A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 103

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 103

EP 18 – Welcome to Korea (2)

When a person wants to be really f**ked, he denies reality for a few seconds. This is usually the case when the twin towers explode while giving a lecture in kindergarten, or when the gate opens on the first day of the term.

US Ambassador to Korea Robert Wilson wrinkled his eyes as soon as he answered the call.

He has been avoiding contact with politicians in part because Korea seems to be being too cheeky these days. To be precise, he was living away from home after receiving such instructions.

Of course, he did not even attend the inauguration ceremony of Minister Han Seung-moon.

the problem is-

[Vice President Ri Choong-bin attended the inauguration ceremony!]

[The Lumière executive has arrived at Gimhae Airport, and is on the way to the meeting place……]

Everyone is here except yourself.

* * *

When US Ambassador to Korea Robert heard that the trilateral talks were going on, he immediately ran out of his house and stepped on the accelerator.

After arguing with the bodyguards for a while on the first floor of the Lotte Hotel, asking for permission, he got into the elevator.

As the elevator started going up, the night view of Busan began to be seen clearly through the window.


It is a city of light.

Even at this time, numerous goods were being transported through coastal voyages from the port, and refugees from Gangwon-do were arriving in Busan every minute.

South Korea succeeded in defending all nuclear facilities, including the northernmost Uljin nuclear power plant, through the Chungcheong Defense Line. Thanks to this, the night view of Busan was still beautiful.

Seven nuclear power plants in the eastern United States exploded, irradiating millions of people, and the resulting anarchy resulted in numerous people infected with plague tumors.

Besides, it’s a three-way meeting. This is indeed a dismal outcome. The split between the Democrats and Republicans in the early days of the crisis almost left the United States halfway through diplomacy. The populist and nationalist policies of the candidates on both sides were nothing more than striking.

As a result, will they withdraw all US troops from Europe in order to protect the mainland, or will they launch nuclear bombs into East Asia as if to contain China? All sorts of mistakes followed.

As a result, the United States declared itself to be isolated.

Even Japan is divided into the Kanto government army and the Kansai Yakuza, and is unable to fulfill its role.

If China, a traditional hypothetical enemy, the EU, which is moving towards dismantling NATO, and Korea, a pragmatic pragmatist, even sign a triangular alliance. The United States loses most of its control over Eurasia.

Then it’s going to be a real mess. Both myself and the United States.

When I swallowed dry saliva, feeling the weight of the responsibility that was on my shoulder like that,

Tiling –

The elevator reached the top floor.

The door opens.

The US ambassador to Korea carefully adjusted his clothes and walked in. He was a representative of the world superpower, but his steps were not as confident as before.

He finally realized that the world had changed.

At the table were sitting the powers of the new world.

A European saint who saved hundreds of millions of people. European Commission President Noah Lumière. Her hair, shining as softly as a halo, seemed to prove the miracle of Paris.

A political officer who killed millions. Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, Le Songbiyan is listed. Millions of deaths and tens of millions of armies hung from the skinny grips protruding from the robes.

South Korea’s young and talented, Minister of Portrait Management Han Seung-moon. A historical figure who made the Republic of Korea today. He was the only one who took control of the country in his late 20s.


So, US Ambassador to Korea, Robert, could not hide his astonishment.

The scenery where they are gathered is in one word-

“Squeeze- Ming-Xian Weipan-Ru-Grill-On!”

“The Best Pure- La Cuminoti- Humany!”

“With international organizations, let’s start with economic cooperation! Yes!?”

it was shit


The core of international organizations is the supply of superhumans through stimulants. The story ended with the method of letting the selected personnel enter Korea, awakening them and sending them back.

So far, everyone has been friendly.

The problem was who was in charge of it.

“The conversation with Korea has already ended. Aside from government intervention, private associations will execute them fairly.”

Noah Lumière must supply the Awoken to Europe. Otherwise, there is a lack of superhumans, so they fight each other to get talented people, and they all end up ruined.

And in the process, it was necessary to block the involvement of the gloomy EU political power. That’s why she opposes government intervention in superpopular decision-making.

Well, maybe it’s because of my fluttering in the past.

On the other hand,

“Where is the guarantee that private associations are fair? In order to save more people than it really is, the government needs systematic and professional management.”

In China, the rebels are suppressing the rebels in various places. Never hand over the superhuman screening task to the private sector.

In the end, it was a matter of whether the ‘private’ or the ‘government’ implemented the process of injecting the stimulant.

And there were roughly two compromises.

First, in China, the government is in charge, and in Europe, the private sector is in charge.

“no. It can give the impression that international organizations for the common good of mankind are driven by the interests of several countries. Why did the UN lose trust?”

Lumiere objected.

The reason is obvious. This is because if the Chinese government intervenes, the EU government will almost certainly get involved.

And the second compromise.

In Europe, the private sector is in charge, and in China, the scarecrow organization in civilian disguise is in charge.

“This is unacceptable. we are public officials To waste people’s taxes for political reasons. Isn’t the scarecrow organization the evil of authoritarian bureaucracy?”

Lee Choong-bin objected to this.

Because the Communist Party is more in crisis than ever. If there is a picture of concessions to the private sector, at least outwardly, the pride of the party is bound to be hurt.

And that pride is usually called a cause, and the cause was the essence of political power. If you lose your self-esteem, you are giving room to the rebels inside China.

So what will happen in the end?

“The superpopular organization is for the public interest, not the national interest! It should be for the common good of mankind without being swayed by national selfishness!”

“Basic morality is what man made for life. Executor Lumière’s words are close to giving up your life for the sake of Dory. You must not give up silliness for a cause.”

it’s gonna be shit

“If even the newly created international organization is stained with the unreasonable ambition and lobbying of the state power, the citizens of the world will have no other to rely on!”

“Whether the people depend on it or not. Think of a way to lead the people. We are responsible for the public good. If we look back on where to find the way to save more people, the answer will come.”

In the end, Lumière and Li Choongbin had their faces blushed. They wrote all kinds of texts and continued a fierce discussion.

I kept my composure and drank bottled water from a wine glass. And I thought.

Advice from the newly appointed first vice international minister of portrait management and former foreign minister…

[Perhaps after you take office, negotiations on international organizations will take place. Since that part is a political realm, the minister will have to come directly to the negotiating table.]

[Hmm. Can I get some advice?]

[Even if international diplomacy seems classy, if you look closely, there are no maggots.]


[I get paid, I don’t give, I get and I don’t pay, and then when I’m wrong, I go round and round the aircraft carrier. It is convenient if you think of it as comforting a child who says only what he wants.]

[Ah, umm……]

[Well, you might think that people who have learned enough to learn are too naive. This is because there are a lot of things I carry on my shoulders.]


[Originally, being in charge is like that. If you do not take care of this right, the people in charge will collapse. In the end, if you negotiate with those in charge, you will only be able to carry out your own assertions.]

[Then what should I do?]

[We have used the tightrope strategy so far. It’s about reconciling the opinions of both sides, making concessions if necessary, and finding a compromise by being as mature and as calm as possible.]

[Hmm… Is it okay to do that?]

[So far it has been.]

[So far…]

[Originally, in a situation where the market has collapsed, it is the person holding the goods, not the cash.]

[…] Take a stimulant and play with your guts. Are you saying this?]

[It is similar to when trading in used country.]

The First Vice International Minister of Portrait Management gave me this advice.

[Say that you will never give out items until payment is made.]

“Secretary Han Seung-moon!”

“Ah yes.”

At Noah Lumière’s call, he was freed from thought. She looked at me with a desperate expression.

“Selection of the number of stimulants administered. Isn’t it supposed to be organized by a private association? Your Hunter Association!”

That’s how the story went. He also promised to cut off any interference from both governments.

Why? I did it to f**k Won Ok-bun. At that time, to beat the ‘government’ was to f**k Won Ok-bun.

But the problem is…

“A minister!”

I am Minister Han Seung-moon. I have now become a member of the ‘government’ side.


That was before the election. It has now been two months since the election ended.


And what politicians said during the election season was a kind of forgetful beast.

I smiled kindly.

“I am somewhat concerned as the discussion about international cooperation in the paranormal society continues so fiercely. But on the other hand, it means that China and the EU are so interested in the establishment of an international organization, and I am truly grateful.

However, as it is an alliance united for each other’s national defense, it is natural that understanding is focused on the discussion of superhuman training, but I would like to carefully add my personal opinion that national defense is not achieved only by superhumans.

Isn’t the social infrastructure at risk due to the depletion of fossil fuels and the cut off of international trade? I hope that there will be more discussions about cooperation to overcome the food crisis, energy crisis, and nuclear crisis, rather than simply nurturing the superhuman.”

Choongbin Lee and Lumiere looked at me blankly. Apparently the message was too indirect.

Well then, I have to be honest.

“The discussion of paranormal collaboration will be next.”

Give me the money, you bastards.


“I understand that the two countries have previously shared the view that humanitarian procedures should be followed to save the citizens of the world. First of all, we need to rescue human life through emergency formation of monster response personnel!”

[Give me a stimulant!]

“I fully agree with the opinion that we need to save lives, but I think that establishing an economic cooperation system is also a kind of saving lives.”

[Please deposit.]

“Come on, come on, calm down. Although the priorities between the Republic of Korea and the Pan-European Military Federation may be different, the will to join hands seems firm. Aside from the details, how about announcing the fact that you’ve joined hands with the world first?”

[First, let the international organizations float before the Yankees intervene. We need to raise the approval rating.]

“In the end, a shell without boudoir is just a culinary act. I’m cautious, but I’m afraid that our friendship might look like that.”

[Please deposit.]

“… Economic cooperation also needs to be coordinated with the EU Supreme Command. If we take action on urgent issues first, I think the rest can be resolved through close cooperation in the future.”

[Can’t we get the items first…?]

“A house built on a rock will last a thousand years. The world may be confusing, but I think that we can continue our long-term friendship if we take it step by step.”

[Please deposit.]

I forced Lumiere and Li Choongbin to procrastinate, procrastinating the negotiations. He cleverly urged the interests between the two and did not forget to disperse the aggro.

Anyway, these yangbans were yangbans in need of stimulants.

It’s not ‘necessary’, it’s ‘urgent’.

Because there is a shortage of hunters, people are dying horribly. Even in this moment we are talking right now.

So the more negotiations, the more their political responsibility will inevitably increase.

But. Which country is the only country free from this bone-meal hourglass?

it’s my country

A country protected by the Chungcheong defense line. A country where the majority of citizens are no longer being slaughtered by monsters.

It was only us.


Simple logic.

China has food. Korea has stimulants. Europe has science and technology. We have a common virtual enemy, the United States. Korea is a bit vague. Anyway.

Circumstances where cooperation is essential. However, there are sharp differences of opinion on the coordination of the terms of cooperation.

The Republic of Korea has the weakest military power among them, has no money, has a small population, and does not have many nuclear bombs.

The only advantage is time.

Time was on the side of Korea.

Of course, the longer the negotiations go on like this, the more impatient they will be. The more we do, the more our country benefits.

It is a game with model answers.

“…for now, let’s do this for today.”

The impatient side must first open the card. Only then will we be able to take the initiative.

Of course, it is against the public interest.

but what to do

I am a politician who was elected to do this.


[Chinese government decides to provide large-scale food aid to Korea!]

[A large number of EU researchers were recruited from the Paranormal Research Center. Potion new technology is about to be commercialized!]

[Korea-China-Yu Superman Federation launched. Discussing the initials.]

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