A Cash Warrior Chapter 98

A Cash Warrior 98

# 98

-4 episode 23

Jeong Dae-sik immediately used the skill.

He closed his eyes and focused.

I don’t know what kind of moves he used, but this time, I couldn’t feel Choi Hee’s magic.

But even the best magic was not felt.

Realizing that nothing was being detected, Jeong Dae-sik bit his lip.

‘No… no.’

He used the last resort.

“Enhanced! Specific Magical Detection Skill!”

The skill was used by adding reinforcement.

Then, very faintly, he felt the presence of a weak magical power that made him doubt himself.

Jeong Dae-sik concentrated his mind as if chasing a single flashing firefly in the dark night.


The next moment, the skill’s effect was over, and his presence disappeared.

Jeong Dae-sik tried to use the enhanced specific magic detection skill again, but this time, it had no effect at all.

In the wind, Dae-sik Jeong felt doubtful whether he had done the job right.

Still, there was no way.

He believed that the best place would be the place he picked up when he first used the Enhancement Specific Magical Detection skill.

And he ran over there and shouted.

“There they are! They will be there!”

Following his call, other crew members rushed to the side.

Daesik Jeong stopped at a certain point and took off his Adamant knuckles to prevent an accident that might have occurred.

Then, with his bare fists, he carefully punched the body of Cyclopes, which was exposed.

The fist struck Cyclopes several times in the body, and blood and flesh flew away and the place was engulfed.

Daesik Jeong once again used the invincible fist, and then the muscular layer of the Cyclopes was revealed.

Seeing the hard muscle layer, another person stepped forward this time.

It was Ki Chul-min who pushed out Jeong Dae-sik and stood there.

“I’ll try this time.”

He carefully pointed his long sword.

“Cheonraeil Island!”

Ki Cheol-min’s long sword flashed light in an instant, and then the muscle layer split in two.

“Okay! Open it up!”

Two men with hook-like weapons hung it on either side of the muscle and pulled it as hard as they could.

When he grabbed the muscle layer and spread it out, another layer of muscle appeared, and Ki Cheol-min repeated the operation several times, and each time the other crew members came forward and forcibly spread the hardening muscle layer and fixed it.

Then, at last, what might be called internal organs was revealed.

“Is it a camouflage?”

As Ki Cheol-min wiped his sweat, Jeong Dae-shik shook his head.

“I don’t know for sure.”

Ki Chul-min raised his voice.

“Hey, can you hear me! If there’s anyone inside, answer me!”

There was no sound.

Ki Cheol-Min and Jeong Dae-Sik looked at each other face to face.

If this is a disguise and there is no reaction, it may already be too late.

They did not share an ominous guess.

He was just trying to carefully cut off the stomach as if he was performing an operation.

Ki Cheol-min held up his long sword again.

“Cheonraeil Island…! Huh?”

Surprisingly, Ki Cheol-min’s sword, which even split that tough muscle layer, had no power.

As he made a disappointed expression, another crew member stepped forward.

He was holding a long bangcheonguk, which he carefully aimed at the tip of and pierced his stomach with such speed that he could not be seen.


But the camouflage repelled the blade of the weapon like rubber.

Seeing the scene, Ki Chul-min said as if he was stunned.

“What’s so tough about everything?”

Then a voice came from behind.

“Monsters that swallow their prey whole like this one have very strong stomachs. This is to prevent prey from tearing their stomachs and escaping, or poisonous stomach acids from damaging their intestines.”

He was Kang Young-hoo.

He went out of the dungeon, cut off Choi Hee’s magic, and came back again, standing with one foot on the exposed stomach.

“Get away.”

Then he put one hand on his chest and pulled it out.

Jeong Dae-sik widened his eyes at the amazing sight.

As if Kang Yeong-hoo’s body was like a sheath, what came out of his body was surprisingly a single sword.

Compared to that sword, Ki Chul-min’s long sword looked like nothing more than a piece of iron.

It was enveloped in white energy and trembled as if surrounded by mist.

Seeing the scene, I heard someone muttering.


I saw that was the name of the sword.

Kang Yeong-hoo held the tip of the white luminous sword to his stomach.

Surprisingly, just that alone, the place suddenly froze, and a terrible chill surged up.

Kang Yeong-hoo exhaled a breath from his mouth and pierced the sword lightly.

Then, as the cold air exploded, the frozen seat exploded.


A part of the stomach completely disappeared with a sharp sound.

It looked like it was frozen and burst, but there were no debris.

There was only the cold chill left.

Dispersing the cold air, Kang Yeong-hoo put the sword back into his arms.

It was a terrifying sight, as if he were stabbing a sword into his chest, but he seemed unconcerned.

Instead of suffering, he looked into his stomach and said with a sign of relief.

“There you are.”

Hearing that, the crew said, “Wow!” cheered

Jeong Dae-sik also felt the tension relieved with relief and joy.

“I found it!”

“Are you alive?”



Kang Young-hoo immediately dispatched the crew to get Choi Choi and Na Dong-il out of the room.

They fainted from the carbon dioxide inhalation, but were not completely unconscious.

He fainted as soon as he came out, but it was because he was exhausted and his life was not in danger.

“If it had been a little late, it would have been a big deal.”

Seeing them being carried away, Jeong Dae-sik mumbled that he was very lucky, and Kang Young-hoo patted him on the shoulder and said:

“It’s thanks to you.”

He added with a faint smile.

“Choi-hee will be happy.”

At those words, I imagined Choi Hee smiling.

Jeong Dae-sik followed her in her imagination and smiled roundly, and several crew members who had similar laughs gathered around and started calling out his name.

In the midst of their loud shouts, Jeong Dae-sik laughed out loud.

It was a rare and pleasant day.

Chapter 24. Birth of a Star

Choi Choi and Na Dong-il were not seriously injured, but they were exhausted, so they were quickly transported out of the dungeon.

The Titan raid, which was in the dungeon to rescue them, also withdrew from the base camp.

Since I had only been to the preliminary investigation in the first place, it could be said that the purpose of the dungeon had been achieved just by knowing that the dungeon itself was the realm of the Cyclopes.

Furthermore, since he had defeated the Cyclopes and completed the dungeon attack to obtain the Magic Stone, it means that he has obtained everything that can be obtained from that dungeon.

Even if he entered this dungeon again for the monster investigation team, it would be relatively safe for the time being since the boss mob was dead.

Unless there is a Cyclopes, the monsters that appear would be horn bats, kelpies, and Lizardmen.

Once attacked, the number of individuals will decrease drastically.

Jeong Dae-sik did not know, but Lee Jeong-yeon from the Monster Investigation Team also came along to watch the Cyclopes.

As she left the dungeon, the boss mob had died, so it was difficult to observe the monster in this dungeon.

From the beginning, there were not many monsters appearing in this place, so I didn’t know that without a boss mob, I would have to wander around looking for the monster.

“It has not been a long time since another hunter attacked this dungeon last time. It seems that the cycle of new boss mobs is short, so you will have to wait a bit.”

At Jeong Dae-sik’s words, Lee Jeong-yeon tilted her head and said.

“Um, I haven’t been able to observe a living monster, but a soul bat, a kelpie, a Lizardman… Above all else, since you have obtained the Cyclopes corpse, there is no need to stick to this dungeon. The monster investigation team is the key It will take a while to dismantle Clopes and transport it. Until then, it’s better to go to a dungeon with other living monsters.”

The investigation team for monster research seemed to be operated by several teams.

Listening to what Jeongyeon Lee said, and seeing the last time she took the Wyvern egg, she seemed to be studying living monsters.

Jeong Dae-sik asked Kim, who was talking with Lee Jeong-yeon.

“What kind of research does Jeongyeon Lee’s team do exactly?”

In response to Jeong Dae-sik’s question, she smiled a little sly.

“I can’t tell you what I do in Team 11 and Team 1 of the Monster Investigation Team, to which I belong, as it is a state secret.”

“Isn’t the monster investigation operated for the purpose of creating a monster book?”

“It is true that the contents of our research will be included in the Monster Encyclopedia, but that is not the only purpose.”

Lee Jeong-yeon gently rubbed Jeong Dae-sik’s arm and continued.

“Anyway, I’d like to have more young or live monsters like Wyvern’s eggs. I’ve secured quite a few, but it’s still not enough.”

“Isn’t it dangerous to take a living monster out of the dungeon?”

Jeongyeon’s eyes widened.

“Oh! There are already a lot of monsters living on Earth? Like Ulleungdo or Jejudo.”

“That’s a group of monsters that we haven’t been able to get rid of yet, isn’t it? It’s a place we’ll have to kill them sooner or later and get them back.”

At Jeong Dae-sik’s point, Lee Jeong-yeon shrugged her shoulders.

“In the United States, monsters have already been mass-bred for research purposes. There is a saying that monsters run instead of animals in the African grasslands? Numerous monsters have already come out of the dungeon and they are changing the Earth’s ecosystem. To prepare for that It is essential to study the growth of Rado monsters. It is a myopic idea that taking monsters out of the dungeon unconditionally is dangerous.”

Jeong Dae-sik didn’t want to refute Lee Jeong-yeon’s words anymore, so he kept his mouth shut.

However, unlike himself, the other hunters were given missions from the god who gave them superpowers.

‘Exterminate the existence of another world.’

However, he did not know if it was the right thing to use the existence of another world rather than kill it and destroy it.

Then, realizing Jeong Dae-sik’s uncomfortable feeling, Lee Jeong-yeon pinched his forearm and gave a wink.

“Don’t worry, monsters for research are being thoroughly managed. Let’s talk about a more pleasant story? In the future, monster-related businesses will prosper. They say that they will make money.”

“Already, the corpses of monsters are being consumed here and there.”

“Well, I’m not talking about dead monsters. I’m talking about living monsters. If I’m going to pick it up, I’m talking about the domestication of monsters.”

“Is it the domestication of monsters?”

Jeongyeon nodded her head.

“Raising livestock is becoming more difficult than in the past while talking about animal welfare. Disposing of cow or pig excrement is also a big deal. could become the new food for mankind.”

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