A Cash Warrior Chapter 290

A Cash Warrior 290

# 290

– Volume 12 Episode 18

Anyway, thanks to all the monsters in the area flew away, I had time to catch my breath. Ki Cheol-min looked back at Gwangpil-doo and said.

“We need to take this opportunity to evacuate the rest of the people! Because even Song Si-min won’t be able to last forever……”

Kwang Pil-doo suddenly pushed Ki Cheol-min away.

He jerked forward, and soon felt something eerie and shocking pass over his head.

Gaga, go, go, go, go, go!

Ki Cheol-min raised his head and saw a shocking sight. A huge hook was attached to the top of the shield.

Its sharp tip burrowed into the barrier, and hooks were attached to thick chains that looked terribly rusted.

As the chains shrieked, the hooks moved slowly and the shield began to tear.

Ki Cheol-min immediately got up and pointed Tyrwenger at the chain. And he focused his mind.

Chains with all kinds of blood and flesh stuck together like petroleum dregs were clearly visible. It was really creepy and the smell was awful.

But it wasn’t the time to worry about that. Ki Cheol-min shouted at Gwangpil-doo to break the chains before the hooks destroy all the shields.

“I’ll hit you first, then you hit me right away!”

“I know!”

Chul-min Ki clenched his teeth and lifted Tyrwenger over his head, then lowered it.

A terrifying scream was heard as blazing light flames fell on the chains.

The spirits that were clinging to each and every joint of the chain poured down rainwater.

There was a series of attacks from the head of the band with almost no breaks, and the chain, which had been split in half, was finally broken.

Curly rumble!

The broken chain flew away with anti-elasticity, and a huge hook leaned against the shield.

Ki Cheol-min looked up at it and shouted.

“You have to clean that up!”

Gwangpildu said sternly.

“In what way?”

“No matter what number you use…”

Ki Chul-min, who was talking while looking back at Gwangpil-doo, saw something black flying from a completely different direction than before.

With an instinctive feeling, Ki Cheol-min tried to push him away, but it was already one beat too late.

Gwangpildu flew into the air by bumping into it.

It was another giant hook that struck the lighthead.

It flew at the forefront and hit the shield once. And thump down! fell off

Ki Cheol-min looked around to see where this hook was coming from. Then, a huge shadow appeared that was getting closer.

It was none other than Hecate, one of the five great giants. Her hooded stork-like head was slowly revealing itself.

Tsar rrrrrrr!

The chains were rewound and the hooks began to turn. Thinking it would take some time for the attack to come again, Ki Cheol-min hurriedly ran to Gwangpil-doo.

He was thrown to the ground, and fortunately it did not appear to have been fatally wounded by the protection of his armor. But surprisingly, there were traces like large claw marks on the breastplate of the Brilliant Aura Armor, which is said to never be damaged.

If it hadn’t been for the armor, the stomach and chest would have been torn and all the internal organs would have come out.

When Ki Cheol-min reached out and tried to get up, Gwang Pil-doo shook his hand. And he staggered and stood up, spilling a gulp of blood.

No matter how much the armor absorbs the shock, there is a limit.

Ki Chul-min realized that the hook was not an ordinary thing. At least, it would be a Legendary or higher item. So, it was possible to scratch the 7-star armor.


Gwangpil-doo, who had been swearing, wiped the blood from his lips and raised his head, and Ki Cheol-min looked back.

Before long, Hecate was pulling the hook back and spinning it over her head.

In the midst of the eerie sound of the sky, the figure was clearly visible.

Its body, covered in feathers like steel, was bipedal like a human, with chains wrapped around it. And there, captured ghosts hovered around him like an aura, summoning a black shadow.

Just looking at it made me feel like I was in hell.

Not only that, but the figures of the other three were also looming from a distance.

They looked like they were still near the river, but they were so huge that I could see their heads rising through the skyscrapers.

Surrounded by a hazy mist, its shape was still unclear, but it was equally terrifying.

It was even more so because the day was bright and I could see it relatively clearly.

Ki Cheol-min suddenly thought.

‘Can I survive until tonight?’

Having acquired a goddess-class weapon, I should have been proud of myself, but I didn’t feel that way.

The only thought that came to him was that he wasn’t on a level he could deal with.

If I had met him in the dungeon, I would have run away without looking back to save my life.

I wanted to be strong all my life, and I only pursued it, and in front of an overwhelming presence, I felt like a running dog with its tail between its legs.

It was like going back to the time when I was running through the dungeon to survive.

“Job stuff.”

Gwangpil-doo, who exhaled harshly, spat blood-soaked saliva on the floor.

Then, with his eyes burning with anger, he pulled out Gungnir. Ki Chul-min looked at such Gwangpil-doo without realizing it and asked.

“What are you trying to do?”

Instead, as if throwing a shot put, he tilted his shoulders back and twisted his waist. And he flew Gungnir towards Hecate.

Papa Papa Papa Papa————— Awesome Awesome!

Gungnir, which was spinning and flying in the air, accelerated and soon burned bright blue.

Shining like a falling meteorite or a comet orbiting the universe, Gungnir flew into Hecate’s face.

Then he threw his hook this way and blocked Gungnir with his forearm.


Ki Chul-min made a choking sound.

Gungnir… pierced his forearm!

Black feathers flew in all directions, and Gungnir, who had passed through his forearm and brushed his shoulder, began to come back like a bird.

But before that, the hook flew in first.

Gaga, go, go, go, go!

Gwangpil-doo and Ki Cheol-min flew to avoid it, but unfortunately the hook caught on another hook that was hanging from the shield. And when the chains were pulled as hard as they could, the shield was torn in vain.

One after another, the magical powers that made up the shield were shattered and scattered in all directions.


The shield completely disappeared, and the shield operation failed.

All that was left was the large amount of blood.

Ki Chul-min stood side by side with Gwang Pil-doo, blocking his path. The plan to build a barrier and hold out until all the people were evacuated failed.

As long as Song Si-min had collapsed, Seoul had already been taken away. It was unclear how much time he would be able to earn even if he said that he would survive with the shield of the 7-star armor.

It was a futile fight, with no chance of winning, but Ki Cheol-min and Kwang Pil-doo did not back down.

Gwangpildu did not feel relieved even after he gave Hecate a shot with Gungnir. He had an expression on his face that he would feel better if he killed Hecate.

On the other hand, there was a strange smile on Ki Chul-min’s face. Was it because he had seen the spectacle of the madman fighting Hecate without hesitation a moment ago? The fear that had taken hold of his mind had vanished.

On the contrary, Ki Cheol-min stood face to face with a formidable enemy like never before in a pleasant mood. I’m probably going to die here today, but it didn’t seem so bad.

It was because he felt great just by the fact that he was battling the dungeon as an Awakener, and was standing proudly against an enemy of this size.

After preparing to die, Ki Chul-min pulled out Tyrwenger.


Tsar rumble—-

I could hear him winding up chains.

Gwangpil-doo also gave up his regrets about the goddess-level evolution and waited for the attack to come with the determination to die.

He was at a point where he had to sacrifice his life to protect the world he was trying to destroy, so he wondered what was going on, but it didn’t feel so important.

Maybe it was because he got caught in Jeong Dae-sik’s work, but the important thing was to destroy the enemy in front of him.

Gwangpil-doo remembered the anger that had captured him all along.

Ever since he found out that his ability was to destroy abilities, he had always been plagued with anger that had no direction.

As a result, he was obsessed with the idea of ​​gaining overwhelming power, but strangely, now he felt like it was okay to do something like the evolution of a 7-star weapon. He simply surrendered himself to his burning anger.

Ki Cheol-min looked at Gwangpil-doo and said.

“He’s got the two of us working together.”

Gwangpildu shuddered at those words.

“Now that you have a goddess-level weapon, you can defeat it by yourself, right?”

“Dude, can you kill the others while I kill Hecate?”

“If you have time to talk back, explain your strategy.”

“Who was the one who spoke back?”

Ki Cheol-min grumbled and said.

“In order to give him a blow, it is important that Tyrwenger’s attack enters accurately. You have to lead aggro ahead. Even if he hasn’t evolved yet, he’s a 7-star weapon holder, so can you do that?”

“Did you just say that it was a plan?”

Gwangpildu scratched the inside of the person until the very end, lowered himself, and then kicked the ground.

His body seemed to disappear into the air, and Gungnir’s sharp light flew towards Hecate. Then, all of a sudden, the chains began to dance dizzyingly.

A chain with hooks wrapped around Hecate and swung like crazy, causing catastrophic destruction.

In the chain storm, Gungnir failed to hit Hecate and fell out.

Then, Gwangpil-doo fired a huge amount of magical energy with his Chiron this time.

He repeatedly attacked without a break, but it didn’t hit even a single shot. Far from giving Chul-min Ki a chance in this way, Gwangpil-doo was prepared for a hand-to-hand battle as the city of Seoul was going to disappear without a trace.

He took out a shield and held a sword in his other hand.

Then recklessly jumped into the middle of the chain dancing.

In the midst of the roaring storm, Gwangpildu began to break through the veil of chains with his body.

The demons did not approach the Brilliant Aura Armor and Svieschi that were emitting flashes of light.

Gwangpildu saw Hecate’s body through the chain gap that would tear his body if he touched it.

He pierced the Delight Sword before it was judged that he had come within range.

“Ha ha ha!”

The Delight Sword emitted a dazzling light and stabbed Hecate’s body. Then, the gap in his feathers widened, and the sword pierced into his flesh.

The moment when Kwang Pil-doo smiled of conversion.

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