A Cash Warrior Chapter 69

A Cash Warrior 69

# 69

– Volume 3 Episode 19

Every time the Crazy Buffalo came and collided, I could see Shin Chae-woon’s fatigue rising sharply.

In addition, the magical light emitted by the umbrella he was holding was getting clearer.

Shin Chae-woon pours out his magical energy to protect the Crazy Buffalo swarm, fearing that the umbrella item he is carrying will be damaged.

“Magic recovery!”

“Intellect fixed!”

The buffers started buffing him one after another, and Daesik Jeong also buffed him.

Jeong Dae-sik’s magic enveloped him, and Shin Chae-woon opened his eyes wide.

He suddenly clenched his teeth and, to his surprise, swung his umbrella and slammed several Crazy Buffalos at once.

Six or seven Crazy Buffalos soared into the sky, and other Crazy Buffalos were pushed back, creating a momentary space.

At that moment, Peter Chang shouted.

“Tankers! Secure space. One deal! Attack!”

The tanks surrounding the hunting team took the lead one by one.

Those who stood behind them started to show off their skills.

All sorts of long-range attacks spread forward, and to my surprise, a path of some sort was created between the herds of Crazy Buffalo.

A herd of Crazy Buffalo started avoiding them.

The counterattack was from then on.

Taking advantage of the break in the Crazy Buffalo herd, Chae-Woon Shin, who was still holding that ridiculous umbrella, did something even more absurd.

fold the umbrella

And, the road was opened.

“Offense umbrella.”


As the umbrella unfolded, the same thing happened again and again.

A herd of several buffalos flew through the air as the umbrella spread out and bounced off the magic field.

Shin Chae-woon repeated the same action and moved forward little by little, and the attack formation expanded.

They even joined forces to defeat the nearby Crazy Buffalo one after another.

But the real battle started now.


I was barely getting used to the vibrations caused by the Crazy Buffalo, when suddenly a pile of dirt exploded from the floor.

And from there, a huge monster came out.

“It’s a Grand Mall!”

The Grand Mall soared through swarms of wildly rampant Crazy Buffalos.

Compared to the Grand Mall, the Crazy Buffalo herd was definitely a medium-sized breed.

Obviously large, the Grand Malle had forelimbs that looked like a pocklane shovel turned into its most ferocious form, capable of grabbing and lifting up a crazy buffalo.

“Do not attack, do not attack!”

At the sudden appearance of the Grand Mall, Peter Chang wrote a nudge towards the hunters who were trying to attack reflexively.

The Crazy Buffalo herd is unavoidable and fights back, but there was no need to do so with the Grand Mall.

Anyway, the goal of this raid was the Wyvern Egg.

There was no need to waste power fighting the Grand Mall in vain.

Of course, that was just the hunting team’s wish.

The Grand Mall ran wild through the herd of Crazy Buffalo, and, to their surprise, turned its head exactly toward the hunting team.

The Grand Mall had no eyes, but instead had a very good sense of smell.

A platypus-like protruding snout, like its two front paws, the ultimate in function, seemed very useful for digging into the ground.

In addition, the wide round hole under its snout seemed to be effective in swallowing any prey at random.


A bizarre cry erupted from his throat, which was wide and round like a tunnel.

Peter Zhang exclaimed, kicking his tongue.

“Shrink your formation! Do your best to protect the investigation team! Foreign Legion, turn the attention of the Grand Mall!”

It’s a daunting situation just to protect the investigation team and survive in the crowd of Crazy Buffalo with only the Cheongunmanma raid.

The opponent of the Grand Mall had no choice but to be played by the Foreign Legion.

And they were sent out to take care of that.

Kim Si-on calmly nodded and opened the ceremony.

“Command Mode.”


Jeong Dae-sik was startled by the subtle sensation that climbed up his spine and dug into the back of his head.

I’ve heard about Kim Si-on’s mental abilities several times, and I’ve experienced it at least indirectly.

However, in a full-fledged battle, when her consciousness actually came into contact with my consciousness, the sense of incongruity was indescribable.

Jeong Dae-sik soon suppressed his refusal.

If he strongly refused, Kim Si-on’s consciousness had no choice but to be thrown away.

Then the unpleasant sensation of small pebbles rolling around my temples subsided.

Instead, Kim Si-on’s strong will has been delivered directly.

Without a word, the foreign troops charged forward as one body.

Meanwhile, Daesik Jeong had a very strange experience of sharing a corner of the ceremony with the other crew members.

It was like looking at multiple screens at once.

However, concentration was not affected.

It was thanks to Kim Si-on’s will to command them.

Therefore, they carried out a fairly complex operation without any errors.

“2nd stage transformation!”

First of all, Sogangdu transformed into a Weretaur.

The last time Jung Dae-sik witnessed was a stage 1 transformation, but this time it was a stage 2 transformation, so it was bigger and had longer hair.

Even so, it was not enough to deal with the Grand Mall.

Nevertheless, Sogangdu bravely ran forward.

“Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!”

After that, Mu-won Park and Dae-sik Jeong followed.

Jeong Dae-shik poured reinforcements on So Gang-doo, and at the same time, Heo Mirae applied a debuff to Grand Mall.

“Harousing Tactics!”

The black magic of Heo Mirae, which resembles a butterfly shape, reached the Grand Mall.

Ignoring it, the Grand Mall swung its huge front paw.

Soil and gravel scattered in all directions along with the explosion.

Flesh and bone fragments would have flown if the attack had been orthodox, but fortunately the Grand Mall couldn’t pinpoint the target of the attack.

The small river was dragging the aggro with the cry of the Weetaur, but the debuff worked and the Grand Mall was confused.

So Gang-doo took the opportunity to pull out his weapon.


Sogangdu’s weapon was a meteor pendulum.

A chain that looked like a piece of iron was connected to the handle made of iron, and an ignorant piece of iron was attached to the tip.

Sogangdu, who swung it in the air and charged with it, smashed what was supposed to be the chin of the Grand Mall with it.


It was quite painful, so Grand Mall let out a nervous cry and banged both hands.

However, since Heo Mirae’s disturbance debuff was still in effect, the attack missed.

Sogangdu was not afraid of Grand Mall’s violent annoyance and attacked several more times.

While he turned off the aggro with the help of Heo Mi-rae, Park Mu-won and Jeong Dae-sik did their job.

They were bifurcated at the trailing edge of the small cleft.

And then, Mu-won Park attacked his left front paw, which was terribly vicious, and Dae-sik Jeong attacked his back paw.

“Battle X!”

Park Mu-won took out the revolver he had used the other day.

However, he did not use the weapon again.

As he poured his magical energy, somehow the weapon radiated light and its shape changed.

This time turned into a giant double-edged axe, Muwon Park grabbed it and slammed the ground and jumped.


His Battle-X struck the Grand Mall’s left paw claw.

Blood was splattered and Grand Malle tried to smack her left wrist with her right hand.

But Jeong Dae-sik did not let him do that.

He decided to get things done at once, so he used the strongest number of skills he had.

His fists were engulfed in the light of magical power, and their fists enlarged several dozen times.

Without delay, Jeong Dae-sik inserted the Ganghwa powerful power into the Grand Mall’s right hand.

When I hit a living creature, I heard the sound of the object splitting as if I had hit something hard.

Whether he did not notice Jeong Dae-sik’s attack or ignored it, Grand Mall swung his right hand toward Park Mu-won.

Just in time, the effect of the debuff was over, and Park Mu-won, who was dabbing with his left hand, was one beat too late to dodge the attack.

It looked like it was going to be hit by the front foot of the Grand Mall straight away…

The right hand of the Grand Mall had already come off.

The attack of the Grand Mall stirred the air.

In the wind, Mu-won Park drenched a drop of blood.

The right hand of the Grand Mall, which fell off late, rolled over the floor, and it was struck and vanished by a herd of still-flying Crazy Buffalo.

Seeing that one of his most powerful weapons had disappeared, Grand Mall was furious.


I thought the ground around the Grand Mall was shaking, but suddenly my lower body jumped up from below.

Until now, Grand Mall had been fighting with only the upper body with the lower body buried in the ground.

Thanks to this, the hideous whole body of the Grand Mall was revealed.

The lower body of the Grand Mall that appeared with a bad smell was like a mixture of a giant earthworm and anemone.

Its long, thick body, like a log, studded with short hairs, was elongated like a snake, and at the tip of it had feet attached to it, and there were dozens of strands like the tentacles of an anemones.

Grand Mall stood on its feet on the floor and suddenly stretched out.

It soared high like a spring, and then fell straight down.

Then Kim Si-on’s cry rang out in his head.

Jeong Dae-sik quickly turned around.

And dodged the attack of the Grand Mall that smashed the ground.

The rocks split and the ground swelled, and I was unable to come to my senses for a while.

In the midst of the rising dust, an expanded sense of danger, borrowing the consciousness of Kim Si-on, came to inform him of the danger.

Jeong Dae-sik suddenly lowered his head, and then he could see something passing by.

After a while, the dust was removed and the identity was revealed.

His legs stretched like tentacles, and he was struggling to grab hold of the crew.

Park Mu-won was also unable to cut off his left wrist due to the tampering of the tentacles.

The Grand Mall then swung its limp left hand and chased them away like flies.

Sogangdu grabbed one of the tentacles and cut it off with formidable force, but that was the only time.

The tentacles grew straight from where they were cut.

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