A Cash Warrior Chapter 132

A Cash Warrior 132

# 132

– Volume 6 Episode 8

“It’s a fact that I found out while selecting Fenrir troops, too. It’s a fact that I found out. It’s hard to tell in detail, but I’ll just say that it’s enough to join the Fenrir troops anyway.”

Until we joined the Foreign Legion, Jeong Dae-sik had no idea about Heo Mirae.

Although the debuff ability is on the rare side, in terms of rarity, paper magicians and clone magicians were rare.

However, while selecting the Fenrir troops last time, I noticed one peculiar thing about Heo Mirae.

It turned out that she was a duel capable person.

As can be seen from the fact that Jeong Dae-sik, who was a tripleist, was selected to the Foreign Legion, the Foreign Legion had many versatile people who could play multiple positions at once.

However, since Heo Mirae played only one debuff role, in a way, he was not a suitable character for the Foreign Legion.

Nevertheless, there was a reason why he was a member of the Foreign Legion.

As a duelist, she had the dual abilities of manipulative and transformational systems.

However, it seemed that even the members of the same unit did not know that they were duelists.

The reason was that the ability to change the world was almost non-existent.

The debuff she mainly used was the manipulative ability, and she had the ability of the change type, but she was not using it properly, so she was counting it as a missing ability.

If I could awaken the ability of the change system, I didn’t know that it would be a power that exceeded my expectations.

“Honestly, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Like Jae-woo Lee who complained, Hyun-min Yoon seemed puzzled, but it was cumbersome to explain in detail, and he did not know what to say.

Heo Mi-rae hid the fact that he was a duelist, so he was the first to open it up, so Jeong Dae-sik bluntly said, “It’s just that.”

Naturally, the topic turned around, and stories of other crew members also emerged.

“Actually, if you say that your abilities are not worth looking at, would you do just like Ki Cheol-min? Even if you die, you will join the Fenrir unit.

Hearing Lee Jae-woo’s bubbly words, Yoon Hyun-min’s eyes widened.

“Is that so? I thought that Daesik hyung chose them all. I knew Ki Cheol-min and that hyung for a long time…”

Jeong Dae-sik cut it off.

“I didn’t mix sergeants with my squad.”

“Okay. But, it’s not because he was born with a unique ability or just because he had a lot of magical power. He had the most experience among the Fenrir troops. What does it look like?”

“That’s right. So, like Jae-Woo Lee said, it’s not useless. He also reads the atmosphere of the unit well.”

Jae-woo Lee was an adult and comforted him, but he listened well.

At first, I was following Jeong Dae-sik, so I thought it would be okay if I just kept it like this.

Now that I’ve decided to build a relationship with the crew, the two people I’m really interested in are Ko Deok-hwa and Kim Tae-hee.

However, looking at the fact that Kim Tae-hee had been warned the other day, if she showed strong leadership and proved that she was a person to follow, there was a high probability that she would bow down and come in.

But God Deok-hwa did not know what he was thinking.

‘As expected, the impact of the disaster suffered in the Cthulhu unit must be huge.’

As if Yoon Hyun-min was also vaguely aware of that fact, he did not bring up the story of Godeok-hwa on purpose.

Jeong Dae-shik thought that he might be the one who was the most difficult to get close to, and he tilted his drink.

As he left the pork house, he thought that he had unexpectedly learned a lot of information from Hyun-min Yoon.

Of course, Jeong Dae-sik, who selected them, knew better about each member’s abilities and background.

But hearing their story through a third person’s eyes was different.

Perhaps, if Yoon Hyun-min hadn’t been here today, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the story of the troops like this.

Even if there are no parties involved, it is not possible to talk amongst themselves, and to talk with people who do not know anything about the members of the unit.

In that sense, Hyunmin Yoon was a great conversation partner.

Jeong Dae-sik realized that the image of the crew was clearly captured in his head, and expressed his gratitude to Yoon Hyun-min.

“It was fun today. I think I got help unexpectedly thanks to you.”

“Uh, no! I’m really thankful that you called me. Really, really, it’s an honor!”

Seeing Yoon Hyun-min clenched in his fists and excited, Jeong Dae-sik laughed.

“Why are you so interested in Hunters? Actually, it has nothing to do with you? You’re just an ordinary person.”

Jeong Dae-sik saw his expression turn to regret.

And then he realized that he was speaking insensitively.

However, Hyunmin Yoon soon straightened his face and spoke boldly.

“Of course, I wish I was an awakened person chosen by God. It’s really cool, isn’t it? They’re super powers fighting against the existence of another world. They’re really cool. But since I’m an ordinary person, I like to feel like a hunter in this way. . So today I’m really grateful, it felt like I was a member of Fenrir.”

Jeong Dae-sik seemed to know Hyun-min Yoon’s feelings, at least vaguely.

In his head, he must have been fantasizing and devising more than those with real abilities.

The ideas that popped out of his mouth as if waiting for it must have come from there.

Jeong Dae-sik thought that if he later formed a raid, it would not be bad to recruit him.

But since it’s later, I asked what came to mind instead of speaking about it.

“…probably you know the answer to this question. Let me ask you one thing. What makes your troops trust each other and stick together?”

Hyunmin Yoon said as if asking why he was asking such a natural thing.

“It is, of course, to overcome the crisis.”

“To overcome the crisis situation…”

“If we don’t trust and rely on each other, we can’t survive.”

That was correct.

Because Jeong Dae-sik did the same.

In retrospect, it was always after I broke through a difficult moment that something like a strong bond developed in my heart.

When you first caught Cerberus in the dungeon, when you broke through a dungeon with your teammates who ran out of magical power in a crisis situation where the commander was injured, when you did not give up on your missing best and searched for it and eventually found it.

A sense of achievement and joy, trust and belonging, springs from within.

Through such a process, he was recognized as a true member of the Titan attack squad, and gradually grew stronger and rose to the position of commander in charge of a unit now.

Jeong Dae-sik said with a smile.

“Okay. I asked the obvious.”

Seeing him smile, Hyunmin Yoon blushed like a girl fan.

Jeong Dae-sik swept his hair once, left a greeting saying, “See you again,” and returned to the house with Lee Jae-woo.

After that, Jeong Dae-sik met with one of the Fenrir troops every day for personal training.

Horses were personal training, and in fact, it was no different than having an interview with that excuse.

We went to dungeons that weren’t too difficult, coached them on how to use their abilities, and after eating, we talked about various things.

And more and more, Jeong Dae-sik was surprised by Yoon Hyun-min’s judgment.

‘That guy, he knew exactly the strengths and weaknesses of the abilities that the troops had.’

Seo Ji-won and Kim Song-geun also knew vaguely what Yoon Hyun-min pointed out because it was their own business.

They were also hunters, so they were contemplating how to fill in their shortcomings and improve their skills.

Seo Ji-won complained about his lack of magical power without fail, and Kim Song-geun was relieved to be told to concentrate and fight because only a few clones were good.

He also strongly agreed with the saying that it would be nice if the clones could be enlarged.

The question was how to do it.

How do you increase the amount of magic power, and how do you increase the size of the clone?

This part could not be filled with effort.

Both of them knew that.

Jeong Dae-sik said that he would find a possible way, but the two did not take it seriously, thinking it was a simple consolation.

But Jeong Dae-sik knew the way.

This is none other than an upgrade of the store.

As long as you acquire skills that can enhance the abilities of others…

Jeong Dae-sik could not give up his greed for skill acquisition even though he knew that the ultimate solution was not related to the abilities of his troops.

However, it took a lot of time to collect 100 billion won.

Jeong Dae-sik felt impatient because he couldn’t hunt enough to spend time with the crew.

He called entropy and asked.

“How much is my balance?”

“Are you including all the settlements you’ve received from the Titan raid?”

“Recently, even if I haven’t been able to go hunting, I’ve been going to die for a while, but it’s not much.”

Since then, when are you going to collect 100 billion won?

The problem was after that.

Even if you collect 100 billion won and make the shop Lv6, there is no guarantee that you will be able to acquire the desired skill.

Then, the next one is

The 1 trillion won in revenue was equivalent to the net profit earned by ultra-blueprint companies around the world.

Comparing with the large-scale national project budget, it was money that some people could not see until they died.

1 trillion, that’s a really huge amount.

However, some hunters did earn more than this.

Choi Hee did not invest her fortune here and there, so she was ranked among the best in the world and had little fortune.

Rather, the 4th and 5th rankers had more than her.

They were hunters who succeeded in investing in business like Yoo Tae-hoon.

There was no hunter who could earn 1 trillion just by hunting.

‘Can I really raise a trillion dollars? No, the question is, can you really pour 1 trillion won into upgrading the shop?’

That was the part that Jeong Dae-sik was concerned about.

If you could save a trillion dollars, what would you do with the skill acquisition?

There is no need to create a raid or anything like that.

To be honest, even if you only have 100 billion won, you will be able to enjoy life as much as you want.

But why is he worrying about this?

‘After all, was it a premature promise?’

Jeong Dae-sik promised Lee Jae-woo a future.

He said that he would take him with him not only while he was on the Titan raid, but also until he created a new raid.

not only?

He even offered to help develop his skills.

My conscience stings at me for pretending not to know the promise that I will eat well and live well by myself.

It wasn’t that he was forced to make such a promise.

What he said to Lee Jae-woo was sincere.

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