A Cash Warrior Chapter 279

A Cash Warrior 279

# 279

-12 Volume 7

401 trillion won.

If you catch one monster well, over 100 trillion won of money comes in at once, so it might not feel like such a huge amount, but in reality, it was an astronomical amount.

It is money that can never be filled in any way.

The fastest and surest way to achieve the shortfall of 401 trillion won was to hunt more 15-star monsters.

However, he did not know how many more to hunt, and now he was in a situation where he had to defend Seoul, so he could not get out of his body.

Besides, downtown Seoul was not a good place to hunt monsters. Jeong Dae-sik was worried that he might have killed several loved ones by being swept away by his abilities.

In order to defeat not one monster equivalent to 15-star, but several, the conditions had to be met.

‘At this point, I can’t get rid of it with my current abilities… If a new-class monster that looks like Chernobog is ridiculous appears, I can get stuck.’

I don’t know exactly what horrific things are happening in Russia, but there is no guarantee that the same won’t happen here in Korea.

No, it will happen soon.

The burden of having to reach max level before that weighed heavily on my shoulders.

Jeong Dae-sik left this place for a while to level up and thought about how to hunt monsters of 15 star or higher.

It seemed the most realistic way to acquire the lost compensation through dowsing, and to fill in the missing part by killing monsters that might be swarming outside of Seoul.

However, there was no way he could simply allow himself to act arbitrarily at the headquarters. In addition, with his current skills, it was difficult to defeat a monster that would be worth money without damage around him, that is, a monster equivalent to at least 15 stars.

At least after the evacuation has been completed to some extent and after prior agreement on where and where to fight against who…

Jung Dae-sik, who was returning to the hotel in thought, was surprised when a man who was standing around in the lobby suddenly grabbed him and grabbed him.

The man who looked like a soldier hurriedly looked at Jeong Dae-sik and said:

“Dae-sik Jeong, I have been looking for you for a long time! The Commander-in-Chief is looking for you.”

“You mean right now?”

“Yes, right now. This is urgent work!”

Jeong Dae-sik hurried to meet the commander-in-chief with an anxious feeling as he wondered if something else was going to happen.

Jeong Dae-sik hurriedly rushed to the headquarters, and there were only a few people who could be said to be the best among the Awoken.

Of course, Choi Hee and Kang Yeong-hoo were also there, including Kim Seung-soo, Park Hee-jin, and Jeong Dae-sik, a man they did not know.

Kim Seung-soo and Park Hee-jin, who appear to be in their early 40s, were hunters who were active during the 1st Monster Break.

In particular, Kim Seung-soo was still active in active duty, and the achievements he left behind were amazing, so he was still in the top 10 of the official rankings.

Park Hee-jin was once ranked in the top 5 in the official rankings and in the top 1 in the power rankings, but now she has retired and is working to train juniors.

And the other person’s name was unknown, but the energy he felt was unusual, so he seemed to be a very talented person.

Gye Young-il did not introduce them to Jeong Dae-sik. He didn’t seem to mind.

He immediately showed me a satellite image. The whole area of ​​Seoul was photographed there, and at a glance, the situation seemed very serious.

“…What is that? No way……”

Hearing what Jeong Dae-sik said with a frown on his forehead, Gye Young-il nodded his head.

“Yes. They are all monsters.”

Traces of past destruction remained throughout downtown Seoul.

Two of the bridges on the Han River were cut off, and the satellite image showed the whole area was blurred as if it had spread with water droplets.

It was none other than the traces of Jeong Dae-sik’s destructive power.

But what caught the eye was further south. MFPs were installed on all major roads leading to downtown Seoul, and roads were under strict control.

Although some roads were open for refugees fleeing to Seoul, the number of cars behind them was not so great.

Monsters were everywhere, and vehicles moving at high speed were easy to attract their attention, so it was not easy to evacuate.

In any case, due to the effect of the MFP, there were no stains that could be called monsters in Seoul.

The problem was the fact that it was limited to near Seoul.

The satellite images were getting zoomed out, and as a result, the size of Seoul became smaller and the situation of the cities around Seoul was revealed.

It was noticeable that all the places that could be called the road were stained black like mold.

Gye Young-il was saying that all the stains were monsters. Gye Young-il continued his speech with an expression of wanting to moan.

“Seoul is under siege. Soon they will be right in front of you.”

Park Hee-jin asked what Gye Young-il said.

“But do you have an MFP?”

“The Monster Defense Development Headquarters said that the MFP would stop them, but I am skeptical. It was made too hastily and has not been precisely tested as to how many level monsters it can block. I have no choice but to test its performance against monsters with a 10 star rating or higher even there. Besides…”

Gye Young-il swallowed a sigh and waved his hand. Then the screen changed and the video shot with the drone was played.

The video was very short as the drone didn’t fly very long. However, the fact that the number of monsters gathering randomly destroying roads and buildings could not be counted could be clearly confirmed.

“As you can see, the number of them is terribly large. It is doubtful that the reason the monsters subsided for a short time was not because of the hunters’ activities, but rather a kind of strategic action. . The thought that they may have gathered themselves and started advancing towards Seoul while we were busy with octopus-headed monsters.”

Kim Seung-soo said he couldn’t believe what Gye Young-il said.

“Then it means that the monsters are very intelligent and behave like an army, but that’s impossible! They have very strong powers, and depending on their type, they can exercise mysterious powers or show intelligent behavior patterns, but that’s it. are strictly territorial creatures and are usually divided into dungeons according to their type, meaning that they have no way of communicating with each other. Although they may group together like goblins and lizardmen, they are either orcs or goblins, lizardmen or kelpies. It doesn’t suit me. Even if there are cases where we have to deal with them all at once due to overlapping domains or bad luck, that’s it.”

Kim Seung-soo pointed out the fact that during the 1st Monster Break, monsters poured out of the dungeon and a disaster occurred, but their movements were not systematic.

The guys who jumped out of the dungeon did nothing but work hard to fill their stomachs, and all the monsters that jumped out of the dungeon did not unite with each other or engage in intelligent operations. Park Hee-jin immediately refuted Kim Seung-soo’s words.

“There are exceptions, right? Monsters that are very powerful like dragons, can control their minds with peers, and are intelligent enough to use magic, can take over other monsters and rule them. Just like that.”

At that, Jeong Dae-sik intervened and asked a question.

“I think the commander has something left to say. Aren’t there some very powerful ones among those monsters?”

Gye Young-il nodded his head.

“Yes. The exact number has not been confirmed, but several giant monsters that are supposed to be at least 15-star and maximum 18-star have been identified. They are also approaching Seoul closely.”

“Then you mean those monsters are commanding the monsters?”

In response to Choi Hee’s question, Gye Young Il nodded with a look of disapproval.

“I can’t be sure, but it seems to be the case.”

Then, Kim Seung-soo screamed in shock.

“Such nonsense…!”

At that time, Dae-Sik Jeong opened his mouth and shared what he had experienced in Hawaii and Moscow.

“Actually, I’ve seen several indications of what’s going to happen in the US and Russia. At the time, I was put into an operation to kill Seaserpent and Herbor in support of the Hawaiian defense base. As you know, they were 1 They appeared during the car monster break, and in particular, Herbor was named the 5th Giant.”

Daesik Jeong invoked entropy.

People were startled to see her suddenly appearing, but they soon assumed that she was Jeong Dae-sik’s Servant and did not stop it.

Daesik Jeong, with the help of entropy, disclosed his records in Hawaii to the public.

It is a fact that I learned while upgrading to level 9, but as Jeong Dae-sik belongs to some kind of system, that is, when he became an awakener with sensible abilities, everything he saw, heard, and experienced was stored.

“That’s a video I got in Hawaii. I can’t confirm much because it’s first-person, but you can feel a kind of flow in their movements. The raid commander said it felt like they were working together as if they were working together, and that’s what I saw when I flew to Russia and passed the territory of Chernobog.”

Jeong Dae-sik immediately replayed the scene he had seen right in front of Chernobog’s dungeon.

Seeing the scene, everyone groaned.

“As you can see, all kinds of monsters are gathered in one place, and they are classified according to their roles. In a hunter’s way, the heavy armored personnel who are considered to be tanks… So, those like trolls and tartans are on the front line. Light infantry, orcs, and goblins, which can be said to be close, are lined up in a row, and what you can see between them is a shaman who acts as a healer or buffer, a vampire, a necromancer… Archers, wizards, etc. In addition, you can see the Minotaurs and Manticores as well. Harpies, gargoyles, and gryphons are infested in the sky, and you never know what might be underneath. Isn’t that an unprecedentedly wonderful army?”

Kim Seung-soo said in a tone of disbelief.

“Then you’re saying that it was Chernobog who was commanding this monster army?”

“Yes. Even with the help of Durahan, the decisive factor in their dispersal was the extinction of Chernobog. If Chernobog was destroyed and they attacked us with the same strategy as the army, no matter how much I, the all-in-one, I would survive. He couldn’t have been here. Chernobog disappeared and Durahan’s stoppage left them scattered.”

Then, Choi Hee nodded and muttered to herself.

“I can see how you guessed that the Last War, the Last Monster Break, was going to happen sooner or later.”

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