A Cash Warrior Chapter 230

A Cash Warrior 230

# 230

-10 Volume 7

However, there was no specific area that could be called a weakness or not.

Moreover, the information was only at the level that Jeong Dae-shik already knew.

First of all, Entropy was summoned and ordered to prevent Poronech from swallowing any more monsters.

“You interfere with the production of monsters by dealing with the tentacles!”

Entropy instantly changed, changing his body and starting to break the tentacles that threw monster corpses into the liquid.

In the midst of that, Jeong Dae-sik held out his right fist, which was wearing a yamafan.

Due to the nature of Poronech’s constant creation of monsters, there was nothing good about wasting time.

Even in order to preserve the power of the troops, it was better to take the side effects and use the Yamafan to get rid of them in one hit.


And after a while, bewildered, he clenched and opened his ringed fist.

‘Why are you doing this? Was my voice low?’

Jeong Dae-sik shook his hand lightly and shouted again.

But somehow, Yamafan didn’t respond.

Jeong Dae-sik was startled and shouted “Yamafan! Yamafan!” several times, but the result was the same.

‘no? Didn’t I say eat anything? Why don’t you move?’

It wasn’t the time to wrestle with a yamafan that I couldn’t understand, but didn’t work.

As time passed, the number of monsters the troops were dealing with was increasing.

In addition, there was a noticeable decrease in Ki Cheol-min’s energy.

It must have been that he had spent a lot of mana to send Ghiblinis to one sword earlier and break down the gates.

‘I can’t!’

Jeong Dae-sik changed his mind and decided to use magic warfare in consideration of the loss of magical power.

He stretched out his left arm and thrust his magic into the left vampire.

His left arm seemed to burn when he drew out the magic by overlapping until the release.

Daesik Jeong released the magical power he had gathered to the limit through magic warfare at once.

Fruits and vegetables

The magical energy emitted by Magipo poured into the large mouth of the jar.

The liquid filled inside roared as if it was about to explode. And when the dazzling light of Magipo exploded and I wanted to tear up Poronjechi.

Poronech was perfectly fine.

It looked as if no damage had been done.

It seemed that Poronech wasn’t just devouring the corpses of monsters.

Even Jeong Dae-sik’s attack was swallowed up. And Poronech, who had fully digested the attack, vomited out the power of Magipo through the hole where the monsters were pouring out.

As an unexpected attack erupted at each entrance, the troops were unprepared and were hit directly there.

He was already fighting surrounded by many powerful monsters, and it was as if he had been hit with the magic that Jeong Dae-sik had poured out with all his power, so the damage seemed not to be too much.


Ki Cheol-Min and Lee Jae-Woo flew into a corner and were knocked down, while God Deok-Hwa had missed the repair of the Cheongang Wall.

Seo Ji-won collapsed on the floor and was motionless, and Heo Mi-rae also seemed to have lost consciousness.

Major Mikhail was also moaning with his hair all blackened.

It seems that only Kim Song-geun happened to end up with a minor injury.

Of course, he lost the clone he had made, but he was very lucky if he stopped.

Kim Song-geun quickly made a judgment on the situation, created several clones, and ran to the troops with a recovery potion.

Fortunately, not only the troops, but also the monsters suffered from the attack power of the Magipo that Poronech poured out, so there were no ones to interfere with the clones.

First of all, Kim Song-geun thought that the situation below could be rectified, and Jeong Dae-sik turned his attention to entropy.

Daesik Jeong forgot that consciousness was linked and shouted at the whale whale towards entropy.

“Entropy! Isn’t this observation skill wrong? Why isn’t there an explanation of throwing up the attack again?”

Entropy was busy dealing with the tentacles, so there was no answer for a while. Then she delivered the answer through a linked ritual.

“What kind of bullshit is that?”


“Are you serious? If so… Then…”

“Oh My God.”

Jeong Dae-sik muttered abusive language in his mouth.

It is a monster that inspires great fear just by being there already, but it would have been a big deal if it had achieved evolution that could not be detected by observation.

Of course, the problem at hand was not Chernobog.

It was Poronecchi right in front of him. Jeong Dae-sik tried to find a way to defeat Poro Nyechi, but he could not easily attack because if he attacked prematurely and went wrong, only his troops would die and fly.

‘Damn! There is no way that powerful power or invincible power can work in a country where even Magipo can’t be eaten. There’s no preemptive strike, so the right to counterattack is useless! Even if you try to use the attack power of your troops through magic warfare or connection, everyone is exhausted, can you stand it?’

Poronech’s translucent body and the liquid inside reminded him of something. Then, a flash of light flashed through my mind, something that had happened before.

‘Somehow… it looks similar to a slime, doesn’t it? Then, wouldn’t it be possible to kill them in the same way as slimes?’

When I was just entering the Foreign Legion, I had a fight with a slime.

Slimes are strong against attacks from the outside, but weak against attacks from within, so if you have the courage, it’s better to attack by tearing your stomach after being eaten once.

But the opponent is Poronech. Since it wasn’t just a slime, I didn’t know what was going to happen when I went into the stomach prematurely.

It’s digested and all magical power is taken away, or it becomes like a monster spawned by Poronech, and his limbs…

‘Oh, come to think of it, that black dragon. The black dragon I killed was also made by this guy! Then, if something goes wrong inside Poronezzi’s stomach, it could be a terrible thing to kill the troops with my own hands!’

Jeong Dae-sik shook his head at the unthinkable.

‘no. It’s something I don’t want to even think about. We have to find another way.’

Jeong Dae-sik desperately tried to roll his head, but he couldn’t come up with a sharp number. If I had enough money, I’d try to come up with something, but I didn’t have much money on hand because I upgraded the shop a while ago.

There were about 250 billion left in the hand, but this was to be saved in case we were to face Chernobog.

He wanted to avoid the worst of encountering Chernobog with no money on hand.

‘Would you rather retreat? After retreating, come back to study how to deal with Poronech? No… Then Poronech will continue to create monsters, and another evolution may be made, which may make the situation even more troublesome. Would you rather spend all your money?’

It was not an easy decision to make.

Besides, I didn’t have much time.

Daesik Jeong spoke to Entropy through Linked Consciousness.

‘Entropy, is it possible to purchase skills from the shop instead of me?’

Entropy gave a negative answer.

‘That’s not enough. Because I belong to the system, I cannot change the system by myself.’

‘That’s right… Then when I get into Poronec’s stomach, can you get me out of there?’

‘It’s something you don’t know until you try it. If there is a special item, I don’t know.’

‘A special item?’

‘There is such a thing as an infinite rope that never breaks even if it crosses dimensions. If you’re tying it to your body, you might be able to pull Daesik Jeong out of Poronech’s belly. Of course, this cannot be guaranteed.’

‘…At least that looks the best. I need to buy an infinite rope. How much?’

‘It’s 50 billion.’

’50 billion!’

In the midst of that, Jeong Dae-sik poured out a bowl of cursing.

‘What a rope subject is so expensive!’

‘As I said, it is an object that crosses dimensions. Considering the fact that it never ceases to exist and expands to infinity, it is an affordable price.’

‘The cheap ones are all dead…’

‘Are you going to buy it?’

‘I can’t help it. I will buy it!’

Jeong Dae-sik purchased an infinite loop, and soon after, a light was gathered in his hand and a thin golden rope appeared.

After tying it to his waist and passing the other end to Entropy, Jeong Dae-shik took a deep breath.

Seeing Daesik Jeong, Entropy for some reason said something similar.

‘It’s dangerous. Why don’t you find another way?’

‘If there is a better way, you tell me.’


‘Well then, let’s go!’

Jeong Dae-sik took a deep breath and jumped into Poronech’s stomach.


The sticky liquid in Poronech’s body made an unpleasant sound and swallowed Jeong Dae-shik.

Daesik Jeong prepared for an attack or shock that might come from outside with his arms crossed in front of his face in an X shape and his legs attached.

However, thanks to the black dragon skin armor’s defense, nothing happened.

Because his head was covered with magic jang, there was no difficulty in breathing or talking.

Jeong Dae-sik prepared for an attack, calling for joy inside.

‘Rather than wasting only magical power with a clumsy attack, I stake everything in one blow.’

Daesik Jeong focused his mind and changed his body.

He placed his left hand wearing a magjeon on top of his right hand and interlocked it up and down.

In that state, the support was increased as if both hands were wearing a magjeon at the same time.

Jeong Dae-sik’s magic wrapped his two hands like vines and eventually made them into a single mass, and later it became like a single large cannon.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was using reinforcement one after another, saw the surface of the black dragon skin armor rise up like powder.

‘Oh my, will it be digested?’

If the black dragon he had killed was swallowed up by Poronech and then resurrected, it was said that the black dragon skin armor would also melt in Poronech’s stomach.

The tiny scales that had a subtle luster were peeling off like skinny skin, which was very unfortunate.

‘If all the black dragon skin armor melts while you wait, it will come in contact with your bare skin and you will not be able to stand it!’

Of course, since he has acquired a perfect body, even if the flesh melts, he will recover immediately, but he did not want to endure the pain in his mind.

After using reinforcement one after another, Jeong Dae-sik began to concentrate all his magical power through discharge.

‘You only get one chance!’

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