A Cash Warrior Chapter 282

A Cash Warrior 282

# 282

-12 Volume 10

The contents of the contract were not very complicated.

It was because the contents of the contract were simple.

I would not have been able to write a very detailed contract to spend as much as 100 trillion won.

There was not much to read because there should have been enough room left for Jeong Dae-sik to eat, and Jeong Dae-sik began to sign without hesitation.

All he needed was money for leveling up.

Remuneration was only an excuse to raise the funds.

Jeong Dae-sik thought it was right to ask for a price, but he knew that this had nothing to do with it.

He was the only one with the ability to fight them, so he had to fight even if he didn’t earn a penny of 10 won.

Even if you don’t have enough power, you’ll have no choice but to fight. Like everyone else.

Jeong Dae-sik quickly handed over the signed contract. Then Hanna Jang took a picture of her contract using her cell phone in her place and sent it to her file.

Soon, she looked at Jeong Dae-sik and nodded. Jeong Dae-sik nodded her head facing each other, and called entropy as a ritual.

‘Check your balance.’

Daesik Jeong was very excited at the thought that he was finally able to reach the max level. He immediately looked at Jang Han-na and said.

“Before we go slay them, there’s one more thing.”

Jang Hanna thought that Jeong Dae-sik was about to make another request, so she became annoyed and tried to say something more. However, Daesik Jeong opened his mouth first.

“We need to be prepared to slay them.”

Jeong Dae-sik had to have time.

If you think about what happened at level 9, you don’t know what will happen at level 10.

Also, there is a high possibility that you will be unconscious for a while while re-adjusting your consciousness, so I had to let you know.

Hanna Jang, who was getting angry, said with a slightly shy look.

“Of course, you’ll need to be prepared. But you never know when they’ll come, so hurry up.”

Jeong Dae-sik changed his mind when he was about to say that it was not his way.

I thought it would only create a sense of anxiety, so I suggested a countermeasure instead.

“If the attack starts before I’m ready, I’ll have to defend myself with all my might. But those five monsters… The new five giants must never be dealt with. If the situation comes, it should be centered on the two of them, Kwang Pil-Doo and Ki Cheol-Min. They have weapons that can evolve to goddess level, so they will be able to buy time until I return.”

With detailed instructions, Hanna Jang seemed to want to say whether the preparation took that long.

However, she did not know how Jeong Dae-sik was going to prepare it.

Instead, he left the gym to deliver the message to the commander-in-chief.

Jeong Dae-sik finished the exercise he had been doing to calm his mental excitement. And he called entropy and said,

“Where is the safest place in downtown Seoul? After all, is it the presidential air defense shelter?”

Entropy, who connected to the information network, immediately searched for it, and saw through the place in an instant using clairvoyance, said.

“No? Then where?”

“Song Si-min? Where did you hear that name?”

“Yeah! Until Choi Hee showed up, Song Si-min, that man was the official number one in the rankings! He’s always in the top ten. Are you saying his panic room is safer than the presidential bomb shelter?”

“Then where is it?”

Jeong Dae-sik immediately went to see the man named Song Si-min.

Unexpectedly, Si-min Song was the same person who said he was willing to pay the price for one monster to Jeong Dae-sik.

He smiled and introduced himself to Jeong Dae-sik.

“I greet you formally. I am Song Si-min.”

Jeong Dae-sik did not recognize him as Song Si-min at all.

Song Si-min was not known much compared to his fame. It was because his ability itself was not on the side of attracting public attention.

But that doesn’t mean his abilities aren’t worth seeing. If he had, he wouldn’t have been able to hold the official number one spot for long.

Song Si-min’s ability was to create a shield.

The shield he created was famous for being unbreakable by any attack. Also, the scope was beyond imagination.

In fact, during the first Monster Break, he had defended a small local town where he lived by himself for nearly a month.

He was also able to sell his abilities, and the state treasury was built that way.

Once he makes a shield, it does not disappear for a certain period of time and remains there.

The holding time varies depending on the size and strength, but when thorough safety is needed, nothing is more than his ability.

He has accumulated many achievements using his abilities.

It was helping to research Korean-type monster defense devices, and it was distributing the panic room and safe house business that could be safe from the invasion of monsters by hand.

Therefore, even though the name cannot be found in the power ranking, the ranking was very high in the official ranking.

Jeong Dae-sik looked at him with a surprised expression and said.

“I knew that you were mainly active during the 1st Monster Break, so I thought you would be quite old.”

Song Si-min was young and looked only in his twenties. he smiled back

“I was young when the 1st Monster Break happened. My parents, who were worried about me, refrained from exposure to the media as much as possible. However, there were people who recognized me in the past, but now it seems that they don’t.”

“Anyway, it’s an honor to meet you like this.”

“What, I’m honored.”

“It is none other than that I found you… I need that ability. The Panic Room.”

“Why does someone stronger than anyone need a panic room?”

Daesik Jeong briefly explained.

“I’m going to go fight the 5 giants that are besieging Seoul soon. It takes some preparation, but in the meantime, I’ll be completely defenseless. There will be, but he’ll be unconscious anyway, so I’ll borrow your powers until I’m ready.”

He nodded.

“It’s not difficult to make a panic room. Roughly how long do you think it will take?”

Jeong Dae-sik shook his head at Song Si-min’s question.

“I don’t know for sure, but it won’t take that long.”

“It should be. Shouldn’t the preparations be finished at least until the monsters attack? If you miss the timing and appear late, people will be misunderstood.”

Song Si-min was worried that if he procrastinated, he would be framed for running away to the panic room alone.

Of course, Jeong Dae-sik had no intention of doing so, but it would appear differently to people who like to talk.

Jeong Dae-sik said with a feeling that he had no time to worry about such trivial things.

“I’ll be able to come back sooner rather than later.”

“Okay. Then I’ll make a panic room for you.”

The place that Song Si-min chose for the panic room was a container located on the side of the construction site.

“Could it be this size?”

Si-min Song and Dae-sik Jeong threw away the rubbish piled up in the container room outside. And Jeong Dae-sik told him to stay in the container and he went outside.

According to his explanation, it could be made in a way that allows entry and exit, but the safety is better with full closure.

“This panic room won’t be destroyed by any attack, but if I die, that’s different. You’ll have to get out of there right away, as the barriers will be lifted immediately and you’ll be nothing more than a normal container.”

“The way to get out is normal. This is a structure where you can’t come in from the outside, but you can go out from the inside. When you’re ready, just open the door and come out.”

“So, are you ready?”

Jeong Dae-sik nodded and he closed the container door.

Jeong Dae-sik laid a sleeping bag on the bottom of the container and sat cross-legged on it. And called entropy and said.

“You won’t be able to use your abilities during the upgrade anyway, but please come out and watch my body.”

“It’s started.”

Soon, the entire container trembled. Before long, a soft light spread along the wall of the container, completely erasing the shape of the container.

Thanks to this, Jeong Dae-sik was in a state of being trapped in a pale blue rectangular box.

Daesik Jeong said to Entropy when he realized that the panic room was complete.

“So, shall we start? Entropy! Sell Necromancer’s Moss Cloak, Gula’s Object, Lapu’s Tongue, and Sun’s Eye.”

“I will upgrade the shop to level 10!”


A terrifying light fell from space, pierced the panic room, and fell on Jeong Dae-sik’s head.

Jeong Dae-sik received a shock that was incomparable to that of level 9.

It felt like his head was about to explode and his whole body was being ripped to pieces, and he screamed out.


Chapter 70. Seoul Defense Operation

Tension was overflowing around the headquarters.

Everyone’s expression hardened, foreseeing the imminent disaster.

It was the same for Ki Chul-min. He, along with the other Fenrir troops, decided to join the Titan raid and move to the assigned location.

Gwangpil-doo was also involved there. As Jeong Dae-sik handed over the 7-star weapon to him, Kang Yeong-hoo decided to put him under his temporary control.

The area the Titan raid took over was the Seocho IC area, which can be said to be the forefront of this battle.

It was not only directly connected to the highway leading to Seoul, but it was also a place where high-rise buildings were lined up.

They decided to use the buildings as cover and proceed with the operation, and the Titan attack team got on a jeep and moved to Gangnam.

Vehicles in downtown Seoul were completely banned, so the car reached its destination at a speed that would not normally be imaginable. There, soldiers had already come and established basic defense lines.

In this defensive operation, not only the Titan Attack, but also the Magnum Raid, the Crusader Raid, the Thanos Raid, the 8th Coalition Squadron, and the 12th Coalition Unit participated together.

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