A Cash Warrior Chapter 266

A Cash Warrior 266

# 266

-11 Episode 18

As they walked past a closed highway tollgate, sirens blared everywhere.

Seeing the commotion in the downtown area, it was clear that another monster break had occurred.

Gwangpil-doo and his colleagues took advantage of the opportunity to steal a car on the highway and ride out of Seoul.

They didn’t run for very long until they reached Yongin, so they stopped escaping.

Seol Yu-ran, who used too much magic, was at a point where he could not go any further.

“One bottle is not enough, give me more.”

At Seol Yu-ran’s words, Kwang Young-sik shook his head.

“You drank three bottles before using the Invisible Magic. The last one you drank was a while ago.”

Seol Yu-ran scolded her with abusive language that did not fit her pretty face.

The wizard’s makeup spread in a mess, making it somewhat bizarre.

It was the same with Kwang Young-sik, who looked exhausted.

His abilities lacked sophistication instead of unique ones.

This may be due to the fact that he is still young and lacks practical experience.

Kwang Pil-doo said with a chin on Kwang Young-sik.

“Let’s rest here. Can you make a hiding place?”

Kwang Young-sik nodded and used his powers to create a hiding place in the gutter under the highway.

It was shabby, as it was made by bringing nearby objects as soon as they were available, but there was no one to rely on, and it was impossible to find a place like a hotel to enter because the order would have fallen.

Seol Yu-ran fell into a deep sleep as she was afraid to wrap the sleeping bag on her body.

Young-sik Kwang was also tired from fatigue and began to doze off.

Gwangpildu forced him to wake him up and gave him an energy bar.

And after he did a yogi, he took a break for a while.

The sound of cars running on the highway was cut off because of the monster brake.

When the sun went down and the moon rose, there was silence everywhere.

Gwangpildu tried to close his eyes, but he couldn’t sleep.

He asked in a low voice whether it was the same for Kwang Young-shik.

“Now what?”

Instead of answering those words, Gwangpildu made a different sound.

“Sleep for a while.”

Kwang Young-sik closed his eyes and Kwang Pil-doo sat alone in the dark.

After a few moments like that, he got up without a sound. Then he got out of the hiding place and started walking somewhere.

As I was walking, I saw a bicycle storage next to the bus stop. There he ripped off a bike and started running down the road.

The place he reached by bicycle was a large-scale dungeon in Yongin.

The danger level of the dungeon itself was not very high, but it was a fairly popular dungeon because various monsters of moderate difficulty appeared.

As it is a place where many hunters come and go, there were signs of all kinds of stalls at the entrance of the dungeon and advertisements scattered on bulletin boards.

However, it was empty now, and most of the dungeons were closed due to the successive monster break.

Gwangpil-du easily tore off the barbed wire surrounding the dungeon and ran inside.

And without hesitation, I stepped into the dungeon entrance.

After a strange sense of incongruity passed, what I saw was an endless desert.

It was night outside, but as many as three suns were blazing in the sky.

The suffocating heat came, but Gwangpil-du strode into the desert.

This place was familiar to him, so there was no hindrance in his footsteps.

He had been there several times when he was in the Zodiac raid.

Gwangpil-du, who was walking like that, ran into a monster several times on the way.

Defeated a small group of kobolds and slaughtered a couple of drakes into the depths of the dungeon.

And he stopped when he came near the realm of the sand giant.

He felt an unfamiliar expression of popularity behind his back.

Gwangpildu silently turned around and saw the man standing silently as if he had been following him all along.

Jeong Dae-sik did not hide his anger at the sound of Gwangpil-doo’s call.

Goosebumps rose over his skin at the life he exuded.

It was such a bloody momentum that I could feel the cold in the sweltering desert.

At the same time, a blue light of magical power flashed around his body.

The magical energy that occurred from time to time splattering sparks was thrilling.

“Did you change because you really wanted to die? To make a fool of my actions that only saved my life.”

Gwangpildu grabbed Gungnir again and said.

“I never asked for my life to be spared.”

“Did you try to kill Ki Cheol-min knowing that I was going to come after you?”

“I don’t know, but I knew that if I had Gungnir, you would show up.”

Jeong Dae-sik frowned at the displeasure that his behavior pattern had been read.

He found the location of Gungnir by dowsing, and realized that it was unexpectedly close, and he had an ominous feeling.

He had already foreseen the possibility that the leader had already occupied it.

Ominous premonitions always come true.

In the dungeon that came after Gungnir, Gwangpil-doo was standing with it.

Just before entering the dungeon, Jeong Dae-sik was burning with hostility when he learned that Gwangpil-doo’s escape and Ki Cheol-min had been seriously injured through a message from Heo Mirae.

“So, did you come into this dungeon?”

“Yeah. Because I didn’t want to be disturbed by other people.”

Seeing Gwangpildu saying that, Daesik Jeong put on an absurd expression on his face.

“You mean you’re going to fight me with just one Gungnir? Destroying your abilities doesn’t work for me!”

“That’s what I mean.”

Gwangpildu rarely frowned and said.

“No matter how much you think about it, I don’t know what your abilities are. I understand that you’re not just an all-in-one.”

He immediately pointed Jeong Dae-sik with Gungnir and asked.

“What the hell are you?”

Jeong Dae-shik revealed this and growled.

“You don’t think I’ll teach you that, do you?”

“I didn’t expect you to answer me. I was just asking.”

“I didn’t come to you to hear nonsense.”

“I’m sure you’re going to take Gungnir.”

Gwangpil-doo said as if wondering.

“You already have a weapon that is equivalent to the 7-star weapon. But why are you trying to complete the 7-star weapon? There must be many people who won’t like it when you get it. Moreover, aren’t the Bardings still in Durahan’s hands? 7 If you’re going to have a castle weapon, why did you leave it as it is?”

“You idiot, don’t you feel anything after seeing the current situation?”

“What about the current situation?”

“Monster Break!”

Jeong Dae-shik put a rag on his neck and shouted.

“To be honest, I don’t need anything like a 7-star weapon! I already have a Magjeon… Actually, it’s a Magjeon and Nabal, and I don’t need it all. What I want is very simple. It was my dream to become a good eater and live well!”

Gwangpil-doo kept his mouth shut at the rather absurd story, and Jeong Dae-sik, indignant, swung his arms and legs and shouted.

“But people like you won’t let me live in peace! I’m lucky if it’s only you, but it’s not long before a massive monster break is going to happen, so it’s no big deal! You shouldn’t have to mobilize all possible methods! That’s why I’m trying to collect 7-star weapons. !”

Gwangpil-doo suddenly smiled.

Jeong Dae-sik was surprised because he did not think he would laugh.

Seeing Jeong Dae-sik like that, Kwang Pil-doo continued to say that he was absurd.

“You’re not a cartoon character, are you trying to become the world’s savior?”

“…It’s not something someone who said he would end the world with his own mouth would say.”

“I just accepted the mission that was given to me. My abilities have been rejected by the world, so that’s what I do too. It’s a very personal reason. But you say that your dream of living a simple life is to save the world?”

“Damn it, I’m not doing this because I like it. If the world burns down and disappears, how can I live in awe? What is the use of wealth and glory if there are only me and monsters in the world. So I’m the savior of the world… . I want to play a similar role, not because I want to be a hero, but for a very personal reason.”

Jeong Dae-sik, who was saying that, suddenly made a strange expression.

Gwangpil-doo had a strange feeling as well.

Pil-doo Kwang wanted to ruin the world, and Dae-sik Jeong wanted to save the world, but his motives were very personal.

The reason Gwangpil-doo wanted to ruin the world was because he was born with that ability.

Jeong Dae-sik also had the power to save the world, so he only stood in the position of a savior.

The two were similar yet different, and different yet different.

It was odd, but it wasn’t an excuse to avoid a clash.

“…Anyway, I’ve never had any bad feelings towards you until now. Until you brought Ki Cheol-min to that level. You shouldn’t have touched mine, even if no one knew about it.”

“Only one more reason we have to fight. Go ahead.”

“You’ll regret giving up your first attack. I’ll give you an end at once…!”

Jeong Dae-sik’s eyes lit blue and began to attack.

“Magic Wave-!”

Woo woo woo woo wooooh

His body seemed to tremble, but a wave of magical power, sharp as a blade, poured out into the air.

Then, the sand grains of the desert were pushed out all at once, creating a huge cloud of dust.

Of course, Gwangpil-doo, who was in the middle of the wave, couldn’t see the dust cloud properly.

He poured his magic power with Gungnir and attacked Jeong Dae-sik to offset the shock of the wave that came on him.

Gungnir glowed white and pierced through the waves of magic.

Gwangpildu endured and endured the waves like a ship sailing through a storm with his body firmly attached to Gungnir and bowed his head, and endured its destructive power.

At that time, I thought the wave would disappear.

Bubbly boo boo bum bum!

Rain of magic bullets poured down.

Gwangpildu vigorously stirred the Gungnir and struck out all the magic bullets.

But the attack did not end there.

This time, a magic cannon like a beam flew in, and Gwangpil-doo swung his gunnir and flew away.

Following him, the magic field scatters in all directions, and the savage leader hastily defended himself without ever seizing a chance to counterattack.

That didn’t last long either.

Suddenly, the sand beneath my feet rose like a mountain.

At first I thought a sand giant had appeared, but it wasn’t.

The sand, which rose like a huge wave, poured down on the head of the gwangpil-doo. As the sand poured down, its properties changed and became like sharp glass.

It attacked the lighthead with the strength of a diamond, and he was buried in it in an instant.

Gwangpildu, who was struggling with the feeling of being buried alive, gave strength to the hand that was holding Gungnir.

Then, he concentrated his consciousness and released his magic power to the outside through Gungnir. Then, grains of sand that were about to bury him under the ground burst out in all directions.

Gwangpildu rose from the middle and swung his gunner at Jeong Dae-sik.

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