A Cash Warrior Chapter 195

A Cash Warrior 195

# 195

– Volume 8 Episode 21

“Even so, the undead are undead. Especially, undead are vulnerable to heat. Wouldn’t it be too much to defeat the lava colossus?”

“Who told you to take down Herbor? A serpent’s job is to pour water on it. There’s no need to get too close or engage in hand-to-hand combat. You just need to cool Herbor down constantly.”

“Is that all my role is?”

“I will defeat Herbor.”

Ride over and over again!

Combat helicopters soon emerged from base camp.

At the same time, Adam appeared to the beach, leading the crew to escort Yoo Tae-hoon.

In his hand was a chest belt lined with MFP grenades along with an emergency escape underwater rocket system that Jeong Dae-sik had requested.

They immediately approached Yoo Tae-hoon and Jeong Dae-sik, and handed Adam what he had in his hand to Jeong Dae-sik and said.

“Our preparations are complete. The necromancer moves by helicopter and controls the serpent in the sky. Summoners and Wizards, one of the best members of the Phoenix Raid, will accompany the Necromancer. Two other helicopters will protect the Necromancer’s helicopter, and the rest of the crew will be divided into three boats and stand by at sea. In case the helicopter goes down. So, Necromancer, don’t worry and just focus on controlling the Serpent.」

Jeong Dae-sik puts the belt around his chest and puts the device on his back.

And he was watching the helicopter coming down to pick up Yoo Tae-hoon and the escort team.

While the propellers were making a loud noise as they approached, the contingent came running after noticing that the operation to attack Herbor had begun.

Ki Chul-min and Kim Tae-hee were included in the lead.

They gathered around and raised their voices with bewildered expressions.

“What happened to this?”

“Did you tell us to wait?”

“Aren’t you trying to attack Herbor?”

“Give me instructions!”

I couldn’t help raising my voice at the sound of the propellers.

Jeong Dae-sik raised his throat and said.

“The delegation guards the base camp and prepares for any possible attack by monsters!”

Surprised by Jeong Dae-sik’s words, the crew shouted.

“What? You’re leaving us behind!”

“Why are you only bringing the Phoenix raid?”

“This is nonsense!”

“Take me too!”

“We can fight Herbor too!”

Seeing the crews pouring out strong protests, Jeong Dae-sik cut it off.

“I will kill Herbor by myself. You guys defend the base camp!”


In the end, he threatened the crew members who could not agree and were making a fuss.

“The crew who don’t trust me will only be cumbersome to take with me! Look now, aren’t you ignoring my orders!”

At those words, everyone kept their mouths shut as if they were hapjuk.

Jeong Dae-sik looked at them coldly and spit them out.

“This is the last. Go back to base camp!”

The helicopter landed and Yoo Tae-hoon glanced over here and got on the helicopter with the Phoenix raid members.

Soon the helicopter reappeared, and two more helicopters also surfaced from the base camp side.

Adam and the rest of the crew took the three motorboats out to sea, and soon they disappeared into the growing darkness.

Jeong Dae-sik pulled the darkness falling from the sky, no longer caring about the stupid crew members.

And using it as a wing, it soared into the air and headed for the Big Island.

Chapter 49. Defeat Herbor

The performance of the Black Dragon Skin Armor was really good.

As it is an SSS-class weapon, its uses are limitless depending on its application.

Because the black dragon skin armor allowed him to freely handle the darkness, Jeong Dae-shik was able to hide himself in the dark or to bring in the darkness to create a shadow.

Not only that, he could confuse the enemy by bringing down darkness, and he could use the primal fear using darkness as a peer.

It was also possible to embody darkness, which is the case right now.

Jeong Dae-sik spread the darkness like wings and glide through the sky like a big bird.

Then, as the night fell on the sea, the shape of the lava colossus became clear, as if a huge torch had risen.

‘Is that Herbor?’

I had seen the video material in advance, but seeing the real thing, the majesty of it was really great.

I wondered if the god of fire had descended.

Herbor was only 60 meters in size, and it looked even bigger in reality because it spewed flames from its entire body.

Not only that, but in one hand he held a spear about twice the length of his body, which looked like a pillar of light.

As I got closer, I could see that the center was burning blue, confirming the fact that it was a pillar of fire burning with a tremendous temperature.

Standing with the sword the locals call ‘Tyrving’ after the name of the legendary weapon, Herbor was looking ahead with burning eyes.

It was none other than the helicopter that Tae-Hoon Yoo was on.

It was a futile expectation to think that Herbor would not find it, as the noise of the propellers of the three helicopters was so loud.

Herbor shot the helicopters approaching him, and suddenly raised his hand.

Two machetes were sandwiched between the three-stranded fingers.

Herbor threw the stone into the air as if he were playing marbles.

Of course, it flew right towards the helicopter.

However, it did not hit the helicopter directly.

A shield appeared in the air, and the mammoth exploded in mid-air.

Herbor didn’t care and once again created a machete between his fingers, but the second strike could not be continued.

This is because something huge has risen from the sea.

It was none other than the Undead Serpent.


Serpent bent his long neck and jumped to the surface, then overturned the boat and sank, causing a huge wave.

It swept to the shores of Herbor’s line and swept the lava beneath its blazing feet.

Then ‘Poo-chuck!’ And as if an explosion had occurred, a huge steam gushed out and obscured Herbor’s view.


Herbor, enraged, vomited a shout and burned his whole body.

Herbor, which looked close to red, turned blue in an instant, emitting heat enough to burn everything in an instant.

In response, the undead serpent waved backwards.

It was the same huge wave that Jeong Dae-sik had blocked earlier.

Zilsera Herbor stomped on her foot, and the floor cracked open and red lava leaked out into the sea.

Indeed, it was a scene like a natural disaster and a natural disaster fighting.

I was almost taken aback by the riot, but it wasn’t the time to be idle.

It takes a lot of magical power to operate the undead serpent, so I didn’t know how long Taehoon Yoo could last.

He is using the heart of an undead queen and carrying a lot of magic stones, but there will still be limits.

The very weak point of Herbor that Jeong Dae-shik observed was the center of his chest.

Each time the sea water was splashed, Herbor’s whole body cooled, and the lower the temperature, the clearer his weakness.

This meant that as the temperature of Herbor decreased, it became weaker.

A more powerful cooling method was needed as well as a serpent.

Jeong Dae-sik called entropy and said.

“Increase entropy and endairon summoning skills to Lv10. And acquire Elestra’s summoning skill.”

“Upgrade Elestra’s summoning skill to Lv10, and the next is Spirit King Ellam! Acquire Ellam’s summoning skill!”

“Why? You wouldn’t be short of money? Wasn’t the skill acquisition unconditionally 10 million won?”

“Manrep? How much is the manrep?”



Jeong Dae-sik muttered abusive language, but there was nothing.

“I can’t help but be satisfied with Elestra. It’s about Lv10, so it’ll be worthwhile though. Elestra, Summon!”

Suddenly, Jeong Dae-shik floated above the floating sea, swirling around, and a column of water gushed out of it.

The column of water soon turned into the form of a mature woman.

It was none other than the superlative spirit of water, Elestra.

Compared to Endairon and Undain, her shape was much clearer, and it felt as if she was alive.

Looking into Elestra’s blue eyes, Jeong Dae-sik said.

“Elestra! Go and cool Herbor!”

Elestra turned and suddenly flew towards Herbor.

Soon her figure vanished from the air, and instead the seawater that Serpent had covered with and the steam generated by Herbor’s heat condensed in an instant.

It became a torrential rain, pouring down on Herbor’s head, and Herbor simmered, boiling more lava and flames.

However, the more he did, the stronger the offensive of the undead serpents, the more steam was generated.

It was turned into a bicep by Elestra and cooled Herbor’s body.

In the end, for some reason, he thought that it would no longer be possible, and Herbor suddenly stopped fever.

Pass Susu——!

As the steam subsided, Herbor’s body suddenly turned into a black mass of charcoal.

The only thing that was generating heat was Tyrving, which Herbor was holding.

When Herbor’s heat was extinguished, Tyrving gave off an even brighter light.

The light was so hot and dazzling that it was like holding a streak of lightning in his hand.

With all their eyes focused on Tyrving, Herbor suddenly swung the arm holding it.


Jeong Dae-sik shouted loudly as he saw the light from Tyrving flew across the air.

To be precise, he opened his mouth wide to shout.

But the sound couldn’t get out of his throat.

Before that, Tyrving’s beam of light had pierced one of the helicopters.

Pugh! Aww! Aww!

As the crew members in the helicopter were afraid to escape in a hurry, the helicopter exploded and flaming debris fell into the sea.

Surprised, the helicopters hurriedly retreated.

Fortunately, the helicopter that Tae-Hoon Yoo was on was unharmed.

However, it was clear that he had trouble concentrating in confusion.

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