A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 102

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 102

EP 18 – Welcome to Korea (1)

The gate opened and the monsters came pouring down.

The country was destroyed, and the Awoken appeared to stop the monster.

And exactly one year has passed.

* * *

Code name Blue House.

A huge bunker underground in Busan.

In preparation for war with North Korea, this Chungmu facility was equipped with everything the president needed to conduct state affairs.

It seems that the drawing room is no exception, so it was so comfortable and bright that it was hard to believe that it was 200 meters underground.

I sat down on the comfy sofa and opened my mouth.

“The main task of the portrait management department is probably legislation.”

“It’s a law…”

Yang Pan-seok, who had been contemplating my words, nodded his head.

“Hey, you can’t expect legislation from the National Assembly.”

The parliament is usually called the legislative branch and the government is called the executive branch. So it was a really ironic sound.

The main task of Yang Pan-seok’s administration, the portrait management department, is legislation. Even in a country with a separation of powers.


“Well, you do what you do.”

Korea is a country where the government made laws from the beginning. There is a system called government legislation, and there is an expedient method called contract legislation.

Just as it is difficult to expect a noble classical cultural life in a fighting arena, the National Assembly could not expect a reasonable and appropriate bill for the current situation.

In fact, even if the bill submitted by the government is bitten, chewed, tasted and enjoyed in the National Assembly, the draft is printed out. Well, that’s what democracy is all about.

It wasn’t a matter of right or wrong anyway.

What’s important is

“I realized that the portrait management department was not working inside the framework, but rather a department that had to work while making the framework.”

The main task of the portrait management department is legislation.

I submitted a draft of the portrait management department based on him. Yang Pan-seok accepted the document.

“Let’s see. International 1st Vice Minister. Second Vice Minister of Domestic Affairs. Superintendent of Superintendent Support. Head of the Portrait Research Division?”

“It is a four-loan system.”

The 1st Vice International Minister of International Administration.

The second domestic vice minister is the domestic administration.

Superintendent of the Superintelligence Support Agency.

The head of the Portrait Research Division is in charge of the research.

As soon as Yang Pan-seok saw it, he started weaving the waku roughly. This was almost instinctive politics.

“The first vice international minister should be a former foreign minister. And the director-general takes them to the elites of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.”

“Yes…? May I appoint the former Minister as Deputy Minister?”

“That’s how powerful it is. Since I’m in charge of trade and international cooperation, I think I’ll have a bit of a chat with foreign officials. Shouldn’t it be pressed by personal connections and positions on the board where the sound of the establishment of an international organization is also heard?”

“Oh, yes. thank you.”

“……Umm. It’s a bit ambiguous though. Since the second domestic vice minister is dealing with domestic companies, he has a minister from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and sat down. I think it would be appropriate to organize the officers from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Small and Medium Business.”

“The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy?”

“Have you ever heard of Sanpia? Many civil servants from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy go to the business world.

“No, I know Sanfia. I think the situation is at an early stage and the more chaotic the world is, the more disciplined we need to be.

“Isn’t the stance too hostile to the company?”

“Even if the dog barks, the train must run. We must take this opportunity to reverse the relationship between the chaebol and the government.”

“great. don’t do that Anyway, has anyone thought of the Superintendent of Superintendents?”

“A person who is quick-witted, has good judgment, is charismatic, knows how to use people, is patriotic, is sure to make a connection, and is flexible in change seems to be appropriate.”

“Hey, who is that person?”

“I only know one person. Because I am already president…”

“Yo, yo, look at this guy. But in my opinion, it would be better not to hire talented people.”


“Just set up a police officer with a sense of security. I am from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. It’s smart and it’s nimble. Instead, I have a bit of a lust for power, but if I mix a superman, a prosecutor, a soldier, and a policeman, I get hit from below because I’m fighting factions and messing around with the Hunter Association. In the meantime, if you crave from above again, you’ll lose your mind…”

“Uh, uh…”

“At first, the important position is not to have a strong person, but to have someone who is a little bit arrogant. Only then can you take control of the organization.”

“Yeah. I see.”

“Anyway, it is right to set up outstanding middle managers after that. If you set them up from the beginning, they will take over the organization and break it up… So, what about the head of the research division?”

“I was thinking of Dr. Hwaran Cheon. Right before giving birth, I even got sick…”

“no no. The general manager is an administrator, not a researcher. Dr. Chun appointed him as the chief researcher and led the medical team. The general manager should be a person with a bit of weight.”

“How much would you like?”

“A presidential candidate who served as Minister of Health and Welfare in the past.”


“Anyway, I’m going to lose my mind because I’m acting as a middle manager among the NIS recruits. With that yangban as middle manager, bullet receiver and administrator. Let Dr. Chun comfortably act as a researcher.”

“Oh, and I’m talking about gamblers…”

“Ah, that talent. Are you in Cheongsong Prison?”

“yes. I am with a former NIS agent who is the director of the site.”

“If they are talented people who can’t be used in the sun anyway. Let me roll in the dark while entrusting you with confidential research. I will tell the head of the NIS.”

“thank you.”

After that, Yang Pan-seok with a cautious attitude asked a few questions.

“Then why is the 1st Policy Bureau and the 2nd Policy Bureau separated under the 1st and 2nd Vice Ministers?”

He explained that he did so because he thought that one bill would not be enough to reflect the opinions of the working-level staff, as it is the first field in which the paranormal has appeared.

And if possible, it would be easier to make a tick-tick-tock-tick if there is something that gets stuck in the process. I think it’s better to go to the next department and post the law when it’s time to receive payment.

Yang’s answer to this was simple.

“Are you confident in your control between the two of you?”

“We will set up a department of about 30 people with one portrait law advisor under the direct control of the minister. If elite lawyers collect and organize the bills coming up from the 1st and 2nd policy bureaus, I plan to stamp and shoot the government legislation.”

“Who are you going to build?”

“…The Chief Justice’s term is over?”

This was, to be honest, half crazy. It means having a former head of the judiciary in a first-class civil servant.

Besides, the current Chief Justice is Yang Pan-seok’s classmate.

That’s why I said it like a little stabbing.

“……It’s an idea that a crazy person would think of.”

“Is that so…?”

“I think only you can do it.”


“Let’s draw a little more softly…”

Yang Pan-seok gently stroked his chin.

“Well, after all, he’s the man I’ve known for all my life, so I wouldn’t complain about lowering his position a bit. If I go home and open a lawyer that doesn’t sell anyway…”

“……no. no. Isn’t this an overkill?”

“That’s right. first ever. So everyone will pay attention. So don’t worry, I’m not the kind of person who will turn down when I get a lot of attention there, build some track record, and go to the next general election.”

“How about setting up an advisory committee on the portrait law directly under the president and appointing the chairperson as a minister?”


“No, what. In the old days of MB, didn’t you appoint a special minister to fill the number of members of the State Council? According to the Constitution, 15 members of the State Council are required. How about if you could make one like the Portrait Legislative Advisory Committee and help legislate the Portrait Management Department…”

“…the picture is coming out!”

“thank you.”

Yang Pan-seok and I sat down in the underground bunker and slowly laid the foundations of the nation one by one. The scent of coffee filled the room, and it was a time when a deep power permeated with every word.


Yang Pan-seok smiled satisfactorily and waved the papers covered in ballpoint pens.

“By the way, how many words are there in the department name?”

that’s what

“Isn’t there a push word for each government?”

This is also a kind of frame. The concept of our government is more like publicity. The method is also simple. All you have to do is type a word into the department name.

If I can only remember roughly, it was ‘creation’ during the Park Geun-hye administration, ‘innovation’ during the Moon Jae-in administration, and ‘people’s livelihood’ during the Yoo Jae-gwang administration.

I replied with a happy smile.

“We are portraits.”

“Anyway, it means that you are very trustworthy to roll your head around here.”

“You are exaggerating, sir.”

“Excuse me…”

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”


Yang Pan-seok let out a sigh for a moment.

Originally, Democratic politicians used to be resistant to the name Sir. Because there is such a thing as history.

However, the person I know, Pan-seok Yang, must not be such an anti-authoritarian person…

he advised me

“No matter how you call me in private, it’s up to you, but don’t call me Mrs. At least as much as you. On the contrary, I wish he would bump into me from time to time.”


what kind of monstrous sound is this Yang Pan-seok continued talking secretly with a light smile.

“…if you treat me too kindly, people will think I’m a scarecrow. Well, the position of minister is originally the president’s scarecrow, but you should take a slightly independent stance. this last word Isn’t that the coalition cabinet that says so?”


The gist of the ambiguous spell was this.

“Don’t blame me for your political achievements. What. It’s like this.”


“It’s me, the president is the last of his political careers, so it’s useless to be popular. Rather, you eat the ball and I eat the fruit to make my old age easier.”


“Do you know what I mean?”


Contrary to the original plan that the Sejong City Government Complex would be relocated to Jeju Island, the Sejong City Government Complex remained in Sejong City.

Pyeongtaek is right above it, and the monster occupied area is above it. And to put most of the government in Sejong City is to expose your face to the jaws of a tiger.

However, this was Bae Soo-jin.

The farther away from Seoul, even 1km, the higher the land price. It has been a lifelong wish for all citizens to flee to Jeju Island. The airport is overflowing with people trying to smuggle through, and soldiers are always pointing their guns at them.

But in the meantime, if you move the Government Complex Sejong to the south, including Jeju Island. The government would have been accused of abandoning the people and running away.

Of course, it was more advantageous for the government to go south for public survival, but as everyone knows, democracy is not such a rational way of governing.

So, in the end, it was decided that the ‘real’ important institutions were either buried in the underground Chungmu facilities across the country or moved to the Daejeon Government Complex, and the rest were kept at the government complex in Sejong.

For reference, the fact that a new government building is being built in the basement of Jeju Island is a first-class national secret.


Because of such circumstances, I was speaking at the government complex in Sejong. The auditorium is reminiscent of a movie theater. I read the speech out in front of a lot of people.

“There have been many deaths. But we overcame it. So it’s still alive. And we will continue to live on this earth in the future. This is thanks to the soldiers, the superhumans, and the people who believed in this country, the Republic of Korea.

The reason I became a member of the National Assembly was the people’s choice, and it was also the people’s choice to create this portrait management department and establish me. I will answer that choice as follows.”

Deputy minister-level departments of the portrait management department were initially decided into four. The face of the subordinate officials is also splendid. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, and even the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

In addition, since the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who has just finished his term, is supporting the Ministerial-level Portrait Law Advisory Committee, there was no organization to block this ministry.

Moreover, the basic working style was not working within the law, but working while making the law. In a nutshell, would the Portrait Policy Bureau be divided into the first and second countries, each under two vice ministers?

It was an organization that had nothing to say to the development dictatorship, but even its legitimacy was so democratic that no one could touch it.

I continued my speech.

“First, we will save the economy. We will return the standard of living of the people. The Republic of Korea, which leads the creation of new international organizations and the magic stone business, will only devote itself to the lives of the people.”

International 1st Vice Minister.

Responsible for diplomacy, trade and resources.

It has the Planning and Coordination Office, Portrait International Cooperation TF, Strategic Resource Management Office, Portrait Trade Control Office, and the First Portrait Policy Bureau.

It is a ministry specializing in international administration, where a former foreign minister was seated as he said he had to work with foreign officials, and elite officials from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s Trade and Negotiation Headquarters were all over the place.

“I will set off a signal for portrait reform. We will work to support venture companies jumping into new fields, create new standards for a new society, and welcome a new era.”

Second Vice Minister of Domestic Affairs.

Responsible for industry, business and regulation.

It has the R&D Policy Office, the Portrait Industry Support Office, the Paranormal Ability Review Office, the Paranormal Technology Review Office, the Emergency Safety Planning Office, and the 2nd Portrait Policy Bureau.

It is a ministry specialized in domestic administration that takes the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, who has a history of dismantling large corporations, and puts him on it, and has technical officials from the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and the Financial Services Commission.

The vice-ministerial department, which is divided into the 1st international and 2nd domestic vice-ministers, has decided to be in charge of administration only. And there is no room left to create a legal system from start to finish through government legislation.

So the real thing was after this.

“The Superhuman Support Agency will take responsibility for the safety of the people. Together with the superhumans, we will slay monsters and cooperate with the ROK military to protect our national defense. Monsters are no longer a disaster, they are just objects of conquest.”

3rd Deputy Minister-level institution.

An extrajudicial institution that crushed all public authorities. Superhuman Support Office.

It supports hunting of hunters, exchanges manastones, controls domestic market prices, beats superhuman criminals, and possesses a superhuman armed force, enabling emergency deployment in case of emergency.

The former head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency serves as the head of the department, and it is a walking mass of public power that is a mixture of the elite of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, as well as those from active military and police officers.

And it is the organization to which Gam Ji-yoon, a strategic weapon, belongs. Yeo Do-yeon is trying to persuade her to go in.

“In addition, the Paranormal Research Headquarters is being established in the Jeju Advanced Science and Technology Research Complex, and numerous researchers are already digging into the monster in the existing research facilities. With the right research ethics and sincere dedication, we will no longer be afraid of unknown threats.”

4th Deputy Minister-level institution.

The Paranormal Research Center, which gathers all Korean researchers.

Magical research, monster research, paranormal ability research, and paratech research. It is no exaggeration to say that the best intellectuals in Korea are gathered here.

There is even a gambler and a place manager in Cheongsong Prison (a research institute pretending to be a person). They would work in the dark, but only their findings would be widely used in the world.

And the chief researcher in charge of the actual research is Dr. Hwaran Cheon. is scheduled for I’m in the hospital right now because I’m about to give birth. I’ll have to bring it back after a few months and when I’m all done.

like that.

“…I will work for a free and just Republic of Korea and its people.”

After passing the formal hearing in one day, the portrait management department was launched.


The advice of the former foreign minister and first vice international minister, that the inauguration ceremony begins after the inauguration ceremony was over, was just right.

Every politician I know has been here. They left the inauguration, one by one, hinting at me.

Thinking over the hundreds of handshakes they left behind, and just thinking about the issues that might arise from them, I felt like my head would explode.


That evening.

“… EU Commission President Noah Lumière has arrived at Gimhae Airport.”

I heard the report from the secretary of Pi Chae-won called ‘ at the dinner table.

“what happened? Minister of State Han Seung-moon?”

“Ah, it seems that there is one more person to join.”

In front of it was Li Chong-bin of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China.

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