A Cash Warrior Chapter 193

A Cash Warrior 193

# 193

-8 Volume 19

Then the members of the naval force shouted all at once and activated the device they had made in advance.

Pats oooh!

Wires made of mysterious metal covered Serpent’s neck and head as he came to the beach.

It was an item that was never broken because it was made with Orichalcon.

But it was of no use unless the wire was anchored to the floor.

The place they were in was the beach, and the place was sandy everywhere, so it was impossible to hold the serpent by fixing the wire in the usual way.

But they had a future.

As soon as the wire flew through the air, Mirae Heo shouted a starter.

When the tip of the wire was locked into the ground under a tremendous weight, the wire was pulled taut and crushed the serpent.

The furious Serpent began to struggle to get out of the trap.


A tremendous cry mixed with Pierre reverberated through the sky, and most of the crew fell to their seats in panic.

The only thing standing still was the offensive team.

As soon as Jeong Dae-sik reached the attackers, he protected them by putting another layer of magic field over their heads.

And he said to Ki Chul-min.

“Heo Mirae can’t last long. You only have one chance! Are you ready?”

Chul-min Ki nodded with a nervous expression, and then entropy stuck to his back.

Entropy wrapped around Ki Chul-min with both hands as if hugging him, and soon his skill began to change, emitting light.


When all skills were applied, entropy was like a weapon that supported Ki Cheol-min’s whole body.

Not only Ki Cheol-min’s skeleton and joints were combined, but also the sword he was holding.

Ki Cheol-min’s right hand was completely against the sword handle, which had been transformed into a giant due to entropy.


Bang! valid! Paeng!

The ground rumbled due to the serpent running rampant to break free from restraint.

At the same time, the wire that was said to never be cut broke and Heo Mirae screamed.

“I’m the boss!”

At the signal that they couldn’t stand it any longer, Lee Jae-woo and Kim Song-geun showed off their saved abilities.

“The title of the work, the chain of bondage!”

“Two minutes, a colossus appears!”

Jae-Woo Lee’s painting was carried in the air, and the ink flowing out of it was soon transformed into a large chain.

Kim Song-geun’s gigantic clones flew off the chain with dozens of weights attached to it, and while one gigantic clone held onto the serpent’s hair branches, the other giant clones put the chain on the serpent’s snout.

Serpent’s writhing head thumped into the sand as a chain hanging from a chain the size of a house was wrapped around his mouth.

Taking advantage of the gap, a gigantic clone grabbed one of the chains and climbed onto the serpent’s head.

Not one of the other giant clones got on the Serpent’s back, immobilizing him.

However, the Serpent’s power was so strong, and the chains and giant clones were close to illusions in a way, so he wouldn’t be able to hold on for very long.

Serpent was beginning to show his true abilities.

The crew at the beach saw the waves rising behind Serpent’s back and their faces turned blue.

It was approaching with momentum to sweep everything away.

When the waves hit, the giant clones and chains would all be useless.

Jeong Dae-sik hurried to the side and shouted at Ki Cheol-min.


Ki Chul-min ran to the beach where the huge waves were rising.

While the terrifying tsunami caused by Serpent was about to wipe out everything, Ki Cheol-min clenched his teeth and ran towards Serpent, who had already raised his head halfway.


Ki Cheol-min, who soared into the air with enthusiasm, slashed the sword with all his might.



A sword emitting a deep blue light cut through the air in two directions and fell on Serpent’s head.


Serpent’s screams rang out, and Ki Cheol-min immediately fell to the floor.

Serpent’s sour blood rained down over his head.

Ki Chul-min raised his head with an expression of ‘I did it’.

However, Serpent was not dead.

There was a large cut in the center of his head, and blood was flowing from it like a waterfall, but he was still alive.

Ki Chul-min widened his eyes when he saw the sight of Serpent’s mouth wide open.

It wouldn’t take long for Serpent to eat Ki Chul-min.

It was an instant when Serpent’s huge snout pierced Ki Chul-min.

But that fleeting moment.

Ki Cheol-min couldn’t see it, but someone’s toes gently landed on Serpent’s head.

It was none other than Kim Tae-hee.

However, she did not have the mortar she usually carried.

Both hands were empty.

Nevertheless, Kim Tae-hee did not hesitate to put her hand down.


Soon ‘Sparkle!’ Lightning flashed in his hand along with the light.

A sword with a dazzling flash of light appeared and pierced the Serpent’s head with one point.


Serpent couldn’t even give a flurry of breath in the blow that cut the sky and the ground in two.

Serpent spread his snout and swallowed Ki Cheol-min, thumping and falling to the floor.

Heo Mi-rae, who was terribly exhausted, sat down in place, and all the wires holding Serpent’s body were cut and bounced out in all directions.

There was a risk that the body would split in two if hit incorrectly, but in fact, that was not even on the axis of danger.

The real danger was the huge waves that Serpent had raised.

Even if the serpent died, the waves that had arisen did not immediately sink.

Waves like Mt. Tai came rushing in like a tsunami, sweeping away the entire island.

I didn’t know if I was swept away by it, the crews scattered on the shore, as well as the base camp where the MFP was installed, would be washed away.

As much as that, he had to stop it no matter what, so Jeong Dae-sik did something that had never happened before.


He squeezed out all the magic he had and poured it out through the Magjeon.

Then, the magic that extended from his left hand became a great shield, which soon became a huge barrier.

Jeong Dae-sik, who used the cliffs on both sides of the coast as a pillar, and built a barrier that covered the entire beach, felt as if his eyes were getting dark due to the extreme consumption of magical power.

But I couldn’t get my mind off it, so I kept my eyes open and my teeth clenched.

Soon, the waves crashed against the shield.

The crew on the beach was startled and fell to their knees, grabbed something, or ran to a high place, but nothing happened.

Instead of hitting them and sweeping the island, the waves shook their bodies as if they had hit a large wall.

Soon the overflowing water came over the barrier, and the water poured down overhead like a torrential rain.

However, the waves never crossed the Magijang hit by Jeong Dae-sik.

It struggled a few times and then slowly collapsed.

Along with him, the magic field also slowly disappeared and disappeared.

As soon as that happened, Jeong Dae-sik’s knee broke and his body collapsed.

Kim Tae-hee, who had returned to Jeong Dae-sik, supported him.

Jeong Dae-sik looked down on Kim Tae-hee and smiled weakly.

“I didn’t expect this.”

Kim Tae-hee, no, Choi Hee smiled sweetly.

And lightly kissed his forehead.

It wasn’t a big deal, but for some reason, Jeong Dae-sik felt like he had received a great reward.

Seeing that Serpent was killed, the crews scattered all over the coast gathered to the beach.

They exclaimed in exclamation at the dead Serpent with its huge body drooping.

“Hey, it’s really big when you see it up close!”

“This guy slaughtered dozens of warships!”

“Even such a huge monster slits its head in two, so it dies in an instant!”

Adam came up to Dae-sik Jeong, who was lying on the sandy side of the sand, exhausted, and congratulated him.

“You did it in the end. great. When I first heard of the plan, I was in doubt.”

Jeong Dae-sik said while holding his hand as he reached out with a bitter smile.

“It’s all thanks to Oliver from the Phoenix raid.”

Adam turned his gaze to Oliver, who was staring at the serpent in disbelief from the other side.

“I know that friend very well. He is a friend with natural abilities, but I would not have been able to do this kind of work without you, Mr. Jeong Dae-sik. As a result, wasn’t it the Fenrir Troops who ended the Serpent?”

Adam also congratulated Kim Tae-hee and Ki Cheol-min, who were next to Jeong Dae-sik, by asking for a handshake.

“Thanks to your efforts, we were able to defeat Serpent, a longtime troublemaker in the Hawaiian Sea. I want to express my sincere thanks.”

“It’s not a big deal. It’s thanks to the Phoenix raid that held up well.”

“Hey, we just moved as directed by the commander.”

After Kim Tae-hee and Ki Cheol-min each said a word, Adam left to praise Oliver as well.

Then Kim Tae-hee turned her gaze to the back and said.

“It seems that Yoo Tae-hoon is ready.”

“Okay? Then go clean up the beach and help Tae-Hoon Yoo to focus.”

“Yes, it is.”

After Kim Tae-hee left, only Ki Cheol-min remained by her side.

Jeong Dae-sik waited quietly as he seemed to have something to say.

Then Ki Chul-min opened his mouth without hesitation for a long time.

“You even helped me by mobilizing entropy, but my abilities were not enough.”

“If you stop, you did well. Kim Tae-hee did a good job.”

Upon hearing this, Ki Chul-min smiled bitterly.

“Strictly speaking, isn’t it Choi Hee, not Kim Tae Hee? Because she defeated the Serpent through Horagales with Choi Hee’s lightning ability.”

“What exactly do you want to say? Do you mean to say it’s a foul because you knocked him down with Choi Hee’s ability?”

Jeong Dae-sik was usually treating Kim Tae-hee as a member of the Fenrir unit.

Therefore, he had never planned or executed an operation relying on Choi Hee’s abilities.

This time, it was her decision that Tae-hee Kim caused a thunderbolt with Hora Galles.

However, it seemed that Ki Chul-min was misunderstanding something.

“Anyway, my attack wasn’t enough to defeat Serpent. So, shouldn’t I have been excluded from the beginning and sent Choi Hee? Was it just to have an assortment?”

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