A Cash Warrior Chapter 244

A Cash Warrior 244

# 244

-10 episode 21

The body of the dark sword that was supposed to be distorted suddenly collapsed and swallowed Jeong Dae-shik at once.

And a huge wave spread out in all directions.

As the aftermath of the clash of power and power spread, the air began to shatter like pieces of glass.

Fajik, Fajik, Fabarbababat!

It was a scene where the world was falling apart.

One dimension was completely shattered, and in an instant, the other dimensions were tangled up in a mess.

The Black Corridor, Balrog’s lava fields, blizzard-ridden ice fields, and deserts with nothing but sand passed by in a dizzying way.

Then, finally, Chernobog’s body began to crumble.

To be precise, it began to scatter like a sandcastle.

As the traces of him dispersed into the darkness, the multiple dimensions that made up the dungeon also collapsed at once.

The dungeon itself, which was Chernobog’s cradle and maintained under his influence, would collapse.


Several dimensions shattered, and the shards that spilled out of it were a messy mix.

Jeong Dae-sik was nowhere to be found.

He seemed to have been swallowed up by the dark blade and disappeared forever.

However, the voice calling him was vividly resounding from the cracks of the collapsing dimension.


It was a voice that was presumed to belong to Seo Ji-won.

“I’m the boss-!”

Chapter 62. Anomalous Destroyer

As Durahan descended from Delanifoss, he looked at the great achievements he had made.

In front of him, the corpses of monsters really formed a mountain. Among the dogs, the most remarkable thing was the corpse of Gegeneis.

Standing on the dead body of Gegeneis with his whole body mutilated, Durahan felt a pleasant feeling like never before.

Countless monsters were constantly rushing towards him, but he wasn’t afraid at all.

I wondered if it was because of freedom from responsibilities and pursuits.


Durahan got on the Delaniforce again and spurred it. Then, like a single point of light, Delanipos erupted out to the monsters that came in a horde.

What he was holding was an SS-grade spear with a simple function.

It didn’t add any special attack power, and it didn’t evolve or generate magic, but it was called the Romulus Spear, and it boasted an absolutely invincible defense that was never destroyed.

Even if he stabbed the dragon’s scales or struck adamantium, his teeth did not fall out, so there was no need to sharpen the blade.

Even if it was thrown into the poison or acidic blood of the hydra, it never rusted.

So Durahan just dealt with Romulus’s spear.

There was not even one time to wipe off the scabs stuck to the cutlery.

Nevertheless, the weapon was sharp enough to take the life of a monster.

In particular, Romulus’s spear exerted its power on Delanipos.

Delanifoss moved at an incredibly fast speed, enough to be called the speed of light, and Durahhan also attacked the enemy dozens of times in a short period of time according to that speed, so some weapons were broken or missing teeth.

However, Romulus’s spears were always intact, so Durahhan stabbed, knocked, slashed, slashed, slit, and split the enemy without any burden.

How long have you been fighting?

Durahhan felt the joy slowly fade away.

Slowly, fatigue was drenched in his body.

In fact, he had consumed a lot of power when fighting Gegeneis.

The rest were able to deal with them, so they were holding on somehow, but there was no end to the monsters coming from all directions.

It seemed that they paused for a moment when Gegeneis fell, but they soon regrouped and pressed in on him.

It’s strange that he’s fine as he’s dealing with a large army alone.

Durahan decided that he would never look back even if he had to die here.

There was the entrance to the dungeon. It meant that Jeong Dae-sik, who had gone to deal with Chernobog, did not expect him to come back and help him.

Realistically, it was in vain to expect Jeong Dae-sik to come back alive alive.

When I first heard that the all-in-one from Korea was going to Moscow, where Chernobog is located, I thought it was overkill.

Even if it’s an all-in-one, how dare you think of dealing with the Dark Gods?

However, when he heard that Herbor and Siserpent had been defeated easily, he had a little hope, and when he heard that Colonel Vladimir had even supported him, he could not stand still.

It was because it was terrifying to leave the fate of the country in the hands of an unknown foreigner, and to put the ball of Colonel Vladimir in it.

Of course, the stage prepared by Colonel Vladimir – I did not want to fight the gang leader, so I rode a Delaniforce and followed Jeong Dae-sik.

But in reality, Daesik Jeong was stronger than he thought, and he was calm.

It didn’t seem like he didn’t know what kind of opponent Chernobog was, but he didn’t have any fears, and he had the impression that he was preparing something.

So I decided to help him, but I thought that the situation in the dungeon would be better than this as I was dealing with a monster that was rushing in like a tsunami.

Maybe it was too soon to face Chernobog, and it turned into ashes and disappeared, and as long as he didn’t get himself out of here, he could die a pitiful death.


Durahan, who was inserting Romulus’s spear into the manticore’s jaw in front of him, stopped.

It was because of the sudden stop of his movement.

Not only that, but the other monsters stopped working all at once.

They trembled as if they had been hit by cold water, then suddenly raised their heads and looked around. And, as well as the military, he suddenly lost his orderly appearance.

A swarm of harpies who were monitoring the sky were scattered all over the place, and confusion arose on the ground where various types of monsters were intertwined.

Monsters have dug into the basement to bite each other, spit each other out, avoid their seats, or hide themselves.

However, this does not mean that the Manticores who were fighting Durahan have withdrawn.

Manticore was ferocious even with his throat pierced.

While Delanipos’s hooves were kicking him in the face a few times, Durahhan pulled out the spear and this time, he aimed precisely at the forehead.

And the attack succeeded, and the Manticore poked out his tongue and died.

After that, I had time to look into the situation, and Durahhan looked around.

“How did this happen…?”

Durahhan raised his head to the mass of ash pouring over his face.

The black ashes that had covered the sky began to drip like thick snow.

And as if the wind that had stopped was blowing, the thick dark clouds in the high sky were being lifted.

Durahhan looked at the scene and opened his mouth blankly.

“Maybe… maybe…?”

The monsters that had been summoned were scattered and the sky cleared meant only one thing.

“Has Chernobog’s influence gone? Jeong Dae-sik… did you mean that he did it?”

I couldn’t believe it, so instead of cheering for joy, my eyes widened, and all of a sudden I heard a terrible noise behind my back.

I didn’t know exactly what it was, but it was a creepy sound.

Surprised, Durahan turned around and saw the dungeon entrance shaking.

It was the first time in my life that a dungeon entrance showed such a phenomenon.

The entrance to the dungeon did not change at all in size, shape, or condition, no matter what the weather or what happened there.

But right now, the space was shaking violently as if it was about to close.

Durahan was restless, thinking that there was probably something wrong with him.

If Chernobog had fallen, Jeong Dae-shik and his companions might still be alive inside.

Then it would be right to go rescue them right now.

However, if the entrance to the dungeon disappeared like that, you could lose your way back to the real world for ever.

I’d rather try to save anyone if I’m sure they’re alive, but I couldn’t act hastily because it could have exploded with Chernobog.

Then then.

Someone jumped out of the dungeon.

Durahan hurriedly got off Delanifoss and ran to them.

It was Major Mikhail, exhausted.

After that, the Fenrir troops appeared one after another.

They showed signs of a fierce battle.

They all looked very tired

and full of wounds . Some were seriously injured.

Then they had to take care of themselves right away, but they did not show any interest in Durahhan, and raised their voices and shouted what.

The most important person, Jeong Dae-sik, was nowhere to be seen.

“What can Jiwon do alone! Shouldn’t he have to go back to the dungeon now?”

Ki Cheol-min calmly said what Jae-woo Lee said.

“If we go, what can we do? Right now, I have no choice but to believe in Seo Ji-won’s ability. He is one of the few space magic talents, so I’ll be able to bring the captain somehow.”

Then, Mi-rae Heo burst into tears and showed her concerns.

“What if we can’t find the captain? You’ve seen it too! What’s going on in there…!”

“So there’s nothing we can do about it.”

At Ki Chul-min’s reply, God Deok-hwa muttered abruptly.

“I don’t see entropy either.”


Come to think of it, Kim Song-geun, who looked around as if that was the case, said.

“If the captain is okay, entropy should be fine, but you can’t see it.”

“Maybe you can be with the captain.”

Hearing God Deok-hwa’s reply, Mi-rae Heo shouted.

“Entropy is what moved us to a safe place! But it suddenly disappeared, meaning that it’s dangerous enough that the Captain can’t even manage entropy!”

After shouting like that, Mirae Heo suddenly tried to jump into the dungeon.

Gi Cheol-min grabbed hold of Mi-rae Heo and lightly slapped him on the cheek.

“Calm down. This is not the time to be dogmatic. Can’t you see there’s someone here who needs your heels?”

Heo Mi-rae wept when she saw Lee Jae-woo, whose side was pierced at Ki Cheol-min’s point, God Deok-hwa, whose one arm was limp, and Major Mikhail, whose bones were almost broken.

I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but seeing that there was an injured person anyway, Durahan pulled out some potions from his arms.

When I handed it to them, Mirae Heo wiped away her tears and started casting Heal.

I was holding and treating the seriously injured person one by one, but I saw that the entrance to the dungeon was slowly getting narrower.

Ki Cheol-min threatened Mi-rae Heo, who could not concentrate because he was digging his mind, but he too had lost his composure.

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