rest.

As Ki Chul-min narrowed the distance again, he shouted to distract Kim Young-soo’s attention.

“You, how did you get that technology name!”

Kim Young-soo exclaimed excitedly.

“I’m just shouting something! Did you notice?”


Hunters are technical names, so shouting is just a kind of self-promise.

It was merely a role of enhancing concentration and foretelling what kind of ability he would use to his colleagues.

So, like Kim Young-soo, it didn’t matter if my colleagues didn’t mind if I said anything.

However, it was annoying when he was seriously dealing with him.

“Technology is written like this! Cheonraeil Island!”

A flash of light came from the sword Ki Cheol-min was holding.

Jeong Dae-sik, watching him from outside the shield, defined the confrontation in one word.

‘That’s a gap fight over there.’

Kim Young-soo had a long weapon called a spear.

Basically, the longer the weapon, the better the attack.

A 3m long spear has an attack range of nearly 4m when combined with an arm’s length.

On the other hand, although Ki Chul-min was a long sword, he was holding a relatively shorter weapon than Kim Young-soo’s spear.

Naturally, the attack range was narrow, so Ki Cheol-min had to jump into his attack range to attack Kim Young-soo.

In other words, the wider the gap, the more advantageous Kim Young-soo, and the narrower the gap, the more advantageous Ki Chul-min.

The two were aware of that fact and were struggling to keep each other’s attack range.

Kim Young-soo was trying to somehow keep Ki Cheol-min away, and Ki Cheol-min was trying to catch up on the contrary.

Kim Young-soo might be a little better in terms of total magical power or innate abilities, but it would be of no use if he allowed Ki Cheol-min to strike.

The sword Ki Cheol-min grinded with magic was sharp, and it seemed to have gotten sharper as he changed his weapon recently.

Once the attack is successful, it can inflict a huge blow.

The problem is that Kim Young-soo is well aware of that fact.

Kim Young-soo also looked like a playful guy, but his skills were tough.

He continued to outsmart Ki Cheol-min with his clever footwork.

Ki Cheol-min was sticking with him based on the experience and patience he had accumulated over the years.

Maybe this fight would not be an interval, but a battle of patience and concentration.

And as Jeong Dae-sik knew, Ki Cheol-min was not envious in that field.

‘If we do well, Ki Chul-min will win.’

In a way, it was fortunate for Ki Chul-min that he did not collide with the characters of the second group.

The characters in Group 2 were much stronger than the characters in Group 1.

Even the momentum that stood facing each other was unusual.

In group 2, the two people who stood staring at each other did not move in their place.

Group 1 was silent while fighting fiercely with roaring noises.

It wasn’t that they were wasting their time.

There was a lot of tension around, and I could feel the fact that he was searching for the opponent in search of the right time to attack.

Kim Tae-hee, a woman in tracksuit belonging to Group 2, was holding a weapon she had never seen before.

It looked like a mortar, but for a mortar, the shape was quite ugly.

There were thick mace-like thorns protruding from both sides of the ball, so I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if I got hit by one.

Shin Dae-hoon’s weapon, a man dealing with a woman, was also not formidable.

He was surrounded by thick armor like a tortoise, and the shape of the armor was unusual.

Should I say that it is as if it was made by attaching one shield of various sizes together?

Large shields were attached to the back and abdomen like the shell of a tortoise, medium-sized shields were attached to the chest and shoulders, and smaller-sized shields were attached to the arms, thighs, and shins.

Of course, Shin Dae-hoon’s physique was large enough to wear dozens of shields on his body.

If you look at it wrongly in the hunting ground, you’ll think it’s an ogre, and it was about the same size as the famous Palyongdae of the Titan raid.

He was equipped with bulky armor, so it looked really huge.

On the other hand, Kim Tae-hee, who wore only one training suit, was also small.

At least 160cm tall?

He was slender, as if he weighed less than 50 kg.

It was really comical to see a huge figure holding a lump of ignorant iron in its body.

The two held each other in check and breathed carefully for a while.

Then, Dae-Hoon Shin took a half step first, and Tae-Hee Kim followed.

They circled slowly inside the dome.

While keeping a certain distance, he moved to the side like a crab with his gaze fixed on the opponent, and then Kim Tae-hee kicked the ground first.


Kim Tae-hee floated into the air with a short breath.

Soaring so high that she was almost her height, she smashed the mortar from top to bottom.

It was quite a powerful attack, but Shin Dae-hoon raised one arm and simply blocked the attack.

There was a roar of metal and metal collide, and Kim Tae-hee suddenly shouted.

“Giant evolution!”

Damn it!

Shin Dae-hoon, who was about to throw Kim Tae-hee back down, was dazed and raised his other arm.

As soon as she shouted the starter word, the mortar grew bigger like a mortar.

To be precise, it must be said that the thorns that were densely embedded there protruded more.


Shin Dae-hoon banged his feet! He rolled and threw the woman into the air.

Then, Kim Tae-hee turned over in mid-air and pointed at the man with a mortar.

“Supernova explosion!”

This time, the thorns of the mortar were shot toward Shin Dae-Hun.

As you can tell, each one was the size of an adult man’s palm, and the thickness was the size of a ballpoint pen.

Even if it was memorizing, it was at a level that was not unreasonable.

Shin Dae-hoon bounced it off and charged forward.

Then, as if trampling on Kim Tae-hee, who fell to the ground, he raised his feet wide.

“Goliath vacuum!”

Kim Tae-hee quickly rolled over and escaped the attack.

The missed attack hit the floor of the pitiful training ground.

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