A Cash Warrior Chapter 136

A Cash Warrior 136

# 136

– Volume 6 Episode 12

“Seo Ji-won, Kim Tae-hee! Ko Deok-hwa, Kim Song-geun! Take the left! Mi-rae Heo, Cheol-min Ki! Jae-woo Lee on the right, and I in the center!”

The ghoul knights were confused by the application of the disturbance skill and pulled the reins.

Soon, the ghoul knight in the center shouted out Pierce.


The wind made his body tingle and the movement of the troops stopped.

At the same time, the other ghoul knights escaped from the disturbance and started spurring their horses again.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was the first to recover from the peer thanks to the battle suit and steel body, ran forward and shouted entropy and start-up words one after another.

Jeong Dae-sik, who turned off the aggro while the other crew members were awake, easily dodged the attacks of other ghoul knights with his floating body.

Then, ignoring them, he rushed forward and turned over in mid-air to kick the ghoul knight in the center.


The ghoul knight was attacked and lost his balance and fell down the horse.

The remaining four ghoul knights turned their attention to the other members of the crew other than Jeong Dae-sik when the aggro dispersed.

However, the crew had already recovered from the Pier.

As each commanded, they split up in two and began to deal with the Ghoul Knights one by one.

Only Jae-woo Lee had to deal with the Ghoul Knight alone, so while crying, he pulled out a piece of paper with the most powerful object in his drawing.

“The title of the work, the holy iron armored knight!”

woo woo woo woo!

Food spilled out of the paper he threw into the air and swelled up.

Soon, a knight with his whole body covered in iron armor and armed with Battle X and a mace appeared.

The iron knight, about twice the height and size of a normal person, even stood on the ground, his gaze was comparable to that of a ghoul knight on horseback.

The iron knight soon swung his mace and smashed the ghoul knight.

Ghoul Knight rolled on the floor, and Jae-Woo Lee cheered and immediately shouted at the ironclad knight.

“Horse, kill the horse first!”

The Iron Armored Knight was controlled by Lee Jae-woo, and with Battle X, he cut horse hair at once.

Seeing the horse’s head rolling over the floor, Jae-Woo Lee clenched his fists tightly.


Jaewoo Lee wasn’t the only one fighting the Ghoul Knight well.

Mi-rae Heo and Cheol-min Ki also worked well together.

The two were not particularly strong, but they had a lot of combat experience, so they were skilled, and they had fought together before, so they got along very well.

The horse’s feet got tangled in the magical net that Heo Mirae had thrown, and it staggered.

When Ki Cheol-min kicked it once, the whole horse eventually collapsed, and the Ghoul Knight quickly jumped up on it to avoid rolling it on the floor.

But by that time, Chul-min Ki had already killed the horse.

The new sword he bought had a purification function, so it was effective against the undead.

The ghoul knight, who lost his words in an instant, drew out his long sword with his eyes gleaming gloomy.

Ki Cheol-min smiled as he saw the ghoul knight pulling out his sword just like himself.

“It’s a swordsman-to-swordsman battle, isn’t it bad?”

Meanwhile, God Deok-hwa and Kim Song-geun were also doing their best for Ghoul Night.

God Deok-hwa first blocked the Ghoul Knight with a strong wind that blocked the approach, and Kim Song-geun took advantage of the opportunity to create three clones.

“Uhhhhhhh! I’m going!”

Kim Song-geun decided not to spare his magic from the moment he was ordered to oppose the Ghoul Knight.

It was not an enemy worthy of the opponent while doing various calculations.

He first tackled the horse with two clones in front.

As the clones collided with the horse to break its body, the horse’s forelegs were broken and the horse staggered forward.


Two clones got tangled up with the fallen horse, and one of the remaining clones and Kim Song-geun attacked the ghoul knight who was riding on the horse.

When the clone knocked down the Ghoul Knight’s waist and Kim Song-geun hung the guy’s neck and knocked it backwards, the clone hit the hook wielded by the Ghoul Knight immediately and shouted ‘Pop!’ It made a noise and disappeared.

Kim Song-geun took a step back, avoiding the hook that flew straight at me.

Instead, the two clones who strangled the horse in the meantime rushed to the ghoul knight.

The ghoul knight struck down the clones that were attacking them from both sides at once with the hooks he held in both hands.

If it had been a real person, his brain would split and blood gushed out like a fountain, but because it was an alter ego, it just disappeared like smoke again.

Thanks to that, Ghoul Knight seemed to have gotten quite a bit stronger.

He glanced back at Song-geun Kim with his eyes gleaming blue, but he had already created three more clones.

There was no way to know which of the four Kim Song-geun was the real one.

If I couldn’t find and kill the real Kim Song-geun, he would continue to create clones and fight me.

Moreover, Kim Song-geun was not the only enemy.

“A thousand miles east wind.”

God Deok-hwa, who was holding the wall repairing line, blew his flesh without missing the time.

It cut through the air like memorization and flew to the head of the ghoul knight.

Since the arrow was made of pure wind, it was invisible and could not be avoided.

Ghoul Knight’s face pierced through with a crackling sound.

Scary of that, Kim Song-geun’s clones attacked again.

It was difficult to see that the last team, Seo Ji-won and Kim Tae-hee, were fighting well compared to the others.

No, we are fighting well, but should I say that Kim Tae-hee is fighting alone?

Kim Tae-hee kicked her feet into the air as soon as the ghoul knight came running.

With one hand on the horse’s head with his characteristic air-light movements, he slipped over the Ghoul Knight’s head.

And, oddly enough, he sat right behind the ghoul knight’s back, brought the ball to his back, and stabbed the thorn in it.

“Giant evolution.”


Gongi’s thorns popped out, and in the next moment, Kim Tae-hee jumped off the back of the horse.

Then, the ghoul knight with a hole the size of a head in his back was furious and turned his horse’s head.

Seo Ji-won immediately tried to disturb the ghoul knight wielding a double-headed sword at her.

However, Tae-hee Kim screamed and stung.

“Do not disturb!”

Kim Tae-hee, who shouted like that, smiled to his surprise when he saw the ghoul knight running on horseback.

He had his hair tied up and he was wearing a mask, so his expression was not clearly visible, but he was smiling anyway.

Kim Tae-hee swung her mortar as if she had finally met an opponent worth fighting for.

And without using any special skills, he approached the ghoul knight and entered.

Jeong Dae-sik, who kicked the ghoul knight off the horse, turned right back and took out the annoying horse first.

He blew off the horse’s head with a single powerful force, and quickly avoided the flying weapon aiming at the head from behind.


Jeong Dae-sik rolled forward and dug deep into the arms of the Ghoul Knight.

I didn’t have time to use the skill, so I stabbed my fist as soon as possible, but entropy activated the skill in a timely manner.


Although it was only about deflecting the ghoul knights rather than the powerful force of reinforcement, it was enough to give a blow.

Jeong Dae-sik followed the ghoul knight who was pushed back by the explosion, and this time he tried to feed the powerful force.

But before that, the weapon the Ghoul Knight was holding, the Horseman’s Hammer, flew in with a dazzling light.

Jeong Dae-sik saw the hammer flying aiming at his head and shrugged his head like a tortoise to avoid it.

The hammer was small enough to wield on horseback, but large enough for throwing.

However, the ghoul knight did not appear to have any other weapons.

So I never thought I’d throw it away.

But in the next moment, something even more terrifying happened.

Isn’t it that the hammer that flew off changes the direction of the road in the air and flies like a boomerang?

Jeong Dae-sik, who was about to attack again after determining that the Ghoul Knight had lost his weapon, almost fell forward as he avoided the hammer coming from behind the road.

It was also linked to entropy, so I noticed it, and if it hadn’t been for entropy, I wouldn’t have been engrossed in the attack and would not have realized it.

“What is that?”

Jeong Dae-sik was startled and said to himself, and Entropy responded with a calm tone even in this situation.

“That’s a very convenient weapon!”

“I don’t have a throwing weapon anyway, so buy it and do something! Rather, now is not the time to talk!”

Jeong Dae-shik wielded a hammer and engaged in a breath-taking workshop with the approaching ghoul knight.

Bubbling bubbly!

In the midst of the bursting of invincibility, the ghoul knight dazzled the hammer and blocked most of the attack.

Fortunately, thanks to the knuckle gloves, an explosion occurred, obscuring the vision of the ghoul knight.

Taking the opportunity, Jeong Dae-sik, who dug deep into the arms of the Ghoul Knight, once again attempted to strengthen the powerful force.

But before that, the ghoul knight’s helmet part suddenly opened and he vomited out a whole bunch of solo dance.

No matter how much I wore a mask, it would have been harmful to my body if I wore it face to face.

Jeong Dae-sik quickly retreated, and the figure of the Ghoul Knight was completely obscured by the green solo dance.

Jeong Dae-sik changed to a defensive stance in anticipation of an attack from the Ghoul Knight.

Then entropy shouted.


With a linked view, he saw the ghoul knight piercing through the solo dance, soaring and falling from above.

Jeong Dae-sik clenched his teeth and stretched out his left hand to wield a magic sword.

As if the captain caught the ball with a baseball glove and threw it back, he bounced the ghoul knight into the air.

However, the Ghoul Knight was counterattacked and threw his hammer while flying.


Jeong Dae-shik, who barely avoided the hammer by turning his head to the side, sprinted forward and tried to give him a blow.

Sparks flashed, and an explosion exploded on the ghoul knight’s face.

This time, the attack worked properly… and I was happy for a moment.

Daesik Jeong bowed his head to avoid the hammer flying from the back of his head again.

And rolled the floor one after another.

Hammer attacked Jeong Dae-shik by himself as if he were alive.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was avoiding it, threw it away with a magician.

Ghoul Knight, who had regained the charter, snatched the hammer that was spinning and flying in the air.

And seeing Jung Dae-sik rush in, he made a lot of impressions.

‘If you want to kill that child, you can’t use the power of reinforcement! In the end… is there no other choice but to use Magipo?’

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