A Cash Warrior Chapter 284

A Cash Warrior 284

# 284

-12 Volume 12

Insects, no matter how many there were, were just insects. He did not use much strength against the terrifying monsters that ate people and destroyed buildings.

I didn’t know exactly how to use my abilities.

He rose to prominence when the aftermath of Monster Break began to subside.

At the time when the Awakeneds began to explore the dungeon and excavated all kinds of treasures there, Jaewon Jang realized that his abilities were also applied to the insects in the dungeon.

In any dungeon, he found a poisonous insect that causes fatal damage to humans and monsters, and succeeded in breeding it.

After that, he went around various dungeons and hunted monsters with poison insects.

He didn’t have to walk around in groups like everyone else, and he didn’t have to wear expensive weapons.

If a poison insect stings through the skin of the monster or just crawls into a hole in its body, it just collapses and dies.

Over time, he discovered insects that used monsters as hosts to parasitize them. The insect was able to completely take over the central nervous system of the monsters.

Jang Jae-won was able to use them to control monsters like limbs.

Although it was not possible to use a large amount like poisonous insects due to failure to reproduce, it was not disappointing because even a single animal showed tremendous power depending on which host was used.

Jang Jae-won, who earned money by wandering around the dungeon, soon started a business using his abilities.

It was an environmental sanitation project that eradicated insects in buildings.

With the advent of the extended reality world, bugs of a never-before-seen species were created, and his business was a huge hit.

He was making a ton of money and was just about to expand his business overseas. In the midst of this uprising, he had to fight monsters with everything stopped, so he couldn’t help but be dissatisfied.

But he was also a hunter, so he didn’t say stupid things about why I had to fight. He understood better than anyone else that his business would be of no use if he did not defeat these monsters and protect the human world.

Jang Jae-won was fiddling with several vials hanging from the inside of his coat.

The key was which monster to host.

He must have been a good guy, thinking as he swallowed dry saliva. It had been a long time since I had practiced, so I was a little nervous.


The sound of the ground became intense, and a tingling sensation on the skin rushed in.

The moment when an unidentified sound filled my ears and my heart felt like it was going to explode with excitement and tension.


The things blocking the entrance to the IC burst all at once.

It wasn’t that something exploded.

It had pierced the wall with sheer force.

bang! Quarr! Aww! bang! bang!

A giant minotaur sprinted inside, wielding a horribly large hammer, as cars and concrete debris fell in all directions.

At the same time, a swarm of monsters broke down the wall and poured in.

Seeing the scene, the 8th and 12th coalition units attacked at once from both sides.

First, the fire show of Explosion Hunter Lee Chang-jun swept the monster swarm.

He spewed out flames from his body like a fire dragon, smashing the monster swarm with waves of fire.

All the mobs that were following the Minotaur got caught up in it and burned to death.



However, even in the midst of it, one of the Minotaurs, who had an unusually large size, wielded a hammer and tried to strike Chang-Jun Lee.

Then, someone’s shield blocked the attack, and Lee Chang-jun heated up even more with the intention of completely roasting the Minotaur.


The flames from his body could not burn the Minotaur and soared into the sky.

Eventually, a whirlwind of fire blew up and burned the monsters that were pouring in after them, blowing them up in all directions.

It was truly a spectacular sight.

The hunters who saw Lee Chang-jun’s amazing ability were all in anticipation. The formidable power of the fire whirlwind created by Chang-Jun Lee gave hope that this battle might end in victory.

The awakenings of the 8th and 9th coalition units entered the place where Lee Chang-jun’s fire tornado swept.

They shouted loudly and jumped on the scattered ashes.

It was to deal with the monsters that the fire vortex had subsided and began to rush in again.

“let’s fight!”

“Push them away!”

“let’s go!”

As the shouts to encourage each other came and went, magical lights flashed here and there, and the sound of hitting and explosions erupted one after another.

While the shield blocks the monsters’ attacks and the debuff binds their feet, there were dazzling and powerful attacks. At that moment, someone shouted a whale whale.

“It’s ice slime! A swarm of slimes is coming!”

It was the sound of a hunter who climbed up on the wall and looked out into the distance. As soon as they said it, ice slimes with a pale light began to flock to them.

Usually, slimes were in the shape of a sphere or water droplet, but these guys were flatter. It moved as if flowing on the floor, freezing everything in the area.

The dealers retreated all at once because they knew that it would turn into a block of ice immediately upon contact. Instead, debuffs came and slowed them down. Taking advantage of that time, Chang-Jun Lee showed his abilities once more.

“Burn up!”

A shroud of fire covered the ice slime, and a roar similar to an explosion sounded, and a huge amount of steam rose.

The water vapor obscured all of his vision and the attack stopped for a while. Then, I thought I could hear the sound of horseshoes through the steam, and then ice kelpies arrived.

The Ice Kelpies broke through between the 8th and 12th Combined Battalions with terrifying speed. Then he fired a sharp ice spear.

It is physically powerful, so once hit, it not only pierces your body, but also freezes in place before you even fall to the floor.

In an instant, several hunters were frozen in ice spears and died.

The ice kelpies sped up their momentum and ran into the road with the rest of the raid.

Kang Yeong-hoo calmly gave the order, and following the command, the debuffs tied the ice kelpies all at once.

“Magic Chain!”

Elemental attacks with new scrolls that the Ice Kelpies stopped were pouring in.

Most of the Ice Kelpies were killed by the lightning strike, but the 8th and 12th Coalition units had already suffered significant damage.

Seeing that there were holes here and there, Kang Young-hoo quickly pushed the raids into the empty seats. And while I was trying to get the coalition troops to retreat for a while, the speed of the monster swarm’s advance suddenly slowed down.

A commotion erupted from behind them and they tangled each other. The Manticores, who had just crossed the wall and poured in, suddenly started attacking the same monsters.

The Manticore was a powerful monster that, no matter how small, had at least a 5-star rating. There wasn’t just one, but several of them went crazy, and the monster swarm was disorganized and confused.

Then, something like black dust rose into the air with a loud sound of wings.

It was none other than the insect king, Jang Jae-won.

As he swung his arm once, a swarm of poisonous insects that had risen like a dark cloud attacked the swarm of mixed monsters. Scary of that, they collapsed and died in an instant.

Every time a swarm of poison worms swept past, monsters were knocked down, and the coalition unit formed a line with him in the lead.

Kang Yeong-hoo told the rest of the raid to support them and prepared a counter-attack operation. He was going to take them back with a big blow.

It was the moment Kang Young-hoo was just about to give the order. Suddenly, it darkened over his head.

He raised his head, wondering if the griffon had appeared again. And I realized that my thoughts were too naive. Then I was speechless.

Fortunately, someone shouted out what he wanted to say with a burst of voice.

“It’s a dragon-! It’s a dragon-!”

Soon, breath poured over his head.


As soon as Lee Chang-jun saw the dragon’s red body, he instinctively fired a huge fireball. Then the dragon’s breath and the fireball he shot collided with each other, and the hot heat was scattered like a fountain in all directions.

It was like a pit of hellfire with flames fluttering all over the place, but it was better than being hit head-on with the dragon’s breath. Even if it rubs against it, it will turn to ashes and disappear, so it is better to burn it in Lee Chang-jun’s flame.

Although his thoughts were right, even though the breath poured in, a large number of the Awakenings of the Union Army survived. However, they looked stunned, as if doubting their own survival.

In fact, the majesty of the dragon that covered the sky was enormous. They didn’t expect to see a dragon in the real world, so they all looked like they were dreaming.

Chang-Jun Lee used evil against stupid people.

“Get out of here, get out of here! He’s back!”

Chang-Jun Lee kicked and pushed other people, shouting whale whales to flee off the road.

Soon, as he said, the dragon, which had detoured from the other side of the sky, began to fly in this direction again.

Chang-Jun Lee felt that his eyes, red like the jewel of a dragon, were watching him.

Apparently, the person who appeared was a fire dragon, so I thought that I had finally met the enemy of a lifetime.

“Yes, come! Come! Let’s compete to see if your fire is strong or mine is strong!”

Chang-Jun Lee covered his whole body with flames.

The flames around him were so hot that he couldn’t even come close, but not a single hair of Chang-Jun Lee could be burned.

The flames gradually grew larger and gradually changed their color. Eventually, it burned red and yellow, then turned white, and eventually became blue.

He glared at the flying fire dragon, burning with a color as cold as the light of a dying star.

Soon, his mouth opened wide, and he saw the thrush burning and pouring out flames from his whole body.

At about the same time, breath poured out from the dragon’s snout.


Quarrelly rumbling ———-!

The whole area was engulfed in flames and nothing was visible.

Flames and flames met each other, exploded and entangled, consuming everything around them.

The flames swirled, and a storm of fire swept all around.

Whew oh oh oh oh oh—————!

A commotion like the howling of a beast of fire passed, and when the flames were extinguished, there was a raging wind, flames, and ashes.

In the place where Chang-Jun Lee was standing, his figure was nowhere to be seen. Not even a single bone fragment was left.

In the end, he could not overcome the flames he poured out and the flames that the dragon vomited and burned without a trace.

Chang-Jun Lee was not the only one who was burned. Several awakenings that could not be escaped disappeared as ashes, and surrounding buildings and roads all melted or burned, turning into ruins.

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