A Cash Warrior Chapter 55

A Cash Warrior 55

# 55

– Volume 3 Episode 5

Embarrassment spread across the faces of the Hunters.

Some of them were like, what’s the problem with the mulberry tree, but there were a lot of people who didn’t.

Standing on the handstand was nothing but a basic physical fitness test.

The handgun tree was a movement that even ordinary people could easily do if they had trained their body.

However, it was also a movement that was difficult to do if I had not done anything on a regular basis.

“Then, please get ready. Start!”


The whistle sounded and everyone started to stand on their feet.

Jeong Dae-sik also stood up for a handful of trees.

His stamina level is 40!

This mulberry tree was nothing.

However, looking at the other hunters, the results were surprising.

I thought it would be easy to pass this level, but unexpectedly, close to half of the number did not stand up properly.

Many of the hunters were frustrated and unable to stand a single handful of trees.

Seeing that scene, Dae-Sik Jeong attained enlightenment.

‘Right! Hunters like that usually rely on magic or items to hunt! There would be no need to train the body in particular if he had a high innate mana or equipped with excellent weapons.’

It is the same even if you choose only to hunt for a suitable prey.

If you are always walking around suljapat and have not been exposed to situations where you may face your own limitations or threats to your life, then you do not need a high level of stamina.

However, as a porter, Jeong Dae-sik, who had been through life and death several times, knew well how important basic physical strength was.

Mana will be depleted someday, and items will also be destroyed.

When you run into an extreme situation, in the end, all you have to believe is your arms and legs!

Knowing that fact well, Daesik Jeong has prioritized improving his stamina even when he is spearheading.

Even if he didn’t have the smart ability, he wouldn’t have neglected his physical training.

In fact, even when he was a porter, he had always paid attention to taking care of his body so as not to die.

So when I first became a hunter, my strength and stamina were better than normal people.

‘yes. Physical strength is the basis of all abilities! Mental strength must also be supported by physical strength. It’s a titan attack indeed. Usually hunters dig into areas that are easy to overlook.’

A few minutes have passed since I started to stand up.

Even those who were able to stand on the handstand for the first time could not bear their weight or lost their balance and fell.

After 5 minutes, the remaining number is only 1/3.

Only about 30 people made it through the gate.

“Please keep your posture right!”

The whistle blew once more, and there were sounds of sickness everywhere.

After the people who barely passed the handstand collapsed with groaning, a short break was given.

The first test did not end there.

The supervisor said in a merciless tone.

“I’m going to do push-ups in a moment. Your chest and hips should be in a straight line, and you should do this for three minutes.”

At those words, the sound of death came from all sides again.

Either way, five minutes later the whistle blew again.


The content of the first test was really concise.

It was 5 minutes of handstand, 3 minutes of push-ups, and 30 pull-ups.

I did those three basic fitness tests in a row at five-minute intervals, and only seven people survived to the end.

The level of the hunters who took off their special abilities and expensive items was only this level, and I felt pitiful.

‘It’s a shame.’

Jeong Dae-sik looked at the hunters who were eliminated because they could barely pass this level with pitiful eyes.

When I thought that these guys were hunters and arrogant outside, it was ridiculous.

‘There is no other bright apricot.’

Jeong Dae-sik groaned and left the auditorium.

Then I got my belongings back and went back to the waiting room.

Unlike before, the waiting room was very quiet.

But Ki Chul-min survived.

He wasn’t very welcome.

But when I met him, I just smiled.

Jeong Dae-sik smiled and said to Ki Cheol-min.

“The first test passed.”

To that, Ki Chul-min responded as if it were an insult.

“If that doesn’t go through, I’ll have to stop being a hunter.”

Daesik Jeong also agreed.

He nodded, waiting for the second test to begin soon.

A light snack was provided and 30 minutes later, the second test began.

“The second test will be a mock battle. Follow me.”

The place that the supervisor led to was the hologram room.

The hologram room was usually used by novice hunters for training before going into battle.

Usually, they pay a certain amount and rent it by the hour, but some large-scale holes have their own facilities.

It looked like they had a hologram room installed in the Titan raid.

It was surprising that a small and medium-sized raid group, not even a large precision drilling force, had such a facility.

Thinking that the financial power is stronger than it looks, Jeong Dae-sik headed to the observation room on the upper floor of the hologram room.

There I waited for my turn, watching others take the test.

The first person to fight the mock battle looked quite nervous.

It must have been the first time I had to take the exam, and I had to stand in front of other people’s eyes, so it was inevitable that I would be nervous.

To him, the supervisor told him a few things.

“In this hologram room, you will fight a simulated battle with a virtual monster. The kind of monster you will face will be decided by a random lottery. You can mobilize all your abilities, equipment, and weapons. For reference, this hologram The room is made very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Also, unexpected situations may occur during battle. Please bear this in mind before proceeding with the test. Then we will start in about a minute.”

The lighting in the observation room dimmed, and only the hologram room appeared bright.

The hunter standing in the middle gulped and swallowed dry saliva, waiting for the monster he would face.

Before long, holographic particles appeared in front of them, resembling pixels.

It soon changed to look very similar to a live-action monster.

There was quite a bit of tension in the sound of how real it was.

The monster the first hunter will face is none other than an orc!

A bipedal, intelligent monster, it wasn’t a very powerful enemy, but it was difficult to deal with because it was equipped with weapons and used cunning.

Occasionally, there were people who used magic or blooms on the way, so it was even more so.

Fortunately, this orc didn’t seem to know how to use advanced technology.

Afraid to see the Hunter in front of him, he drew an ax from behind and charged forward.

The hunter taking the test calmly pulled out his weapon.

He took out an automatic revolver in both hands and fired.

Tadadadang! Ride and go!

The revolver blew fire, and magic bullets were fired and struck the orc.

A few shots were hit by the orcs, but most were blocked by the orc wielding ax and bounced off.

Soon, an orc arrived in front of the hunter, wielding an ax the size of two human heads with supernatural power.


The sound of the ripping of the wind resounded eerily, and the ax passed the Hunter’s head below his ears.

A few strands of hair could be seen fluttering in the air in the bright light.

The cold-hearted Hunter bowed down and dug deep into the Orc’s arms.

And boldly, he held the muzzle close to the orc’s side.


The orc’s side was pierced and green blood splattered into the air.

However, the Hunter was hit in the temple by the elbow of the orc and was thrown to the side.

The orc kicked the fallen Hunter’s stomach, ignoring his side injuries.

And at once swung the ax and struck the Hunter’s head.

The Hunter screamed and withdrew, and suddenly the lights went out and his eyes went dark.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was watching the scene with his hands sweating without realizing it, was startled.

Then I managed to remind myself that this was only virtual, not real.

‘Wow, this is pretty realistic! If I go into that hologram room, I’ll be crazy.’

The fire was quickly lit again, but the orc’s hologram had already disappeared.

With only the hunter crouched on the floor left, a notice board announcing the result of the simulated battle appeared in the air.

The result was defeat.

Damage taken by Orcs is 80%.

But in the end, the damage the Hunter suffered was decisive.

He was fatally wounded in an instant because he could not block the critical hit.

Hunter sat down in his place and looked very disappointed.

Toward him, the other test takers applauded encouragingly.

In a bit of commotion, the first test taker left the hologram room, and the next hunter entered.

What appeared this time was a weaker monster than an Orc.

However, there were as many as they were weak.

As many as three goblins appeared at once.

The hunter in the second order, pushed by the number, had a hard time.

He was stabbed here and there by the spear of the goblin, and the damage piled up and he eventually died again.

‘Even if it’s a hologram, the monster’s stats seem to be set quite high. I must not be vigilant.’

The monster that appeared next was surprisingly different from the vicious monster that appeared earlier.

It was a banshee, a spirit-type monster with long hair.

It was very eerie to see him standing, dripping black tears.

For Jeong Dae-shik, it was the first monster he had ever seen.

Most of the other hunters were like that, and they chattered without knowing the strategy.

“Isn’t that Banshee?”

“Isn’t that the sound of crying is terrible?”

“But you’re already crying? How do you deal with that?”

“Shouldn’t I get rid of it at once before crying?”

The hunter who faced the banshee also looked very troubled.

He showed a sign of contemplation for a moment, then clenched his long sword as if he had made up his mind.

and injected magic.


The long sword was so shiny that it looked like he was using a sword.

The Hunter carefully took a stance, and immediately ran towards the Banshee at once.

Perhaps, as most hunters thought, the banshee would hit the player before the terrifying pierce.

But what is this!

Even before the sword could strike Banshi, the transparent shield deflected the attack.

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