A Cash Warrior Chapter 233

A Cash Warrior 233

# 233

-10 Volume 10

Major Mikhail shook his head and said.

“After walking with everyone for a while, I just got used to Korean. Even if you do not understand the exact content, you can roughly guess what is being said. Moreover, now… Entropy is an interpreter for me.”

Entropy changed into the clothes Heo Mirae gave her and sat next to Major Mikhail.

He looked like a Russian, so there was no sense of incongruity at all.

Seeing this, Godeokhwa frowned and said, as if a little disgusting.

“Entropy now looks like a real human being. It looks a lot more natural than before, not only in appearance, but in speech and everything.”

He immediately turned his gaze to Jeong Dae-sik.

“Is it a good thing to see? The evolution of entropy means that the Captain’s ability has improved that much.”

“Yes. I almost died fighting Poronech, but it wasn’t in vain. With the help of Durahan here, I was able to not only defeat Poronech, but also to become stronger.”

Strictly speaking, it did not become stronger after defeating Poronech.

It was a shop upgrade with the money sold by catching a black dragon, but I couldn’t say that fact in ancient times, so I responded appropriately.

Then Alexei bowed his head and expressed humility.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of Russia. When I heard that you Koreans were on a journey to defeat Chernobog, I felt really ashamed and couldn’t stay still. In the future, I will also add strength.”

At Alexei’s words, Major Mikhail showed a displeased expression on his face.

“Who are you, you represent Russia, are you talking like a mane?”

Jeong Dae-sik was embarrassed and called him.

Ignoring him, Major Mikhail looked at Alexei and said:

“You are a rebel of Russia! Don’t you dare say Russia is yours!”

Alexei also hardened his expression, and in an instant, the atmosphere became ferocious.

Jeong Dae-sik stood in their way and warned them.

“Stop it, Major Mikhail. I don’t want to go through any chaos before I take down Chernobog. If you oppose Alexei joining this journey, go back the way you came.”

Hearing Jeong Dae-sik’s cold words, Major Mikhail contorted his face.

He was criticizing how he chose Durahan over himself, who has been with the Russian regular army so far.

However, it was inevitable because it was clear that Durahan’s power was needed rather than Major Mikhail’s power.

In addition, if Alexei was kicked out from here, it could be the case that Delanifoss was given away to the madman.

Major Mikhail immediately judged the situation and agreed to Jeong Dae-sik’s words.

“I am not trying to cause a riot. I just want to tell the author to be careful with his mouth.”

Alexei shrugged and Major Mikhail turned his head.

Jeong Dae-sik softened his expression and said to the two of them.

“I am well aware that these two have been enemies for a long time. But we are facing a more powerful enemy than humans. Even if I focus on it completely now, it will not be enough. Leave the work outside the dark realm there, and for now, please treat each other as colleagues with a single purpose.”

Major Mikhail didn’t seem to accept the call to be treated as a colleague, but he didn’t argue much.

Jeong Dae-sik returned to his seat, thinking that all he had to do was to fight, and he shoved the blown ramen into his mouth.

Anyway, this peace was short-lived.

If you go to Moscow soon, you won’t even have time to argue with each other.

Jeong Dae-sik’s prediction was correct.

Resting at the camp for one night and leaving early the next day, they sped across the burned fields.

Taking advantage of the absence of a swarm of monsters, speeding through several cities in an instant, Moscow drew closer.

Eventually, when the destroyed city of Moscow began to come into view, a huge number of monsters began to attack as if they were waiting for their arrival.

“Ahhh! Die!”

Kim Song-geun’s gigantic clones grabbed the hair of the two trolls from both sides and tore them off at once.

That way, the two-headed trolls were being sorted out quickly, but the problem was the three-headed troll.

Seeing Major Mikhail struggling to grab the triumvirate troll, Jae-woo Lee created something and threw it at him.

“The title of the work, the trident of lightning strike! Major Mikhail, take it!”

It was a giant trident that Major Mikhail snatched away.

Oddly enough, it looked like it was threaded through a cloud, but when Major Mikhail threw it at the triumvirate troll, it flew right into the center of its three heads and struck a small, rumble of thunder from a trident embedded in it.

Then, the three heads of the three-headed trolls were roasted at once, and they thumped to the floor! he fell

Major Mikhail, who ran without missing time, pulled the trident to the side and smashed its heads.

Jae-woo Lee, who threw a trident at Major Mikhail, immediately returned to his business.

He got on a fighter embodied in a painting and was holding gargoyles flying in the sky.

Because it was drawn by Jae-Woo Lee, the fighter didn’t look good, but it was definitely showing the aspect of a fighter.

No, it was much better than a fighter because it was firing magic bullets with all kinds of functions.

Now, it seemed to be able to materialize several things at once.

Beside him, Ki Chul-min was flying like a bird with talaria.

He was using Tyrbringer like a gun in time with Lee Jae-woo’s attack.

Every time he swung his Tyrbringer, sparks flew like an arrow and struck the gargoyles.

The gargoyles fell to the floor by tearing their shells or injuring their eyes in the attack.

Then he got caught up in Seo Ji-won’s attack and died immediately.

Seo Ji-won was revealing the same side as the previous messenger without regret.

Not only did he eat the power of the monsters his troops were dealing with by inhaling magic, he was also killing monsters himself.

Every time he passed by, monsters fell down like falling leaves and died, so a huge basilisk came to the front, thinking it would not be okay.


Even when he saw the basilisk showing his fangs, Seo Ji-won was calm.

His ability wasn’t just to absorb magic.

He has a phenomenal skill called space magic.

Seo Ji-won made the basilisk’s lightning-like attack ineffective with space separation.

Rather, the space with the basilisk was divided into layers as if erecting a mirror, making him very confused.

In the end, the basilisk couldn’t find where Seo Ji-won was, and as soon as he appeared, he hurriedly attacked without going back and forth.

Then, he fell into Seo Ji-won’s space distortion magic and bit his own body.


The basilisk’s poison was a very strong poison that could cause death just by touching it.

The effect worked not only for other living things but also for itself, so the basilisk poisoned itself with its own poison and died.

While the basilisk collapsed in a panic, God Deokhwa was blowing everything around him into the air as if it were the wind god.

The monsters couldn’t even get close to him because he was creating a tornado with the non-stop wind technique along with the Silairon that resides in the wall of the sky.

The only thing that could withstand the attack was the giant Golem.

The whole body was covered with shiny minerals, and the body was so heavy that it was able to withstand the strong wind and approached Godeokhwa.

When God Deok-hwa showed off the skills he was proud of, he couldn’t stand it.

Jewel Golem stood up to the attack that would corrode everything.

But soon, his whole body began to crumble, as if he had faced countless years at once.

In the end, the egg disappeared without a shape or fragment.

At that time, God Deokhwa let out a sigh as he lowered the wall repair.

This time a more powerful golem appeared before him.

Its body looked like a lump of iron, and its shiny black luster looked unusual.

God Deok-hwa narrowed her eyes and looked at the body and said.

“…Heukcheol? Adamantium?”

It was not known which side it was, but the black golem let out a roaring scream and rushed to God Deok-hwa.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Every time it ran, the ground shook and the floor dug deep.

God Deok-hwa launched a powerful attack from the beginning, muttering to himself, “There will be an earthquake.”

Again, a strong wind, equivalent to a hundred years, arose and struck the Black Golem.

Even though it was an attack that most monsters could never withstand, surprisingly, when the wind stopped, the black golem looked fine.

There were no corroded or damaged spots anywhere on his body, so Godeokhwa groaned.

“Looks like Adamantium.”

If it was Heukcheol, it would have been damaged to some extent by the centenary rubella. Withstanding such an attack, it boasted the highest value among mysterious metals such as mithril and adamantium.

His whole body is made of adamantium, and if he defeated him, he would earn a lot of money, but that was only when he was able to defeat him.

God Deok-hwa clenched his teeth and trembled at the water line.

Something began to form in his hand, which concentrated his consciousness.

It looked like the core of a storm.

The wind he had drawn from all directions was compressed in his hand.

It looked pure white at first, but soon turned black and began to burn with friction like crackling lightning.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa than ku than a be>

The moment the black golem’s fist flew towards Godeokhwa.

Silairon stood in the way of his fists with his bare body.


Silairon, who had been hit by the Black Golem, spit out a powerless sound and dispersed.

God Deok-hwa was still stationary, preparing for a blow.

He looked at the fists of the black golem flying with his teeth clenched.

As Mi-rae Heo’s voice resounded, the black golem suddenly thumped and knelt down. Scary of that, the ground around it began to crumble.

Soon, the black golem began to be buried in the ground, and after that, Heo Mirae appeared.

When Heo Mi-rae’s debuff was applied to her already heavy body, she was unable to move and was to the point of being buried in the ground.

Then, Godeokhwa, who was finally ready to attack, threw the core of the wind into the pit where the black golem was missing.

“Wild Wind Trust!”

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