A Cash Warrior Chapter 94

A Cash Warrior 94

# 94

Volume 4 Episode 19

Kim Si-on did not discuss a head-to-head match without any plan.

The Cyclopes they want to deal with is a 5th-grade super-large monster.

To kill a creature the size of three or four blue whales, the largest living thing on the planet, it didn’t have to be with normal attack power.

It is the same even if it is Jeong Dae-sik’s attack power.

He would have had to use all his might to puncture Cyclopes’ body and shatter his heart.

To do that, it was someone else’s job to provoke, draw, and lure the Cyclopes.

Kim Si-on made the crew take out all the equipment they had.

He ordered that not only the supplies provided by the Titan Raid, but also all the equipment he had in his possession.

Jeong Dae-sik, who usually only carries supplies, was surprised to see the various equipment they bring out.

Others carried a surprisingly large number of items.

First of all, there were dozens of scrolls starting with Kim Si-on.

It was the same with Heo Mi-rae, who had a lot of scrolling.

It seems that he had all kinds of attack scrolls to compensate for that point because his combat ability was running higher than that of the dealers.

Still, compared to Ki Chul-min, they were yangban.

Ki Cheol-min was completely at the level of a water fighter.

At first glance, it didn’t seem like a lot of luggage, but I didn’t know where all the equipment was stuffed.

As if they had dimension pockets, there were endless potions, scrolls, boosters, bombs, equipment for installing traps, all kinds of powder of unknown purpose… Anyway, the number of things was huge.

It seemed that Jeong Dae-shik and Sogang-du were the only ones without special equipment.

In addition to supplies, Jeong Dae-sik had only a few explosive scrolls and a few bottles of hemostasis and detoxification potions that he received as a service when purchasing a weapon.

Sogangdu had nothing else, only magic recovery potions, boosters, and stimulants.

He probably had it in case he lost his reason during the transformation, but considering the previous case, it seemed to be of little use.

It’s because even if you take a stimulant for a hundred days, you can’t remember the thought of drinking it when you lose your temper.

Kim Si-on looked closely at all the items.

And later promised a reward and picked a few of them.

Then, by activating the command mode, he shared his plan with the other crew members.

“Did you understand?”

In response to Kim Si-on’s question, the crew nodded at once. Seeing that, Si-on Kim said.

“Tell me if you have anything to add or subtract from this plan.”

The crowd was silent, and Kim Si-on warned.

“As I have said several times, the information received in command mode conveys the interpretation as it is from my point of view, so it was inevitable that objectivity would decrease. ”

Still, there were no crew members expressing any objection.

It was not that they had no thought, but rather that there was no room for arguing with Kim Si-on’s plan.

“Okay. Then let’s go to the swamp!”

They circled around the swamp where the Cyclopes would hide their snout, waiting for the right time.

According to observations, the Cyclopes’ active time was not long.

If it determines that there is prey, it will soon soar out of the water.

So Gang-doo, who had been waiting for that to lure him, whistled around the swamp.

He sang aloud and kicked the stone with his toe into the water.

“There are no bad dogs in the world. There are no bad dogs in the world.”

There was no noise pollution while shouting a strange and unidentified song.

Seeing this, I could hear Kim Si-on muttering, “He who has lost his fearful head.”

Since they were sharing consciousness in command mode, they could be heard very well even from a distance.

Of course, the ritual was connected with Sogangdu, so it was possible to know that he was singing without much fear, not just pretentiousness.

Jeong Dae-sik carefully activated his observation skill.

All of a sudden, the vitality of the Cyclopes had changed from inactivity to activity.

Jeong Dae-sik consciously sent a signal, and Sogang-doo, who had fixed a meteor pendulum, jumped into the swamp like a child playing in a puddle.

“Fourth stage transformation!”


In an instant, Sogangdu’s body swelled to nearly three times, and huge horns rose from his head like a devil’s crown.

His eyes lit up red, and he ran to the middle of the swamp and spit out the blooms.


It was the sound of goosebumps and the sound of the eardrum trembling.

In response, I thought the floor was shaking, but a huge mass of flesh rose through the middle of the swamp.

It gushed out like a waterfall, and it opened its big mouth.

Sogangdu jumped high into the air as if he had anticipated the movement in advance.

In pursuit of such a small head, its snout elongated upwards.

Then the rest of the crew rushed forward in unison and carried out what was planned in perfect harmony.

“Three Cloes!”

As Kim Si-on swung a black scallop, the three-stranded whip caught the hair on the snout and pulled it.

At the same time, Mi-rae Heo threw her black butterflies into the air.


Heo Mirae’s magical power in the shape of a butterfly fell black around its snout, and it caught on its snout like a net.

Ki Cheol-min ran to his snout, which had become immobilized, and smashed dozens of flame scrolls, and Sogang-du, who landed safely on the floor, finally rolled in a bomb.

The bomb exploded and the flame scroll burned all at once.


There was an explosion on a scale that could be called the Gyeongcheon Comrade.

Jeong Dae-sik jumped up from his seat without realizing it. It was because So Gang-doo and Ki Cheol-min, who were near the explosion point, did not know what had happened.

However, as the connection of consciousness in Command Mode, which had been blurred for a moment by the impact of the explosion, returned, the two felt a sense of relief.

Even with my eyes, I could see So Gang-doo and Ki Cheol-min rolling around.

But this was not the time to sit still.

This is only the beginning.

As Kim Shi-on murmured, he could see a black mass wriggling in the midst of flames, smoke, and steam.

The bottom of the swamp was exposed as much as the firepower was poured out at once, and there was an unknown mass of flesh rolling on it.

The crew swallowed dry saliva as they watched it wriggle.

Their purpose was to bring out the Cyclopes, but they also wished that it would not appear.

Despite this uproar, only a part of Cyclopes’ body was removed, so I didn’t know what a terrible sight it would be if its whole body was exposed.

Kim Si-on saw a lump of flesh crawling to the floor.

As it crawls completely into the swamp, she murmurs in a sombre tone.

“Did the provocation fail…?”

If the size of the Cyclopes was enormous, this amount of pain could have been ignored.

It doesn’t hurt that a baleen whale hit a single gravel.

Then their plan was a failure, and there was a moment of silence.

But the next moment.

The ground began to shake violently as if there had been a great earthquake.

The crew lost their balance and fell to their seats.

With both hands on the floor, Si-on Kim exclaimed with joy.

“I got caught!”

With a roar, the place that until then believed to be the floor shook violently and began to soar upwards.

It’s a shame because Heo Mirae used her powers to hold the crew members from falling, otherwise they would have disappeared without knowing where they were going.

It was as if the topography had been rearranged as the earth swelled up from all directions.

Needless to say, it was the body of a giant Cyclopes standing on it, and it was the tentacles of Cyclopes that surged up like a pillar growing out of nowhere in the swamp.

As I gazed at the tentacles that soared into the air and opened their mouths, I felt like my head was going to explode.

The amazing things didn’t end there.

Jeong Dae-sik felt like the ground was cracking.

The place where he and the crew stood was split, and his colleagues moved away in an instant.

And something slowly rose from the open ground.

Jeong Dae-sik noticed a strange light appearing there and froze.

‘Is this… is this snow?’

What I thought was the bottom were Cyclopes’ eyelids. And it was none other than the eyes that filled him.

The red eyes that fluttered as if they were embracing magma looked too large to be called snow.

The Cyclopes had not one eye. They weren’t two like humans though.

A red eye appeared as it spread across the ground, rolling its eyes to and fro, looking for enemies, prey, or the exploration team.

Maybe it was because humans were too small compared to the Cyclopes.

Cyclopes only rolled her eyes and couldn’t find the exploration team. No wonder they couldn’t find it because they were standing on Cyclopes’ flat face.

Then Kim Si-on’s voice flew into my head.

‘Jung Dae-sik! Did you find the heart of Cyclopes?’

Jeong Dae-sik looked around while activating the observation skill, but still couldn’t find anything.

Jeong Dae-sik said, feeling anxious about whether he should upgrade his observation skills further.

‘No, I don’t know where they are yet!’

‘I’ll have to raise him up.’

After the Cyclopes moved more, Jeong Dae-sik decided that he could detect the heart’s location, and Kim Si-on gave the order.

‘It’s snow, attack the eyes!’


With a long cry, Sogangdu jumped up and landed on the rolling eyes. Then, she swung the meteor pendulum in her hand with all her might.

“Hey ah ah ah ah!”


A meteor mass was embedded in the surface of the pupil, which looked soft like gelatin.

It swayed like a meteor pendulum.

However, when Sogangdu pulled out the meteor weight, the body fluid spurted out from the spot.


Perhaps the Cyclopes also had a mouth, and from where a strange scream was heard, and the ground shook again. To be precise, Cyclopes felt pain in her pupils and was about to close her eyelids.

Then Kim Si-on shouted.

‘Attack before I close my eyelids! Pop your eyes out!’

As So Kang-doo mercilessly slammed the meteor down, Ki Cheol-min’s long sword emitted a dazzling light.

“The Heavenly Sword!”

The spot where Ki Cheol-min’s long sword passed was split in an X-shape, and red blood spurted out like lava.

So Gang-doo and Ki Cheol-min almost got caught between the closed eyelids, so they quickly pulled themselves out.

Then, suddenly, the body began to lean.

“Girl rumble!”

The Cyclopes was about to lift that heavy body.

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