A Cash Warrior Chapter 156

A Cash Warrior 156

# 156

-7 Volume 7

Seeing them asking in surprise, Jeong Dae-sik responded calmly.

“You don’t think I was playing while you guys were training.”

Tae-hee Kim walked towards Jeong Dae-sik, who answered like that.

She held out her hand as if asking for a handshake from Jeong Dae-sik, and when Jeong Dae-sik held his hand, she pulled her hand and bowed her head.

“Congratulations on becoming the All-in-One… You haven’t forgotten the promise you made with me, have you?”

Seeing her return to Choi-hee in one day, Jeong Dae-sik spoke briefly.

“I would have said it was impossible.”

It is possible to make her stronger, but it is impossible to make her an all-in-one.

Even if the shop was upgraded to level 6, it was the same.

Kim Tae-hee did not show any signs of disappointment.

She let go of her hand and said.

“By the way, the operation of that servant called entropy is impressive.”

It was possible to defeat Asmodeus at once because it was fed the entropy reinforcement powerful power and the reinforcement powerful power consecutively.

Kim Tae-hee said that the performance was impressive, but what was really impressive was the appearance he saw in the illusion of Asmodeus.

‘Is the entropy applied with the skill of level 100 changing in that way?’

In a brief question, entropy’s answer came into my head.

After listening to entropy and thinking about it, it was like that.

The weaponized entropy was too great to deal with just one monster.

The same goes for the magic cannon.

If you really shot something like that, the whole area would have been blown away.

In fact, if entropy can be increased to that extent, it should be made into a more efficient form.

Jeong Dae-sik, who thought so inadvertently, realized that it was not impossible to actually turn entropy into a final weapon.

‘If you have money, anything is possible. Yeah, you’ve already seen it through Illusion, haven’t you?’

It wasn’t just entropy.

If a combination of skills that can create entropy in the form of weapons, such as implementation, change, and reinforcement, could be used on the troops, everyone’s power would go up significantly.

‘What if I applied the weapon embodied by my magic to all of my troops? Everyone might be able to fight like entropy. Like entropy, I can’t move in response to my consciousness immediately, but unlike entropy, I can fight in my own judgment and each has their own specialties, so I can’t say it’s inferior to entropy.’

Then, the shape of the raid that Jeong Dae-sik would make in the future took shape.

‘yes. My raid will be a raid made with my magic and skills. Of course, to do that, you need magical powers and skills that can’t even be compared to the current level. I need to drastically upgrade my abilities. What we need for that… is, of course, money.’

Today, Daesik Jeong was unable to upgrade his awakening skill due to lack of balance.

So I had no choice but to beat the small gangdu with force to bring him to his senses.

A situation like this could happen again at any time.

What if the only thing you can trust is Hyeon-Ji when the lives of all the members of the unit are on the verge of extinction?

First of all, I had to have money.

‘You can’t make money quickly with the hunting methods you have now. Even if I use skills in the direction of not purchasing status points and become stronger, it is unreasonable to keep up with the speed at which I am savvy. You have to find another way to make money.’

Jeong Dae-sik once again tried to communicate with the base camp without worrying about money holding him back.

Communication would have been possible since the nest that Asmodeus had created as an illusion had disappeared.

Although the sound quality was not even because it was in a deep cave, it informed the fact that Asmodeus had been defeated through entropy.

After leaving the word that he would return soon, Jeong Dae-shik beckoned to the troops.

“Now let’s get out of here. Let’s go back to base camp.”

After about a month passed, the monster subjugation operation due to the 3rd Monster Break ended.

Fortunately, the damage was not so great because it was a Monster Break in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

The monsters that appeared in the city were dealt with quickly due to the voluntary activities of the hunters, and the monsters that fled out of the city were systematically eradicated in cooperation with various raiding teams under the leadership of the government.

However, the dominant opinion was that the 2nd and 3rd Monster Breaks occurred one after another in a short period of time, so we should prepare for the large-scale monster break that might come one day.

Thus, a new government agency, which had been promoted for a long time, was launched.

The Awakening Management Agency, the Dungeon Safety Agency, the Monster Countermeasure Team, and the Monster Investigation Team, which were scattered across various ministries, were all integrated to become the Extended Reality Management Agency under the Ministry of National Security.

This organization, which was quickly called Expanse Office due to its too long name, was divided into the dungeon management room, the awakening organization room, the monster information room, the mysterious resource economy room, the monster disaster management room, etc. In addition, the risk levels of monsters and dungeons were newly adjusted. .

The level of danger was indicated by the number of stars, and the level of the dungeon could be recognized by high, medium, or low difficulty.

Each raid was also assigned a designated area for contingencies.

Perhaps it was based on the location of the headquarters, for example, in the case of a large disaster such as Monster Break, in the case of the Titan raid, the entire area of ​​Namyangju, where the headquarters building is located, was to be defended.

When the monster break breaks, the first thing to do is to block the entrance to the NY3D dungeon, which has the highest level of risk among the three dungeons in Namyangju, and to kill the boss mobs.

Accordingly, all members of the Titan raid were informed of the dungeon in Namyangju.

Kang Yeong-hoo also ordered him to know in detail about the monsters that could appear when the monster break occurred.

And for the time being, he urged them to focus on improving the power of each unit.

That was exactly what Jeong Dae-sik had hoped for, so he returned, gave his troops two days of rest, and immediately began training.

Since I thought that I should focus on actual combat, training was just hunting.

Jeong Dae-sik used the money he earned from disposing of various weapons obtained from killing Ghoul Knights, Undead Queens, and Asmodeus, the heart of the Undead Queen, and the Circle of Illusion, and upgraded his targeted magic enhancement skills and targeted health enhancement skills.

Thanks to this, the troop members only received the amount of the monster by-products, not the money from selling the items.

It was agreed that Jeong Dae-sik brought and used them all to increase his magical power and stamina.

‘Well, I’ve only upgraded two types of status enhancement skills to level 3. I was able to make my condition increase only to level 3 with magic power and strength.’

In addition, when I bought magic stones, scrolls, potions, etc. for regular expenses, the balance quickly dropped to 2.41 billion won.

‘I can’t have it like this. I don’t have enough money…!’

Jeong Dae-shik also trained and led the Fenrir troops, constantly attacking dungeons where magic crystals, which were quite a lot of money, were likely to appear.

Since it was not an official mission, Dae-Sik Jeong made money by disposing of monster by-products through disguise, putting items up for auction through agents, and selling magic stones in stores.

And the money from selling monster by-products and items was distributed to the troops, and the amount from the sale of magic stones continued to be collected.

After spending a month like that, the balance was restored to the level of 22.07 billion won again.

It was possible because the skills of the troops were growing day by day.

Without leaving a single member of the unit, the ranks were raised one step at a time in the measurement of status.

As my magic and stamina increased significantly, I had no choice but to raise the grade.

Not only did the sense of combat greatly improved through repeated training that was no different from actual combat, but the team members also worked well together.

It was almost impossible to imagine the time when we were fighting with the lights on our eyes because of the triviality of our hands and feet.

Now, just by looking at each other’s eyes, they knew what kind of attack they were going to do and in what order, so there was no need for Jeong Dae-sik to give a separate command.

When they had to fight together, they cooperated naturally, and when they had to fight each battle, they displayed their individual skills without regret.

In particular, it was Seo Ji-won and Ki Cheol-min who showed remarkable growth.

They originally had abilities that depended on the total amount of magic power rather than their skills.

In the case of Seo Ji-won, the scope of space magic has been greatly increased.

Not only the increase in magic power, but also the improvement of physical strength played a part in it, but Seo Ji-won was a typical Indian group who was not considered to be an athlete in the past.

Therefore, even with a little bit of power, concentration easily fell, and the accuracy of the magic went down significantly.

As a result, he was not very confident about moving people.

However, as his stamina improved along with his magical powers, he became less tired and made remarkable progress in magic.

Although the type of magic he possessed did not change, he achieved remarkable results in terms of its effect.

Ki Cheol-min was a manipulator, and in a way, he had really ordinary abilities.

The ability itself was nothing to look at, and the amount of magic power was nothing to look at.

He filled the ordinary with his unremitting efforts, and when he gained a large amount of magical power, he grew to the level of almost complete metamorphosis.

When it comes to attack power, it has become comparable to that of Jeong Dae-sik or Kim Tae-hee.

In addition, the character Ki Chul-min itself does not struggle with hard work and perseverance, so we have developed several new technologies to match the increased amount of magical power.

He sold the compose metal sword he had and bought a new sword with the additional income, so people looked different.

Although the other members did not grow as prominently as Seo Ji-won or Ki Cheol-min, they achieved surprising results in their own way.

No, it cannot be called a result.

As Jeong Dae-sik continued to apply the status enhancement skill, he was getting stronger day by day.

And Jeong Dae-sik’s thirst grew stronger.

Chapter 39. New Weapons

‘I have to make more money.’

Jeong Dae-sik was in deep thought with the shop window open in the Fenrir unit’s office.

The current balance is 22.07 billion won.

It was a huge amount of money that an ordinary person could pass with a sound.

However, Jeong Dae-sik’s eyes looking at it were dry.

No, it was rather dissatisfying.

’22 Billion… With this, I will be able to upgrade all of my status enhancement skills and targeted status enhancement skills. But yes, it’s level 3, level 4.’

Of course, that would be of great help to the troops.

Wouldn’t it make a big difference just by increasing your magic power and stamina?

If all other states such as muscle strength, five senses, and agility are improved, everyone will be able to grow significantly.

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