A Cash Warrior Chapter 66

A Cash Warrior 66

# 66

– Volume 3 Episode 16

Jeong Dae-sik thought about upgrading the store, remembering the laptop that had exploded slowly.

It costs 1 billion won to make the shop Lv4, but there is still about 1.9 billion left.

‘Since the subspace is small, it would be better to upgrade the shop first and see what new skills are available before investing the rest of the money.’

“Entropy, I’ll upgrade the shop.”

The displayed balance suddenly dropped, and entropy suddenly flashed.

After a bit of dazzling and frowned upon, the shape of entropy changed.

Up until now, it had been just a face with a symbol floating on it in a speech bubble, but this time the shape became clearer.

Once the body and limbs were formed, the overall shape was like a teddy bear.

Also, the face became more specific, so the eyes, nose, and mouth became more distinct, and the expressions became more colorful.

“How about entropy? Have you gotten any smarter?”

Of course, the nonsensical conversation continued.

“Is online access now possible?”

“Is it possible to search?”

“Then where should I try?”

Jeong Dae-sik asked a question.

“How did the Zodiac raid leader change?”

After some time passed, Entropy opened its mouth.

Jeong Dae-sik was surprised to hear the details more than expected.

He did not greatly trust the search power of entropy.

He thought that if he did well, he could add two or three things from the facts he had found.

However, it was detailed as if he had looked into the situation that night.

“How did you find out?”

Entropy replied bluntly.

“Is this what you found through a search?”

“No, because I used a search engine…”

“You mean you have a separate search engine?”

“Wait, wait. Then you can find all the materials that have been uploaded online, right? Isn’t that almost hacking?”

As time passed, the abilities of the Awoken were becoming more diverse.

Some of them had the ability to relate to computers or information networks, so in front of such people, various security systems were useless.

Naturally, the defense system through this ability was also developing day by day.

It was impossible for even the best hackers to get the data stored there.

Of course, it wasn’t something that could be requested from the entropy that was only Lv4.

Even so, the ability of current entropy was truly surprising.

As long as it is not information that is treated as top secret, most of what Daesik Jeong wants can be found.

It was very convenient to collect the fragmented data and tell only the results.

As for the authenticity, it is necessary to suspect that it is a synthesis of information floating around online, but that did not impair the convenience of entropy search.

“Awesome! It’s really comfortable. It’s amazing.”

For the first time, Entropy showed a different expression instead of an expression that looked like he was trembling, expressionless, or looked down on Jung Dae-sik’s praise.

Well, in terms of facial expressions, it was still at the level of a teddy bear, but anyway, entropy seemed to be a bit shy.

Jeong Dae-sik, feeling better, said with a chuckle.

“Do you have any other abilities other than online access?”

“It can replace the role of a cell phone, this one. Another way?”

There is no end to people’s greed, and Jeong Dae-sik showed a disappointment.

Are you saying that such a fluffy teddy bear can be seen in the eyes of other people and used anywhere?

Thinking it was a meaningless function, he muttered, and entropy became expressionless again.

“How much is that?”

Jeong Dae-sik asked a question out of curiosity even though the amount was clearly guessed.

<10 billion.>

Again, Jeong Dae-sik made a fish-style steaming sound.

100 billion?

It is indeed a huge amount.

Would that kind of money be used to upgrade the shop?

Jeong Dae-sik was skeptical and looked at the newly opened skill items.

Strengthening, spiritual, and metamorphic skills have increased significantly, but basic abilities have already been retained.

If you play solo, you may need various skills, but now you are a member of the raid.

Even if you don’t need to add skills, the other crew members will supplement that part, so it wasn’t urgent.

Anyway, the amount required to open the skill is 10 million won.

I decided to put it off for now because I could open it anytime I wanted.

Instead, I devised a different direction.

‘It would be better to upgrade the skills you already have. I haven’t tried the skill upgrade yet, so I’m curious to see how powerful it is.’

It was unconditional 1 billion won to upgrade the skill.

Seeing that the cost of acquiring new skills did not rise, there was a high possibility that the skill upgrade would continue to be 1 billion won.

Jeong Dae-sik confirmed this to Entropy, and his guess was correct.

“Yeah…? Then I’ll just have to try it.”

Jeong Dae-sik contemplated whether to upgrade the powerful sword or the steel body.

There were several other skills, but the feeling of being an assistant was strong, so I gave priority to those two skills.

‘If you add reinforcement to the powerful fist, the attack power is already considerable. I’d rather upgrade the steel body. No matter what, safety comes first. No matter how many other crew members help me, I must protect my life.’

After organizing his thoughts, Jeong Dae-sik opened his mouth.

“I’ll upgrade the steel body.”

Suddenly, a soft light rose from Jeong Dae-sik. When the light that seemed to pierce through the skin was absorbed again and came out, I felt refreshed as if I had been in the bathroom for about an hour or three.

But when I saw that nearly 3 billion dollars had fallen to one place again, I felt heartbroken.

‘You can do 2 billion in one sitting. Unprecedented luxury.’

Jeong Dae-sik licked his lips and decided to leave the remaining 950 million won.

After exceeding 1 billion won, I sent back entropy, thinking that I would have to do something else again at that time.

‘Okay, I’m going to try the upgraded steel body in today’s training right now!’

Chapter 18. First Dispatch

In fact, I couldn’t test the upgraded steel body in training.

For about a week, Kim Shi-on did rigorous training to match the sum of his troops, but it was all simulated battles using the hologram room.

It was unreasonable to understand how much the steel body had been strengthened because it had not suffered any real damage.

Fortunately, the opportunity came not too long ago.

After a week of training, Kim Si-on came up with a hunting schedule.

“This request came from the Cheongun Manma raid. They say they are going to rob the Wyvern nest, but they need support. The expected size of the raid team is about 30 people. The reward is everything except the Wyvern egg.”

Hearing this, Sogangdu whistled.

Except for the Wyvern’s eggs, everything they catch was the Foreign Legion’s share, so it would be a significant income.

Kim Si-on frowned at So Kang-doo’s frivolous behavior, but did not dare to open his mouth to warn.

It’s because of the small gangdu’s clenching his mouth and shutting his mouth.

Instead, Kim Si-on continued to speak.

“Our mission is to assist the team members so that the Cheongun Manma raid can safely take the Wyvern eggs. We also have to protect the monster investigation team dispatched by the government.”

“The monster investigation team?”

Kim Si-on nodded.

“The Cheongun Manma raid is going to collect Wyvern eggs at the request of a government official. The monster investigation team will accompany the raid team to conduct dungeon exploration and monster research. .”

Hearing those words, Mirae Heo suddenly remembered something and said, “Ah!” made a sound

She said with a blush in her face as all the crew’s eyes were on her.

“That… I’ve heard that the government is running a monster book business.”

Hermione was right.

Kim Si-on answered yes and added an explanation.

“Therefore, this operation is very important. This time, it is a form of dispatching to the Cheongun Manma raid, but if we do well, the next time the government commissions will come right in our direction.

The Monster Encyclopedia business is not a business that will end in a year or two. It is a long-term, state-led project that requires enormous financial resources. It would be nice if we could bring that work. So, be alert and prepare well for the remaining two days so that you can start the operation. Do you understand?”

The dungeon to enter with the raid team was GW19 Dungeon in Gangwon-do.

“This dungeon is a field-type dungeon and is famous for its harsh environment. It’s wide, and it’s often stormy and the weather changes rapidly. It’s a place where you can easily die and die even if you’re in distress without monsters.”

Kim Si-on continued the briefing while flipping through the data screens.

“This dungeon is also famous for monsters appearing underground, on the ground, and in the sky. In particular, the Grand Mall digging a tunnel, Crazy Buffalo gathering in herds, and a very ferocious Wyvern pop out.”

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