A Cash Warrior Chapter 18

A Cash Warrior 18

# 18

-1 Volume 18

Jeong Dae-shik immediately checked the account when he was told that he had deposited the money settled by the broker.

The only person who said that was Jeong Dae-sik, and the other party members didn’t even look into the account.

He believes in Seok Woo-won and believes that he will be with him in the future, so he thinks there is no need to check his account.

Only Jeong Dae-sik checked every step of the way whether the money was deposited or not, and whether the calculation was correct.

Seok Woo-won did not show a bad mood despite seeing Jeong Dae-sik’s behavior clearly.

I just thought that was the case and did the backtracking.

“Everyone worked hard today, and their skills were excellent. I feel that our party is getting better and better day by day.”

Everyone raised their beer mugs and cheered at Seok Woo-won’s words.

“I survived today, so let’s have a drink, cheers!”


It was quiet for a while, clinking glasses and drinking beer.

Seok Woo-won, who took the time to put down his glass, spoke quickly.

“So, I think I’ll try to hunt Cerberus sooner or later.”

“Wow, are you serious?”

“It would be dangerous.”

“No matter how many times I’ve caught it, I’m honestly scared.”

Seok Woo-won said with strength in his voice, looking around at the party members who were shivering or flirting.

“There’s something to be afraid of. Have you already hunted Cerberus once?

“Isn’t that why you’re asking me to go hunting for hell dragons?”

Laughter burst out at someone’s words.

Seok Woo-won, who heard that, smiled and shrugged as if why not.

“That wouldn’t be bad either. If we could beat Cerberus funny. And I don’t think it’s that far off.”

He immediately glanced at Jeong Dae-sik and said.

“If you keep hunting like this, one day Cerberus will become a piece of cake, and then you will be able to catch a hell dragon. Isn’t it getting stronger little by little like this?”

Daesik Jeong sipped the beer without any reaction.

In my heart, I did not like the words of hell.

‘It’s enough just to catch Cerberus. What is another hell dragon? Anyway, I guess you mean it with me in mind. But now, if I say I’m missing out… I’m going to hurt my heart.’

I thought I would withdraw my feet right away, but I regret it a little bit, but Seok Woo-won said as if reading Jeong Dae-sik’s inner thoughts.

“Maybe someone in this position thinks that Cerberus alone is dangerous enough. Do you really need to risk your life to challenge the hell dragon? In fact, many hunters end up settling in Suljapat with that thought. I don’t want to live that way because I was chosen as a child. No matter what we say…”

“Those who have been chosen by God!”

The other hunters were all shouting in unison, and Jeong Dae-shik was surprised.

Leaving him blinking in embarrassment, the hunters slammed the table with beer mugs and shouted.

“Exterminate the beings of the other world! If you do that, you will gain strength!”

Everyone who awakens was called to the space of God and flashed his eyes as he shouted the words he would hear.

Jeong Dae-sik couldn’t get involved in that.

It wasn’t just the words he heard, but the strange heat of the Hunters.

It was because he was overwhelmed by the intoxicated atmosphere as if the taste had gone a bit.

Leaving behind Jeong Dae-sik, Seok Woo-won exclaimed.

“Yes, we are Hunters!”

“It’s a Hunter!”

“We hunt!”


“Therefore it exists!”


“Let’s go, catch Cerberus!”


Hunters screaming for the tavern to leave.

Jeong Dae-sik tried to ignore the fact that a corner of his chest felt warm as he saw it.

And feeling insecure about not knowing what it was, he pondered over his plan.

‘…Yeah, until Cerberus it’s fine. I’ve already caught it once. But hell dragons are too dangerous. I’m going to have to say goodbye to these guys soon. After all, I’ve saved quite a bit of money from hunting.’

Jeong Dae-sik was going to raise his stamina a little more with that money.

Because stamina is responsible for vitality and defense, safety came first.

Especially if you’re thinking of leaving this party and going solo.

‘I’ll have to check my status sometime.’

Besides, Jeong Dae-sik was basically a gangster.

It is natural for the body, which is the basis of reinforcement, to become stronger as the physical strength increases.

The problem is that I have no idea how much power the physical state expressed by simple numbers exerts.

In the meantime, while hunting with a party, I rarely get directly attacked by monsters, so it was more so.

It was because Seok Woo-won and the other party members were very concerned about Jeong Dae-sik’s safety even though they didn’t know anyone else.

Even if it hurts me, I tried to protect him as a buffer, so Jeong Dae-sik didn’t know how much defense he had.

You can’t just throw your body at a monster, though.

Would it be better to hire another hunter, or what?

Dae-sik Jeong quietly devised such a thought while sitting among the hunters who were loud enough to destroy his ears.

Chapter 6. The identity of desire

After the dinner party, Jeong Dae-sik got on the bus.

If you made that much money, you could catch a taxi, but Jeong Dae-sik didn’t.

Even though I didn’t feel the need to spend even a penny, I took a seat in the back seat of the bus.

It was past rush hour, so the bus was quiet.

Only five passengers, including Jeong Dae-sik, were sitting, nodding or staring at their phones.

Jeong Dae-sik, who looked out the window, indifferently turned his gaze away from the scene, felt the rush of sleepiness.

There was still a long way to go until the stop where I had to get off, so I folded my arms and rested my head against the window to sleep.

I fell asleep afraid of closing my eyelids, and how long had I been sleeping like that?

Jeong Dae-shik woke up in shock as if he was hit by cold water at the sound of a scream that hit his ears.

I looked around with my head flashing and the bus was running at an unusual speed.

Knock Knock Knock Knock Knocked Down!

The hull shook violently, leaving passengers desperately holding onto the handlebars.

It seemed that the reason they were all terrified was not just because the bus was running wildly.


Jeong Dae-sik couldn’t understand the situation in the bus running like crazy in a horror movie.

Just bewildered for a moment.

Then, something swung out the window.


Being familiar with his large body, Jeong Dae-shik put his face close to the car window.

And in an instant, I tried to see what had passed the bus.

Afraid of that, one after another, something rushed past the bus.

The shape was familiar.


Jeong Dae-sik uttered a few words in surprise, and saw the sight of king mantis running in a group.

Following him, the giant scarab flew away with a roaring noise.

Soon, a giant beetle smashed its whole body against the king mantis and landed, and with its huge horns it was repeatedly beaten by the king mantis.

In the midst of a fight between the monsters, a bus barely passed between them and ran.

Giggiggigi-gig! Boo ah ah!

The bus turning a big corner after hitting the brake suddenly seemed to fall to the side at any moment.

In the midst of the chaos, an old woman who was hanging from the handle of the bus lost her hand.


Jeong Dae-shik reflexively snatched the grandmother who was about to crash into the air with her body bouncing and floating in the opposite direction.

“Oh my, oh my!”

The old woman kept her eyes closed and screamed as if she was unconscious.

Jeong Dae-sik took out the wire hanging from his waist and tied the old woman to a chair.

After tying the knot with quick skill, the driver was in an uproar this time.

He hurriedly broke the steering wheel and sweared.


He spit out cursing as if he was writing evil, and this time he slammed the steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Then, something like a huge rock rolled right next to the bus.

But if you look closely, you can see that it was a large ball made of road railings, asphalt, and steel structures.

It seems that not only king mantis and giant beetles but also metal dung beetles have appeared.

‘The monsters that should only exist in the dungeon are running out, how the hell did this happen?’

Desperate, Jeong Dae-sik heard the driver scream again.

“Again, I’m coming again!”

Suddenly, as I turned my head forward, a huge boulder made of a metal dung beetle was rolling in front of the bus.

Moreover, there are rivers on both sides!

It was on the bridge, so there was nowhere to escape.

While the driver screamed for death and closed his eyes, Jeong Dae-sik showed his wits.


Magic energy escaped from his fingertips and enveloped the entire bus.

As soon as he reflexively strengthened the bus, a lump of stone coagulated with iron and asphalt collided with the bus.

Passengers screamed and lowered themselves, while the windshield of the bus shattered.


Next, the ceiling was hollowed out.

It’s crazy!

But the bus was holding its shape.

Thanks to Jeong Dae-sik’s strengthening of the bus, the metal dung beetles produced shit… No, he had withstood the ignorant lump of stone.


But somehow, the speed of the bus was gradually decreasing.

As you can see, the driver was holding the steering wheel and keeping his head down.

He was so frightened that he thought it was all wrong and lost his mind.

Jeong Dae-sik hurriedly ran to the driver’s seat and grabbed the driver’s shoulder.

“Calm down!”

The driver, covered in tears, raised his head at Jeong Dae-sik’s remarks.

Looking at his face, whose focus was blurred with fear, Jeong Dae-sik said with strength in his voice.

“I am a Hunter.”

“Huh, huh, Hunter…?”

“I’ll cover this bus, so don’t be afraid and run!”

With that said, Jeong Dae-sik took out an automatic rifle from his backpack.

Seeing the black shiny weapon, the driver seemed to have come to his senses.

Whether or not Jeong Dae-sik gained strength from the word “hunter”, he closed his teeth and nodded.

He patted him on the shoulder and Jeong Dae-sik pointed his gun at the broken windshield of the bus.

And it was aimed at the king praying mantis that was running straight this way.

Magical energy flowed into the automatic rifle, and Jeong Dae-sik slashed the gun.

A glowing magic bullet jumped out of the bus and hit the king mantis directly.

The king mantis’s large eyes exploded, and the man became sullen.

After hitting the praying mantis, the bus continued to run.

One after another, another king mantis attacked, and Jeong Dae-shik scrawled the guns they attached to the bus.

But then.

I thought the bus was going to sway loudly, but suddenly I heard a flash of light in front of me.


The screams of the passengers broke out, and the bus was thrown into the air as if something had risen from the ground.

It quickly turned over and hit the floor from the ceiling.



The tinnitus came with shock.

At the end of the tinnitus came a brief darkness.

The curtain was forcibly removed and Jeong Dae-sik came to his senses.

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