A Cash Warrior Chapter 67

A Cash Warrior 67

# 67

– Volume 3 Episode 17

As the photos of the terrifying monster crossed over and the Wyvern screen unfolded, Kim Si-on raised his voice.

“Especially, digging a Wyvern’s nest is something you must do with the determination to risk your life. Wyverns are obsessed with eggs, so they never leave anyone who attacks the nest alive. You have to make up your mind to kill the wyvern from the moment you think of taking in. The nest of the wyvern is jointly guarded by males and females, but in case of a joint attack, at least one raid will harpoon. Even if they go, they will be in a hurry to protect the monster investigation team and collect the eggs. In fact, it should be seen that we are dealing with the Wyverns.”

Si-on Kim sticks out his tongue for a moment, moistens his lips, and continues.

“These bastards are large, have a long neck, and a snout protruding like a beak is as hard as steel. If you peck from above, the top of the head is likely to burst. Besides, the snout is packed with teeth, so the body is shredded immediately when bitten.

Although the forelimbs with wings and membranes look relatively weak, they have claws like hooks, so you can’t look at them lightly. It’s like a sharp sickle, and it cuts off finger and toe branches. Not to mention the thick hind legs. As you can see, it is huge and boasts a great grip. If you get a rat on your toenail once, you have to think that it will break in one place.”

Seeing the crew members who were a little dazed and quiet, Kim Si-on turned off the screen.

“The Wyvern is very ferocious and clever, so it’s not easy to catch it without damage. The goal should be to hunt as completely as possible, but there’s nothing more foolish than being killed by a Wyvern thinking about that. Don’t worry about making a profit. Even though we own all the prey we catch, our goal is to assist the raid team and protect the investigation team! Keep that in mind!”

While reviewing the things to know based on the data handed over from the Cheongun Manma raid, an administrative staff came to visit.

He gave the Foreign Legion members a temporary contract from Cheongun Manma.

Based on the contents negotiated through the provisional contract, the contract is concluded, the plan is drawn up, and preparations are made.

Seeing such a scene, Jeong Dae-sik thought that this type of raid would not be bad.

‘It would be okay to create a small raid with the sole purpose of raiding rather than raising the size unnecessarily. If you support the raid by receiving a request from the outside, or hire a temporary crew to do the raid, you will be able to conduct various types of operations with a small number of people.’

Although it is only in its infancy now, Jeong Dae-sik carefully scanned the provisional contract, thinking that the direction of the raid he envisioned seems to be materializing little by little.

It was decided to revise the contract by collecting the opinions of the crew, and Kim Si-on had him learn the topography and features of the dungeon based on the mapping data handed over by the Cheongun Manma raid.

Then, he took them to the hologram room and prepared them by having them fight the monsters that appeared in GW19D.

Three days later, the Foreign Legion joined the raid team and the monster investigation team in front of Seoul Station.

Kim Si-on met the commander of Cheongun Manma and was introduced to the monster investigation team.

“This is Song Ki-beom, the team leader and general manager of the monster investigation team that will accompany the raid team.”

“Nice to meet you.”

A man named Song Ki-beom was a civil servant in his mid-40s with half-baled hair.

In the words of the engineering captain, he was also said to be a capable person, but there was a high possibility that he had a mana ability.

The monster investigation team consisted of Song Ki-beom, a professor at a famous university, a young woman called Doctor Monster, and a researcher.

The young woman was named Lee Jeong-yeon, and Jeong Dae-sik was also seen on TV several times.

Although he was a civilian, he was an early graduate of a prestigious overseas university, and his passion for research on monsters was great.

“Are these three people on the monster investigation team?”

At Kim Si-on’s question, Song Ki-beom nodded, and Monster Doctor Lee Jeong-yeon intervened next to him.

“If there are many non-combatants, it will only get in the way.”

Kim Si-on blew a venomous remark with a smiling face.

“If you know that, you’d better follow the support team.”

Lee Jeong-yeon did not give in to her cruel smile.

“The reaction of monsters in battle is also an important factor in my research. No, that is the data needed for hunters. If you can create a standardized monster strategy, more efficient hunting will be possible.”

“The existence of a monster itself is not standardized, is that possible? I wonder if there will be more hunters who are sacrificed because they believe in strategies and rush to attack?”

don’t fall

Jeong Dae-sik looked at the distant mountain, thinking that he could hear the sound of lightning from somewhere.

It was like seeing a dragon and a tiger, a snake and a mongoose.

Commander Cheongunmanma soon introduced the raid team leader as well.

“I am Peter Chang, who will lead this operation on my behalf.”

Contrary to his cheesy name, Peter Chang was not a very talkative person.

After a brief greeting, we moved to the dungeon first.

The car started with the chief of engineering to see off, and in about three hours, the party reached GW19D.

The support team quickly opened tents, arranged for porters and checked supplies.

In the meantime, Peter Chang, Kim Si-on, and Song Ki-beom checked the items agreed in advance, wrote the contract, and reviewed the prepared operation.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Legion team checked their personal weapons and equipment and had a quick meal.

As we are filling our stomachs with the provided lunch box, the crew members, conscious of the fact that Dae-Sik Jeong is the first to participate, have come to say this and that.

“Don’t be too nervous. Just follow the training.”

“Even if it’s a Wyvern, it’s nothing. Don’t be afraid.”

“It’s never been sticky, so let’s eat some rice.”

When Jeong Dae-shik opened his eyes at Sogang-doo’s words, he smiled hahaha.

“Yeah, eat a lot. It’s going to be difficult to eat in peace when you go into the dungeon. If you eat emergency food for three days with cold dew, you’ll miss this boxed lunch.”

“I’m only going to have a nightmare training with the commander.”

Jeong Dae-shik licked his tongue.

In fact, he hadn’t been hunting for a long time, except for the dungeon raid, where he participated as a temporary member of the Zodiac raid.

As for training, I tried to stay in a dungeon for a week while receiving training from Kim Si-on.

Yoo Tae-hoon smiled bitterly as he recalled the nightmarish memories of that time.

“It is rumored that the training of the deputy commander is terrible. Even if it is not to that extent, this operation is on the small side, so it will not be very convenient.”

When the Zodiac raid team went out to attack the dungeon, it was amazing in size as it was one of the best places in Korea.

It was enough to send a separate reconnaissance team to set up a save point, and the support team that followed had enough firepower, so they could keep moving the base camp without worrying about the monsters.

Thanks to this, he did not care about danger and enjoyed various conveniences during rest, but the situation was different for these small and medium-sized raid teams.

Of course, there will be some advantages as well.

“Instead, the income will be substantial, so the hard work will be worthwhile, right?”

The small size of the support team meant less costs.

In terms of net income, small and medium-sized raid teams had higher income.

By the time we finished eating, everything was ready.

After discussing all the details and signing the contract, Si-on Kim returned to check the condition of the Foreign Legion’s equipment once more and said.

“I’ll go into the dungeon soon. Get ready!”

Jeeps lined up at the entrance to enter the dungeon.

The first vehicle of the raid team, which was carried by Peter Chang, took the lead, followed by the investigation team with the security guard, and the foreign corps vehicle in the third.

Then there was the second group, and the porters, the support team, and the third group decided to leave at a distance.

signal went down.



Cars blew out loud engine sounds and entered the dungeon.


Afraid to enter the dungeon, Jeongyeon Lee sticks her head out of the car window and raises her voice.

At first glance, the scenery inside the dungeon looked like a vast meadow.

The gentle hills were waving and stretching out to the endless horizon.

However, what sprouted between the hills was a large chunk of jewellery.

Strange stones, green like emeralds, were rolling around like some kind of pebbles.

Through a bright light source embedded in the sky, they were emitting a dazzling light.

“Put your head in!”

At the shouts of the hunters who were riding with the investigation team, Jeongyeon became pale and closed the window.

Since the save point was set through a preliminary survey, the cars ran to it without a break.

After about an hour or so, the cars stopped.

It was supposed to set up base camp here, and there would be three groups left for the porters, the support team, and their safety. Song Ki-beom, a member of the investigation team, was also left behind as an excuse to collect samples. They said it was to observe the environment of the dungeon, but it seemed like he just didn’t want to leave the base camp. Only Lee Jeong-yeon and two assistants were accompanied.

In addition, groups 1 and 2 were prepared to go hunting in earnest with the investigation team.

Naturally, the Foreign Legion was going to go with them.

Sitting on the jeep waiting for the preparations to be complete, Sogangdu flapped his fan in his face.

“Oh, it’s hot.”

It seemed that he wasn’t the only one feeling the heat.

Sweat was dripping down on Yoo Tae-hoon’s handsome face, and Park Mu-won also had a damp nose.

Except for Heo Mi-rae, who was small and skinny, only Jeong Dae-shik was fine.

“Ugh, thanks to the Talos leather armor? It’d be nice to have someone covered with A-grade items~.”

Sogangdu pulled out his tongue and was envious of Jeong Dae-sik’s armor, which had a body temperature control function.

Taehoon Yoo asked how he had prepared such a rare item, but he had nothing to answer.

Since he could not speak about the national treasure chest, Jeong Dae-sik only shrugged his shoulders.

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