A Cash Warrior Chapter 249

A Cash Warrior 249

# 249

-11 Volume 1

Chapter 63. Recovery

final war.

When the Last Monster Break broke, Jeong Dae-sik’s expression was surprisingly calm when he found out that the opponent he would fight against was a divine being.

It wasn’t just that he had conjectured that fact.

Jeong Dae-sik shrugged and said.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s the final war, and it’s bound to happen anyway.

Entropy smiled faintly at Jeong Dae-sik, who spoke calmly and softly.

Seeing the scene, Jeong Dae-sik made a very angry expression.

“Hey, did you just laugh?”

Entropy went back to expressionless again and said.

“If it’s not my mistake, I think you’re smiling?”

“Looking at you, I can feel that my level has been upgraded. It must have been something similar to real feelings.”

“In that case, you’re a being who shares consciousness with me, right? They have the same abilities as me, and they use the same magical powers, so rather than being completely separated, it should be called an alter ego.”

Entropy said that with a somewhat embarrassed look, and then returned the story to its original place.

“If I just need to work a little more… isn’t the amount required to upgrade to level 10 is huge? That’s a whopping 1,000 trillion won. I think I’ve heard of hundreds of trillions of units in the news. It seems to be rare.”

“Hey! Killing Chernobog almost killed me! I’m going to have to do that six times. Is that reasonable?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

99% of new upgrades chatting with entropy.

Jeong Dae-sik took a deep breath and prepared to face Gwangpil-doo.

He couldn’t understand how much he must have put his troops on the line while he was chatting in the world of the unconscious.

I hope it doesn’t, but in the worst case, the entire unit could have lost their abilities.

If so, you must have a skill that can oppose the wide-eyed leader in a level 9 shop.

Finally, the upgrade is over.

Jeong Dae-sik closed his eyes as he listened to Entropy’s roaring voice.

“Two-minute hyung, 1-minute hyung! Aaaaaaaaaaa!”

Kim Song-geun shouted while beckoning into the empty air.

However, no matter how evil he tried, not even a giant clone, not even a normal clone, appeared.

Even when his magical power was worn out, he was able to create at least one young clone, but even that became impossible.

Kim Song-geun finally acknowledged that he had completely lost his ability and knelt in place.

Both knees were buried in a pile of ashes, raising black dust.

Kim Song-geun moaned as she put her head in her hands.

“How could this… How could this happen!”

Kim Song-geun has always been proud of the fact that he has been chosen by God since becoming an Awakened.

Unlike other ordinary hunters, he was more proud of himself because he had a special ability to create clones.

He roamed all kinds of dungeons, playing the role of Tang Dil Hill at once with an clone he had created.

Looking back, there has never been a better time than those days.

Hunters who had to party with others all the time because they didn’t have any special abilities, or who had to go through repetition with colleagues who trusted only one ability and was tyrannical, were all envious of Kim Song-geun.

Kim Song-geun had a party with his own alter ego, and there was no antagonism or conflict because everyone was himself.

With just one thought, the limbs of all the clones fit perfectly, and even alone, he displayed the power of one hundred and fifty-seven dungeons and walked around.

I couldn’t count the number of love calls that poured on him.

All of the large craftsmen were anxious because they could not recruit him.

There have been times when I received such a great offer that my eyes turned around.

However, Kim Song-geun did not want to join the raid because there was nothing to resent.

But even Kim Song-geun faced a crisis.

He went into a dungeon known for being dangerous, trusting only his skills, and fell into a trap.

He was attacked by hyenas aiming for the items he had, and he managed to defeat them, but he ran into a boss mob in the dungeon.

Since his magical power was depleted, he could not create an clone, and Kim Song-geun had to fight the boss mob with his own blood and blood.

It was Kang Yeong-hoo who rescued him from such a state.

Kim Song-geun, who became indebted to him, joined the Titan raid that he founded in the hope of paying off his debts.

The feeling of being tied down wasn’t very pleasant, but the raid life was more enjoyable than I expected.

There were many kinds of talented people in the Titan raid, but among them, his ability was superior.

Jealousy of others was rather a source of vitality for Kim Song-geun. He was satisfied with his own abilities alone, so he could not care about anything else.

But he lost that ability.

Kim Song-geun was ashamed and deeply regretted.

If I had known that I would lose my ability in vain in this way, I would not have fought the gangster.

Even if he had to turn his back on Jeong Dae-sik with the Fenrir troops and chucks, he should have been on the side of the leader or, at the very least, had to run away.

Yet, somehow possessed, when Ki Chul-min and God Deok-hwa lost their abilities, their eyes turned.

I was furious at the thought of having dared to touch my colleagues, so I started a fight without a win.

As a result, he lost his ability to clone himself, and he felt so discouraged and frustrated that he wanted to die.

Seeing Song-geun Kim, who was crouching in place and not moving, Ki Cheol-min shouted.

“Come on, you can still fight! Even if you lose your abilities, you still have items! Get up and fight! We need to help Lee Jae-woo!”

Kim Song-geun had the Nephilim Blast Plate given by Jeong Dae-sik and the Hammer of Simargle obtained from the Chernobog dungeon.

In addition to that, there are various items, so as long as you have magical power, you can fight by borrowing the power of the item.

However, since he had lost his natural magical powers, that is, he had no will to fight.

Kim Song-geun did not know how to move in place, and Ki Cheol-min began swearing at the scene.

“That idiot!”

Ki Chul-min clenched his teeth and shot a beam of light with Dodgeborg’s circlet.

The brilliant aura armor worn by the lighthead easily deflected the attack.

“Weeken, Slow!”

Mirae Heo, who still has the ability, was trying to stop the madman by using debuffs whenever she could.

Even with all the debuffs received, Gwangpildu lightly swung one arm to cut down the paper ally Lee Jae-woo was embodying at will.


Jae-Woo Lee made a lot of things at once by using all the remaining drawings to see if he was going to compete with quantity.

However, the Delight Sword, which finds its own target, was destroying them without leaving anything behind.

In the end, Jae-Woo Lee drew a picture on the floor and came to the point of stopping him by improvisation.

Since there is no paper and they are drawn on black ashes and materialized as they wish, the level of the work was very crude.

Gwangpil-doo had even destroyed his abilities, perhaps tired of accepting Jae-woo Lee’s attacks.

“God will take away your power. Destruction of powers.”

Jae-Woo Lee threw his body backwards as if to run away, but had already been beaten.

Contrary to its tremendous effect, the destruction of the ability did not appear to have occurred.

Just like erasing with an eraser, the ability just disappears as if it didn’t exist in the first place.

Jae-woo Lee, who fell backwards on the grass, got up in a hurry.

And groping for my body, which had not changed much, I said to myself whether I was out of my mind.

“What, I… have my abilities disappeared?”

Seeing this, Ki Cheol-min shouted.

“You have the stone ax of Perun!”

Jae-woo Lee took out Perun’s stone ax and grabbed it. And reflexively lifted it and blocked the Delight Sword falling from above.

A roar sounded and Jae-woo Lee staggered back, and Pil-doo Gwang tried to cut him off one after another.

Heo Mi-rae and Ki Cheol-min desperately stopped him.

The only thing that had to do with that was the three of them who could fight right now.

Kim Song-geun went out of his mind, Major Mikhail and Durahhan had long since collapsed from injuries, and it was not known whether Godok-hwa was dead or alive.

It would have been nice if even entropy could be a source of strength, but because Jeong Dae-sik was unconscious, she couldn’t use any of her abilities.

He was just guarding Jeong Dae-sik, and the rest of the people were almost dying of blood.

Seeing them driven into crisis, Gwangpil-doo put down the Delight Sword he had held up.

And he spoke plainly with an expressionless face.

“If you just put out the barding, I’ll just leave.”

Immediately after Durahan fell.

While Ki Chul-min’s quick counterattack made Gwangpil-du falter, Heo Mi-rae showed off her wits, snatched the barrage and threw it at Entropy.

When the rider disappeared, the barding turned into a saddle, and entropy pushed it into subspace.

Because of that, Gwangpildu was dealing with the Fenrir troops.

If he had obtained the barding, he would have just ridden with it without having to engage in a useless fight.

Ki Chul-min twisted his lips at Gwang Pil-doo’s words.

“Did you think that you could easily get out of here with the barding with the Fenrir troops at this level?”

Gwangpildu responded to him like that.

“Otherwise, you will have no choice but to steal all of you’s abilities and kill Jeong Dae-sik and his clone to find the Barding. I don’t want to do that even after seeing Jeong Dae-sik, so it would be better to accept my proposal now.”

“Oh my gosh! It won’t happen! As long as the captain wakes up, you…”

“Then we must hurry.”

Gwangpil-doo resumed the stopped attack.

He swung his Delight Sword and struck Lee Jae-woo easily. Lee Jae-woo, who was accustomed to his own abilities, could not handle Perun’s stone ax properly.

He missed it, and he shattered, and the gwangpil-du shot down the Delight Sword without mercy.


Jae-Woo Lee’s scream echoed horribly.

Gwangpil-doo, who had taken his shoulder with the Delight Sword, immediately stepped on his chest and pulled out his sword. And Elves, among the 7-star weapons, threw a roe at Ki Cheol-min and Heo Mirae.

Ki Chul-min pushed Heo Mi-rae and flew to the side.

Then, the Elves split into two pieces in the air and exploded targeting Ki Cheol-min and Heo Mirae respectively.

There was a loud bang and blue smoke billowed out.

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