A Cash Warrior Chapter 50

A Cash Warrior 50

# 50

– Volume 2 Episode 25

I also wanted to show off the Magic Conversion Automatic Rifle and Adamant Knuckle.

But Jeong Dae-sik persevered.

Thinking that he might be a scoundrel, he thought that he might attract some bad guys, so he quickly left the place with self-respect.

“Then I’m busy.”

Then the anchovies recognized Jeong Dae-sik’s identity and caught him in a hurry.

“Wait! Where are you going now? Are you going hunting? So can’t you go with us?”

Hoppang freshly put a spoon on it.

“Yeah. Even after we’ve seen each other since then, we’re going to get to rank 7. Today, the raid is going to ruin, so I’m just doing something here. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to hunt with you at rank 7? Looking at it, there doesn’t seem to be much promise.”

Jeong Dae-sik gently dropped the hand holding it.

“It’s true that we don’t have any plans, but we have other plans.”

He moved quickly and entered the dungeon.

There were many disrupters before they reached the area where Cerberus was.

He had to go through the floor where hell rats, hell dogs, and hell beasts appeared.

Jeong Dae-shik passed by with the feeling of kicking a stone at the foot of a hell mouse.

Helldog was no different.

There was no need to use a powerful force, it was just a fistful.

‘Is this really refreshing?’

While walking while muttering like that, dozens of helldogs suddenly appeared.

As I walked without attention, I entered the monster concentration zone.

Jeong Dae-shik did not panic when he saw dozens of ferocious hell dogs roaring.

On the contrary, he waved his hand at them.

“Let’s attack at once! That way we can test the performance of the armor.”

“Kung Kung K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K!”

As if to respond to those words, the helldogs rushed in with their gleaming teeth exposed.

Jeong Dae-sik stood comfortably with his arms stretched even after provoking them.

Indeed, he was curious to see how powerful the Talos armor set was.

Jeong Dae-sik saw a hell dog ferociously biting his shin and drooping.

Soon, hell dogs hung all over the body, including thighs and buttocks, sides and forearms.

Helldogs bit and drooped all over the place where the snout would go.

Although his body staggered a bit, the feldogs’ teeth could not penetrate through the armor.

The same was true for connections that were considered relatively weak.

No matter how ferocious the hell dogs were, not even the seeds were eaten.

Jeong Dae-sik laughed, hahaha, surrounded by hell dogs.

It was a sight that could be said to have gone crazy while being eaten by hell dogs.

“Awesome! It’s actually better than what you’ve been told, isn’t it?”

Helldogs continued to bite in vain as if they were chewing on rocks.

Even the steel body acquired through the passive skill was applied, so wearing the Talos armor was comparable to a gold ingot.

Didn’t he raise his stamina to 40?

It had to be seen that he did not even nod to any kind of attack.

Jeong Dae-sik thought about it comfortably, dropping them off moderately.

‘Then, shall we try Adamant Knuckle this time?’

He clenched his fists clenchedly.

And without any skills applied, such as reinforcement or speed, he threw out his bare fists.


Even though I just stretched out my arms, the sound of cutting the air was terrifying.

It was like a well-trained boxer.

It was not a punch that Jeong Dae-sik, who had lived as a porter, could do.

‘Wow! This is the power of Adamant Knuckle…!’

Adamant Knuckle was accompanied by several special functions, and the most representative of them was the demonstration of skills.

Technical punches such as jab, straight and hook are built into the knuckle itself.

In other words, just by wearing the knuckles, you can use the same technique as the fist of a boxer who has been honed over the years.

A momentary admiration passed, and a straight straight flew to the face of the hell dog that was attacking from the front.

And finally, the fist wearing the Adamant Knuckles collided with the Helldog.


Jeong Dae-sik screamed in surprise.

It was the same with the Hell Dogs that were clinging to his body.



The moment Adamant Knuckle struck the Hell Dog, a roar rang out.

Hell dogs were frightened by the menacing pounding sound like Pierre and fled in all directions.

Even Jeong Dae-sik, who was the one who raised the fist, shouted in great surprise.

“Wow! Whoa! Whoa, I was surprised…”

Jeong Dae-sik clenched and opened his fists as he watched the hell dogs run away without their tails.

‘This is another performance of Adamant Knuckle. It can also be said that it is an A-grade item. Knuckles made of rainbow cow bones should give up their lingering feelings.’

Since Jeong Dae-sik is so salty, I have always been fascinated by choosing knuckles from the national treasury.

Of course, the knuckles I bought at the weapon shop were cheap and incomparable to A-grade items, but it was something I had never used before.

It has a function that emits light in its own way, but I thought it was a waste to sell it second-hand for a fee.

However, Adamant Knuckle’s excellent performance calmed his sad heart to some extent.

‘It would be nice if the Adamant Knuckles had a function to emit a flash of light… but it must be a full-fledged grunt.’

Dae-sik Jeong struck the corpse of a dead hell dog that had died at his feet.

They all ran away, and the only thing they saved was one that had been hit with their fists.

In fact, since I don’t have much money, I could leave it as a burden and go, but Jeong Dae-sik didn’t.

He mumbled that it doesn’t matter because there is a space anyway , and he took the corpse of the hell dog.

And went further into the dungeon.

The next hitter who blocked Jeong Dae-sik was none other than the Hell Beast.

Unlike the Hell Dog, the Hell Beast is a formidable monster.

But maybe it’s because he’s caught Cerberus multiple times?

Or is it because of that much confidence?

In Jeong Dae-sik’s eyes, it was a hell dog or a hell beast.

The cost of the Fel Beast is more expensive, so it’s just different from taking care of the body.

There was no difficulty in defeating the Fel Beast.

Just by hitting him with his fists with Adamant knuckles a few times, the hellbeast could not get his pulse and salivate and fall apart.

Still, it was called a beast, and he didn’t die in a single blow like a hell dog.

It’s because they didn’t add any reinforcement to the fist.

In order to test the power of the magic conversion automatic rifle, Jeong Dae-shik chose not to kill the Hell Beast’s breath with his fist.

‘Let’s see, first the red button.’

Jeong Dae-shik overturned his stomach and trembled with his legs and swung his automatic rifle towards the fainting infernal beast.

Naturally, I was expecting the noise of magic bullets.


Again, Jeong Dae-sik was surprised.

No, it’s nothing more than a flamethrower-like spark coming out of the snout of an automatic rifle!


Burning flames wrapped around the Fel Beast, and the Fel Beast’s stiff hair began to burn with a foul odor.

The hellbeast struggled a few times as if in agony, then calmed down.

At the same time, Jeong Dae-sik also had a painful expression on his face.

It was not because of a new sympathy that had never happened before.

“Oh! What if that hair burns out!”

Since it turns magic bullets into flame bullets, I was prepared to scorch some of the fel beast’s hair.

However, it will perform like a cannon, not a bullet!

As the nature of the magic changed, the degree of its attack power also changed.

Jeong Dae-sik, who had no preparation, almost burned his eyebrows.

Fortunately, his eyebrows were intact, but the fel beast’s hair was completely burned out, so it was a waste.

Jeong Dae-sik licked his tongue and thought that the red button should be pressed with caution.

Jeong Dae-sik put the burnt-out corpse of the hell-beast into the subspace and moved on again.

Before long, another hellish beast came out.

This time it’s an automatic rifle from the start!

Jeong Dae-shik fired an automatic rifle while holding down the blue button.

Unlike before, I wasn’t too surprised because I was mentally prepared.

However, its power was unexpected.

He thought that the chilly cold air was pouring out, but he had frozen the Hell Beast.


It’s good that the Fel Beast was frozen and incapacitated, but it was too frozen.

It was completely transformed into a giant ice statue.

‘What should I do with this?’

Jeong Dae-sik hesitated, then lightly patted him with his fist with Adamant knuckles.

Then the ice surrounding the Hell Beast was shattered.

However, the once frozen infernal beast still did not come to his senses, and Jeong Dae-sik killed the infernal beast with his fist infused with reinforcement.

‘Okay, ice bombs are more useful than flame bombs. Next, delayed bombs?’

In fact, it was this delayed bullet that Jung Dae-sik was most looking forward to.

After wandering around the same area in search of the next victim, Jeong Dae-sik encountered another hellish beast.


He sharpened his automatic rifle while holding down the black button towards the ferocious beast that slammed the ground and attacked him.

Then, a magic bullet that looked the same as a normal magic bullet was fired.

But as soon as it reached the hell beast, the movement of the hell beast suddenly slowed down.

One month later, I had to run in front of Jeong Dae-sik and bite his head.

The fel beast shuddered as if trapped in a nasty trap.

There’s no way monsters have expressions like that.

The Hell Beast turned into a bewildered face.

He looked at her face and said, “Hahaha!” Jeong Dae-sik smiled and raised his fist.

As he fired his fists that were fed with skills one after another, those fists pierced through the spout of the beast of hell.

His head was shattered, and blood, brain, and bones splattered in all directions.

It’s impossible to just use a fist to defeat the Hell Beasts, but once fortified, the Hell Beasts will only turn to blood.

“Haha! Can this be this easy?”

Jeong Dae-sik laughed in a sense of helplessness.

Not so long ago, I had to put all my energy into catching a hellbeast!

It was not easy even with a party with other people.

Wasn’t even the female intentionally avoiding it?

But now, he was able to hunt alone without a single wound.

‘If the performance of an A-grade item is this, then an S-grade… How much is an SS-grade item? Wouldn’t that be even better?’

Jeong Dae-sik drenched his taste buds when he remembered the adamantium armor.

‘Should I just make a life contract? It seems that there is a sense of patriotism that has never been seen before.’

He retrieved the smashed corpse of the hellbeast and shoved it into the subspace, then set off.

The performance of the weapon was sufficiently confirmed.

Now it’s a real hunt!

A pleasant tension and trembling echoed through my stomach.

Yes, it felt good.

To tell the truth, it was awesome!

With a smile on his lips, Jeong Dae-sik strode into the Cerberus haunted area.

and exclaimed proudly.

“Come on! Cerberus or hell dragons… Get out of here!”

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