A Cash Warrior Chapter 254

A Cash Warrior 254

# 254

-11 Volume 6

Durahan was thrilled to see Jeong Dae-sik’s amazing abilities.

‘Even if it’s an all-in-one… how can a human being be given this kind of power?’

Durahan suddenly felt insecure.

‘By the way, if Gwangpil-doo fails to gather the 7-star weapons and is in a powerless state, then there is no person who can actually stand up to Jeong Dae-sik?’

Durahan was ranked 10th in the power rankings, but as of now, Daesik Jeong was stronger than him.

Moreover, since he defeated Chernobog and completed the magic battle, he was also equipped with the ability to restore, so even if he was the first or second person in the power rankings, it was questionable whether he would be able to overcome him.

Above all, the whereabouts of the strong men in the 1st and 2nd places in the power rankings were unknown.

They were all characters who disappeared after achieving a heroic feat during the first Monster Break, so it was difficult to see them as real.

No, even if they returned, Jeong Dae-shik would have been stronger.

Because he was the person who defeated Chernobog, the 15-star dark god that no one could defeat.

Durahhan wiped away the goosebumps that were rising without realizing it.

‘If Jeong Dae-sik openly shows hostility towards the world or has dangerous ambitions, like Kwang-pil-doo, there will be no one to stop him.’

The presence of Dae-sik Jeong destroyed Kwang Pil-doo’s ambition, but it was ironic that there was no one to stop him.

Whatever Durahan’s thoughts were, Jeong Dae-sik had no idea about that.

He restored everyone’s abilities without exception and returned Tybringer to Ki Cheol-min.

“Chernobog broke the blade, but it has permanent reinforcement, so it can be used as a temporary measure. It will take some time to completely restore the blade. Let’s go and find a way.”

“And it’s a bit late, but I lost all the items I had while defeating Chernobog. Except for Magjeon… It’s completely empty.”

Originally, it wasn’t lost, but sold, but since he couldn’t talk about Hyeonjil, Jeong Dae-sik desperately turned around.

“So the by-products of the monsters I’ve been hunting for have disappeared… I defeated Chernobog and completed the magic battle, but somehow there doesn’t seem to be much left.”

Jeong Dae-sik was sweating profusely as he said those words.

As a rule of thumb, some of the money poured into upgrading the shop had to be borne by the troops.

However, I used it all by myself without consent, so it was difficult for Jeong Dae-sik to say anything.

“Whatever it is, I will make up for the loss as much as possible. And I will support you both physically and mentally for the development and development of your abilities…”

“It’s true, the captain is talking nonsense.”

Ki Cheol-min, unable to hear Jeong Dae-sik’s slurred words, clicked his tongue.

he said with his arms crossed.

“If it weren’t for the Captain, how could we be alive here now? Thanks to the Captain, we have regained our lost abilities, so there is nothing more we can ask for.”

In response to what Ki Chul-min said, God Deok-hwa nodded and added.

“Strictly speaking, there are not many things that we have gained. It seems that we each managed to get at least one useful item.”

Soon after, Jae-Woo Lee made a sharp point that was not responsive.

“Besides, since you defeated Chernobog, won’t Russia reward you for it?”

Kim Song-geun nodded at Lee Jae-woo’s words, but Jeong Dae-sik did not.

“No, I don’t think so. To tell the truth, you should take a break and leave as soon as you can regain power.”

Hearing the question asked, Ki Chul-min said.

“We have as many as 6 of the 7-star weapons in our hands, and we can’t stand still whether it’s Colonel Vladimir or Nabal. Moreover, we even fought alongside Durahan, so if we want to catch a tantrum, we’ll be able to catch and detain us.”

“No way, you’re the one who asked me to catch Chernobog!”

Heo Mi-rae shouted as if it was unfair, but Jeong Dae-sik seemed positive to Ki Cheol-min’s words.

“Colonel Vladimir is ambitious, and he will never miss a chance now that six of the seven-star weapons are in Russian soil. By now, you will have noticed that Chernobog is gone, so follow the frenzy in pursuit of Durahan. They would have followed closely. It’s only a matter of time before they arrive.”

As Vladimir’s name went up and down in their conversation, tension grew on the faces of Durahan and Major Mikhail.

Jeong Dae-sik immediately looked at Major Mikhail and said.

“We will leave this place before dawn tomorrow and return to Korea in a hurry. If approval is given, we will also break up.”

Hearing this, Major Mikhail pursed his lips.

Colonel Vladimir’s loyal servant, of course, would have known that Colonel Vladimir would appear sooner or later.

However, they owed a lot of debt to keep Jeong Dae-sik and the others in captivity.

While he was going to die several times, didn’t Daesik Jeong and Fenrir’s troops take good care of him, who was not even his colleague?

Durahan laughed at Major Mikhail, who said nothing.

“You’ve turned into a completely honeyed dumbass. Colonel Vladimir will come to honor their feat. Seeing that he can’t do that, do you think that no matter how much a dog in the army has a conscience?”

Hearing Durahan’s sarcastic remarks, Major Mikhail threw a fist at him.

There was a popping sound, but Durahan just punched him in the fist, whether he really hit him or not.

“Shut up.”

Major Mikhail, who gave a cold warning, immediately looked at Jeong Dae-sik with a determined look and said:

“To be honest, Colonel Vladimir will not let you go. If you ever want to leave Russia with your 7-star armor, the commandos will immediately follow you.”

“Are you a special forces unit?”

“There are special forces that are selected only by exceptionally talented people. They will catch up, so you will have to clear your tracks as much as possible before moving.”

Major Mikhail took out a map and gave detailed directions for avoiding Colonel Vladimir’s surveillance network.

Daesik Jeong accepted the map he offered and expressed his gratitude.

“thank you. But you are Colonel Vladimir’s subordinate, so can you help us like this?”

“I should rather be thankful. You brought down Chernobog, the despair of all Russians, so you are just doing what you ought to do as a Russian before you become a soldier. Don’t worry about the next day. It would be fair to say that I fell out on the way.”

Hearing the conversation between the two, Durahan opened his mouth.

“Then I will leave right now. I don’t think it would be any good if I stayed here long.”

“If it’s okay with you, do it. But the orb of bondage is……”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. you can have it Think of it as a reward for regaining my abilities and protecting the Bardings.”

The three soon said goodbye.

Whenever they punched, Mikhail silently asked Durahan to shake hands.

Durahan, who held his hand and shook it lightly, immediately turned and threw the saddle into the air.

Then, the barrage took its form, and Durahan got on it and said,

“Then stop.”

His figure disappeared in an instant following the wind.

Jeong Dae-sik turned his head from where he was and said to the crew members with a feeling of dread.

“We will leave before sunrise tomorrow morning. Until then, forget everything that has happened up until now and get some rest.”

It was an atmosphere where the faces that were somehow recalled were not likely to fall asleep, but in fact, when everyone crawled into the sleeping bag, they fell asleep without realizing it.

After arriving in Russia and leaving Vladivostok, so much has happened, I almost fainted as soon as I lay down.

Jeong Dae-sik was the only person who was awake without falling asleep.

He was vigilant in preparation for the attack of monsters that might be there.

And entropy was summoned out of boredom.

“I’m glad I have a skill that can undo everyone’s abilities at level 9.”

“Would it be possible to restore Choi Hee’s ability with this skill?”

Jeong Dae-sik, who was delighted by the thought of her happy face, immediately asked a question.

“By the way, I never really thought about it, is the recovery skill a skill related to time?”

“Then, do you have any skills that go to the past or the future?”

“Then at level 10?”

“Because it’s a full level… It’s easy to say… Do you always collect 1000 trillion?”

Jeong Dae-sik grumbled heavily as usual. And entropy also ignored that complaint.

After a long, peaceful time in the bay, about when the sound of the bonfire has subsided.

The east began to darken, and before the men of Fenrir could get out of bed, Major Mikhail appeared ready to leave.

“Major Mikhail. Do you want to go now?”

“Yes. Come to think of it, it would be better for me to leave soon too.”

“But it would be dangerous to go back alone.”

“If we accompany until approval appears, we may not know who we are. I can’t take that risk. Besides, I have to go back to the place where my men are waiting, so I can’t go with you.”

“all right. You’ve been through a lot.”

“no. Then see you again.”

After a brief handshake, Major Mikhail smiled bitterly and added a word.

“No, we can’t see each other again. Please, let’s never meet again.”

Having said that, Major Mikhail turned around.

It was only possible when Jeong Dae-sik fell into the hands of Colonel Vladimir that they would meet again.

So it was right that we should never meet again.

Unlike Durahan, Jeong Dae-sik watched the back of Major Mikhail, who gradually moved away.

I felt sad because I thought that I was someone I would never see again.

But where there is a meeting, there is also a parting.

Jeong Dae-sik shook off the feeling and went to rush his way by waking up his troops.

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