A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 101

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 101

EP 17 – Minister is too strong (4)

“Professor of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Haneul University. Oxford University Ph. D. Major in Korean Politics, Comparative Politics, Party Election, and Power Structure. Minor Statistics. Former Director of the National Research Institute of Haneul University. Oxford Round Table Member. The 21st President of the Korean Political Science Association. Advisor to the National Intelligence Service, Advisor to the Speaker of the National Assembly…”

I put my resume down on the resume pile.


It is filled with only paper and ink and the sound of the press.

The office was already a mountain range of resumes.


He lifted his head through the crevice of the mountain peak and shouted.

“hey! Ilho!”


“Where did you apply to, Professor Cho Byeong-gap at Haneul University?”

“Level 7 assistant!”

Ho-jung Lee was very surprised.

“…the head of the department?”

* * *

“It’s tough, really…”

Surrounded by the mountains of resumes, Han Seung-moon sighed and stuck out his tongue. Lee Ho-jeong, who was drinking the fourth coffee next to him, gently wiped his eyes.

“I think my brother has become famous.”


“Look at this.”

She held out her phone screen. it’s a news article

“They say that selecting an aide is like a past exam. It even made the news.”

Yang Il-ho, who was lying on the sofa, admired with a muffled voice. It was more like green onion than a person.

“It is also the center of power…”

“Be quite.”


Yang Il-ho, who had a twisted appearance, got up crying.

“How long do we have to do this…?”

“How much did you do?”

“Honestly, if you stay up two nights, you will complain-”

“I wish I had slept for four hours on the sofa.”

So, these days things are just complaining…

When Han Seung-moon, who muttered, Kicked his tongue, woke up, Yang Il-ho grinded his teeth with blood gushing upside down.

I didn’t rush in anymore because I knew that if I screwed up, the words to seize power would come back.

And it was also because he knew that Han Seung-moon was not really a person without measures.

“wait. I called someone to help me…”

“Who are you?”

16 minutes later.

“Oh! aunt!”

“What in the world is this…”

So-jeong Byun, a former legal adviser and HR officer at Cheongryong, a limited law firm, arrived at the district office.


Contrary to popular belief, a lawyer’s battlefield is a desk, not a courtroom. This is especially true of lawyers who cleaned the back of the company and managed people.

“Give me a look.”

Therefore, with the advent of So-jeong Byun, the document examination proceeded in an instant. And the government officials could see just how beggar they were.

“No, why are you doing this?”

“Wow… I didn’t know this…”

Even so, the only history of his career was an aide to the National Assembly, and the job of an aide as an aide was around the time of a cousin of a slave in the Joseon Dynasty.

Not knowing if it was a level 4 or 5 or higher aide, they were only doing sidbarijit throughout their social life.

“Thank you so much for coming, lawyer.”

“What. It’s good to meet our young lawmakers and get to know each other!”

Except for Han Seung-moon.

“It’s all because you took good care of your nephew. Do you know?”

“Does he hate you every time you see him?”

“If you’ve seen 28 years, it’s time to get used to it.”

While Han Seung-moon was arguing with pride for nothing, So-jeong Byun neatly filtered all resumes once. Evaluating the value of specs and predicting academic background and personal connections was only possible through social experience.

“It’s difficult to break through this place with this academic background, but you did well. It would be true if he had a manager in his 30s, but do you know what it means to have succeeded in the harsh internal politics?”

“Ah, I know this guy. Did my shooter take on a second divorce case? Anyway, everything is fine, but I have three wives. The reason I divorced the first is because of the second, and the reason I divorced the second is because of the third.”

“Ugh. I only have one secretary, but this company has a tight secretary. Looking at his career, he must have played in the 21st year of the Prince’s Rebellion. and survived Since I worked for the government office, I think a 9th grade level would be fine.”

At that time, when Han Seung-moon was away from work for a while and licked the lid of the Yoplait that Pi Chae-won bought,


“Yes, Aunt.”

Han Seung-moon turned to Byun So-jeong, who was tapping the keyboard. As her finger pointed to the monitor, Han Seung-moon skimmed someone’s resume.

Jae-Young Yoo

28 years old

Master of Political Science and Diplomacy, Haneul University

Intern assistant support

not very attracted Of course, there were various other awards, but the specifications were incomparable to other applicants.


Byeon So-jeong’s eyes are different.

“He’s a little girl from the house.”


What is Yoo Jae-young’s feeling?

“25 times?”


It was to die for.

She looked around in the waiting room with the number 26 on her chest.

A second-class civil servant who played golf with my father, a professor who visited me for a lecture in the past, a very pretty and stylish older sister, someone who I don’t know but looks serious.

All kinds of human figures caught my eye, at least they looked better than her.

In the midst of sweating like that,

“Number 26?”

Her turn came. Yoo Jae-young hastened his creaking steps. I don’t remember very well after that.

When she regained consciousness, she was sitting in a chair, and there were five interviewers in front of her.


There, I saw Han Seungmun for the first time.

A slightly wrinkled forehead, dirty-looking eyes, gray hair, dark circles, and flaky skin.

That was the Han Seung-moon she knew. He said that he would occasionally upload pictures of himself with celebrities of the same age on the internet community.

But this is something

“……please introduce yourself.”

“Ah, ah, that, two, twenty, six applicants, Yoo, Yoo Jae-young, hap, ni…”

old man 老將.

That gaze had the power to make people cringe.

Yoo Jae-young froze like a dragonfly in front of a mantis, a gazelle in front of a lion, and a graduate student in front of her advisor.

I searched through my white-dyed head to find the self-introduction that I memorized yesterday, but I couldn’t find where the memory had disappeared.

She looked around blankly.

Next to Han Seung-moon, two lawmakers called his left arm, his right arm, sat next to him, and next to him was an aunt who seemed to stare at him when he talked to him.


And a young girl was sitting there.

Yoo Jae-young looked at the girl.

The girl also looked at her.

The two women made eye contact.



She is a girl with a gloomy impression.

Long straight hair gave a neat impression at first glance, but among those gloomy dark circles, those empty eyes were too intense.

empty eyes.

Something seemed to be sucked into those eyes. It was a bit of an odd expression, but it seemed to be showing his heart.

When the girl flinched, Yoo Jae-young came to her senses.

“……okay. Why did you apply?”

Han Seung-moon, who had been waiting for a long time, gave up on listening to the self-introduction, and uttered the next question in a dull voice,

Yoo Jae-young answered it without hesitation.

“…I want to seize power!”


“Ah, hello!”

“No, sleep-”

– Bang!


Yoo Jae-young, blushing red, left the interview room as if running away, and there was a strange silence between the interviewers.

“Hey, what…”

Self-introduction, motivation for application, patriotism, judgment, professionalism

There were five questions to assess her, but her interview was particularly unusual.

When I asked her motivation for applying, she spat out all sorts of things, and when the time came, she left first.

Roughly summarizing the eloquence of the long sentence she spoke, it was as follows.

“…the reason why there are so many ttorais in the high industrial complex. How to seize the head of the Office of Planning and Coordination, Why does Technocrat have to be conservative, 3 performance indicators that the ministers look at, How to find hidden funds from subordinates, Public servants who hold hands do their jobs well, Secret relationship between bureaucrats and legislators. ”

Han Seung-moon asked.

“And what else?”

“It’s a real civil servant conversation.”

“Oh yeah.”

I wrote one more thing on a sticky notepad. Yes, it was all about missing a screw.

Something. something a bit

“…is this too much of a practical tip?”

“Any experience…?”

It was useful.


“Hey, Chaewon did a great job. I’ll give you a card, so order pizza at home.”

“…are you okay?”

After submitting the list of successful applicants for the assistant, Chae-won, who politely accepted the credit card, had a somewhat worried expression.


“2 out of 9…”

Because he was a spy sent by Chung Jung-yeop and Won Ok-bun.


But before answering that question, I looked at Pi Chae-won with a mysterious expression.

Pi Chae-won was stunned and answered.

“Ah… If possible, I try to read the members’ thoughts carefully…”

“Oh, can you control it now?”

“Umm… when there are fewer people…?”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

I sip the barley tea.

“It’s a matter for me to live with dignity.”

However, Pi Chae-won frowned with a slightly contemptuous look, wondering if he even read the thought, ‘Ah, this line was a bit cool’.

“No contempt…”


With her right hand grabbing her droopy left elbow, Pi Chae-won hesitated and twisted her body and continued speaking.

“He said that he was worried about Hojeong unnie too, no, he thought about it.”

“What did you say? no. What did you think?”

“Ah, that… that’s too much…”

I tilted my head.

“who? I? Spread it?”

“Ah, no, the Hunter Association and the mixing of spies with the staff…”

“Friends are closer, enemies are closer.”


“Kids these days don’t see godfathers…?”

it’s over, man I’m done.

Mumbling like that, I closed my laptop for a while and got up from my seat, and Pi Chae-won quickly handed me a wand.

“…well, it’s because we’re the only ones who know what the spies are doing.”

Above all else, are you

Where do you dare to put a purakchi chick? You have to feed the shit right away when you’re tinkering.

I thought about it for a while, but when I saw Pi Chae-won staring at me with a bewildered look, it seems that she has turned off her superpowers now.

I sat on the sofa, opened a bag of chocolate heim and handed one of the two to him.

I ask Pi Chae-won, who eats sweets.

“Well… Does it really matter if I give the Hunter Association a leash and some disciplinary rights?”


“No, if you’re wrong, get down-”

Knock. Knock.

At the sound of a clean knock, Pi Chae-won rushed back and opened the door to the parliamentarian’s office.

“uh…! mister!”

Pi Chae-won laughed softly. He was like a child too.

“Oh oh! Chaewon long time no see! Are you there, Senator?”

“Ah yes!”

A gentle-looking man wearing round glasses came in with a camera around his neck.

I smiled softly and stood up. Some of them wielded a big stick.

It meant that I, who also had a sore leg, got up for you. So, notice my love and take it easy.

“Hey, are you here? Are you cold?”

“Hey, you’re sitting…”

I gently grabbed his rough hand with both hands and, shaking hands, led me to the seat across from me.

The cold is a bewildered expression.

“By the way, what did you call me for?”

“Ah, that’s no different. Do you know a lot of journalist friends?”

“Oh yes! There were a lot of things like cockroaches! What!”

“Oh my gosh… If you’re a friend of him, I think they’re probably journalists with a strong sense of justice, conscience, and good skills. I heard you went after dictators in Africa and the Middle East.”

“Oh yes! Those are ghosts, what!”

I brought the point out.

“I want to bring those reporters to the inspection team…”


“Ah, there is an inspector directly under the minister. Under the inspectorate, there will be 15 inspection teams and 20 inspection teams to create an inspection agency.”

The request to use the war correspondents who gained practical experience while traveling abroad as special agents for the investigation agency was quickly accepted.

So he expressed displeasure.

“Ah, well… Actually, I only have about six trustworthy friends…”

“ah! That’s enough! We plan to mix public prosecutors, budget experts from the National Statistical Office, and the audit team from the Ministry of Finance.”

“Uh-huh, in such a terrific place, journalists flirt…”

“The situation is not the situation. Even if it’s an inspection, I think it’s going to have to be rough in the field, not just with paperwork. Perhaps you will work with superhumans.”

By this time, the cold person’s expression became strange.

I told the cold.

“The Inspector General.”

“Ahhh! Don’t do this!”

“Inspector Inspector!”

“I don’t want to! I didn’t hear-“

“The only person I can trust and entrust to is Gamja-nim.”

“No, even if I do, will the prosecutors listen to me?”

“Didn’t you just hang out with Prosecutor Gan Kyung-soo of the Hunter Investigation Department? He is the son-in-law of Rep. Yang Pan-seok, and he is a public figure in the presidential election, so the prosecutors will never touch him.”

“Ah, anyway!”

Despite his reluctance, I pounded my chest and ranted.

“and! this! Isn’t this Han Seung-moon’s trust? I’m back! Back! Can’t you believe me?”

“Ah, that’s not-”

“Who was Cha Jae-gyun who revealed the in vivo experiment?”

Only then did the cold stop. Pi Chae-won didn’t have a very good expression either because it was a painful memory.

“Now we need someone who is not afraid of power!”


“You said it before. What is the world like, I didn’t have the strength to fix it, so I became a journalist. I can’t fix it, but I’m a journalist to tell other people to fix it-“

“Ahh! When did you talk-”

“So now I’m not trying to give you strength! Yes?”


“Let’s change the world for once!”

The fluke remained silent for a long time.


And the declaration of surrender followed.

“……Let’s hear what your job is.”

“You thought well.”

“Ah, I’m just listening to it!”

I smiled broadly.

“First of all, there is an audit team and an inspection team under the inspectorate.”

“What is the difference between the two?”

“It was taken from the style of the Justice Department. There, one side of the Ministry of Justice and the other side of the Prosecutor’s Office.”


“The audit team will be in charge of the portrait management department, and the inspection team will be in charge of the superhuman support agency. and……”

After about 35 minutes of persuasion, I was able to make Keumja into a supervisor.


Because the related organization of the Superhuman Assistance Agency is the Hunter Association, and all PMCs in Korea supported by the Superhuman Assistance Agency will also cooperate in the form of a public service-related organization.

It didn’t make sense to explain that the Inspector General of the Paranormal Management would have the power to kill all PMCs, including the Hunter Association.

Only myself, who willingly took Gamja to a meat restaurant and grilled beef, and Pi Chae-won, who looked at me with a blank expression from the side, knew this.

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