A Cash Warrior Chapter 2

A Cash Warrior 2

# 2

-1 Volume 2

Seeing Jeong Dae-sik, who was not sure, Hong Man-gi looked confused at the same time.

He looked around and asked for opinions from others.

“Aren’t you awake? It looked like you were awake, didn’t you?”

The female hunter who was about to hit Jeong Dae-sik flinched at his question.

Embarrassed by the gaze on her, she took a step back.

Looking at his shocked expression, it seemed that something had happened.

Someone appeared as he walked through the people lined up behind Hong Man-gi.

“What’s going on?”

He was the commander of the raid that hired Daesik Jeong.

He looked at the crowd with a slightly tired expression on his face, and then asked Jeong Dae-sik.

“Awakening, what does all this mean?”

To that, Mangi Hong replied instead.

“Aigoo! Chief of Engineering, I’ve only heard about it, but I didn’t expect to see a scene like this in real life.”

“What sight are you talking about?”

“Who is awakening! Suddenly a light bursts out of a person’s body! That’s the awakening right? It means that light just came out of this guy, that is, Jeong Dae-sik’s body!”

Man-gi Hong was completely excited and heard the noise, and the chief of engineering frowned his eyebrows.

Then I looked at Jeong Dae-sik once, then looked back at the woman who was a member of the raid.

Then she opened her mouth and said,

“No, that’s right. The author’s body lit up.”

Hearing this, the chief engineer asked.

“Yeah? Is the awakening certain?”

The woman muttered with a look of disbelief.

“… on the surface it seemed so.”

Hearing people say that, little by little, I started to realize that I had finally awakened.

But still didn’t feel it.

A superpower that would have been obtained if he had awakened.

It’s because I don’t know what it is.

“It’s strange that a porter awakens in a dungeon.”

The engineering commander looked at Jeong Dae-sik, who was standing there, stunned.

Then he reached out and tapped his shoulder.

“Whatever it is, it’s great to be an Awoken. Congratulations.”

At the words of congratulations, Jeong Dae-sik bowed his head clumsily.

“Oh, yes. Thank you.”

Then there was a riot from next to Hong Man-gi.

“Hey! Congratulations, Daesik Jeong! You’re becoming an Awakened! What’s going on with this! Everything’s happening in your life! Yaa, I’m envious!”

At the same time, other porters flocked in.

They chatted with excitement around Jeong Dae-sik.

“Now it’s sold out! To become an Awakened!”

“I won’t have to work as a porter in the future, it’s good!”

“If you become a hunter, please take care of me! Give me a lot of work!”

Everyone was talking and talking, and there was nothing in their minds.

It was more so because I couldn’t be sure of whether or not I had really awakened yet.

Jeong Dae-sik felt the embarrassment first rather than the joy of being awakened.

That’s why I can’t do this or that,” said the engineering captain calmly.

“I still can’t believe it. It’ll start to come true. I’d like to finish what I’m doing now. If I keep procrastinating here, I don’t know if other people will come. Can’t you even do it?”

It was then that the other porters realized that this was still in the dungeon.

The celebration went outside for a while, and dispersed in search of what each was doing.

Jeong Dae-sik also lifted the slime that was loaded onto the cart.

The woman glanced at Jeong Dae-sik and walked away.

Perhaps it was because he suddenly became an Awakened, he didn’t seem to have any intention of arguing with the armor being dirty any more.

First of all, Dae-sik Jeong pulled the cart and headed out of the dungeon, thinking he was lucky.

Chapter 1. The first day

Rumors spread quickly.

The place I went to to get a daily wage.

Scared of stepping into the manpower office in front of the dungeon, people came to me one by one.

“Jeong Dae-sik! You said you’re awake?”

“Is that real?”

“Have you been to the God’s Space?”

“How was it, what kind of superpowers did you have?”

First, the porters who had returned from work gathered at Jeong Dae-shik and asked questions.

Jeong Dae-sik did not give any answers to those questions.

“No, that’s… I don’t know yet.”

As I was scratching the back of my head, the warden came forward and said.

“Stop it! What does Jeong Dae-sik have to do with you?”

Then someone snorted and muttered.

“Well, if you’ve really awakened, you’re a different person from us now.”

Did you feel any discomfort at those words?

The expressions of the people around Jeong Dae-sik changed.

They withdrew with a mixture of envy and jealousy, envy and pity.

“I hope… Man! Even if I become a hunter, I ask you to visit me sometimes.”

“Yeah, give me a lot of work.”

Jeong Dae-sik quietly nodded his head as a few people added it with regret.

Then, he took the group that the warden offered without saying a word and crumpled it in his arms.

Normally, I would have tried desperately to see if the amount was correct, but today I was in no mood to do so.

Wanting to get away from other people’s attention, I hurriedly left the manpower office.

Then, I got on the fluffy scooter and left the ‘dungeon area’.

As we exited the dungeon area surrounded by high iron fences and crossed the stream, the city area appeared.

Jeong Dae-sik scrambled out of the crowd of cars and headed for the bank he always went to.

There, I put all of the daily wages I received today into the ATM machine.

This brought the balance of the account to 6,533,210 won.

If you add up to 60,000,000 won in deposits, you have about 66.5 million won of money.

Over the past four years, it was all the wealth that Dae-Sik Jeong had been collecting while grinding his teeth.

When I saw that amount, I was completely blown away.

‘…Awakened or not, anyway, this is my current situation.’

Even if it is about 66.5 million won, it is difficult to find even a single jeonse house, let alone the building that Dae-sik Jeong dreamed of.

I didn’t eat anything, didn’t wear anything to wear, and even though I desperately collected it, it was only this much.

‘Just because you’ve awakened doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly become rich.’

He was still naked, with nothing.

‘If you think about it soberly, there is no guarantee that you will become rich in the future. The situation of the awakened is very different depending on what kind of superpower they are born with.’

Jeong Dae-sik has seen many awakenings as a porter.

Thanks to this, he was well aware that having superpowers does not necessarily mean that he will bloom.

He was a hunter with his humble ability, and he could have died in a single day and passed out.

No matter how much you become an Awakened, what’s the use if you die?

Jeong Dae-sik questioned whether he had the guts to risk his life to fight monsters.

I was hoping to become an Awakened like that, but when I thought that I had become an Awakened, I was terrified.

‘Damn it.’

Jung Dae-sik, who muttered abusive language inside, came back from the bank.

After that, I stopped by a convenience store to buy some dinner and headed home.

To save as much money as possible, he was living in a shabby inn’s Wolbang.

The horse was an inn, but in reality it was nothing more than a jjok room.

Bathrooms and toilets are shared, and there is no kitchen.

One microwave in the room was all the cooking utensils were.

Jeong Dae-sik ripped the triangular kimbap into the microwave and put it in the microwave and sat down.

And ding in the microwave! As soon as I heard the sound, I almost reflexively shoved the triangle gimbap into my mouth.

After swallowing it and drinking a pack of milk, I finally decided to check out my superpowers.

‘If I had awakened, I would have had superpowers no matter what.’

With a little nervousness, he pushed the cluttered trash and rubbish to one side of the room.

Then I straightened my posture and sat down to look forward to it.

‘Do you know? He may become rich because he has great superpowers.’

Then he immediately shook his head.

‘No, what a rich man on my subject. I just wish I had enough ability to prepare a small building.’

A monthly rent of 300… No, it’s okay to pay 2 million.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy just one building that size in every corner of the market?

‘A superpower is a superpower no matter how insignificant it is. That would be possible.’

Daesik Jeong nodded his head alone and made a plan for the future.

‘Yeah, don’t overdo it, just buy one building. After that, you should quit being a hunter. There’s no need to go hunting in a dangerous place because you’re rude, right?’

It was a very poor thought for a person who had just awakened.

However, in Daeshik Jung’s opinion, that was the most realistic.

As a porter, I followed the Hunter, and that was the thing I didn’t always understand.

Just because you’re an Awoken doesn’t mean you have two lives.

With enough ability and enough income, it would be enough to make a living.

However, everyone was chasing after the dungeon to die, and they put themselves in danger.

Jeong Dae-sik took a deep breath, vowing never to do that to himself.

And he showed off his superpowers.

… to be precise, I tried to unfold it.

But I didn’t know how.

‘Even if you wake up suddenly, you need to know how to use your superpowers……’

Is it the god of greed and price?

Even if I can’t hold onto them and teach them, I should at least explain them.

It was really difficult because they threw out only the strange sound of giving money to get power.

‘How did the other Awakeneds realize their superpowers?’

I was thinking about whether I should look for a case or not, but somehow my hands were warm.

‘Come on? Do you have a fever?’

It was strange that only the palm of his hand was hot, so he unconsciously looked at his right palm.

Naturally, his attention was focused on that, and Jeong Dae-sik was immediately startled and raised his voice.


There was a faint light in the palm of his right hand.

The more I focused my consciousness, the brighter the light became.

‘what’s this? ah! Could it be that it is a magical power that you have only heard of?’

The biggest characteristic of becoming an Awakened is that you will have supernatural powers.

I remembered hearing the story that that special form of power was expressed through the magical power generated in the body.

‘What should I do now?’

However, there is no way to quickly learn how to shine a little light from your hands.

Jung Dae-sik, who was hesitant about what to do, was surprised to see the light gathered on his palms clump together.


It was so hot that I washed my hands without realizing it.

Then, the light that had been accumulating in his hand floated into the air.

And soon it took shape.


It just looked like a cursor.

Mouse cursor in computer window.

The triangle lying on its side was exactly like him.

‘What the hell is this?’

Jeong Dae-sik, who was bewildered, carefully touched it with his fingertips.

Then, the cursor expanded sideways and a certain window appeared.

The window had a pattern like a speech bubble drawn on it.

Below that was a number.

Exactly 66,533,210.

That number was familiar.

It was none other than Jeong Dae-sik’s entire property.

‘Why is it floating here?’

Jeong Dae-sik stared at the screen or the scene in front of him with a very questionable gaze.

It was the voice I heard in God’s space.

It is because the saying that if you give money you will get strength came to mind.

‘Isn’t this… a new type of voice phishing or such a scam?’

Since the world is so unpredictable these days, I had no choice but to raise such doubts.

Perhaps the awakener, who creates hallucinations, is determined to devour himself.

But on the other hand, I also wondered what the Awakened would do with only 66.5 million won in money.

‘Hey, I don’t know!’

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