A Cash Warrior Chapter 80

A Cash Warrior 80

# 80

– Volume 4 Episode 5

Only recently, related laws have been amended, and each automobile company has begun to develop dungeon-only vehicles for hunters.

In order to develop a harder and lighter car, with less noise and strong impact resistance, it was necessary not only to introduce all kinds of new materials produced in the dungeon, but also to monitor the hunters.

So, instead of using the vehicle for free from Company H, the Titan Raid tested a newly developed vehicle when entering the dungeon, or provided an idea combined with the abilities of the Awakened or dungeon resources.

Of course, you can’t ignore the promotional effect that comes naturally as the Titan raid members drive H’s car.

For example, when Choi Hee rode a mini car of a foreign parent company, it was a real hit.

The company was relatively unknown in Korea.

However, interest exploded when Choi Hee rejected other expensive supercars and rode a mini car.

The minicar had a cute design and was a big hit in Korea because it was the king of cost-effectiveness.

The fashion spread overseas and even locals heard that it was a reversal, so you could guess how much influence a famous hunter had.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, there were even jokes that all the star positions were taken from the Hunters.

The Korean hunters were the strongest in the world, and they were all young.

It wasn’t long before the extended reality world began, so most of the Awoken were in their 40’s and at least in their teens.

Occasionally there were older Awoken, but they usually did not work as hunters in the dungeon.

Therefore, it was natural that Hunters received public interest and love.

For this reason, the private car provided by Company H was the most recent model.

It was a sedan that was in the spotlight for its sleek body and youthful design.

It was a bit pricey for young people to buy, but it was a car that they wanted to own even after taking that part.

Jeong Dae-sik blew a whistle and whistled once and got into the driver’s seat.

The handle fits snugly in my hand and the seat is very comfortable.

Like a domestic car, the interior is spacious and stylish, so I felt like I was driving.

Daesik Jeong carefully drove out of the garage, fearing that he might make a mistake because he was driving for a long time.

Still, he had experience driving a car while doing all kinds of part-time jobs, and there was no difficulty in driving.

It was also thanks to the well-maintained roads since this area is a new city.

Several satellite cities near Seoul suffered heavy damage when the Monster Break occurred.

Fortunately, Seoul, the national capital, was desperately defended by the Ministry of National Defense, but other regions did not.

The place where the dungeon was opened while isolated was still a monster den.

In particular, islands such as Ulleungdo and Wando had to be regarded as completely devastated and in a state that was nothing more than a dungeon.

Fortunately, Jeju Island has recovered many parts, but there are still monsters protruding from as many as five dungeons everywhere.

In Korea, however, the situation is better.

In the case of Japan, where the country itself is made up of islands, there was no answer.

In particular, from the seabed off the coast of Japan, a huge monster that you don’t even know what dungeon it came from came out and the Self-Defense Forces were completely destroyed.

As a result, Japan lost Sapporo and Okinawa forever.

The Japanese mainland could have been devoured by monsters if they made a mistake, but ironically it was the Koreans who saved Japan from that crisis.

After a battle with the giant monster that attacked Japan, so-called Medusa, he eventually lost his life, but is now revered as a god in Japan.

It is said that Korea was once a vassal state of Japan, but now the position is completely opposite.

Japan was still not able to recover from the shock of that time, and a large part of the dungeon attack was dependent on Korea.

In fact, many raids often went on business trips to Japan at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Jeong Dae-sik drove the car for a while.

After walking for about an hour, we arrived at a private monster by-product disposal facility.

From what Jeong Dae-sik found out, this was the place with the highest price in the area.

Even if you go to an authorized company because you are receiving tax reductions, your income will be savory, but the way you hunted monsters was poor, so it bothered me a bit.

They were secretly hunted and picked up while dispatched to the Foreign Legion, so I didn’t know if they would find out if I went to an authorized company.

Of course, there may be no discipline or warning, but I feel sorry for the other crew members and there is a face problem, so I thought it would be better to use a private company to handle it secretly.

There was no reason to insist on an accredited company since they didn’t even check the rankings anyway.

“Are you there!”

Because it was a private company, the building was very shabby.

Weeds grew in the vacant lot where the car was parked, and large refrigerators and containers for storing monster by-products were outside.

No one even stood there.

Jeong Dae-sik was upset that he had come to the wrong place, so someone showed up late.

“Hey, come on!”

What appeared was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his 50s.

He was wearing an aloha shirt and shorts, and his face had a beard and his stomach was protruding like a manly.

Even his mouth smelled like alcohol.

Jeong Dae-sik frowned at the man with a bare face as if he was still not drunk.

I thought I might have found the wrong number, but it might be more advantageous to bargain if the other party is a drunkard.

He said looking around.

“Where can I drop my luggage?”

“Oh, yes. How many sheep?”

“It’s quite a lot. I brought it without any other sorting.”

“Hmm, looking at it, it doesn’t look like there’s a truck. Do you have any dimension pockets?”

The man burst out laughing and went outside.

Then he came out with a tarp and spread it out in the open space.

Of course, it was too much by himself, so he ate the regular meal.

Apparently there was no other employee, so I reluctantly helped him spread the tarp.

“Come on! Let’s take it out.”

Jeong Dae-sik blinked briefly, and soon a huge amount of monster corpses appeared on the tarpaulin.

It was stuffed randomly, so it didn’t even go all the way onto the tarpaulin.

The brain and intestines of a certain monster, and blood still flowing all the way out of the tarpaulin, the man screamed.

“Aww! What is this…!”

“Did I tell you? I didn’t select it, I just brought it.”

“Huh, this is true. How are you going to handle all of this?”

The man scratched his head with a very puzzled expression.

“Will it take a while to settle the bill?”

He stroked his chin and continued.

“Since there are no customers who have brought such a large amount… It’s too much to handle here.”

Jeong Dae-sik clicked his tongue thinking that he had made a mistake.

I heard the rumor that this place offers a high price, and it came out on purpose.

When Jeong Dae-sik was about to wave his hand saying it was too much, the man suddenly raised his voice.

“Wait! But I know someone who can buy it all. Please wait a minute.”

Since we’ve come all the way here, Jeong Dae-sik folded his arms, thinking that we should wait for a while.

The man took out his almost antique folder phone and called somewhere.

And, asking for a cup of coffee, he led Jeong Dae-sik into the shabby office.

As he sat down with his brewed coffee, not long afterward another man appeared.

“Hey, the King’s Spirit.”

He didn’t look like an ordinary citizen at first glance.

A middle-aged man in his late 40s, wearing outdated mountaineering clothes up and down, his whole body was covered with Irezumi-style tattoos.

In addition, a thick gold necklace like the symbol of a gangster was hung around his neck, and several layers of germanium bracelets were worn on his wrist.

Apparently, he was a person who illegally bought monster by-products and produced or sold illegal goods.

As the extended reality world began and dungeon resources flowed in, the underworld changed its appearance.

The original gangsters have been on a downward trend since the 1990s, and their scale has been greatly reduced.

Most of them had to accept the humiliating name of ‘neighborhood gangster’, with the exception of a few groups that succeeded in becoming a company.

Then, with the advent of the augmented reality world, everything changed.

The world, which was suffering from energy depletion, suddenly became an energy overload state.

The 4th industrial revolution proceeded in a completely different direction from what was expected, and the dying economy was revived as if it were the case.

Naturally, the underground Gyeonggi-do was revived and the gangsters found a new way to make money.

They showed an excellent ability to utilize the dungeon’s remnants of resources.

They succeeded in cashing out all sorts of things that were thrown away because they were useless.

Some of the hunters’ favorite items were sold in this negative market.

The most representative is a drug called ‘boost’, a kind of potion, and when you drink it, all pain is completely forgotten.

In addition, the mind and body were abnormally activated, and they were able to display strong power, speed, and outstanding abilities without fear.

But technically boost was a drug.

He said that it is difficult to stop using it once you start using it because of the severe aftereffects and high dependence.

Later, it was said that it was used habitually in everyday life, not just during hunting, so it had no choice but to be called a drug.

Similar drugs also varied, but were rarely regulated.

The first reason was that boost was not popular because of its high price, and the second was that it was difficult to distinguish the difference from potions.

In the eyes of ordinary people, potions or these illegal drugs did not differ significantly in their efficacy or effectiveness.

Addiction can be a measure of whether it is a drug or not, but depending on the type of potion, there are side effects or addictiveness as well.

In such a relationship, the distribution of illegal drugs was openly carried out.

Even if it is not used openly, it is not against the law, so it is often used implicitly.

The man in front of Jeong Dae-sik now seemed to be engaged in that kind of job.

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