A Cash Warrior Chapter 70

A Cash Warrior 70

# 70

– Volume 3 Episode 20

“It was hard. Now it’s my turn, let’s finish it! Stand up!”

A clear voice was heard, and as Kim Si-on was conducting, Jeong Dae-sik knew what Yoo Tae-hoon, who had been quiet, was going to do.

“Oh oh oh oh!”


Surprisingly, the nearby Crazy Buffalo corpses that had been shriveled up rose again.

However, their eyes were turned white, and they looked distinctly different from other crazy buffalos running along the herd.

As most of the Crazy Buffalo passed by at the time, only the corpse of numerous Crazy Buffalo and one Grand Mall remained.

Thanks to this, the resurrected Crazy Buffaloes could be seen moving under the direction of Tae-Hoon Yoo.

‘That’s the power of a Necromancer!’

Necromancers, also known as corpse controllers, could literally manipulate the corpses of nearby monsters as if they were their own limbs.

Of course, the range of effect and the duration of the effect differed greatly depending on the mana value or grade, but it was undoubtedly an amazing ability.

The stronger the monster defeated, the more the Necromancer’s ability shines.

In that regard, the Crazy Buffalo, which had been a problem until recently, became an excellent force for the Foreign Legion.

Crazy buffaloes roared and surrounded the Grand Mall following Yoo Tae-hoon’s gestures.

They rushed in and struck the Grand Mall’s huge body with their horns and trampled them with their hooves.

Grand Malle was furious and smashed the Crazy Buffalo with its forepaws and threw it around with its tentacles, but the difference in number was overwhelming.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, an instruction was given to make a deadly deal, and the Foreign Legion mobilized all its offensive power.


While Grand Mall was fighting the Crazy Buffalo, Muwon Park changed his weapon again.

His double-edged ax became an anti-aircraft gun this time, and Park Mu-won immediately pointed his gun at the Grand Mall.

However, given the scale, it seemed that it would take some time to load the magic bullet.

While Kim Si-on and Heo Mi-rae were covering him, So Kang-doo and Jeong Dae-shik made time with Yoo Tae-hoon.

Tae-Hoon Yoo completely surrounded the Grand Mall with Crazy Buffaloes to prevent them from moving.

In the meantime, So Gang-doo and Jeong Dae-sik focused their attacks with the handgun that Park Mu-won attacked to even cut off the limp left hand.

First, Jeong Dae-sik used his magic conversion automatic rifle to fire freezing bullets several times to freeze his hands.

Taking advantage of the slow movement of his frozen left hand, Sogangdu fired a meteor pendulum.

“Heavy Meteor!”

When he loaded his magical energy onto a flying meteor, it shone like a real falling meteor.

So Jiangdu’s weapon handling skills were so exquisite that it hit the frozen left claw of the Grand Mall.

Then, with a crackling sound, my left hand was completely amputated.

While Sogangdu shouted for joy, the loading of the anti-aircraft guns ended.

Park Mu-won poured out all of his magical power at once and fired an anti-aircraft gun.


A huge magic bullet flew and was separated from the air.

At the same time, Mirae Heo, who came earlier, applied a debuff to Grand Mall.

“Weakened defense.”

The six-stranded magic bullets hit Grand Mall’s head, both sides of its chest, snout and belly directly.


The skin of the Grand Mall ripped open and its huge body tore apart.

Then the Grand Mall rang out and made the last move.


The Grand Mall, which stretched out like a spring again, poured down.

Blood and body fluids, flesh and unknown internal organs poured out at the same time, obscuring the view.

Among them, Jeong Dae-sik saw something terrible.

The round snout of the Grand Mall.

Another mouth popped out of it.

It was kind of like an alien.

Although it was smaller than the original mouth of the Grand Mall, it was still large enough to be chewed on by one person.

It wasn’t exactly anyone else, and it flew to Heo Mirae.

Heo Mirae took a breath and froze in place.

She probably had a number of ways to delay the attack.

But he was terrified and unable to respond.

Even Kim Si-on, who is in command mode, was a step behind in response.

Kim Si-on’s attention was shifted to that direction while covering Park Mu-won.

By the time Kim Si-on’s command came to his mind, the attack had already hit.

But there was no terrifying scream.

Instead, there was only a strange noise, like bones rubbing.

Kag play!

Jeong Dae-sik’s body shook, and he closed his eyes tightly without realizing it, and he slowly raised his eyelids.

And I looked down at the Heo Mirae who reflexively embraced me from the front.

I could see her startled eyes widened to the size of a lamp.

I thought he had a timid impression, but his eyes were really big.

Jung Dae-sik smiled briefly, thinking that half of his face was his eyes.

Then he spoke to the organ that he thought was the mouth or tongue of the Grand Mall, which shook his shoulders and back.

“It’s useless. My body… is like steel!”

He turned and slammed it with his Adamant knuckle.


With a flurry, the organ was torn to shreds and blown away.

Jeong Dae-sik released Heo Mi-rae from his arms and swung his arm around once.

Then, the teeth that had been embedded in the Talos armor fell down.

Kim Si-on, who had been staring at the scene blankly, came to his senses and asked.

“It’s fine.”

Raising the level of the steel body was effective.

The grand mall’s last strike was quite a surprise.

However, it was of no use to Jeong Dae-sik.

Its teeth couldn’t even break through the Talos armor, and the power that could have crushed a person like a press was useless.

Jeong Dae-sik’s body had already become as hard as a lump of iron through his steel body skill.

On the contrary, only his teeth were broken by the wind.

Kim Si-on looked absurd rather than relieved to see Jeong Dae-sik not wearing a single scratch.

She muttered to him, “What’s going on?” and declared the battle to be over.

Then, the command mode was canceled and the ritual was harvested.

Then, Mirae Heo, who was standing nearby, put her hands in front of her chest and licked her lips.

When Jeong Dae-sik looked at her, Mi-rae Heo bowed her head with a bewildered expression.

“… well, thank you. For saving my life…”

Jeong Dae-sik decided to talk to all of his troops, but Mi-rae Heo was still using respectful words to him, perhaps because he was shy.

But it wasn’t the way he spoke that was important now.

Jeong Dae-sik clicked his tongue and scolded her.

“I didn’t do it because I wanted to say thank you. Since we are members of the same unit, it is natural for me to save you. What is not natural is your frozen attitude in a moment of crisis. You must have been seriously injured. No matter how little you actively engage in debuff battles, you shouldn’t have froze because you were afraid of monsters!”

Heo Mi-rae’s face slowly turned red at Jeong Dae-sik’s point.

Eventually, it became so hot that it could be described as black.

Seeing that even his eyes were turning red, Jeong Dae-sik was afraid that he might burst into tears.

‘Did I say something too harsh?’

I was hurriedly looking for words to comfort me, but Kim Si-on came up to me and said,

“Jeong Dae-sik is right. We are the most elite, a small force. No one should commit such an idiot!”

Heo Mirae trembled with her hands clasped tightly.

But instead of crying, he took a deep breath and looked down once more.

“I’m sorry. I’ll correct it.”

Jeong Dae-sik, watching the scene, suddenly realized.

Come to think of it, it was almost the first time that Kim Si-on called my name Jeong Dae-sik, rather than a kid, a nerd, or a nosebleeder.

Are you just trying to recognize yourself as one of the crew?

But I couldn’t ask Kim Si-on about it.

Heo Mi-rae was still holding up her red face and smiling hard at Jeong Dae-sik.

“What you pointed out… I will appreciate it.”

Although he is shy, timid, and fearful, the Hunter is also a Hunter.

There is a good reason to belong to the Foreign Legion.

Jeong Dae-sik was quick to correct his judgment of treating her as an annoying crybaby.

Instead, he only scratched the back of the head with a shy expression.

A few Crazy Buffalos, lagging behind in the herd, ran away with ferocity.

It was only after such bastards had completely disappeared, that the Thousand Manma Raids and their investigation team, barely surviving the Crazy Buffalo herd, were found.

“What about the damage there?”

As Peter Jang approached and spoke, Kim Si-on looked around the Foreign Legion and said.

“Not at all. How about that one?”

Peter Chang showed a look of amazement at the gruesome corpse of the Grand Mall that had fallen behind him.

“They are all doing well after defeating the Grand Mall, so your skills are amazing! Fortunately, there are no casualties on our side either. However, there are a few wounded, so it looks like a few people will have to join the porters and return to base camp.”

“How many people were injured?”


“Five, that’s quite a lot.”

“I think we need to reorganize our hunting team.”

While dealing with the wounded, the hunting team ended communication with the support team and rested for a while.

In the meantime, I had to fill my meals with emergency food and rushed the road again.

The target area of ​​the Wyvern was about 40 km.

If it’s a flat road, it can be covered in a day, but if it’s a place where monsters are popping up in all directions, it’s a different story.

To return to work within three days, I had to arrive at the nest by tomorrow, so I had to hurry.

Five crew members were left behind due to injuries, and the Foreign Legion was the most forward-looking.

The first group started to guard the investigation team and the second group to monitor the rear.

The place the Crazy Buffalo swarmed by was full of silence, and it was quiet.

Thanks to that, it moved up to 10 km without any obstacles, but soon the sound of flapping wings began to be heard in the sky.


It was the appearance of the Wyvern.

“The Wyvern is coming! Prepare for battle!”

“Ready for battle!”

Peter Chang’s prompt order was issued.

“All members, move to the pit in front. Yumi Hwang, spread your stealth skills!”

As the crew rolled into the pit and avoided themselves, Hwang Yu-mi, the buffer of the Cheongun Manma attack, came forward and showed off her abilities.

As she muttered a starter word and drew a finger in the air, the room felt a little dark.

Perhaps it was a move to conceal the appearance of the raid.

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