A Cash Warrior Chapter 289

A Cash Warrior 289

# 289

– Volume 12 Episode 17

As if to prove those words, a huge shadow flickered from the other side of the skyscraper.

The day was already getting brighter, but I couldn’t feel the slightest fact that it was morning.

Only the outlines of existence that humans could not dare to touch were clearly visible in the whitish eastern light.

At that time, Si-min Song gritted his teeth and said with difficulty.

“…to the shield…too, too many.”

Song Si-min pointed at the air, and there was a huge swarm of monsters attached to it.

Thousands of monsters were on top of the shield, so it was not easy to bear the weight.

Ki Cheol-min looked at Gwangpil-doo without saying a word. Then, Kwang Pil-doo nodded his head.

There was nothing they could do within the safe shield. In order for Song Si-min to last as long as possible, he had to go outside and fight them.

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump.

Ki Cheol-min listened to the beating heartbeat and checked Talaria’s condition. And he pulled out the bladeless Tyrbringer and pointed at a certain point.

“Please drill a hole there. We will go out and block it as much as possible.”

Song Si-min looked as if he was going to be successful. Even the five giants were getting close to that huge number of monsters, but there was a skepticism that seemed to ask if only the two of us could stop it.

However, since there was no other way, he nodded, and after a while, he could see the light of the shield at the location where there were few monsters fading.

Ki Chul-min and Kwang Pil-doo immediately flew into the air, smashed the shield and ran outside.

In an instant, the barrier was broken, and the corpses of crushed dead monsters, a few monsters, and griffons poured in, but the barrier was quickly filled. That much, the other dealers who remained inside would be able to deal with it.

In fact, I couldn’t even afford to worry about that. As soon as Ki Chul-min and Kwang Pil-doo went outside, the monsters attacked them.

Ki Cheol-min shouted out loud and swung his Tyrbringer to ward off those who were clinging to him. However, even if the bladeless Tyrbringer was poured with 100-bladed magic power, it only poured out without strength, and nothing happened.

As a result, as they struggled with the monster that bit their whole body, they suddenly screamed in pain and fell out.

“Did you intend to die?”

When Kwang Pil-Doo saw Ki Cheol-Min wielding a broken weapon, he shouted like it was absurd. Ki Cheol-min kicked his tongue and drew out a borrowed sword, not Tyr Bringer, and swung it.

The monsters were torn to pieces by the sword attack that flew all over the place.

Soon after, the light of the lighthead’s Delight emitted a light that seemed to be blinding, and all the monsters in the area were burned.

‘Really, that’s great power!’

They quickly dealt with the mobs that piled up like a pile of dust on the shield and saw the golems that were shooting their rays approaching.

Even if a dump truck the size of a dump truck slammed into it, it seemed that it would do a great deal of damage to the shield.

Ki Cheol-min said while running to the left.

“You take care of the five!”

Kwang Pil-du jumped to the right. And he swung his Delight Sword to the side.

Along with the buildings in the area, the three golems were cut into pieces like tofu in an instant and collapsed.

The beams they shoot were quite powerful, but they didn’t seem to have much durability.

The lighthead immediately swung his sword to slay the next two, but before that, the beam struck him first.

He couldn’t afford to take out his shield, but his brilliant aura armor protected him. Gwangpildu pierced the beam and jumped forward, killing two Golems.

On the other hand, Ki Chul-min had a lot of trouble getting rid of the Golems. He flew around using Talaria to avoid the flying beam.

Then, by chance, he realized that the other golem was being hit by the beam from one golem, and made a dizzying aerobatics.

Then the fools fired beams at random, then aimed at each other and killed themselves.

Ki Cheol-min broke the heads of the golems who lost their balance due to their limbs collapsing in the rays of the light.

After that, a huge basilisk opened its mouth wide and poured venom over the cockatrice’s head, which was running in droves.

Ki Cheol-min hurriedly turned to avoid the poison. As it poured, the monsters below were hit and melted in an instant.

Monsters that were hit by even a single drop of venom screamed in pain. Ignoring it, the basilisk twisted its gigantic body and flew his tail.

He was hit by a tail almost the size of a jumbo plane and Ki Chul-min flew through the air.

Ki Cheol-min, who was spinning in the air, hastily regained his balance. Then he was startled to see the large mouth of the basilisk slammed right in front of his nose.

However, it was too late to dodge, so his ankle was wrapped around his tongue, which flew like a whip, and he was dragged to the mochi as it was.

Fortunately, he didn’t get poisoned, so Ki Cheol-min was trapped alive in the guy’s throat.

The basilisk tried to swallow Ki Cheol-min whole in his stomach full of gastric juice, but he wasn’t the only one who could stand still.

He fired a beam of light with Dodgeborg’s circlet, piercing a hole in the basilisk’s throat.

As his breath opened, he was surprised by the sharp pain and took advantage of the weakening of the pressure on his body to pull out a hunting knife.

He put magic into it, sharpened his sword, and ripped his flesh to pieces at once.

Ki Cheol-min cut off the tough skin of the basilisk and crawled out of his throat.

The poisonous man had a hole in his throat and was still alive.

Ki Cheol-min put his leg firmly in the hole and pulled out his sword. And with it, he smashed the basilisk’s ribs as he struggled to get rid of himself, who had climbed the back of his neck.

The skull ruptured, and acid blood spattered everywhere.

Ki Cheol-min felt his armor burning and hurriedly came away from the basilisk. And he quickly took it off.

If I continued to wear it, even my skin would burn, so there was nothing I could do about it.

‘Shit! You look like you’re fighting naked in a swarm of monsters!’

At that time, a dead hunter was seen in Ki Chul-min’s eyes.

The body that had not been removed was wearing plausible armor.

Seeing that even the shield was lying nearby, Ki Cheol-min hurriedly ran towards it and began to peel off the armor from there.

Of course, the monsters didn’t wait for him to leisurely equip him.

Immediately, an ogre twice the size of Ki Cheol-min rushed at him, but Gwangpil-doo did not miss the time and pierced his head with a Chiron.

“Thank you very much.”

Ki Cheol-min sarcastically took off his armor and put it on. He also took off his helmet-like helmet and picked up a shield.

As a temporary measure, it was a piece of armor that I got while doing something impossible, but it was quite comfortable to wear. When I tested the durability while fighting the trolls, the performance wasn’t too bad.

No, it was pretty cool.

‘It’s useful to see that it can withstand the claws of a troll!’

Ki Cheol-min cut down three or four trolls and turned around. This time, a house-sized manticore was running towards him.

Ki Cheol-min thrust his sword forward, saying he had no time to catch his breath.

The sword, which barely deflected, cut off a few strands of Manticore’s steely beard. And Manticore’s hideous snout snapped at Ki Chul-min’s head.

Ki Cheol-min shook his head while biting him. Meanwhile, he lost his sword.

Eventually he pulled his head out of the helmet and his body fell and rolled to the floor. Soon the manticore, who was biting his helmet, shattered it like a watermelon. If he had kept his head there, he would have died.

But this was not the time to be reassured. Manticore, who spewed out pieces of the helmet, rushed again, and Ki Cheol-min was defenseless.

He slapped his muzzle with his shield, but only to earn a breath.

I had to pick up the sword, but I couldn’t afford it, so I took a step backwards while swinging my shield, and took advantage of the time Manticore jumped, turned around and reached out with the sword. And in 0.1 seconds he realized that his actions had been the wrong choice.

The back of the armor, which I thought was pretty good, cracked, and Manticore’s claws brushed against his flesh.

Manticore’s claws were full of poison, and in an instant, his back burned, causing tremendous pain.

In the wind, Ki Cheol-min could not even pick up his sword and rolled on the floor.

He hurriedly got up and tried to find a detox potion and drink it, but his hands were shaking because the poison had already spread quite a bit, so he couldn’t hold the potion properly.

In the end, I encountered the Manticore again, and I just watched it run away with its mouth wide open.

At that moment, his hand naturally went to his side.

‘No, I can’t!’

He snatched the Tyrbringer, which was hanging like an ornament.

‘Never die!’

In an instant, a beam of light that seemed to blind you from Tyrbringer poured out.

It was not appropriate to say that it was pouring out.

It literally ran like a giant whip.


Even Ki Cheol-min, who wielded a Tyrbringer, could not come to his senses in the light that engulfed the surroundings.

He felt his whole body on fire, but he couldn’t let Tyrbringer go.

Regardless of the opponent, the light flame engulfed the Manticore and surrounding mobs, as well as Ki Cheol-min.

Soon the swirling white flames soared into the sky like exploding stars and tore the clouds apart.


Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa ———————!

As the light flames disappeared to the other side of the sky like a dragon trimming, the thick clouds were pushed away and the sky suddenly cleared.

In the midst of a single ray of morning sunlight, Ki Cheol-min looked at the white flames wrapped around his body. He looked as if he was standing in the middle of a pit of fire, but that didn’t harm him in the least.

On the contrary, it was very comfortable and comfortable, and it felt like all the poison that had penetrated my body had disappeared and all my wounds had healed.

Ki Chul-min looked at the Tyrbringer in his hand with an unbelievable feeling.

It had a different form than before.

The claws had changed to completely cover the hands, and above all, instead of a metal blade, a blazing black energy gushed out like a haze.

Ki Cheol-min realized that Tybringer had finally achieved goddess-level evolution.

‘Is this Tyrwenger!’

Ki Chul-min looked at Tyrwenger with a sense of wonder. And raising his head, he was once again startled by Tyr Wenger’s power.

There was nothing left around. The light flame swept away everything, and the ground was very clean.

Only traces of the skeletons and roads of some buildings remained, and not only the monsters but also their corpses and debris had completely disappeared.

In the wind, the momentum of the monsters faltered. When Ki Cheol-min stood still in surprise, Kwang Pil-doo smiled bitterly when he saw the scene.

It was he who started collecting 7-star weapons to have a goddess-level weapon, but he had not yet achieved evolution.

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