A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 105

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 105

EP 18 – Welcome to Korea (4)

At first, I was skeptical of the interpreter. bomb necklace. does this make sense I’m just asking her out of embarrassment.

“…a bomb or necklace?”

“It is literally. The EU is aiming for the right of hunters to live or die.”

“…! No, what era is-”

suddenly. stopped talking.

okay. what era is it It was a crazy enough world for something like this to happen.

Invincible, innocuous, innocuous. The spirit is not that noble. When people are driven to extremes, they go crazy.

Right now, Europe is in a battle with monsters, isn’t it? From what I heard at the time, it was a situation where soldiers from all over the country built shelters for each city and endured it.

Like a feudal lord.

And the king’s attempt to kill the bloated lord was an act that continued countless times in human history. That was the essence of power. Something that doesn’t change no matter how much time passes.


I couldn’t hide my uneasy feeling, and I had no choice but to ask her.

“…can I get a little more detailed explanation?”

She took a small chip and remote from her pocket and placed it on the desk.

“It started with the European Parliament.”

* * *

It was a day of philanthropic relief.

In Noah Jean-Marie Lumière’s day, there is no day or night. This is because they are sent to the battlefield for more than 13 hours a day.

Of course, this is even better.

In the early days of the situation, there were a lot of fights, rather than exaggeration, for several nights. It’s all because she’s a healer. Heal yourself and fight.

Of course, as with all rapid recovery through potions and heals, it was a lifesaver, but if she didn’t fight, someone else would die.

She has no choice but to fight.

Noah Lumière was lying on the bed of the private plane, which was shaking slightly, and muttered quietly.

“Actually, even when I was working at Doctors Without Borders, if I was sometimes sent to a conflict zone like Kashmir, I worked like I do now. So it’s not a big deal.”

Colleagues’ reactions were brief.

First of all, the English guy who was blowing a bottle of wine on the sofa answered her with a ‘respectful’ gesture.

“Cut the crap.”

Translation: f**k the bullshit

Other colleagues also added a word or two of support.

“Anyway, French kites don’t discriminate between men and women who brag.”

“excuse me. Rumi’s older sister. How about talking after taking some vitamins? Isn’t the age at which wrinkles are dangerous? Of course, I’m young and fresh, so I don’t know.”

“Don’t be shy. Occidental.”

Noah Lumière pouted his lower lip lightly.

“this. I heard it.”

She yawned and squirmed on the bed. The sun was shining 35,000 feet above the plane window.

it was warm

Laying on her bed, she was drawn to the scarlet sunlight and rolled to and fro through the window and peered into the world. Of course the sun was beautiful, but the earth was in ruins.

Lumière, who had been watching the collapsed world for a long time, headed towards the refrigerator. On the way, he didn’t forget to slap a British guy in the back who was sitting on the sofa.

“Oh, why are you hitting me?”

“Stop drinking. This little boy.”

She squatted, took vitamins from the mini fridge and muttered. Since I was chasing monsters all day, I didn’t have time to eat, so I used vitamins.

So, Noah Lumière’s time off is mainly for traveling by helicopter or plane. These days, he has become an international celebrity and has been given a comfortable private plane.

And hanging out in the private plane bed and chatting with her colleagues has been her small but great happiness recently.

Noah Lumière, who was smiling happily, went back to bed and wrapped himself in a blanket, and asked Mayed Al-Muwalid, who was looking at his phone in the corner of the private plane.

Because he had a happy expression on his face.

“Mayed? What are you watching?”

“me. see. news.”

It was a little strange for it to be French, but it was enough to make sense. Lumiere tilted her head lightly.

“What is it?”

“The dollar index has collapsed.”

“What is it?”

“It means America is screwed. Allah worked.”

If there was a God, the world would have changed like this. I thought about it, but Lumiere just kept her mouth shut.

Because it would be a matter of whether there was a God or not.

And Noah Lumière was the type of person who saved at least one more person in such a time of worry.

A Swiss girl approached her.

“Sister Rumi. Would you like to see this?”

Someone was giving a speech inside the cell phone that the girl held in. His identity, which I found out through the subtitles, was a lawmaker.

Just as the parliament is the legislative body of a democratic country, the European Union also has the European Parliament. And Jean-Pierre Lizre was a member of the council there.

Of course, he was one of the more than 700 lawmakers, so he was a tall person, but he wasn’t a great person.

But Lumière, who confirmed his party, frowned slightly.

“……Is it EPP?”

“Keep looking at Rumi-eun as well. What are you saying?”

European People’s party.

The name sounds like a left-wing party, but it was a right-wing force that advocated liberal conservatism and Christian democracy.

It is now the largest party in the European Parliament. His tendencies are center-right, but these days he has been right-clicking repeatedly and turning into a nationalist far-right.

So, it was not a very desirable place for Lumière to see, and this place was not desirable even for this nobleman.

[… Their strength and uncontrollable violence are double-edged swords. Humanity must control them. Superhuman criminals are no different from intelligent monsters.]

“Ugh. The comments are a bit harsh. Is it election season?”

“Keep looking. Did this person sell Rumi’s unnie’s name as well?”

[Of course, there could be heroes like Noah Lumière. However, it is impossible to expect all Superman to be Lumiere.]

He briefly answered a reporter’s question in the middle.

[This is Le Monde’s Fleur reporter. Excuse me, Senator, but your remarks could be viewed as an insult to our superhumans fighting on the front lines of mankind-]

[Then, your question could be seen as an insult to my daughter, who was murdered by a superhuman. May I continue my speech?]

[……All right.]

Lizre introduced a bill.

[…Therefore, I think it is reasonable to pass the Superman Management Act, to control all superhumans by the state, and to be given some restrictions on their basic rights, including their location information.]

When asked if the bill came out of revenge, he answered:

[yes. I feel like I want to wear even a bomb necklace. This is the result of what I have kept my rationality. If all superhumans are managed by the state, there may be strategic and social benefits. A superpower out of control will never harm anyone. Simple argument. You put a number on your gun. We live with bombs in our society.]

All of a sudden, everyone in the private plane was concentrating on the speech. They were all with Lumière and fought for humanity, so they all expressed their wild anger in their own way.

Noah Lumière decided that this confusion was of no use to mankind, and began to calm them down.

“You’ve seen a lot of people who have lost their families. Right now, I was once like that. And I don’t think the people we’ve defended will fall for that kind of agitation and turn the sword against us.”


“…we didn’t have enough conflicts like this in the X-Men and the Avengers? haha…”

In fact, she didn’t think too deeply about that crazy man’s speech. What crazy people would support such an idea.

Of course, there are people who resent the person who saved them because they have nothing to complain about, but I thought that it was only a temporary phenomenon that occurred because the world was so harsh.

And that thought did not change for a while.

To be precise, her method was to save at least one person at a time when such political instigation would be exhausted.

This was also the case when the Internet comment box began to be colored little by little, and all kinds of supporters of Lizre began to rant.

This was also the case when the media all over Europe began to take a little bit of color and started discussing Risere’s anti-superhuman ideas all day long.

However, when Rep. Lizre began to emerge as the new party leader in the EPP, she felt something was amiss.


When Senator Lizre was brutally murdered by an unidentified psychic, it was too late to do anything about it.


As I listened to Noah Lumière sitting across from me, fifty thousand thoughts ran through my head.

Isn’t there a civil war between the government and the Hunters in the EU? Why is the coalition government so anxious to eat the hunters protecting the country?

I gathered up my uncontrollable questions and asked her.

“…Why on earth is the coalition government doing this? Hunters in each city make shelters and hold out, didn’t they? Wouldn’t Europe be lost if the Hunter disappeared or if there was even an infighting?”

“The coalition government has already lost Europe.”

Hearing those words, all doubts were resolved.

The government has lost Europe.

Europe was already dominated by others.


Lumiere nodded.

“From the beginning, the EU had no borders. Even more so in the Eurozone. But now, Europe has been reorganized around shelters in each city, guilds and clans leading the shelters. Your tenure is over and you’re not even in a position to vote, so who will people gradually follow?”

“…Isn’t there a role for the European Union’s Central Army? Supply, raid, command…”

“Things end when resources run out. In fact, it seems to be the case. And even the right to command in each area is being taken away in the name of discretion.”

It was as natural as it was in a world where democratic legitimacy was defeated by force.

Noah Lumière continued the story calmly.

“Well, that’s why we’re trying to catch the hunters’ leash before it’s too late. If it goes on like this, society will change into a local warlord system.”

How many times have I cried to be calm now? A sigh escaped spontaneously.

However, whether I feel sorry for her or not, as I listened to her explanation, a trick kept coming to my mind.

In fact, it was an idea close to an impulse.

And that’s a terrible impulse.


‘Get the Hunter’

Rather than living while being treated harshly, it is to live comfortably in Korea.

It was not an unrealistic idea, as it was paying off foreign debts by selling books on Jeju Island to the wealthy Arabs or Chinese right now.

In addition, South Korea’s defense capabilities are also increasing, so this is a win-win.


It was obvious what kind of fate a society without hunters would face. Even more so if Europe relied on hunters.

Those left behind will become monster food.

And can I do that?

How far can I go in the name of national interest?

If such a future comes, what kind of eyes will Noah Lumière look at me?

And what kind of feeling would I be running on the red Han River?

After thinking for a long time, Noah Lumière said to me.

“I will go to Korea.”


“……no. Please take me to Korea.”

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