A Cash Warrior Chapter 239

A Cash Warrior 239

# 239

-10 Volume 16

Entropy quickly brought Major Mikhail to consciousness with his awakening skill and gave him time to consume the potion.

Taking advantage of that, Seo Ji-won cast space magic to prevent the remaining two stone statues from intervening in another fight.

The stone statues could not get out of their place and became a form of beating bang and bang.

Seeing the scene, Dae-sik Jeong thought that he should try the Balrog armor that wrapped around his body.

‘Let’s see if it’s better than Black Dragon Skin Armor.’

Jeong Dae-sik pulled Balrog’s whip from his waist and ran to the statue. And he flew straight into the air, kicking his feet, swung his balrog’s whip.

Flirty wiggle wiggle!

The whip that flew through the air with a whistling sound elongated to fit the size of the enemy, and immediately blazed with flames.

When the whip struck the stone statue, the surface of the statue was scratched like a beast’s claw, and the place was burned to ashes.

Soon Dae-Sik Jeong was discovered and the angry stone statue clenched his fist, and Dae-Sik Jeong raised one arm to block the attack.

Then, at the spot where the fist hit, the armor of the Balrog exploded! and spewed out fire.

Immediately, the stone statue’s fist touched the armor and flames engulfed it.

It wasn’t just a flame, it was an abyss flame, so his fist quickly turned to ashes and crumbled.

It is literally the fire of hell that turns everything to ashes at will.

Jeong Dae-sik smiled and swung his whip.

‘Like Black Dragon Skin Armor, it’s SSS-class, so its power is quite good! Do you have a different taste than Black Dragon Skin Armor?’

Suddenly, lightning struck and the eardrum vibrated as if it were about to burst.

When Jeong Dae-sik reflexively shrugged his shoulders, surprised, he saw that the Goliath created by Jae-woo Lee had been burned black.

The stone statue standing in front of him was holding a strangely shaped stone axe, and there was a thunderbolt burning with a crackling sound.

Not only that, it wasn’t just the stone statue that showed amazing abilities.

When the second stone statue, who was fighting Kim Song-geun, was also in danger, the third eye suddenly opened. Then, a beam of light that looked like a laser or plasma poured out from there and evaporated one clone in an instant.

Kim Song-geun, who was timid, hurriedly flew himself to avoid the attack, and the third stone statue also blew out a tremendous wind, blowing up Ki Cheol-min in the air.

Ki Cheol-min, who was flying in mid-air while using Talaria, got caught up in it and was instantly pushed to the other end of the corridor and drowned.

The power of the fourth stone statue seemed to be a flame. As the statue stumbled, hot flames erupted from its body.

At the same time, Godeokhwa was in the midst of attacking with the wind, which is her specialty, so the flames doubled and swept over Godeokhwa.

The rest of the stone statues also showed off their abilities.

The other one seemed to be an earth attribute, and the last one seemed to be a water attribute.

Those who had been caught in Seo Ji-won’s spatial distortion, overturned the ground and called a blizzard to offset the effect.

Seeing the scene, Major Mikhail shouted.

“It seems that these guys are born with the same abilities as the gods of the Pantheon!”

“The Pantheon?”

“Perun of thunder and lightning, Dajiborg of the sun, Striborg of the wind, Mokosh of the earth, Veleth of the underworld and water, and Shimargle of fire!”

Jeong Dae-sik quickly used observation skills. Major Mikhail was right.

These guys were magical creatures made like golems, and each one was equivalent to a 10-star.

Because it was an inanimate object, there was nothing that could be called a weakness, defense and attack power were equally high, and it was perfectly equipped with an armament suitable for its weight class.

The only thing that would be comforting was that they were able to use their respective abilities thanks to the items they had in their hands.

Perun had a stone axe, Dodgeborg had an eye-shaped circlet on his forehead, Striborg had a cloak, Mokosh had a staff, Veles had a trident, and Simargle had a hammer.

If you could just take the item from them, its power would be cut in half.

Jeong Dae-sik quickly judged the situation and issued an order.

“These guys are 10-star, so you can’t deal with them all at once. I’ll support Heo Mi-rae and Seo Ji-won to make time, so kill them one by one!”

“Entropy, be prepared for what may happen to you!”

“Then let’s go, Mi-rae Heo, Ji-won Seo! Magical Connection!”

Jeong Dae-sik poured his magic into them.

Surprised by the massive amount, the two flinched, but soon used debuffs and space magic to entrap the rest of the statues except Perun.

The stone statues tied to Heo Mirae’s wire were unable to go to the place where Perun and the troops fought at all due to Seo Ji-won’s spatial separation.

Originally, he could not use space separation in a wide range for such a long time, but because he was sharing the magic of Jeong Dae-sik, Seo Ji-won held on with his magic activated and clenched his teeth.

In order to make his work easier, Mi-rae Heo also bit her lip, and in the meantime, Cheol-min Ki and the troops charged Perun.

Then, Ki Chul-min gave an exact instruction that would be comparable to even being a unit commander.

“Lee Jae-woo and Kim Song-geun do their best to block Perun from using his abilities! And after God Deok-hwa first strikes, I’ll go straight ahead and deliver a blow!”

Jae-woo Lee and Song-geun Kim, who nodded, summoned a giant soldier and a giant clone, respectively, and attached themselves to Perun.

When the soldiers embodied in the body blocked Perun, God Deok-hwa used the technique he was proud of.

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of years swept over Perun, and no matter how much magic weapons they use, they can’t be all right.

Tyrbringer’s dazzling blade soared into the air as the armor that had been hard enough to prevent the tip of a sword from corroding and torn apart.

As Tyrbringer’s blade slashed through Perun’s boughs, his massive head halved in one blow, and halved tumbling down.

Jae-woo Lee and Song-geun Kim quickly retreated to avoid it, and Cheol-min Ki did not stop there.

Then, a stone ax rolled out of its grasp, and its size was reduced to its normal size.

As soon as Ki Cheol-min snatched it up, the stone statues of Perun turned to ashes and scattered.

Thanks to the addition of powerful items such as Perun’s Stone Axe, the power of the Fenrir troops was increasing.


When the last Simargle was defeated, what was left was a huge reward.

There are six items that can wield the power of nature at will, so it would be a great help in a situation where Chernobog was at hand.

If you sell the item to a Hyeonjil store, you can certainly earn a huge amount of money, but Jeong Dae-sik decided to distribute it evenly among the troops.

The skill of the troops has risen surprisingly, so he decided that it might be more advantageous to attack Chernobog than to upgrade his own shop.

“Perun’s stone axe should be Lee Jae-woo, Dajiborg’s circlet should be Ki Cheol-min, and Striborg’s cloak should be Godeok-hwa? It would be better to have this. Performance is equally SSS-level for everyone, so I can’t say which one is better. All of them are excellent items.”

Everyone could not hide their joy at the fact that they were SSS-level items, and each seemed to be satisfied with the items they were given.

Although Major Mikhail did not have any items, it was true that he was not of much power, so he did not express any particular dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, Ki Chul-min, who had worn a circlet, said:

“It’s kind of meaningful to have an item like this on the way to the deepest part of the dungeon.”

His voice was filled with the expectation that if he did, he might defeat Chernobog.

However, Jeong Dae-sik was not easily excited.

He said in a cautious tone.

“Maybe it means that Chernobog is too strong to withstand even if all these items are put together. Chernobog is the Russian god of darkness and death. It is an unprecedented 15-star monster, so don’t be vigilant.”

As everyone nodded and picked up the items, in the same way as before, patterns they didn’t even know existed on the floor began to emit light.

Soon, the light engulfed the party and they were moved to another location.

Chapter 61. Attack on Chernobog

“This is… Where?”

“Didn’t you go further underground?”

Whew oh oh oh!

The members of the unit, who were lowered by the sudden strong wind, looked around with bewildered expressions.

Their place was unexpectedly empty.

To be precise, it was on a place like a kind of artificial island floating in the air.

There was a smooth floor spread out in all directions as if it had been carved out of marble, but outside it was empty space. And the storm was raging everywhere, leaving them exposed to the strong winds mixed with black ashes.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was monitoring the situation like the troops, suddenly realized that the Magjeon was emitting a soft light.

To be precise, the light was flowing from the magic stone that had been embedded in it.

Jeong Dae-sik inadvertently raised the palm of his left hand with the magic stone. Then, a light shot out from there, and he headed somewhere.

Seeing that scene, Entropy said.

“Yeah, right?”

The light stretched out into the air beyond the artificial island they were on.

It must have been somewhere over there where the storm was blowing, so Jeong Dae-shik turned around to move there with the crew.

Curl rumble——

Somewhere there was the sound of something huge crashing into the storm.

It was like the sound of a great curtain flapping.

Anyway, it seemed obvious that something was coming this way.

At the same time, all of Jeong Dae-sik’s senses became sharp as if screaming.

“This feeling…!”

Suddenly darkness came with a roar.

It was already dark everywhere, but for a moment I thought I was blind.

At the same time, a strong wind swept the feet.

It was a strong wind that seemed to sweep away everything in an instant.

Among them, Jeong Dae-sik lowered his body and narrowed his eyes. And he tried to see what had appeared before him.

It suddenly appeared too close, so it was not easy to see it at a glance.

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