A Cash Warrior Chapter 283

A Cash Warrior 283

# 283

– Volume 12 Episode 11

Kang Young-hoo was assigned the duty of operation commander by Gye Young-il. He gathered a total of about 300 awakened people and raised their voices to give detailed instructions.

“As you all know, there are swarms of monsters out there trying to take over Seoul! We will prevent them from entering Seoul just in case there is one!”

Daesik Jeong floats a four-dimensional hologram map in the air. There, the terrain of the area was three-dimensionally expressed in 4D graphics.

“All our operations assume the case where the MFP defense is breached. As you can see, the roads from Seocho IC to Banpo IC are all cut off. And the MFP is installed at the end of the Gyeongbu Expressway. So, if they If they advance, they will flock to this point to destroy the MFP. That is, they will come pouring out from the entrance of Seocho IC. This is where we will have to fight.”

Apartment villages were lined up around Seocho IC, but all the citizens had already evacuated.

The preparations for bombardment were also completed to drive the monster swarm and filter out jap mobs.

It was quite difficult to kill monsters with normal shells, but it is possible to steer them in the desired direction like a flock.

They would be moved by a request for support.

“It is not possible to specify the types of monsters that will be poured into this place. You must be prepared to deal with all kinds of monsters. Although you can deal with mobs with soldiers, you can’t kill them unless you’re an Awakened if you exceed 5 stars. So, you have to keep your ears open to the commander’s command at all times and hit the exact target!”

Kang Yeong-hoo continued to give detailed instructions without hesitation.

Eventually, the explanation of the operation was over and it was time to ask questions. Afraid of that, some raised their hands, and the question that Kang Young-hoo was prepared for came out.

“Jung Dae-sik… Where is Jeong Dae-sik, the all-in-one of the Titan Raid?”

Everyone was very puzzled that he could not be seen.

It was only natural that everyone thought that Jeong Dae-sik was a member of the Titan raid.

Kang Young-hoo corrected that part first.

“First of all, Daesik Jeong is no longer a part of the Titan raid. He left our raid a while ago. But it is clear that he will fight with us. Have you not seen the miracle he performed in the Han River? We just need a little preparation before we start. Don’t worry, I’ll show up and join you as soon as the attack starts.”

Kang Yeong-hoo went that far and received a few more questions. Then he ordered them to each move to their respective positions.


Each raid member moved to a designated place following the commander of the squad.

The 8th and 12th coalition units were placed on both sides of the closed Seocho IC entrance by pouring broken cars and building debris at random, and the rest of the raiders were hiding in various places along the way into the city.

Ki Cheol-min was also hiding with the Fenrir troops when he heard Kim Song-geun and Lee Jae-woo whispering.

“Why did you put the coalition troops in the front?”

“It’s probably because there are a lot of skilled people in the coalition unit who have experienced the 1st monster break. In the 8th and 12th coalition units, there are explosion hunters Changjun Lee and insect king Jaewon Jang.”

“Hey, you ignorant bastard, you mean you’re a hunter, but you don’t know those two?”

“You may not know.”

Ki Cheol-min was immersed in thought as he heard the two grumble in one ear and let it out in the other.

This is because the words that Jung Dae-sik had left come to mind over and over again.

He fiddled with the handle of the Tyrbringer hanging from his waist.

‘Is this a weapon that can evolve to a goddess level? Does it mean that it has the same power as the 7-star weapon?’

Jeong Dae-sik must have seen how much Tyrbing’s power could grow in the first place. It means that Tyrving knew that it was a weapon that evolved into a goddess-level weapon and entrusted it to him.

Ki Chul-min was grateful for Jeong Dae-sik’s expectations, but at the same time, he felt burdened. He was a person who had hardly ever been noticed by anyone. His innate ability was nothing to look at, and even when he first met Jeong Dae-sik, he was a dealer who went back and forth.

However, his life changed 180 degrees when he joined the Titan raid with Jeong Dae-sik.

Jeong Dae-sik had a talent for making not only himself, but also those around him stronger.

Thanks to that, after joining the Fenrir unit, he was equipped with skills that could not be compared to before. He also had items of value that could not be dreamed of by going back and forth.

Nevertheless, Ki Chul-min still did not have confidence. He wondered if he could have Tyrbringer in this situation. He wondered if he should hand over Tyrbringer to someone with the ability to evolve into Tyr Wenger.

At the same time, I felt that I did not want to hand over this weapon to anyone. The desire to evolve Tyr Wenger himself and the judgment that he had to make a reasonable concession in order to win the impending battle were mixed.

‘Damn it… If I had only known how to evolve this, I wouldn’t be worrying about it like this.’

Ki Cheol-min kicked his tongue inward and blinked at Gwangpil-doo, who was far away.

No one knows except Jeong Dae-sik and Ki Cheol-min yet, but he got his hand on the last piece of the seven-star armor, the barrage. He had all 7-star weapons.

However, it was also the case that evolution did not occur. Maybe that’s why Gwangpil-doo’s expressionless face looked like he was in trouble.

I looked up as I saw his face getting darker and darker, and saw the sun was setting.

Because the power supply in the area was cut off, it quickly darkened everywhere.

Even the tall, high-rise buildings were all turned off, so it felt very strange. Seoul used to be a metropolis that never stayed silent for a moment, but at this moment, it looked like a ruin, enveloped in a grotesque silence.

Ki Cheol-min shrugged in surprise.

The ground trembled with a heavy roar, as if a meteorite had suddenly fallen.

Surprised Seo Ji-won looked around with rabbit-eyed eyes, and the sound was repeated again.

rumble rumble . . . . . . . .

The buildings shook like reeds, and dust rose from all sides.

They soon realized what the accelerating sound meant.

Although no one said anything, the advance of the large army of monsters had begun.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!


Soon a drone loaded with bombs flew across the air.

A fighter jet flew across the sky with a deafening noise and began dropping bombs.

Aww! bang! bang! Quarrrrrr!

A bomb exploding across the sky where the faint sunset light remained was decorated in red. A monstrous commotion could be heard in the distance as great flashes of light and flames surged into the air.


Hearing the sound, Mi-rae Heo, who had been silent all along, trembled.

While God Deok-hwa patted her on the shoulder, one more fighter squadron flew into the sky.

The bombing continued to the point of deafening. But it didn’t last that long, and an ominous black shadow appeared from the sky.

“It’s a griffon.”

As Jae-Woo Lee murmured, the fighters collided head-on with a group of griffons flying in the sky.

Soon the fighters crashed down with flames and smoke.

However, without regard to it, unmanned fighters flew in in droves.

Aww! bang! bang! Quarrrr!

The fighter jets exploding in the completely dark night sky and griffons falling together scattering blood were adorned.

No matter how many monsters are, they will not be able to survive without being hit by a block of metal moving at high speed.

Even more so if there is a bomb loaded there.

However, it was clear that the griffons were buying time. While the fighters could not drop bombs because they were blocked by a swarm of griffons, it seemed that the monster corps had attacked the MFP.


A strange mechanical sound, like a vibrating electromagnetic wave, reverberated in the sky. Ki Cheol-min felt the fluff on the back of his neck stand upright.

Before long, a strange sense of incongruity filled all directions, and a huge pillar of fire that looked like a bomb exploded from the direction where the MFP was installed.

Gi Cheol-min, startled, soon realized that the strange feeling that had spread everywhere had disappeared.

I don’t know what that is, but it’s probably the effect of the MFP to drive out monsters.

Soon, the terminal that Ki Cheol-min was wearing beeped. From there, Kang Young-hoo’s voice came out.


Soon, as if to prove that word, the sound of the ground began to grow closer and closer. Then a mysterious light flashed around the IC.

At first glance, it looked like an electromagnetic wave, but it was an MFP mine.

I thought that the effect might be different because it was airlifted from the United States, but it didn’t seem to be of any use.

Before long, the light subsided, and Kang Yeong-hoo’s command came from the terminal.

“8th, 12th coalition! Attack, attack!”

Explosion Hunter Lee Chang-joon felt the energy of the crowd of monsters and his whole body trembled.

‘It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way!’

The world was too peaceful for him, who woke up during the 1st Monster Break and went through the most difficult times with only his own abilities.

He thought that going into dungeons, hunting monsters, and making a living as by-products was like playing with a child.

In the old days, we only focused on killing monsters, not thinking about what the ransom was, what we could get from him, or anything like that.

However, these days, hunters are focused only on making money, so when they kill monsters, they listen to various things.

Some people said that they had to attack by avoiding them because their eyeballs were money, while others were just avoiding them because they were useless, and they were doing some kind of tricks.

Chang-Jun Lee did not like that format at all. In the end, he couldn’t get along with the other hunters, and he only played solo for a couple of years and quit doing that.

It was because he thought he was no longer interested in catching monsters.

He opened a shop around the dungeon and opened a whole roasted black pork house. He managed to make money by using his own powers to master the amazing way to grill his meat.

But I couldn’t help it that my heart was always sluggish.

But at this moment, risking his life to stand on the crossroads, Chang-Jun Lee felt that he was alive after a very long time.

My heart, which was always empty, was pounding and blood rushed through my body.

Shaking his body as he felt the adrenaline rushing like crazy, Chang-Jun Lee began to set fire to his body.

I was very excited at the thought of burning a living monster instead of a dead pig.

On the other hand, one of the other first-generation hunters, Jang Jae-won, the insect king, was extremely calm.

Unlike Lee Chang-jun, he was not very happy with the current situation. Unlike Lee Chang-jun, who remembers the time when the extended reality world opened up in the past as a golden age, Jang Jae-won was because he liked the present.

Like Lee Jang-chun, he also awakened his abilities during the 1st Monster Break. However, the ability to manipulate insects did not exert much power against monsters.

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