A Cash Warrior Chapter 63

A Cash Warrior 63

# 63

– Volume 3 Episode 13

Apparently, a man named So Gang-doo seemed to be a hunter who was born with a recant trope and ability to transform.

Being a very rare type of hunter, Jeong Dae-sik opened his eyes wide in curiosity.

Soon, a handsome man interrupting from the side introduced himself one after another.

“I’m Tae-Hoon Yoo and I’m a necromancer. I can act as a tanker, dealer, and debuffer.”

Necromancers were also rare.

However, its appearance was quite different from the necromancer that is generally considered.

Usually, when you think of a necromancer, you imagine a gloomy person wearing a hood, but a man named Yoo Tae-hoon is too good-looking.

It was like I was jumping out of a CF screen because I laughed .

“Oh, and this one…”

“Introduce yourself, too!”

The third person who opened his mouth at the urging of Yoo Tae-hoon and So Gang-doo was a man with a good physique and a reticent impression.

With his short hair cut, practical attire, and thick walkers, he looked like a soldier.

He was also the most hunter-looking character among them.

He bluntly opened his mouth.

“Park Mu-won. Tanker, dealer, and healer……”

The last one was a girl who only came to the chest of Jeong Dae-sik.

He looked young, about 10 years old.

Besides, he was too shy to make eye contact with Jeong Dae-sik.

Instead of introducing herself, she blushed and hid behind Yoo Tae-hoon.

Then Taehoon Yoo introduced a smile instead.

“This is Heo Mi-rae. He’s an excellent debuffer. He looks young, but he’s only 25, so don’t make a mistake.”

At twenty-five, he was older than Jeong Dae-sik.

Jeong Dae-sik opened his mouth wide inwardly, thinking that it was an absolute young age.

As it turned out, all the members of the unit were capable of handling multiple positions.

The fact that Jeong Dae-sik is a multiplayer didn’t seem unusual here.

Anyway, since the introduction of the troops was over, it was Jeong Dae-sik’s turn to introduce himself.

“I’m Dae-sik Jeong… I don’t have much to say about my abilities because the commander has already told me everything.”

Sogangdu giggled at those words.

“Even if the deputy commander didn’t say anything about cancer, I knew it anyway. The rumors about you spread so much. I thought I would like you to join our team, but I’m sure you’ll be joining the Foreign Legion. It seems that the commander has put a lot of effort into it?”

Taehoon Yoo smiled bitterly.

“Because our troops haven’t been replenished for a while. Buffers are really desperate.”

Come to think of it, most of the troops had various abilities, but there was no buffer.

Although there are debuffers and healers, their abilities are clearly distinct from buffers.

Although Kim Si-on spit out all kinds of venom and left, the atmosphere of the troops was not bad.

They welcomed Jeong Dae-sik and informed him of various things about the unit.

Apparently, there was a reason why the Foreign Legion was called the Foreign Legion.

“Rather than working independently, we often dispatch to other units or external raid requests. Literally a foreign unit.”

“Looking at it, everyone seems to have special abilities, right?”

“Yeah, basically Foreign Legion consists only of troops who can play multiple positions at once. Except in the case of the future, the debuff is so powerful that it’s a waste to stick to just one. Multiplayer like you. …the same goes for Triple List.”

“Come to think of it, now that we’re in the same unit, why don’t we talk more comfortably?”

At So Gang-doo’s suggestion, Jeong Dae-shik stopped talking with the crew.

“Then, every time a request comes in, does the entire unit sortie?”

“Sometimes only a few people go out, and sometimes all of them go out, yes. It depends on the mission.

Jeong Dae-sik, who was listening to various explanations, held up the leather case that was handed over to Kim Si-on.

“Ah, that? The key card for the house you will be staying in, the car key, the storage device with the Foreign Legion access code installed, and the communication pad used by the Titan Raid in common.

Jeong Dae-sik simply learned how to access the Foreign Legion’s cloud and how to use the communication pad.

Then, following the opinions of the troops, we all went to eat together.

Meals were served in the canteen located inside the Titan Raid Headquarters building.

The standard of the cafeteria with buffet style was quite good.

Since all the rice eaten here is free, it seemed that all meals should be settled here.

Even the desserts were so full that I felt like I was at a high-end hotel buffet.

Jeong Dae-sik took a tour of the building, which he had not been able to see properly because he was not an official member of the crew.

After that, a few hours passed, and Yoo Tae-hoon stopped the sogangdu, who was encouraging him to go out for a drink.

“Is this the first time you’re entering the company’s house today? We’ll have to go and organize our luggage, so let’s disperse.

“It’s hell training from tomorrow, so we’re not going to play today!”

After breaking up with the crew members who were half-forced to drag Sogang-doo who was screaming, Dae-sik Jeong received the car he was going to drive in the basement parking lot of the Titan Raid Headquarters building.

The car he shared was a jeep, but his personal car was a sedan.

Even if it wasn’t a very high-end model, it was incomparable to taking the subway, bus, or public transportation every time.

Dae-sik Jeong drove his car and found a house where he would live in the future.

His home was located in a housing estate adjacent to the Titan Raid Headquarters building.

The place that was completely destroyed by the Monster Break was pushed away and rebuilt, so it had the feeling of a planned city.

The houses were lined up in an orderly manner on the straight road.

It was built at once, so there was no sense of individuality.

There were rows of single-person houses that looked like matchboxes, and Jeong Dae-sik’s house was one of them.

It was a common house that looked nothing like an apartment, but it still had an individual parking lot, a small yard, a terrace, and a roof.

The distance from the surrounding houses was also adequate, so privacy seemed to be well protected.

What’s more, the Titan Raider’s residence was locked by a public security system, so outsiders could not enter the residence.

It was possible only if you had the mark of the Titan raid or had a pass.

The mark received through the scroll serves as an identification card.

There was a security and management office at the entrance, so all inconveniences could be resolved there.

Jeong Dae-sik greeted the security guard briefly, passed security, and arrived at his house not far away.

When I put the car in the parking lot, opened the front door with the key card, and went inside, I saw a spacious interior than I expected.

All the basic household necessities were provided, so all you had to do was move in.

Jeong Dae-sik looked around the house and roughly threw his suitcase away.

And, a luxury that could never be enjoyed in an inn room, he went into his own bathroom and used hot water in the shower booth.

Then he went straight to the bedroom and fell asleep.

The next day, Dae-Sik Jeong left for work on time and went to the Foreign Legion office.

Afraid that the members of the unit were gathering, the commander of the unit, Kim Si-on, appeared.

Maybe it was a hot day, and she was wearing a crop top, but the abs that were exposed underneath were as good as men’s.

Come to think of it, the blood vessels on the exposed shoulders and forearms were no joke.

Kim Si-on said that he was a little dazed by that appearance.

“Today, I’m going to the dungeon to change diapers for the new idiot.”

So Gang-doo cheered when he was told that he was going to the dungeon, but he was glared at by Kim Si-on.

So Gang-doo frowned and shut his mouth, and Kim Si-on continued.

“It’s difficult if the kid I brought with me at the very least dies, so I’ll go to a place that’s relatively comfortable. Let’s go to the S12 dungeon.”

At those words, Yoo Tae-hoon rolled his eyes.

“If it’s the S12 dungeon… is that where the slime comes from?”

When they heard that it was the place where slimes came from, So Gang-doo had an expression like that the steam was leaking.

If the opponent was a slime, it was enough.

Since the slime was slow and the body was made of soft ingredients such as gelatin, it had no taste to attack.

It was difficult to deal with as it was difficult to inflict fatal wounds on the subject of screaming, too.

In other words, it is a monster that does not make money and takes a lot of effort.

Kim Si-on rolled his eyes as if he would not accept any complaints.

“If you go to a dungeon where monsters stronger than that are appearing, as I said, the new idiot might have a big problem, right?”

It bothered me to say that I’m an idiot or childish, so Jeong Dae-sik answered without realizing it.

“I don’t mind.”

At those words, Kim Si-on narrowed her eyes.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter? Yeah, I’m confident in my attack power, right?”

“You don’t need to adjust the water level consciously of me.”

“Yeah, will you change your poo diaper?”

“You wouldn’t even poop in the first place.”

Kim Si-on smiled wickedly.

“Okay, let’s see how good you are at your chittagong.”

She armed herself with a stern expression, packed up her gear, and went down to the basement.

The Foreign Legion all boarded a jeep and left Namyangju City and passed through downtown Seoul.

S12 Dungeon was located in the northern part of Seoul, on the border with Uijeongbu City.

“It’s all here.”

Kim Si-on, who drove by hand, quickly wanted a porter at the entrance of the dungeon.

Then he told me to check the weapons and equipment.

“The hunting time is six hours! We’ll be back before sunset. If you need anything more than basic supplies, tell me now. If you go in there, you won’t come out for six hours, either slaughtered or cooked.”

There was no one to answer, and Kim Shi-on immediately motioned a hand.


S12 Dungeon was a popular hunting ground for intermediate and beginner hunters.

It’s not a very popular dungeon because the monsters appearing are slimes, but it was a good place to test your powers or strategize.

It was also famous as a Suljapat spot. It is a field type, not a build type, so it is easy to move.

That’s why the entrance was crowded with hunters.

The Foreign Legion went through the crowded area and into a deeper area.

When the forest with the sparsely standing trees ended, and a field appeared, there were fewer people.

The S12 dungeon was divided into 12 directions, and the area was divided according to the monsters that appeared.

The direction the Foreign Legion was going was Area 11G.

So Kang-doo and Yoo Tae-hoon, who also act as tanks, took the lead, followed by Park Mu-won and Jeong Dae-sik.

Heo Mi-rae and Kim Si-on guarded the rear and moved forward.

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