A Cash Warrior Chapter 218

A Cash Warrior 218

# 218

-9 episode 19

“It is still not far enough to be seen with the naked eye. But they’re getting closer at a fast pace. That’s a lot. approximately…….”

When Jeong Dae-shik mumbled the end of his speech, Major Mikhail urged him.

“About how many?”

Jeong Dae-sik spit out an answer and opened the car door.

“It is uncountable.”

With those words, the battle began.

Something flew out of the fog and crashed into the car with a popping sound.

When something like slime got stuck on the wheels of the car, the organs stopped functioning and stopped. The car rattled and swayed, stopped in place, and after driving in a hurry, the car stopped overturning. Then the car door was slammed and the crew members who were in it ran out.


As God Deokhwa swung the wall of the sky, a strong wind rose and pushed the rain mist away. Then I saw the monsters coming in a swarm.


The monster, which Major Mikhail called Vodiano, was a frog-shaped bipedal creature with an old man’s face, and was about 1.5 to 2 meters in size.

His bare hair was green and his whole body was covered in brown like grass roots, and between his crotch, a strange mucus was forming. When they reached the right size, they took it off and tossed it over there. Then one of the soldiers was hit directly there.


Slime covered the soldier’s head, and he struggled to breathe. Then, Mirae Heo ran to him and tried to deal with him.

However, he was struggling to make sure it was not easy to get rid of. In the end, the soldier’s breath caught on, and Ki Cheol-min ran and rubbed the slime with Tyrving.

Chewy profit!

The slime burned by the heat rising from Tyrving, and the soldier was finally set free. As soon as the mucus disappeared, he broke his waist with a ruler and spewed out green liquid. Meanwhile, a horde of Vodya Noi came right in front of him, causing a strife.

No, to be precise, I was trying to get it.

“Thousands of days!”


Ki Chul-min took a big step forward and swung Tyrving horizontally. Then, a flaming sword emanating from Tyrving cut through the air and attacked the swarms of Vodianoi.

Afraid of that, Vodianoi’s body was split in half and collapsed. The heat was so hot that the rainwater that had accumulated on the floor evaporated, creating a huge amount of steam.

In the place where the steam had subsided, there were one after another dead Vodianoi, like frogs sitting in a steamer. Vodianois, who were in places where the sword had not yet reached, were also indirectly affected by the steam.

They rolled on the floor in pain with burns to their skin. It seems that he is weak to fire, so Jeong Dae-sik pulled out all the flame scrolls and called Godeokhwa.

“God Deokhwa!”

Seeing the scroll, Godeokhwa immediately realized his intention and prepared a technique. Jeong Dae-sik stepped in front of him and tore the flame scrolls at once. Then, hot flames like that of a dragon flew out his red tongue.

There, Godeokhwa summoned Silairon and swung the wall of heaven.

“Soon the winds and tides!”

The dry winds that Cylairon had created carried flames and flew away, boosting the momentum of the ship. A hot wind swept over the remaining Vodianoi, and they screamed and scattered in all directions.

There were at least hundreds of Vodianois, but they could not fight properly and fled in vain.

Seeing that the situation was settled in an instant, Major Mikhail showed a faint hint of admiration.

“Actually… the name of the All-in-One was not in vain.”

Jeong Dae-sik shrugged his shoulders toward him.

“I didn’t even use any force. It was all done by my troops.”

Major Mikhail glanced at the troops once again with new eyes. Not knowing he was looking at them, Jae-woo Lee and Song-geun Kim complained that they did not have a chance to show their skills. Then they rushed to Ki Chul-min and asked what the weapon he had received.

Ki Cheol-min tried not to brag too much, and coldly pushed them away. Then he helped the soldiers get the car up and cleared the slime to expedite the trip.

Chapter 55. Continuing Danger

After driving for a long time in a desolate field of constant rain, the car entered a deep forest.

As the sun went down, it was completely dark everywhere, and the road was rough because it was in the forest, so we decided to camp until dawn.

The soldiers quickly pitched their tents and prepared to sleep, but the rain continued to fall, so the weather was not suitable for overnight stays.

As the temperature dropped, the rain gradually turned to sleet and the cold was increasing.

In the end, Jeong Dae-sik widened the magic field and wrapped it around the tent to block the wind and cold. Major Mikhail looked at the magic field over his head and said with a slightly scolding tone.

“It’s not good to waste your magic power when you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Of course, Jeong Dae-sik didn’t care.

“When you rest, you should rest properly. It’s difficult if you struggle for nothing and you can’t fight when you fight.”

They had a light meal and brewed tea. The members of Fenrir’s troops took out alcohol in exchange for emergency food from the city and drank it one by one to warm up.

Since the soldiers were supposed to take turns standing, all members of the unit could crawl into their sleeping bags and go to sleep. Before that, Jae-woo Lee said he was running out of business, so he got up and went out of his magic field.

Jeong Dae-sik said he would be back soon and sat down. However, even after closing his eyes for a while, there was no sign of Lee Jae-woo returning. Jeong Dae-sik said entropy, just in case.

“Lee Jae-woo, come and see what that guy is doing.”

The entropy disappeared into the darkness, and I closed my eyes to see a linked field of view.

In the dark forest, I saw a scene of Jae-woo Lee standing quietly.

As the entropy approached, I saw a terrifying sight.

Jeong Dae-sik jumped up from his seat and sat down. Seeing him like that, Major Mikhail asked.

Jeong Dae-sik shook his head instead of answering. But he could not easily lie down from his seat. It was because Jae-woo Lee was astonished to see the headless corpses lined up like skewers on tall branches. Jeong Dae-sik sent the ceremony and said.

‘Tell me to come back.’

When Entropy suddenly spoke, Jae-Woo Lee trembled in surprise. Seeing him turn around and run away, Jeong Dae-sik looked at Major Mikhail and said:

“It seems that the choice of place was bad. I’d love to move. It is not safe here.”

“Isn’t it safe? I looked around enough, but…”

“It looks like you didn’t see it over your head.”

Jeong Dae-sik hurriedly folded his sleeping bag and stood up. Around that time, Jae-woo Lee, soaked in sweat, arrived and said nonsense.

“Captain! Did you see? Me, me, a corpse on a tree…!”

“I saw. It seems that there are monsters. It would be better to change seats.”

An ominous cry was heard from afar.

“It’s pretty darn cute!”

A darkness deeper than the darkness over the forest passed overhead. But in the darkness there were two eyes that flashed like torches. Seeing this, Major Mikhail wrote evil.

“Griffin, it’s a Griffin-!”

A huge shadow flew from the sky with the sound of a strong wind.

The crackling of the twigs of the forest trees resounded loudly, and a burning eye beam scanned the humans in the magic field.

‘big! At first glance, it looks like it’s at least 6-star!’

For some reason, this guy’s Russia seemed to have more than 5 stars when monsters appeared. Jeong Dae-sik strengthened his magic field to set a barrier and block Griffin’s attack.


Griffin’s cries, tearing the eardrums apart, resounded wildly, and its claws smashed the magic field.


When a claw like some poklein struck the magic field, a sharp sound was heard and the magic field shook. At the same time, the shock hit Jeong Dae-shik.

Puddy Duck!

Griffin, who flapped her wings in place, attacked the magic field again as if she had noticed the fact.

As its beak, which looked as hard as a diamond, pierced the top of the magic field, the magic field was eventually destroyed by a powerful impact that struck with a single point.

Afraid that the magic field disappeared, Griffin’s claws roared and attacked the collapsing party. Heo Mirae stopped him from snatching three soldiers at a time and trying to soar.

The net wrapped around Griffin’s ankle, and Ki Cheol-min smashed Griffin’s ankle by taking advantage of the gap.

If it wasn’t for Tyrving, I wouldn’t have made a single scratch, but because it was Tyrving, my ankle was split in half, and golden scales splattered in all directions.

Instead of running away, Griffin was furious and tried to peck Ki Chul-min with his beak. Kim Song-geun hastily blocked it.

“One minute colossus!”

The gigantic clone he created was hanging by the Griffin’s neck. Then the griffin flapped its wings vigorously.

The tip of the griffin’s wing feathers was as sharp as a blade. It tore Kim Song-geun’s alter ego like a sheet of paper. In an instant, Kim Song-geun’s alter ego was scattered all over the place. Then, this time Seo Ji-won came and scattered Griffin around.

In the midst of disturbing Griffin with the addition of Jeong Dae-sik, God Deok-hwa’s centenary rubella swept past him.

Excellent water!

Griffin’s feathers were pulled out and scattered in all directions, but no fatal wounds were caused. Griffin was furious and swung his wings violently and soared into the air.

With just one flap of its wings, a great wind was created. Then the griffin, floating in the air, flapped her wings vigorously in her place, and Pierre let out a clear cry.


A sharp wind like a whirlpool rose from under Griffin’s wings and attacked the party.

Branches were broken in all directions, and even the thick roots of the trees could be seen shaking. The Fenrir troops were all flat on the floor, trying hard not to be blown away. However, some soldiers eventually couldn’t stand it and flew through the air.

Afraid of that, Griffin’s tail flew away.

Shish Sit!

Its sharp-tipped tail, like a shuriken, shredded the soldiers who were flying through the air.

Blood and flesh were scattered everywhere, but the wind blew it all away, leaving no trace. Major Mikhail, who had lost three of his men in an instant, lost his temper and jumped to his feet.

“Major Mikhail!”

Jeong Dae-sik called his name in a way to calm him down, but to no avail. Soon, Major Mikhail’s appearance began to change.

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