A Cash Warrior Chapter 291

A Cash Warrior 291

# 291

– Volume 12 Episode 19

At some point, Kwang Pil-doo could not see the hook flying over his body.

An eerie curved tip like a giant fishing hook scratched Gwangpil-doo’s body and passed.

and momentarily.

A storm of chains sank in the gap where Hecate attacked the madman.

It gripped the chain close to the hook, causing the rest of the chain to chirping and sinking around.

It was not Ki Chul-min who would miss the time.

He jumped straight into the air and put all his strength on Tyrwenger. And he finally unleashed the special move he had saved.


A huge pillar of fire fell over Hecate’s head like lightning from the sky.

It was a huge sight, like lava pouring out of the air.

Gi Cheol-min, who had a successful strike, got caught up in the aftermath of the attack and was pushed back and rolled in the air like fallen leaves.

It was then thrown like garbage on the ruins.

He wasn’t seriously injured, but he didn’t have the strength to lift his fingers because he poured all of his magical power into the attack.

It seemed like he had to drink a magic recovery potion or something, but Ki Cheol-min got up and looked at the enemy with eyes full of anticipation.

When he looked up imagining the sight of Hecate’s head split in half, he saw Hecate on one knee, covered in fire and ashes, which were cooling black.

There was no way to ascertain what was going on because he was still.

Ki Chul-min was engulfed in anxiety and drank the magic recovery potion in a hurry.

‘Is it dead or alive?’

Curious, he hurriedly looked around. It was impossible to see where Gwangpil-doo had gone.

I rolled my eyes, thinking that maybe it wasn’t a dead end, but I could see the shining armor.

Ki Cheol-min hurriedly ran to that side, and turned over his body, which was lying on his face.


Ki Cheol-min frowned at his injury. His armor was terribly crumpled.

Gwangpildu’s body looked as if it had been caught in it.

As the Brilliant Aura Armor was damaged, he must have received a shock he had not been able to digest, and blood was leaking out every time he took a breath.

Ki Cheol-min hurriedly took out a few bottles of healing potions and poured them into Gwangpil-doo’s mouth.

As soon as the rest were scattered everywhere, Gwangpildu, who had been attached to consciousness, opened his eyes.

He looked away at Ki Cheol-min who shouted, “Hey, are you out of your mind?” Then he suddenly jumped past him and jumped up.

It was an agile and powerful movement that could not be imagined in a state of being injured.

Gwang Pil-doo not only pushed Ki Cheol-min aside, but also raised his shield. Then, the hook that was flying hit it and made a terrifying sound.


“You’re not dead yet!”

Ki Cheol-min slowly got up and felt hopeless when he saw Hecate pulling the chains.

It was an attack that blew everything he had, but Hecate slowly got up from her seat with a relatively intact appearance, except that her whole body was tanned.

Every time it moved, the ashes flew in all directions, and it looked even more terrifying.

Most of the feathers were burnt, but his momentum did not break in the slightest. And an amazing thing happened.

Suddenly, light exploded from Gwangpil-doo’s whole body.

Ki Cheol-min was startled and rolled backwards. And he widened his eyes at the strange phenomenon that was taking place around the lighthead.

I thought that seven rainbow-colored lights would swirl around Gwangpil-doo’s body, but the broken armor began to transform. Then the light grew stronger and stronger, and nothing could be seen.

Ki Chul-min noticed that it was evolution.

Gwangpil-doo had a completely different appearance than before.

The seven-star armor seemed to have completely changed its form.

The evolved 7-star weapon completely covered the body of the Gwangpil-du so that not even a single hair could be seen.

Its size was also nearly doubled.

However, a clear outline was not visible, but the iridescent light wrapped around the hard-looking outer skin and was oscillating non-stop.

“Oh, Gwangpildo?”

When Ki Cheol-min stuttered and called his name, he turned his head to this side.

His face was not visible, and instead a sharp beam of light covered what was believed to be his eye.

“Have you evolved?”

When Ki Chul-min asked a question, Kwang Pil-doo nodded his head instead of answering. And suddenly he swung one arm to the side.

Then, a long spear popped out where the hand should have been.

Soon, when the lighthead aimed it at Hecate, thousands of magical arrows with incomparable power flew away.

The mass of magical energy, which looked more like a shell than an arrow, struck Hecate, and he cried out in anger.


Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong Woong!

As if rebelling against the peer, Ki Chul-min’s Tyr Wenger and Kwang-pil-doo’s 7-star weapon displayed even stronger power.

Ki Chul-min felt an unprecedented power in Tyrwenger in his grasp.

After giving Hecate a blow, there should be no energy left, but strangely, the magic power was gradually rising.

Perhaps it was the same for Gwangpil-doo, this time he fired magic bullets with both hands nonstop. And he shouted at Ki Cheol-min.

Ki Cheol-min jumped into the air once more.

I had already failed to kill him once, but I wasn’t worried at all.

This time, I had a strong conviction that I would be able to defeat him.

Ki Cheol-min lifted Tyr Wenger into the air. And he hit it with all his might.

Once again, the sky cracked and lightning poured down.

It was a stronger attack than before.

A huge craze raged, and this time, Ki Cheol-min rolled in the air.

On the way, Tyrwenger was stuck in the wreckage of the protruding building and barely stopped rolling.

Then he saw the light of the cross that had split the world splitting Hecate’s chest, which was burning black.

Ki Cheol-min realized that Kwang Pil-doo had given him one blow in succession to his attack. And he once again shook his head in the aftermath and shut his eyes tightly.

When Ki Cheol-min opened his eyes again, Hecate was nowhere to be seen.

When two goddess-class weapons joined forces, no matter how many 20-star monsters were left.

Only the place where he stood was charred and dented, and he disappeared without a trace.

Since only the hot wind lingered around the place, Ki Cheol-min got up and murmured in a bewildered mood.

“Honey, did you get rid of it?”

After saying that, he hurriedly covered his mouth.

I was biting my tongue because I thought it was a silly noise, but I saw the figure of Gwangpil-doo from the other side.

He stared at the spot where Hecate had disappeared, and turned his head towards it.

Then his face, with his helmet turned, was revealed. And Ki Cheol-min answered what he wanted to ask.


A bright color spread across Ki Chul-min’s expression.

Defeating a 20-star monster with this hand!

Ki Chul-min was filled with wonder and tried to exclaim. Kwang Pil-doo calmly said to Ki Cheol-min.

“It’s too early to like. Next comes.”

Only after hearing those words did Ki Chul-min suddenly recall the situation they were in.

The enemy was not a single Hecate.

Seeing the other three giants approaching from three directions, Ki Cheol-min hardened his face with tension.

Seeing Ki Cheol-min like that, Kwang Pil-doo said.

“Before they come, we go first. Let’s kill them one by one.”

Ki Chul-min nodded, and they chose Eris as their next target.

Soon, the two of them rushed at the enemy approaching from the far left, the enemy in the shape of an unknown triangle.

Ki Cheol-min screamed and ran out. Triangle-shaped, fine and sharp particles ran wildly around him.

When Ki Cheol-min came to his senses and radiated his sword, it dispersed for a moment and seemed to let him go. However, they immediately rushed again, and terrifyingly, a raindrop of gunfire poured down.

It was the same with Gwangpil-doo, who had a bad situation. An unidentified triangular dust flew around him as well, which occasionally coalesced, causing powerful explosions.

If it felt like it was slow for a while, fire started pouring in likewise, and non-stop attacks came from under my feet.

Something hidden in the ground, whether it was a plant or a tentacle, was covered with sharp scales.

It roamed the ground, and every time Ki Chul-min and Gwang Pil-doo set their feet on the floor, it wrapped around them and pulled them.

They were pushed to the defense because they were facing Eris, Libitina, and Ceres at the same time.

Perhaps they felt something when they saw Ki Chul-min and Kwang Pil-doo defeating Hecate, and they attacked in an unsuitable way.

The two tried to kill Eris on the far left first so as not to deal with them at the same time, but failed.

While struggling to deal with the triangular particles it pours out, when the other two joined the attack, they were left under siege.

Fortunately, they were dealing with their opponents thanks to the armor that had evolved to the goddess level, but the problem was that there was no way to defeat them all at once.

The battle was exhausting, and Ki Chul-min and Gwang Pil-doo had no choice but to endure.

‘Is it fortunate that I can endure it?’

Ki Cheol-min glanced behind him and thought.

The more they take their time, the safer the rest will be.

Ki Cheol-min clenched his teeth, hoping that most Seoulites could evacuate safely.

‘Yeah, I’m just glad I can survive. Now we just have to wait for Jeong Dae-sik to return.’

Gwangpil-doo’s feelings were similar. However, on the other hand, feeling the passing of time and accumulating fatigue, I wondered when Jeong Dae-sik would come.

Kaga Gaga Gaga Gaga!

Ki Cheol-min stopped at the sound of a strange sound and saw Eris, who had a triangular shape, change its shape.

A geometrical change occurred, and the object became a square.

The triangular particles that had been floating around terrifiedly before the ominous feeling came to agglomerate and turned into a square.

It took the shape of a flat plate, and soon it started flying towards Ki Chul-min and Gwang Pil-doo.

The two flew away to avoid the attack. But it has been pursuing them with great speed.

Ki Cheol-min wielded Tyr Wenger and destroyed it in order not to be caught up with his ominous premonition.

But it was only then that they broke, and soon another square face flew into them.

In the end, Ki Cheol-min was surrounded by squares flying in from all directions while he was awake.

They immediately clashed with each other, and Ki Chul-min was trapped there.

He quickly shoved Tyrwenger into the corner to escape. And he breathed in his magic and tried to break it.

Tyrwenger glowed and melted the corners. Then, something crawled into the gap in the square.

It was none other than a tentacle hiding underground.

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