A Cash Warrior Chapter 148

A Cash Warrior 148

# 148

– Volume 6 Episode 24

I couldn’t guess what the grades of that guy, who had the strange ability of realizing pictures, would be.

He had an ignorant amount of mana, so it seemed like it was going to be troublesome.

However, Jae-woo Lee had a lot of magical power, so he was very vain.

There was no concept in his mind of conserving his own magical power and conducting effective battles.

Besides, he lacks patience and is distracted, so chasing mobs around the mountains would not have been his aptitude.

This may lead to unexpectedly disastrous results.

At the same time, a tiger would appear if I said it, and Jae-Woo Lee walked around from the other side.

“Huh? Is everyone already here?”

He approached the line of Fenrir troops.

He looked very tired, so Ki Chul-min asked a question.

“Why is his face that shape? He’s so good looking, he wouldn’t have been a match for all sorts of mobs.”

“What do you care about my face? Ay!”

Seeing Jaewoo Lee grumbling, Songgeun Kim asked.

“Why are you temperamental? How many did you catch?”

“do not know.”

At the words of Kim Song-geun, Jae-woo Lee reluctantly disclosed the results.

He caught 30 monsters.

Ki Chul-min’s prediction was correct.

Jae-Woo Lee guessed he was overheating to catch mobs running away into the mountains.

“It’s completely ruined. It lacks pictures, and after carrying it for a long time, it’s wrinkled and smeared with food. It’s a mess when you call in Locke, but his beak is blunt and he can’t catch anything. I drew a snake and called it out in a hurry, but because it was in the mountains, the weather was so chilly!

“You’re like that, well. How the heck can you use that great ability like a beggar?”

“You bastard… Have you finished talking? Anyway, sew that snout or do something.”

Ki Cheol-min stopped sarcastic because he was in a good mood.

‘Now the first place is mine! I don’t know what the award is, but I hope it’s good.’

I was really lucky that Kim Tae-hee wasn’t there.

Had that monster-like woman been there, I wouldn’t have even dared to win first place.

She disappeared during the Monster Break and hasn’t come back until now.

I wondered if that woman was really Choi Hee?

“Oh, hey, hey. Am I late?”

“Not yet. Just on time.”

“Fuyu, I thought I was going to die from running.”

Seo Ji-won sighed, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

It didn’t seem like a magician’s authority to waggle and smile.

Wizards are rare, and I had the impression that it was difficult to deal with the barrels that were all wearing bizarre makeup.

But Seo Ji-won was far from such a thing, and frankly, he seemed easy-going.

He immediately came to me, hesitating, and asked what Ki Chul-min wanted to ask first.

“How many have you all caught?”

Ki Chul-min said proudly.


“Wow! I caught a lot!”

“How many did you catch?”

“I? I… 72 dogs.”

At the number Seo Ji-won said, Ki Cheol-min almost fainted.

“72? How?”

Seo Ji-won shrugged when asked about how he had managed to catch 72 monsters by himself without even the use of trivial attack magic.

“It’s just that this mountain has a lot of cliffs because the terrain is rough. We drove the monsters there and killed them by dropping them.”

Ki Chul-min clicked his tongue.

It’s space magic.

It’s a completely deceptive ability.

Even within the Fenrir Corps, his manipulation skills were really nothing to look at.

Ki Cheol-min lamented his mediocrity inwardly.

Then, while walking through the bushes, Jeong Dae-sik appeared.

“Sorry, I’m a little late.”

There was blood all over Jeong Dae-shik’s body.

Perhaps he, too, had come to exterminate monsters.

Then his gaze reflexively turned to the counter he was holding.

Realizing that Ki Cheol-min was staring at him, Jeong Dae-sik said with a smirk.

“How many of you guys caught? Tell me about your grades.”

As they each held out the counter, Daesik Jeong said after checking it.

“Seo Ji-won caught the most.”

“Ahaha, you worked hard.”

“Okay. Then I will reward you as promised. Let’s see… That robe would be nice.”

Jeong Dae-sik took the robe that Seo Ji-won was wearing.

The robe provided by the Wizards Association was something that money could not buy.

As an A-grade item, it was quite useful as it had resistance to all types of magic.

It was thick and tough, so it looked like it could easily block arrows.

Jeong Dae-sik said something lightly while holding it in his hand.

“Permanent enhancement.”


A soft light shone from Jeong Dae-sik’s hand and permeated his robe.

He handed it to Seo Ji-won and said Jeong Dae-sik.

“The performance of the robes must have been strengthened. Keep in mind that this is a permanent application.”

“Wow! Go, thank you!”

Ki Cheol-min bit his lip in dismay.

If he had won first place, he would have been able to receive permanent reinforcement from his compose metal sword.

At the same time, I also had doubts.

Permanently strengthen

That must be some kind of enchantment, how does Jeong Dae-sik, who is not a blacksmith, show such abilities?

Did his reinforcement system abilities get stronger?

Or did you acquire additional abilities from other classes?

Ki Chul-min asked impulsively.

“It’s an ability I’ve never seen before. Have you acquired any other abilities?”

“Yeah, it’s a different ability from permanent enhancement… But I’m tired of chasing after them because I’m hunting for junk.”

Jeong Dae-sik immediately looked at Lee Jae-woo and Kim Song-geun and said.

“I got a new summoning-type ability because I wanted to be comfortable with abilities like yours.”

“A summoning system?”

Everyone opened their mouths in amazement at that.

The summoning world was no less than a magician in terms of its preciousness.

In the summoning world, it was even rarer to see a hunter who showed his proper abilities.

Summoning itself requires a lot of magical power, so it was difficult to summon a few low-level spirits if you were a normal 7th or 8th grade hunter.

However, if it was at the 4th or 5th level, it was able to summon higher spirits, so it showed great power.

“It was my first time making a summon, so I was a little hesitant… Anyway, once I called it, there was nothing good enough to catch mobs.”

“So, how many did you catch?”

Jeong Dae-sik answered Kim Song-geun’s question casually.

“One, 300?”

Everyone was shocked and didn’t say anything.

300 in 12 hours.

It made me wonder how they found and killed all the junk mobs.

Even in the midst of such surprise, Ki Chul-min had a vague question.

‘You said you got the summoning ability because you wanted to be comfortable? So you mean that you can acquire any ability if you feel you need it?’

Ki Chul-min clenched his fists without realizing it.

As expected, he was not wrong in thinking that he should stick with Jeong Dae-sik.

Jeong Dae-sik definitely had a secret to becoming stronger, and he said he would share it with his own mouth, so he will definitely be able to become stronger too.

“Anyway, you worked hard today. I’ll play the same game tomorrow, so take a break.”

At the words of Daesik Jeong, Deokhwa God raised a question that is rare.

“You killed 300 monsters in this area by yourself, are there any monsters you can catch tomorrow?”

“Nevertheless, we will be moving the base camp tomorrow. Our unit will move separately early in the morning. We will go deeper and rejoin the base camp after 12 hours. It will be. Then disband!”

Returning to his private tent, Jeong Dae-sik threw off his armor and equipment.

After cruising through the mountains for twelve hours armed, he was quite tired.

However, since the amount of mana has been exhausted, after resting and recovering the amount of mana again, the number will rise.

In this way, he was going to improve his condition one day at a time and increase the amount of mana possible if he had more time.

After returning from this monster eradication battle, he himself and the Fenrir troops must have gotten quite strong.

‘By the way, the summoning-type ability is quite convenient. Why didn’t I get this right away?’

The new skill Jeong Dae-sik acquired while hunting was Undine Summon.

After chasing after miscellaneous mobs and practicing the use of magic warfare, hunting became mainly fists.

There was no need to use attack skills as the target was miscellaneous mobs.

The problem was that the forest was everywhere.

There were a lot of dried leaves on the floor, and as I was walking through a place that wasn’t on the road, it was the perfect place for a fire to start as there were bushes everywhere.

Every time he hit a monster with his fist, sparks flew in all directions, almost starting a forest fire.

Besides, it was quite cumbersome to chase after the mobs one by one.

In the case of Red Cap, Gremlin, and Knocker, they were smaller and more agile than humans, and they were also good at camouflage, so it was annoying to deal with.

Now it is said that entropy can use the skill instead, but the appearance of entropy itself was not suitable for battle.

Also, they were busy updating the crew’s magic boost skills every hour, so they couldn’t use it in earnest for battle.

So, I wanted to call something like Jae-woo Lee or Song-geun Kim, so I acquired the summoning skill.

If possible, I chose the water attribute because I wanted the opposite attribute to the knuckle glove, so I chose the Undine summoning skill.

‘It would be nice if I could acquire a higher level skill. Even if you don’t become the King of Spirits, if you are a high-level spirit, it will have quite a bit of power.’

However, there is a condition attached to acquiring the summoning skill.

It was possible to acquire this intermediate spirit summoning skill only by taking the lower-level elemental summoning skill up to level 10.

It was the same with the advanced spirit summoning skill.

Intermediate Spirit Summoning skill must be level 10.

This means that it takes quite a lot of money to summon the Spirit King.

Besides, to call the Spirit King, you don’t have to have a normal amount of mana.

At the current level of Jeong Dae-sik, the King of Spirits must be sent back as soon as he is summoned.

‘For now, it is urgent to increase the amount of mana…’

I spent 100 billion won each to upgrade the shop, but it was a waste to spend 1 billion each on skill upgrades.

‘The current level of magic power is not small. Can’t we get the maximum effect with the minimum amount of money?’

Jeong Dae-sik looked for a number of skills similar to the summoning skill.

As the shop was upgraded to level 6, the variety of skills was increased than before.

Among them, there was the skill of a necromancer that creates the undead like Yoo Tae-hoon, and there were also the realization skill of Lee Jae-woo, the clone of Kim Song-geun, or the illusion skill.

However, in order to be worthwhile, you have to upgrade the level, so you have to invest billions of dollars each.

In addition, it required a large amount of horsepower.


Daesik Jeong organized the idea of ​​the ego weapon in his head.

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