A Cash Warrior Chapter 123

A Cash Warrior 123

# 123

– Volume 5 Episode 23

“You know, you’ve seen me many times, but I’m officially greeting you again. I’m Jeong Dae-sik, the commander of Fenrir’s unit. As you know, the Triple List… No, now it’s a quadruple. Four types of abilities So I can’t specify a specific position. Tanker, dealer, buffer, healer. All roles can be covered. But again, the main servants can be said to be tanks and dealers. Here is my introduction. Shall I tell you one by one?”

At Jeong Dae-sik’s suggestion, Heo Mi-rae, who was standing to his right, spoke first.

“Uh, hey… Me, I’m Mi-rae Heo.”

Jeong Dae-sik cut off those words and said.

“Putting words between the crew members. If you use useless respectful words, communication will only be limited. If you enter a battle situation anyway, you won’t even have the spirit to speak with respect.”

“Honour words are only given to me. Continue.”

Heo Mi-rae, who was naive by nature, found it very difficult to talk to strangers.

She stuttered and continued.

“Ummm… I… No, I’m Mi-rae Heo from the Foreign Legion. My position is a debuffer… Some buffs are possible, but my main focus is a debuff, a debuff. Mainly block the movement of monsters… or slow down… set traps… or things like that.”

Heo Mi-rae immediately turned red and bowed her head.

“Then, please.”

The next order was Seo Ji-won.

He had slender eyes, pale skin like a vampire, and bushy hair.

He had flashy makeup on his face and long robes that reached to his toes, so anyone could see him and shout, “I am a wizard.”

Ordinary wizards could recognize them as wizards at a glance like that, because they were drawing spells on their face or body to increase their magical power.

Through the spell, which was drawn like a flashy make-up, wizards were able to cast magic using their magical powers without wasting it.

“I’m Seo Ji-won. Originally, I was in the Frankenstein corps… by anyone looking at it, I’m a magician. My main specialty is space magic, and I’m also talented at making magic batteries.”

Saying that, Seo Ji-won unfolded the robe she was wearing.

There were magic stones that were densely hung inside.

Mana Stones were made by processing Manastones, and mana could be stored in them.

Even though it was a one-time thing, he had a very precious talent to be able to craft magic stones.

The next person to open his mouth was Godokhwa.

He was wearing loose clothes that looked like an improved hanbok, and he had a gentle impression like a scholar, perhaps because of his attire.

He was quite tall and had a good physique, so he was the largest in the Fenrir unit.

On his back was an object that looked as anachronistic as his attire.

God Deok-hwa opened his mouth, ignoring the fact that the crew’s eyes were all there.

“I am Godeokhwa… As you all know, I am from Cthulhu.”

The Cthulhu unit, whose unit itself was disbanded this time, suffered a terrible experience in their last hunt.

It was unexpectedly attacked by an unidentified monster, and the commander of the unit was slaughtered and the rest of the unit was in a situation where it would be better for them to die.

Godeokhwa was one of the only three survivors of the Cthulhu Army, so there was no change in her expression.

“I am a dealer who mainly deals with ranged attacks, but I can also do short-range attacks. I can do simple reconnaissance or transport goods with the sky wall repairs I have.

The thing God Deokhwa said was the repair of the wall was the weapon he was carrying on his back.

It looked like a fan, but it wasn’t anything else, it looked like a fairy’s fan.

This means that it is not in the form of folding and unfolding.

It wasn’t even made of metal.

The handle was made of branched branches like bamboo, and it was the same with the shank.

It looked like it was covered with a silky luster over the thinly spread flesh, and the edges were decorated with feathers.

No matter how you look at it, it seemed unreasonable to call it a weapon.

Well, the size was several times larger than a normal fan.

It is about 1m long and the widest seat is about 60cm, so even though Godeokhwa was carrying it on her back, the shape was clearly visible over her shoulder.

Then, suddenly, a squeaking sound was heard.

“I heard that there is one taekkyeon in the Cthulhu army, but you think that was you?”

The person who spoke up was Lee Jae-woo, a former mermaid unit.

He exaggeratedly shook his body and made fun of God Deok-hwa, saying, “Ike, ek, ike.”

Seeing that scene, Jeong Dae-sik remembered the fact that he said thank you to Yeo Soo-hee for taking the trouble.

God Deok-hwa did not react much to Lee Jae-woo’s teasing.

Only the other crew members frowned.

When Lee Jae-woo didn’t get a good response, he made a fishy sound like it was steaming.

Then he shrugged his shoulders once and continued.

“Who am I next? I don’t know which unit I came from… I’ll leave it out. I don’t need to tell you because I’ve been to this unit and that unit so far. But the worst was the mermaid unit that was last. Mermaids, starting with the name. Isn’t it crazy?”

There was a reason why Yeo Soo-hee almost turned over Lee Jae-woo.

Jaewoo Lee has already moved troops four times.

Although his skills were excellent, he could not adapt to any unit he entered.

“In that respect, the name Fenrir Unit is very cool. It’s really well made, Captain! You have a good sense.”

Jae-Woo Lee, who was joking, spoke straight away.

“I’m a paper magician, and about my abilities… it’s hard to explain. I can think of it as similar to a summoning drinker. Like the commander, it’s all-weather? because.”

Jaewoo Lee smirked and refrained from speaking.

Jeong Dae-sik, who selected him as a member of the troop and examined the relevant materials in detail, was well aware that his abilities were unprecedented.

He was a person with rare abilities that could be said to be mysterious.

He didn’t even know if he would become the strongest person in the Fenrir unit, except for Jeong Dae-sik himself, if he exploded his potential.

Then there was Kim Song-geun.

He seemed uncomfortable talking after Jae-woo Lee.

However, the order was rotating in the right direction, so there was no help.

Kim Song-geun said without hiding his nervousness.

“My name is Song-geun Kim… Originally, it was a one-eyed unit. As you may know, when I was in the one-eyed unit, I mainly collected information. That does not mean that my attack power runs. I pride myself on being the best in short-range attacks. I’m doing it, because my ability is self-immolation.”

As rare as Lee Jae-woo, he was able to divide his body into several people.

It was not confirmed how many people it could be divided into, but it seemed to be separated into quite a few people.

Next in turn, Kim Tae-hee opened her mouth.

“I’m Kim Tae-hee.”

She was still in her training suit on a day like today.

Luckily, when he was in the auditorium, he was wearing the long coat provided by the Titan Raid, but now he has taken it off.

I couldn’t see where the large mortar had been set aside, so a white beast that had been wallowing in the house crawled out of the house.

“I didn’t have a unit… I must have seen my abilities in the preliminary round.”

That was the end of the introduction.

He immediately shut his mouth, and Ki Chul-min started to introduce himself as the last order.

“I’m Ki Cheol-min. I’m from the one-eyed unit, and I’m a short-range dealer. My main weapon is, as you all know, the sword. Personally, I really wanted to join this unit, so I’m happy to be here.

Ki Cheol-min looked really happy to be part of the Fenrir unit.

Originally, he was good at making noises like saying let’s get along with dirty, harsh subjects.

He’s a guy who can change his stance at any time if necessary, but he didn’t really get used to it.

It was the same for the other crew members, but for some reason, Mi-rae Heo smiled broadly and nodded her head, “Uh-huh,” but most of the time there was no response. Even Kim Song-geun, who was in the same unit, had a shaky expression on his face.

‘……It’s sluggish.’

In a banquet like this, I should have introduced myself.

It was only about getting to know each other.

Jeong Dae-sik put down the champagne glass he was holding and said.

“It seems that the stomach is properly filled, and the common name is enough. Now, shall we go and make friends?”

A few hours later, they were in front of the dungeon.

Jeong Dae-shik put a magic pole in his arm and looked around the lost members.

“…what are you doing? Without preparation.”

At those words, everyone suddenly came to their senses and began to move.

Perhaps they thought of going to Gapyeong or anywhere to play just because they wanted to make friends, but it was a no-brainer.

‘I have no time to waste. If you want to quickly collect 100 billion won, you have to collect magic crystals day and night. It would be better for these guys if I upgrade the shop as soon as possible.’

Jeong Dae-sik finished preparing and put the crew into the dungeon as if driving a flock of sheep.

“Come on! Move quickly!”


With a high-pitched sound, the spriggun scattered in the air.

Jeong Dae-sik smashed the forward rushing again from the spot where the spriggans were scattered.



The goat-headed foir stepped backwards, with the hairs covering his face tanned.

After that, as many as three forwards came rushing in, and Jeong Dae-sik stretched out his left hand with a magic sword in front of him.

His magical power spread like a shield, pushing the oncoming forward troops back.

When I saw them crumble, I jumped into the crevice and put an end to it, when I heard a scream from behind.

Looking back, Mirae Heo was on the verge of being swallowed by Spriggan.

Jeong Dae-sik hurriedly hurriedly threw a magic spear towards it.

As soon as Captain Heo Mi-rae, who was shot out with a round sphere, touched Mi-rae Heo’s body, Jeong Dae-shik concentrated his mind.


The Spriggan in the form of a ghost that wrapped around Heo Mirae and spread like an explosion of money was pushed away.

However, there was no specific form like the fog, and it was gathering again and again.

Jeong Dae-sik quickly looked around the surroundings and shouted at Seo Ji-won.

“Seo Ji-won! What are you doing!”

Seo Ji-won, who Jeong Dae-sik entrusted with defense, was not playing.

He was sweating hard to protect his crew from forwards coming from all directions.

What made it worthwhile was that the crew did not keep their ranks.

Each of them was fighting in their own way, and Seo Ji-won was unable to specify the range in which the defense would be effective.

Even though he was making an effort on his own, other people did not cooperate, so he was wasting only his mana.

Jeong Dae-sik clenched his teeth and looked forward again.

The forward, who had fallen out, was ready to run again, and he raised his fist.


“Kya ha ha!”

Five of the forwards had their heads exploded to death at once, and the rest of them froze.

Jeong Dae-sik took the opportunity and grabbed the neck of Lee Jae-woo, who was standing next to him.

“What the hell are you doing! I should have told you to take on the tank role!”

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