A Cash Warrior Chapter 286

A Cash Warrior 286

# 286

– Volume 12 Episode 14

With the help of Kang Yeong-hoo, the strengthened harpoon pierced the dragon’s skin.


As the fire dragon’s eerie cries pierced his ears, the gigantic clone began to pull the string attached to the harpoon as hard as he could. Then the film was torn in pieces.

Seeing the scene, Kang Yeong-hoo swallowed dry saliva.

“Come down, come down…!”

As if ignoring Kang Young-hoo’s earnest wish, the fire dragon started climbing up the building again. The wind completely tore the film, but he didn’t care.

What made it worthwhile was that he was wearing heels. Seeing the film slowly recovering, Kang Young-hoo shouted.


Kang Yeong-hoo saw a dazzling ray of light flying straight through the fire dragon’s head.

It was Chiron, one of the seven-star weapons. Gwangpil-doo was standing with a longbow and aimed at the man’s forehead and shot.

However, as the arrow flew straight into the Fire Dragon’s face, it twisted its head like a lightning bolt and opened its mouth wide. And, surprisingly, he broke the magic beam Chiron shot.

Seeing that the conversion blow had gone in vain, Gwangpildu briefly clicked his tongue. However, he did not give up, and this time he fired hundreds of magical flesh at once.

It was less powerful and had a shorter range than before, but the attack hit the dragon’s whole body. Even if it wasn’t piercing through the scales, it was enough to hinder the movement of the climber on top of the building.

At that time, Mi-rae Heo squeezed out a slender voice, wondering if it would be okay to do this or that.

Suddenly, a great weight was applied to his whole body, and he was unable to move any further and stopped. He could see his claws digging into the outer walls of the building one after another, trying to hold on.

Taking advantage of that gap, the giant clones were about to launch a harpoon once again. The Fire Dragon turned his head in anger and labored, pouring out his breath.

The crew, who were hiding in cover, quickly fled, but the situation was different with Kim Song-geun’s huge clone.

The flames swept over the giant clones in an instant, and their appearance vanished.

It was the same with the embodied dragon harpoon.

Kang Yeong-hoo pulled Ghost back from Lee Jae-woo.

Jae-Woo Lee let out a suffocating sound and sat down and ran forward without delay.

“Captain of Engineering!”

Surprised, the crew shouted, and Kang Yeong-hoo tore the flying scroll. Soon, invisible wings sprouted on his back, and Kang Yeong-hoo flew into the air. And with all his might he swung his ghost towards the dragon’s head.

blah blah blah blah blah!

The Ghost’s blade clashed with the fire dragon’s scales, making a roaring sound.

Even with the SSS-class weapon, the Ghost, it was unreasonable to dig into the flesh of the Fire Dragon. However, with that sharpness, he succeeded in breaking a few scales. And the cost was horrendous.

The fire dragon’s snout grabbed Kang Young-hoo. After Kang Young-hu, she screamed as she felt the entire bottom of her chest being crushed.

Seeing the scene up close, Heo Mi-rae, who had screamed earlier, tried to save Kang Yeong-hoo without going back or forth.

Soon, the Fire Dragon spit out Kang Young-hoo like a piece of gum. And it flapped her wings loudly. It was because Heo Mi-rae took over the power that had been holding the Fire Dragon in order to save him.

Once he flew off, it was all over. It was obvious that the whole area would turn into a sea of ​​fire.

Kang Yeong-hoo, who was still conscious by then, thought that he had to stop it somehow. So, while caught in the net, the netting that Mirae Heo had made, he hung up in the air and muttered unheard words.

“Stop, stop…”

But to my surprise, as if responding to those words, another dazzling flash of light flew in.

It was Chiron.

Kwang Pil-doo put all his magical powers on Chiron’s bowstring, and blew a blow of conversion through the forehead that Kang Young-hoo had drilled.

Chiron’s arrow, which flew in while scratching the air, pierced the Fire Dragon’s forehead.

In fact, there were only a few scales that Kang Young-hoo broke as a ghost. In terms of area, it was only about the size of the palm of the hand. If she hadn’t had some bow skills, she wouldn’t have hit that small moving target.

However, what Gwangpil-doo had was one of the 7-star weapons. The bow, which boasts a 100% hit rate no matter what the target, pierced the Fire Dragon’s forehead, pierced through the back of the head with horns sprouting out and scattered.

Then, blood gushed out as if mineral water had burst through the back of the Fire Dragon.

Hot blood splashed in all directions, staining the buildings on both sides red.

The light in the fire dragon’s eyes went out, and it immediately fell down. And Kang Young-hoo also lost her mind in time.

When Kang Yeong-hoo came to his senses, it was the best face he saw again.

She had a sad expression on her face. Then, when Kang Young-hoo and her eyes met, she smiled.

“Are you awake?”

Kang Yeong-hoo was surprised to see the best and jumped up from his seat. Then the best pushed him back.

“I’m in the middle of a blood transfusion, so I can’t move around yet.”

Kang Young-hoo widened his eyes.

“Are you on a blood transfusion?”

“Am I supposed to be taken to the Awakened Hospital?”

“No, I couldn’t afford it. This is a field hospital.”

After being relieved for a while, Kang Yeong-hoo realized where the field hospital was installed and got up from his seat on the road and sat down.

The field hospital was located in the National Museum of Korea, which meant that he was now in Gangbuk.

“Is the second line of defense broken?”

Because he defeated the Fire Dragon, there was hope that he might be able to protect the second line of defense to some extent. However, seeing that his best expression was not good, he thought it was his own optimistic thoughts.

She nodded slowly and said.

“The Fenrir unit’s performance was amazing, so they were able to kill the Fire Dragon, but they couldn’t withstand the attack of the harpies and Scylla that followed. We were able to safely move the crew to Gangbuk.”

“Then what’s the situation now?”

“The newly manufactured MFP along Gangbyeonbuk-ro has been reinstalled. Of course, it won’t last long, but it will be enough to move all the manpower in downtown Seoul to Jongno. Even so, we have to move too. All the patients here are also in Gwanghwamun. They will be transported to the square.”

“Is this going to be Song Si-min… When will Operation Shield start?”

“From the moment the third line of defense collapses.”

Kang Yeong-hoo, who nodded his head, looked at the best and said.

“If I knew you helped me, Choi Hee would hate me.”

Choi smiled faintly.

“If you say that you saved the chief of engineering, you won’t be too hard on your sister.”

Choi Seon had an amazing level of ability as a healer. She only has limited abilities, so she doesn’t use that power very often.

The risk she had to shoulder was so great that Choi Hee was trying to hide her sister’s abilities as much as possible.

Choi Choi was in the Titan raid because he was able to stay as a buffer under Choi Hee’s supervision.

Choi Seon lowered his head and said, probably embarrassed by his own situation.

“A lot of people are dying, but I am so pathetic that they are hiding their abilities while claiming to be a healer.”

Kang Young-hoo shook his head.

“You don’t have to. No one has to make sacrifices.”

“But, the engineering commander also sacrificed himself. Without me, he would have had a huge disability.”

“Because I had no choice… it was my choice.”

They didn’t have a long conversation.

Soon a nurse came with a wheelchair and urged him to go to the headquarters, but Kang Yeong-hoo refused and left the barracks. And he found the titan raid and walked towards it.

“You’re safe!”

“Fortunately, the!”

Everyone welcomed him as he walked away. In fact, Kang Yeong-hoo was bitten by the fire dragon’s teeth and broke his spine, and one of his legs was completely blown off.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he had lost half of his body, so it was surprising how much he had recovered in such a short time.

Kang Young-hoo found Gwangpil-doo before anyone else. He patted the lighthead’s shoulder and congratulated him for killing the Fire Dragon.

“Thanks to you, I was able to save my life.”

Gwangpildu shrugged instead of answering. The raiders frowned at his cheeky attitude, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned to the insect king, Jang Jae-won.

“I’ve heard of your work as well.”

Jang Jae-won showed signs of exhaustion. He said raising the hem of his empty coat.

“My performance ends here. I used up all the poison worms I had.”

“Leave the back to us and move on.”

Kang Yeong-hoo rushed to his feet one after another and found the Foreign Legion.

While Kim Si-on seemed silent, he found Yoo Tae-hoon. If it was the person Kang Young-hoo knew, he could not have missed the opportunity just before.

“Yoo Tae-hoon, of course you took him in, right?”

Yoo Tae-hoon, who looked over the river with bright blue eyes, nodded.

“Yes. Thanks to the lighthead, the Fire Dragon’s body is intact, so it seems to be able to use it with quite a bit of power.”

As a necromancer, as soon as he saw the fire dragon die, he gave up his grip on all other undead and focused on making the fire dragon his subordinate. And it seems to have been successful there.

“I gave up because I thought it would be impossible to defend the second line of defense, but I will do my best to protect the third line of defense where the MFP is installed. Thanks to the bombing of the Han River Bridge, their advance is being delayed, but that is only a matter of time. will.”

Kang Yeong-hoo retreated everyone, leaving only the minimum manpower to defend the 3rd line of defense. Not long after he had recovered from his own injury too, he decided to move on right away.

When I got into the jeep and arrived at Gwanghwamun, where the headquarters is, an ominous atmosphere was overflowing.

As I got out of the car and looked for Gye Young-il, I heard Jeong Dae-sik’s name from the crowd.

“Where the hell is the all-in-one?”

“Seoul looks like it’s been destroyed, but where are you and what are you doing?”

“You said you were confident that you could defeat the 5th giant, aren’t you just talking about it?”

“I don’t know, I might be hiding somewhere and shivering.”

“Maybe he should have run out of space by now.”

While the first and second defense lines were collapsing, it seemed that Jeong Dae-sik didn’t show up all the time. Even Kang Young-hoo, who thought he could never escape, felt frustrated.

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