A Cash Warrior Chapter 288

A Cash Warrior 288

# 288

– Volume 12 Episode 16

People who live day by day suffering from money worries may be in desperate need of money, but with Jeong Dae-sik, there was no need to worry about money until the day he died.

I couldn’t understand why they wanted to have more wealth, even though they would have accumulated a huge amount of wealth that could be passed down from generation to generation. Even in this tribulation.

Kang Young-hoo also shrugged his shoulders because he could not figure out the reason, and Choi Hee narrowed his eyes.

“It has begun.”

As the MFP lit up the night sky with a flash of light, a giant undead dragon could be seen flying through the darkness.

The screams of monsters could be heard even from the top of Bukhansan Mountain.

Amid that desperate noise, one MFP was engulfed in flames.

Soon, explosions occurred everywhere, and the blue light of the MFP went out. And the final operation began.


Shield began to cover the sky where the dawn began to brighten.

Si-min Song, who sat cross-legged in the middle of Gwanghwamun Square, took a deep breath and focused.

Around it, tanks and buffers with the ability to hit the shield were sitting around with various defense items equipped.

The magical energy that spurted out from them congealed and shot into the sky, covering the entire Jongno area in the form of a hemisphere.

Even after it was shaped like that, it continued to transmit magic power, making the shield more robust.

Seeing that the shield was fully equipped, Song Si-min told the crew who were in charge of the shield operation with him.

“From now on, it will be a battle of concentration. Send a small amount of magic power only enough to maintain the shield, and when monsters start attacking, concentrate on filling in only the area where the shield is weak.”

Everyone nodded silently, and Song Si-min looked at the signs of the panic room in the corner of the ceremony.

Maintaining it wasn’t too difficult since the Panic Room wasn’t being attacked otherwise.

Just like everyone else, I was just curious as to when Jeong Dae-sik would wake up.

Seeing that it was still quiet, it seemed that preparations were far from complete.

‘You must hurry… If you procrastinate, you will be late.’

Mumbling inwardly, Song Si-min soon saw a flock of flying birds covering the early dawn sky in black.

Those with a huge body like a condor, with one eye and limbs like human beings, started flying towards the shield.

They couldn’t approach the barrier with magical power in haste. He roamed around and cried out in a vicious sound. Then, a response came immediately from the ground.


As soon as Song Si-min cried out, ten rays of light flew in.


It scraped up the city like the claws of an invisible monster, striking the shield.


The shield vibrated and trembled. Fortunately, it didn’t puncture, but I could see that the spot hit by the beam was thinning out.

Then, as requested by Song Si-min, the other crew members pushed their magic into the spot and reinforced the shield.

But the attack was only the beginning. This time, a beam of light flew at random and struck the shield.

As you can see, ten huge golems were shooting beams indiscriminately from their mouths.

pop! pop! pop!

Each time the beam struck, the shield shook with a glowing light as if it would disappear at any moment.

Song Si-min raised his magic a little more and increased the strength of the shield. Then the vibration subsided somewhat.

It was quite a powerful attack, but it was worth it. Song Si-min focused his attention with confidence.

Rather, seeing the shield emitting a clearer light and seeing that it was useless, the golems’ attack stopped. And after a while, it started to shoot rays all at once in one direction.

Boo woo woo woo woo!

When all ten rays of light were focused on one spot, the spot was instantly pierced.

Song Si-min frowned and tried to fill the gap quickly, but he did not miss the gap and the monsters poured in.

When Song Si-min filled the barrier again, dozens of monsters flew into the barrier.

They rushed towards Song Si-min and the Shield Operation Unit, the main body of the defense.

But before that, there was a magical blade that pierced their hair. It was a wide field leader with a Chiron removed.

Not only that, but there was also Ki Cheol-min. He was using Dodgeborg’s Circlet to destroy the monsters.

Dodgeborg’s Circlet was not nearly as powerful as the beams the golems fired, but it had a similar effect.

A laser-like beam was emitted from the center of the circlet and split the wings of the monsters.

Nevertheless, some gnomes approached and the bright leader raised his Delight Sword.

Every time he wielded his sword, the monsters fell.

Because of that, Ki Cheol-min could not even afford to wield the weapon that was temporarily borrowed from Kang Young-hoo.

He grunted as he hung his scimitar-like bayonet from the road stump.

“If you kill them all, what should I catch?”

“I don’t think there’s any need to feel sorry for the lack of prey.”

The two of them decided to take on the support of Operation Shield and remained in the square. It was because they needed someone to protect the members of the shield operation, and they had weapons that could evolve to a goddess level.

They heard what Jeong Dae-sik had said to Kang Young-hoo. Jeong Dae-sik was worried that his absence would be prolonged, and he believed that the two of them would buy time in a crisis situation.

After hearing those words, there is no way I can get rid of my body. They were on the front lines looking for a way to evolve the Tyrbringer and the 7-Star Armor.

Taking advantage of the weakened shield, the monsters were clinging to the outside.

Those who were attached to the shield were in great pain, but the monsters that were attached to them seemed unaffected by magical powers.

In that way, a huge number of monsters were clinging to the shield. Meanwhile, the beam attack flew once more.

The beam burned even the monsters that were attached to the shield. This time, I wasn’t the only one being accused of being Song Si-min.

He guessed where the attack was going to hit and temporarily increased the intensity there. Then, this time, the shield did not break through, and there was no attack by monsters.

Ki Chul-min looked up at the shield emitting a flash of light and admired it.

Although several hunters are helping, the ability of Song Si-min was great.

It seemed that this would be enough to endure until Jung Dae-sik returns.


Suddenly, the sky vibrated.

No, to be precise, a huge pier was heard by surprise.

Some of the awakened people who were sweating and concentrating on the wind screamed and fell.

Even those who stood guarding them covered their ears and sat down in their seats, or lost their minds in vain.

It was indeed a powerful peer.

Some of the defenders passed out or went out, and Song Si-min closed his eyes.

As the manpower that maintains the shield has fallen, he will have to work harder. However, his concentration was greatly shaken by the sudden arrival of the peer.

I had never heard of a pier like this in my life, and my body froze with an instinctive fear.

It wasn’t just Song Si-min who felt it.

Ki Cheol-min, who had been traveling around the dungeon for a long time and experienced the peers of all kinds of powerful monsters following Jeong Dae-sik, was also frightened.

He bit his molars tightly to keep from being scared. And in the same way, I struggled to talk to Gwangpil-doo, who was standing in the same place.

“This feeling… I have experienced it in Moscow.”

Gwangpildu forced his mouth to open. They were trying to dispel the fear that came over them by having a conversation.

“Are you talking about Chernobog?”

“Yeah, this is the pier of a monster with a 15-star or higher…!”

Before Ki Chul-min could finish speaking, the bloom exploded once more.

———————————————————— —!

Half of the defense personnel who had been holding out in a cold sweat had become incapacitated.

Ki Chul-min and Gwang Pil-doo were also busy covering their ears.

Even within the shield, I was afraid to imagine what it would be like on the outside with this level of power.

Perhaps as soon as Pierre rang, he would die of shock from a heart attack or go completely insane.

Ki Cheol-Min muttered to himself as he pulled his trembling body together.

“My, my prediction was wrong. This… This isn’t just a peer of a 15-star monster. It’s more powerful than that! There must be several. Will.”

It was not immediately possible to confirm whether Ki Chul-min’s guess was correct or not, but it was clear that Song Si-min had suffered a heavy blow.

He was barely holding on to his mental line with his face pale, but he hurriedly found a potion with an awakening effect and drank it.

If his attention was distracted, the thin barrier would be shattered like glass, so Ki Chul-min suddenly thought that he would have to change his strategy. And he shouted at some of the crew who had barely survived.

“You have to protect Song Si-min, not the shield! Build a shield around Song Si-min!”

Hearing that, they exchanged glances with each other. After all, it was Song Si-min who was maintaining the shield, and the other people were only helping.

The crew decided that this was right and surrounded Song Si-min with a shield. Then, Song Si-min’s expression became more relaxed and his complexion cleared.

As the light from the shield grew stronger again, Ki Chul-min and Gwang Pil-doo were worried that Pier could be heard again.

But instead of hearing Pierre again, another attack began.

Even if not as much as humans, a swarm of monsters frightened by peers also lost their reason and began to rush in.


All kinds of screams were heard, and fast-moving mobs rushed in. A swarm of monsters like waves rushed in from all directions, but they were crashing into the shield with flesh bullets.

Soon the sound slammed the shield like a gigantic vibrating sound.

Even from above, countless monsters, large and small, such as harpies, griffons, and gargoyles, were working hard to break through the shield.

Among them, Song Si-min was staring into the air and sweating profusely to protect the shield.

He was protected by layers, so there seemed to be no problem with his concentration, but the number of guys attacking the shield was too large.

The black and blue blood of the monsters flowed down one after another on top of the shield as I was attacking myself without thinking back and forth.

It was a bit strange that it was nothing like rushing to death.

Then Gwangpil-doo narrowed his eyes and said.

“I think they’re coming.”

Ki Cheol-min clearly guessed who they were, but he asked again, wanting to deny it.

“You guys?”

“These guys called the 5th giant.”

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