A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 100

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 100

EP 17 – Minister is too strong (3)

I quickly called Pichaewon and ran to the clumps of suits setting the pizza and chicken on the table.

I pushed the small size of Cheon Geum-soon on the pizza.

“Aww, give it to me. What are the guests setting up?”

“Hey, honey, why are you so kind today…?”

“Original officials are always friendly.”

“Isn’t it because of 18.6 billion?”

“Hey, you bought a lot. Wasn’t it hard to carry this up?”

“it’s okay. The bodyguard was carrying it and handed it to the door…”


“How have you been?”

“ah. Yes. Good job.”

“I did too!”

“Oh, yes.”

It looked like something was missing a little screw, but I said hello to her neatly anyway, and sat around the sofa and started eating.

“By the way, he said he received the right to use the power of the Korean government freely…?”

“How did you know?”

“I heard it myself.”

“Is it you? Oh right.”

I said that I was friends with the deceased group’s former chairman and Yang Pan-seok. Come to think of it, he also met through Yang Pan-seok’s arrangement.

I thought it might be a bit of a risky question to ask what exactly you are doing with Yang Pan-seok, so I smiled lightly and relaxed the atmosphere.

“Anyway, it’s nice to see our archangel’s face after a long time!”

“What if the government’s taxpayer has 18.6 billion won…”

“…Haha, in the first place, it’s more terrifying than coercion, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t that usually called a debt relationship?”

“…I call it conscience.”

* * *

“No, what is this…? Research and Development Policy Office Basic Source Research Policy Office Supervision Magical Research Promotion Division?”

“How is it? Are you okay?”

“What’s okay! It’s complicated and hard to understand! There is a difference between having many departments and having many employees!”

“It goes systematically. systematically!”

“Oh no! You have to think about getting the maximum profit with the minimum manpower, do you know that you have seen a business failing for a day or two while taking care of the details?”

“This is civil servant style. can you do it quickly? Do I have to do it right?”

“Do not divide each department like that, but if you just group them together, they will compete on their own. That’s what the subordinates call it. How far should I go?”

“Companies compete with each other because there are salary negotiations and layoffs. We don’t get fired anyway, so if we work together, we don’t work and delay each other. So we have to split the departments and give them work.”

“They call it desk administration. Then, the practice breaks down. Set a strategic goal and start! Guarantee the autonomy of subordinates and take responsibility for what they do next-”

“Ah well, I can’t hire public officials!”

“There will be no competition for promotion anyway! I’m paying tens of billions of dollars in taxes a year to pay salaries to poor people who can’t even work!”

“If you twist, you will emigrate!”

“Is that right?!”

“……Leave the company behind!”

Pi Chae-won entered the council room smelling the fragrant pizza chicken. And I witnessed two grown-ups fighting back and forth.

And since she was so arrogant and read her mind, she wasn’t just fighting on the outside, she was actually fighting.

She has succeeded in judging what the situation is now by scanning the insides of people. Now this is enough to eat cold porridge.

Cheon Geum-soon naturally asked Han Seung-moon what he was doing, and while organizing the government organization like that, a fight broke out.

Hunsu was also the source of all evil.


“Uh, are you here?”

“Chaewon, eat this.”

She sat quietly on the sofa and asked for a slice of hot pizza. The hot cheese spread out.

It was worthwhile to run because I wanted to eat pizza.

Eventually, when Pi Chae-won, Yang Il-ho, and Lee Ho-jeong emptied a chicken and a pizza plate, the heated discussion between Han Seung-moon and Cheon Geum-soon reached a moment of silence.

Han Seung-moon, who was sweating, poured Coke into the paper cup.

“I’m Won, I have a public office style…”

Cheon Geum-soon, who was sitting across from him, rolled up the wrist of his shirt and answered with great enthusiasm.

“Is it because research, training, national defense, and economy are divided into 4 parts and given to working people?”

“Do civil servants want to work? Procrastinate?”

“I’m also a public official!”

“I am a government official!”

Pi Chae-won, who was watching, clearly understood the arguments of both sides and opened her mouth.


“Uh, is Chaewon here?”

“Aren’t the Vice Ministers doing practical administration anyway…?”


“Then just report to the vice minister and organize the department yourself, can’t we?”

It was correct.


The five suitors gathered around the pizza chicken and arranged what Seungmoon Han had to do.

“First, two deputy ministers, one spokesperson, one secretary, three policy aides, and one inspectorate.”

“Ah, nine aide to the congressman.”


Only these seven civil servants were directly under the minister. We decided to leave the rest to the two vice ministers to take care of.

This is because the Minister is a place for stamping, not a place for making documents.

“Second, prepare to establish a superhuman support agency.”

“How about the Hunter Administration? Constitutional Office?”

“People will really like it if government agencies attach the expression that they manage the people. And there are foreign words.”

Superhuman Support Office.

He exchanged the manastones brought by the hunters for money, and transported the manastones to the bank. It is an organization that supports each guild (PMC) so that they can work smoothly, and goes to fight each other when they fight.

Since it is a field that requires strong public power, we decided to establish an armed force similar to the National Police Agency.

“…and thirdly, working with the Hunter Association-”

“Oh right!”

Cheon Geum-soon got up from her seat, trembling.

“What suddenly?”

“That’s when I came!”


“I want to share business affairs!”


Cheon Geum-soon took a briefcase that had been rolling on the floor somewhere and pulled out a contract and a pile of documents.

“No, I’m the CEO of the Awakened Association’s Executive Board, right?”

“Did you?”

“It’s a place I won with money, but anyway.”

Hong Seon-ah, the president of the association, belonged to the GS Guild, and GS was the company name meaning Guem Soon. Or the Golden Shield.

In fact, the geumsun of Cheon Geumsun is iron gold and shield shun 盾, so either way it meant this yangban.

“Anyway, our CEO Cheon Geum-soon. Knowing that I was designing the portrait management department…”


“As a representative of the Hunter Association, you came to join us with Shodang. Are you saying this?”


She smiled and handed over the papers.

“First of all, we are thinking of a position similar to that of the Grand Association, right?”

Korean Bar Association.

“It’s Ilho. What is the Great Commission doing?”

“Uh, uh…”

Ilho tilted his head for a moment, then scribbled out an answer.

“First, a lawyer must register with the representative association before he can open a business. In other words, if you are rejected by the association, you will not be able to work as a lawyer.”

“Hunter qualification management. and?”

“It is also a major association to suspend qualifications in case of an accident. Oh, but this is half of what we share with the Ministry of Justice.”

“Half the right to punish the hunter. and?”

“Evaluating a law school is a major association, and training lawyers is also a major association.”

“Hunter education. Educational Institution Assessment. and?”

“Sometimes we hold events to manage our personal connections, and we run advertisements to manage lawyer job evaluations. just. Yes. What. If the government is trying to reduce the lawyer’s authority, they will pick up a sign at Gwanghwamun…”

“Image management…”

I looked at Cheon Geum-soon after reciting the right to a large-scale consultation with a dissatisfied expression for the purpose of pressure. She smiled and began to explain.

“First of all, we want to have the authority to judge the qualifications of hunters and discipline them.”


It was a very dangerous authority.

If the association does not recognize him as a hunter, then he cannot be active as a hunter. unable to use abilities. You cannot exchange the Mana Stones obtained by catching monsters.

Besides, you have the power to discipline. It reminded me of the power of expulsion wielded by the pope in the Middle Ages.

“You know what a dangerous privilege is, right?”

“It is natural for the government to be concerned about entrusting this to the association. However, from the hunter’s perspective, there were many opinions that it was a bit insecure to entrust this authority to the government. Because if the government wants to, it is possible to suppress Hunters.”


“How about setting up the Awakened Qualifications Committee and the Disciplinary Committee in the Hunter Association and dividing the quorum in half?”

“Government 6. Association 4.”


Cheon Geum-soon neatly signed his signature line and handed over the contract. Now it was time to review it carefully and sign it.

She continued to speak kindly.

“Actually, I have no intention of arguing with the government. Is there anything in today’s world where you get shot? Preferably with the same vested interests, huh? right?”

“It’s a patriotic mindset.”

“thanks. Anyway, the fact that we have the authority to judge the Hunters is no different…”

This was another weird sound.

“I’m going to give the Hunter a rating.”


“…A-class hunters, B-class hunters, what, what are you talking about?”

“how about it. Is it fun?”

“Ugh. It’s an interesting idea, but…”

“Are you worried about the effectiveness?”


Cheon Geum-soon gave a small applause and clasped her clasped hands.

“Hunters are money.”

“It’s money…”

“And the way to create free added value in modern society is image branding.”

It was the sound of giving Hunter a name.

“Actually, it’s a position where you have to manage a lot of small and medium-sized PMCs, whether it’s the first official department or the association, isn’t it? That is the boss, and we are the middle managers.”


“It’s better to force us to try to get a better grade than to control it with daily discipline.”

She smiled brightly and presented the blueprint.

“Now, think about it. The lifeline of all PMCs is the stock price. It’s corporate value.”

“If we downgrade the PMC rating of the ignorant, will the stock plummet?”


With a voice mixed with laughter, she poured out her business plan over and over again.

“A lot of PMCs are already engaged in transport logistics and security of important people. The fact that you can give a rating to that person is power in itself. If your grade is lowered, you will not be hired.”


“and. It’s already hard to live, can’t this be a bit of entertainment? Each hunter is branded and sold like an idol. The heroes in the movies make astronomical amounts of money saying they are Superman or Marvel, but aren’t the heroes in real life worth more than that?”

I summarized her argument.

Hunter’s grading.

image branding.

S-Class Hunter. B-class hunter.

Superhuman judging committee.

In other words.

“…Are you going to control the hunter by attaching it to the brain fissure that has no horns, and then sell the hunter?”

“That’s the business!”

“I do not know. I like to call it a scam.”

“So you won’t?”


Judgment was quick.

“…Well, isn’t there a difference between politics and business in the first place?”


“Then I will…”

“Ah, wait a minute, Mr. Chun.”


I caught her at the front door as she was about to leave.

“Where did this idea come from?”

“It’s me.”

…I needed a staff like this.

“…there are three policy advisers to the Minister.”


Cheon Geum-soon, who understood the subtle request to pass on ideas from time to time, smiled broadly.

“Can I send you one?”

“It just needs to be a person who can be used as a link. He is quick-witted, works well, and is reliable.”

“There are a few people like that. I will send you there soon.”

“See you next time.”

“I’ll go to the Minister’s inauguration!”

rumble. The door closed and Cheon Geum-soon left. I asked the guys.

“What do you think?”

“Isn’t that a stamp on the meat? Grade 1 Korean beef?”

“So that’s it.”

“Are you okay?”

I flopped down on the sofa.

“He’s a yangban with a little taste, but he has a brain that makes money like the devil…”

I waved the contract to Chaewon, who frowned for a moment, then nodded with an ambiguous expression.

the guy told me

“…Chun, because the president is running the PMC. If you hold the association, you will have a lot of advantage when doing business…?”

“That was the intention, too.”

“But it didn’t seem like they were trying to use the government, I think.”

In other words, ‘I don’t think it was’, and it was not meant to take advantage of the government.


With a small sigh and stroking his chin, Hojeong Lee approached me.

“Are you going to get a ministerial policy adviser from you?”

“Well, isn’t it often the case that you received an executive from a high industrial complex in an open position and used it as a lobbyist? Besides, it doesn’t matter that aide is a special job.”

“What the hell, you canceled the free pass.”

Hojeong Lee added.

“Now then, with a secretary-”

“The secretary to the minister is Chae-won.”

Pi Chae-won, who was muttering pizza, trembled in surprise.

“I, me…?!”

“Ugh. Congratulations, a 20-year-old high-ranking civil servant.”

For reference, considering the rank of a civil servant, he was a third-grade deputy director.

“I, I, I’m 19 years old because I was born early…?”

“……Congratulations. A high level of minors.”

It’s the first time I’ve heard of a high school high school girl. Even though it was the life of an honest Parisian who never knew when he would be fired, the high industrial complex was a high industrial industrial complex.

Pi Chae-won was restless, so he continued what Ho-jeong Lee was saying.

“then. Can we just hire two deputy ministers, one spokesperson, two policy aides, and one inspectorate?”

“Nine more members of parliamentary aide.”

“I think it would be better to start with the aide to the National Assembly. Me and Ilho as well. It hurts my head to work alone.”

it’s an assistant Still, you have to hire someone you can trust, but in today’s world, if you openly hire a spy from another faction, you’re welcome.


I stared at the high school girl, a high-ranking government official. As if he knew what I was thinking, he trembled in surprise.

“Hey, Chaewon.”

“Yes, yes…!”

“Are you thinking of becoming an interviewer?”


 < Notice >

[Han Seung-moon’s office]

National Assembly Assistant Recruitment Announcement

We are recruiting aides who will solve state affairs with an animalistic political sense, cool judgment, and smooth interpersonal relationships.

1. No. of Recruitment

– 2 assistants (equivalent to level 4)

– 2 secretaries (equivalent to level 5)

– 4 secretaries (equivalent to level 6, 7, 8, 9)

– 1 intern

2. Qualifications and preferences

– Those who do not fall under the reasons for disqualification under Article 33 of the National Public Officials Act

– Those who have good working skills and good interpersonal relationships in the National Assembly, government affairs, and overall political affairs

– Those who agree with the KMT’s platform policy or are a party member

– Cabinet administration experts or scholars specializing in government affairs

– Possessing related paranormal ability

– Those who are willing to voluntarily volunteer in a national crisis

– Various qualifications such as Excel, Photoshop, information processing engineer, lawyer, etc.

3. Main tasks

– Ministry of Portrait Management, National Assembly related policy development

– Legislative and budgetary and administrative

– Message work

– Driving (Secretary level 7)

– Other political activities and national affairs assistant

4, selection method

– 1st : Document review

– 2nd round: Interview (individual notification only to those who passed the 1st round)

– Individual notification of final successful applicants

5. Documents to be submitted

– Resume and self-introduction (work competency-oriented)

– Possible to submit proof of work competency

– In the case of paranormal persons, they must prove the registration certificate and materials issued by the Superhuman Registration Temporary Committee of the Hunter Association.

6. Working conditions

– Payment of remuneration according to the regulations of the National Assembly Secretariat

7. Other matters

– Daytime at night

– Weekdays of holidays

– Common sense of ramen

– Normalization of Korea

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