A Cash Warrior Chapter 183

A Cash Warrior 183

# 183

-8 Volume 9

“I mean, the monster went crazy and caused a lot of trouble. It’s because I haven’t been able to say thank you for saving me yet.”

Seeing So Gang-doo talking with a fresh expression on his face, Jeong Dae-shik made a sad expression on his face.

“It’s not a nuisance for a person with lycantropy ability to lose reason. It’s like degenerating into a monster!”

Sogangdu’s face turned blue at Jeong Daesik’s remarks.

He bowed his head, and Jeong Dae-sik pointed sharply.

“If you were a member of my unit, you would have been released long ago. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can take you with me on this mission as well.”

So Kang-doo seemed to have clearly realized the difference in the hierarchy between Jeong Dae-sik and himself upon hearing those words.

He corrected his posture and stood up straight, with his back bent at 90 degrees.

“I’m sorry. I have no excuses. I’ll make sure it never happens again. Give me a chance.”

“If the same thing happens on this mission, I will tell the engineering commander to seriously consider terminating the contract with you. If you don’t want to paint the face of the commander in charge of the Foreign Legion even when you go abroad, be alert!”

Sogangdu’s face was wide open and he bit his lip.

It would not feel good to hear the open rebuke of Jeong Dae-sik, a colleague, who was once a junior behind him.

However, not once, but twice, he lost his temper and put his troops or himself in danger, so this warning was a little overkill.

“Then I will leave. Come this way.”

After checking the cargo to be loaded with the Hawaiian contingent and loading it, Captain Anderson took the lead and guided us to the plane.

The private plane provided by the US military was to carry special guests, and the interior was very spacious and the seats were comfortable as business class.

With the help of the stewardess, Jeong Dae-sik went to a separate seat while the crew were seated in place.

Rather than a flight seat, in the first class decorated nicely like a limousine, Jeong Dae-sik fastened his seat belt after listening to various precautions from a beautiful stewardess.

Captain Anderson took a seat across from him, and shortly after the announcement came, the plane took off shortly after.

As the plane reached a stable altitude, Captain Anderson beckoned the stewardess to bring her champagne.

Pouring it out by hand, he made a toast with Jeong Dae-sik and said with anticipation.

“Thank you for participating in this operation. I heard you recently attacked a dangerous level dungeon? They say you defeated an 8-star monster called Beseslav. Is that true?”

“Of course it is. Without that skill, I would not have accepted this mission. I heard that the monsters that nested in the Hawaiian Islands are a very dangerous kind.”

“That’s right. A sea monster called the Sea Serpent is inundated and is sinking all ships approaching the Big Island’s perimeter, making it difficult to access. Carnival Octopus and Virgin Clam fill the waters of Kalawao and Maui, and Walking Merman and Fog Sirens inland. The most dangerous one is the lava colossus that also lurks on the Big Island.”

“A lava giant?”

“We call him Herbor. It has a golden long sword called Tyrving, and it is rare for a very large species to have a feminine appearance. One of the giant monsters that appeared during the first Monster Break.”

“ah! After all, I think I’ve heard of it.”

“This guy treats lava and fire like his own body. Thanks to that, there is no other hell in the vicinity of Kilauea, which has become Herbor’s domain.”

“okay. But don’t you have an opponent?”

“We call it MFP. That saved our lives. I think this will become the greatest weapon of mankind in the future.”

“It’s good.”

「Huhuh, no matter how much you want to do all-in-one skills?」

The last words were not from Captain Anderson.

A woman appeared as she pulled the curtain in front of her.

She was a beautiful woman with intense red hair and a provocative body.

She opened her big mouth and smiled, revealing her white teeth.

“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Catherine Elizabeth Garrett. Please call me Liz.”

“Oh, yes. Nice to meet you, Liz. But… which affiliation?”

“Oh, look at my mind.”

She smiled and took out a business card and handed it to her.

“I am the former casting manager for PCC and the president of the American branch of the Awakened Association. I met him indirectly a while ago. Miss Han must have visited you with the proposal I gave you, right?”

Jeong Dae-sik seemed to finally know how things were going.

There was a reason for the US government’s request to shoot the Fenrir unit with a Hawaiian gun.

It must have been because he trusted the skills of the Fenrir troops, but behind the scenes, he also had the intention to attract Jeong Dae-sik.

“I read the proposal you gave me at that time. It was a great condition, wasn’t it?”

“No matter how radical a proposal is, it is meaningless if the parties do not accept it.”

“I am grateful for the excessive offer, but as I conveyed through Mi-ran Han, I do not intend to leave the country for the time being.”

“It would be. But a person’s heart can change quickly, right?”

“I’ve already refused… It’s kind of inconvenient to have an unexpected meeting like this.”

Liz immediately apologized to Jeong Dae-sik with a slight frown on his forehead.

“I’m sorry that I met you so suddenly without saying anything beforehand. But I have no intention of forcing you to make an offer you don’t want. I just want to take care of the convenience of Mr. Daesik Jeong, who has been a valuable visitor on behalf of the US government. Of course, in the process, we can find out what Daesik Jeong really needs.”

Liz squinted one eye and spoke, but no harsh words came out of her smiling face, saying she couldn’t spit.

I just smiled and asked what he meant by “convenience”.

Then Liz brought up the story.

“I heard you have something to do with the Palmer family collection?”

“There was a request from the Korean government. Daesik Jeong is participating in his charity auction and wants to meet Jade Palmer and buy something. I will help you with that.”

“It’s unfortunate. Don’t you want to take me to PCC? But can I join in what the Korean government is doing for me?”

“No matter how long time passes, South Korea and the United States are allies and friends. It is true that the PCC covets Jeong Dae-sik, but I do not intend to be frivolous enough to ignore the request of the Korean government. Ultimately, it’s for Daesik Jeong.”

“great. I have one more business.”

“Mr. Kang.”

“It’s not a river, it’s a light. Gwangpildo.”

「Gangfidu? It’s a difficult name to call. In any case, the fact that the man is collecting 7-star weapons is something that the Awakening and Hunter Associations around the world are paying close attention to. Even the US government is paying close attention to that fact. As much as possible, we should prevent that man from purchasing the 7-star weapons on the Palmer Street.”

“What method do you have?”

“Jade K. Palmer is a reasonable person. I don’t know how much he’ll be able to put out, but he can’t pay more than what the US government is proposing.”

Liz said confidently, but Jeong Dae-sik had a different idea.

‘Does Gwangpil-du really want to buy that armor? He said he didn’t even have a fortune. He’ll obviously have some other negotiating card in his hand that isn’t money. Maybe he’s trying to exercise his skills.’

Jeong Dae-sik thought that he might face Gwangpil-doo in a charity auction.

Then, I became more curious about what Choi Hee was talking about.

‘Until it goes into the charity auction, I’ll have to find out what it is, even by threatening Choi Hee.’

Jeong Dae-sik wanted to take the time to go to the back seat where the troops were and have a conversation with Kim Tae-hee, but Liz did not let him go.

Her speaking skills were so dazzling, Jeong Dae-sik talked without realizing the passage of time.

There was a lot of information about American hunters mixed in Liz’s story, so it was possible to grasp the details of the Phoenix raid under the PCC, which will be conducting a joint operation together.

“There are several raids in PCC, and although there are differences depending on who the captain is, it is a much more liberal atmosphere than in Korea. Concepts like tanks, one-deal, and close-deal are rather rare. They rely on weapons and equipment rather than natural abilities to have average attack and defense. So, even if you are a buffer or a healer, your combat power will not decrease. Well, new private raids these days tend to follow Korean style a lot. After all, the psychic powerhouse is Korea.”

「How many people does the Phoenix raid have in total?」

“It’s 20 people. This is also a lot. The U.S. attack force is limited to about 30 men, no matter how many. The Phoenix Raid is also a member of the PCC, so there are about that number, but usually around 10 people, which is similar to the Fenrir unit. There is no concept of a large hole here. When conducting large-scale operations, multiple raids are often combined. That said, Phoenix Raids have no problem working with other raids. The Phoenix Engineering Captain is also a fairly easygoing person, so it would be worth working with.”

“I took over the general information about the Phoenix raid, but the engineering commander there was a very outstanding person.”

“As the first-generation Awoken who first appeared when the 1st Monster Break exploded, it is like a living myth to the American people. He has a higher level of recognition than the president, so he’s finished talking.”

“It’s amazing that you’re still active on active duty.”

“Awakened people in America don’t think about retirement unless it’s unavoidable. They believe that they should serve the country and society until they become maimed or die because they are born with special abilities. So, the raid members belonging to PCC tend to be a little older. The same goes for the Phoenix raid.”

We ate and drank while chatting, and Hawaii was getting closer.

The captain’s announcement sounded once more, and the plane began to descend.

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