A Cash Warrior Chapter 44

A Cash Warrior 44

# 44

– Volume 2 Episode 19

Garam Park took out a portable holographic imaging device from her arms.

When I turned it on, the screen floated in the air.

It was a video of the hunting scene of the Dark Flame raid.

“The person in charge behind here is Chan-soo Han, the chief of engineering.”

“Uh…? Is this person a healer by any chance?”

“Yes, that’s right. Chan-soo Han plays a big role in hunting as an excellent healer. As you can see, Chan-soo Han is generously spraying heels, so minor injuries from hunting heal immediately. It is possible.”

Chansu Han’s performance in the video was impressive.

Usually, when it comes to healers, all you need to do is hide behind the scenes and apply the heels you ask for, but Chan-soo Han was actively directing the field and immediately putting on the heels in the right place.

Maybe that’s why the momentum of the engineering team was good, and the hunting proceeded calmly.

“Thanks to Chan-soo Han as a healer, the potion and treatment costs are greatly reduced in Dark Flame. Of course, you can also save the healer’s ransom. In Dark Flame, all the saved costs are distributed to the engineering members.”

“How will the revenue be distributed?”

“It’s 6 to 4. There are 6 crew members and 4 companies. Engineering members share the profits equally and receive incentives according to their performance. After each hunt, Chan-soo Han, the engineering commander, and each team leader participate in an evaluation meeting and go there. They set a bonus. Perhaps someone with outstanding abilities like Jeong Dae-sik will be able to earn more than any engineering member in Dark Flame.”

“Are there any other support?”

“Of course. I just said that the company headquarters is being built right? They’re also building apartments for engineering workers right next door. When it’s finished, anyone who belongs to Dark Flame can live there. Vehicles are also available as hunting jeeps and company cars. In the case of a passenger car, if you renew the contract, the name will be changed at all. Various weapons and equipment are provided, of course… If there is no official schedule, you can freely go hunting. Of course, the profit belongs to Jeong Dae-sik.”

“So you mean you can personally go hunting with raid supplies?”

“Yes. In the case of basic supplies paid to each crew member per month, there are no restrictions on use. You can sell them. However, in the case of rental equipment, if it is damaged, repair costs will be charged separately.”


“Also, twice a year, a level-up pot is held under the direction of Chan-soo Han.”

“A level up pot?”

“Since each person’s innate ability is different, there is bound to be a difference in growth. Chan-soo Han pays attention to even that part and leads the level-up pot for the purpose of support. If you ask for it, you can get help from the engineering commander and get the ability level. It means you can raise it.”

“Indeed, the engineering members deserve a new contract.”

“Yes. Everything has a reason. The Sky Dragon raid is less than Dark Flame in terms of crew welfare, but it also has its own advantages. It’s been a while since it was founded… ..”

The coffee shop door was about to open, and a strikingly beautiful woman entered.

Long hair and long arms and legs looked gorgeous like a model.

Jeong Dae-sik was distracted by Park Ga-ram’s explanation while listening to it for a long time.

She was truly a beautiful woman who could overwhelm the crowd, but as she looked around the coffee shop all the way around the coffee shop, I met her eyes.

Then the woman suddenly came over here.

Again and again!

Garam Park frowned at the threatening sound of high heels and looked back.

Then he found the woman and cried out with a frustrated expression.

“No… How are you here…?”

The woman smiled brightly and sat down next to Park Garam without a word of understanding.

And as he took off his sunglasses, he greeted Jeong Dae-sik.

“Hello? Nice to meet you, Daesik Jeong.”

“…Oh, yes.”

She opened the clutch bag the size of the palm of her hand and pulled out a business card from inside.

Even a business card with a gold frame around it looked gorgeous like a woman.

“My name is Mi-ran Han, a scout. I’m sorry for coming up all of a sudden.”

“No. Uh, I… But right now, I was talking to Mr. Park Ga-ram.”

When Jeong Dae-shik spoke with Park Ga-ram, who had a strong displeasure, a woman who identified herself as Han Mi-ran smiled brazenly.

“There’s no rule that says you have to have a meeting with only one person. Wouldn’t it be better to listen to several suggestions before making a decision?”

Park Ga-ram suppressed his anger and said.

“If there’s anything else to do, I’ll make an appointment after my business is over and later…”

“Is there any reason we should meet separately? I don’t think there is.”

Park Ga-ram and Han Mi-ran seemed to know each other.

It seemed obvious that they were entangled in a bad relationship.

Anyway, Han Mi-ran put her hands together and looked at Jeong Dae-sik and brought out the main point.

“As you may have guessed, I have received several scouting offers. Some of them asked me to bring Jeong Dae-sik into their raid, as they would pay extra for it.”

Han Mi-ran smiled and looked at Park Ga-ram.

“This scout probably strongly recommended a specific raid? He probably promised a small reward in that raid. So he was only trying to appeal to the advantage of that raid.”

Park Ga-ram’s face flushed red.

“If you act like this, I will report you to the Scouting Federation.”

Despite Park Ga-ram’s threatening tone, Han Mi-ran did not blink an eye.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m not affiliated with the Federation anyway. I’m working with foreign engineering too, so it doesn’t matter if the Federation’s restrictions come in.”

Han Mi-ran ignored Park Ga-ram and smiled softly.

“Not only this scout here, but all scouts looking for Dae-Sik Jeong in the future will do everything they can to lead Dae-Sik Jeong to the raid that promises him a high pay. To be honest, there will be limits to the conditions that can be offered unless it is a large-scale manufacturing industry. But what about overseas?”

Jeong Dae-sik widened his eyes.


Han Mi-ran nodded her head.

“I’m connecting domestic hunters with various raids that are active overseas. That’s my specialty. Because Korean hunters are far superior to hunters in any other country. If you are a Korean hunter, you have a line of overseas precision workers who want to take them. Especially if it’s Jeong Dae-sik, who has many abilities… You can choose and go on better terms than domestic precision engineering.”

I never thought about going abroad.

First of all, they do not speak English, and the holy land for hunters is Seoul.

Korea was the place where the skills of hunters were superior to any other country in the world.

Korea was also the place with the largest number of raids in the world, so he never thought of going abroad.

Han Mi-ran’s words continued.

“If you look at the facts, hunters abroad are not following the level of our Korean hunters. That is the same for raids. But that’s a thing of the past, and in the case of great powers such as the United States, Russia, China, and Japan, the state takes the lead in creating and managing raids. It goes without saying that we are attracting excellent talent in the process.

Overseas raids are very well funded because most of them are supported by the state. Especially when it comes to scouting, they don’t spare money. As much as domestic large-scale precision engineering… No, you can receive even greater conditions than that.”

Then Park Ga-ram said in a sharp tone.

“Receiving such conditions is a prerequisite for naturalization to the extent that it can be said that it is absolutely necessary. Just working as a mercenary for a few years is not enough to get good conditions. Yes. If you just tell me how much you want, I can fully meet the conditions. Do you really need to go to a foreign country that doesn’t make sense to you?”

Han Mi-ran immediately refuted Park Ga-ram’s words.

“Perhaps because of the abundance of talented people, the treatment of Hunters in Korea is very poor. The fact that the Awakening Federation is incompetent is widely known, and the Awakening Administration, the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, and various national organizations even tend to treat Hunters as potential criminals. Not only do they pay heavy taxes just because they are Awakened, but they also leave the public security and security issues that the state should be responsible for to the Hunters, right?

Even with empty words, Korea is not a good country for hunters to live. Why are hunters who go abroad being treated like traitors? That’s what sets the mood. Otherwise, the hunters will all go abroad.”

“Excellent hunters make a great contribution to the country just by their existence. It makes no sense to be born as a Korean citizen and to forsake this country and go abroad. We are all gathered in this country. Even if we enter any raid overseas, we will not reach the level of Daesik Jeong. Perhaps we teach more than we learn.”

Ga-ram Park and Mi-ran Han sat down Jeong Dae-sik and argued for a long time.

Jeong Dae-sik, who at first listened because it was interesting, became bored along the way and only had a sore ear.

Noticing the sign, Mi-ran Han quickly handed a copy of the contract to Dae-sik Jeong.

“This is the best condition I can recommend to Daesik Jeong. Of course, you can negotiate here. We can customize anything you want, so think carefully and call the number on your business card.”

Garam Park also offered two copies of the contract.

“Here is the provisional contract between Dark Flame and Heavenly Dragons that I spoke of. Of course, I can match Jeong Dae-sik’s terms. Even if it’s not necessarily between these two places, if there’s a raid you want, I’ll negotiate.”

After they returned, Jeong Dae-sik remained alone and carefully looked through the contracts.

Indeed, Han Mi-ran was confident that overseas raids were better.

The conditions of the Dark Flame and Celestial Dragon raids were not bad, but they were nothing compared to overseas raids.

It was a multinational strike force supported by the Middle East, and the conditions were absolutely staggering.

‘This is… just breathing is enough to make money!’

Jeong Dae-shik doubted his eyes and counted the numbers one by one.

‘A fixed annual salary of 10 billion won! The reward I take here is different depending on the hunting contribution… Oh my! Equipment, weapons, and supplies can be provided as requested… In addition, private planes are available at all times, and supercars are provided free of charge in luxury homes… Even if you sell one car, you worry about living your life. There will be none.’

It was truly a mouth-watering condition.

‘I can’t feel it because I like it too much.’

Jeong Dae-sik crumpled the contract into his arms, thinking that he should think about it for a while.

And before I got up, I checked my phone.

It was put on silent for a while to listen to the story of Garam Park and Mi-ran Han.

However, it was a list of missed calls and the message box seemed to explode.

‘Ugh, what is this!’

Although the senders were different, the purpose was the same.

It was none other than a recruitment proposal from various raids.


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