A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 106

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 106

EP 18 – Welcome to Korea (5)

When I woke up, reality was getting closer. It wasn’t the world she thought it was.

I thought it was a complaint from people living in a sad world, but it has become an ideology named ‘Rizlessism’.

They thought it was self-comfort on the Internet for those who lost it, but they were marching through the streets of Paris carrying the statue of Lizre.

It was the city she had saved.

* * *

I couldn’t understand. constantly doubted. How the death of one madman changes the world. Isn’t it just a way to relieve the stress of those who need a place to complain?

When I woke up, the world had already gone crazy. Of course not all. But this sign was clearly evidence that society was heading into madness.

And she was well aware of that. What kind of world would be crazy if we didn’t say that this world is crazy?

But in the end, she didn’t think people were crazy yet, so one day the reality on the table in front of her seemed to drive her crazy.

“Agent Theresia. So what the hell is this?”

“It is a psychic recognition chip.”

An agent of the intelligence agency, whom I knew normally, suddenly summoned him to a basement somewhere, and placed a chip on the table.

From Lumiere’s point of view, it was absurd.

“…if this superhuman management law is passed, is this a chip that will be planted in the body of superhumans? no, more than that. Did the EU government actually make this?”

“Personal information and location identification are possible. You can also make simple payments in connection with credit card love, and the country gives you 4,000 euros per month. There are many discounts as well. Family residence benefits. There are also tactical deployment benefits.”

The intention was clear.

“You are talking about selling freedom. Why didn’t you turn on the self-destruct function? My head explodes-”

“Instead of the bomb, I took a little bit of botulinum toxin. It works the same when you press the remote control.”

Botulinum toxin.

It is also called botox.

It is sometimes used as a wrinkle remover.

“…that crazy.”

“If necessary, we will inject it with the remote control and cause sudden death. Moreover, the toxin has been modified to be eliminated after cessation of life. It’s the joy of magic engineering.”

It was also the most toxic of all substances developed by mankind.

It was arithmetic, more dangerous than a nuclear bomb, since it was possible to poison 7 billion people in a 1kg line.

Lumiere knew what that meant.

“…… It’s like this dog’s baks.”

“I thought so too, so I came to you at the risk of being shot.”

Noah Lumière was at a loss for words while looking at the recognition chip on the table for a long time. But the agent’s explanation didn’t even give her time to calm down.

“In the beginning, the creation of this Satan itself was a scheme.”

So reality came to her.

“Regardless of the left and right parties, there was national unity at the leadership level. Of course, Rep. Lizre was in the same vein. He didn’t know he was going to die.”

Since when?

“Did you not think that those who instigated public opinion with comments were too organized? When I saw the behavior of the media that received the order, it was so obvious that I thought that I would not be found out.”

The world was crazy from the start.

“Of course, it’s too late to expect judgment from people in this damned world. And it is too late for us to react.”

And you shouldn’t expect anything that isn’t crazy about people living in a crazy world.

“At the beginning, Rep. Lizre’s specifications were too clever. A French ruling party member from the NATO army who lost his family to a superman. Perhaps you should blame Lumière-”

“Wait… wait a minute… time to think a little bit…”

Before long, Noah Lumière’s cold face was distorted to the fullest.

Of course, she wasn’t the one who was swayed by love and saved people. He didn’t really care about ideology or politics.

At that time, at least one person has to live.

There were times when the person he rescued even hit him with a brick as to why he was late. But she did not waver and went straight to the battlefield.

At that time, at least one person has to live.

The path of relief was originally like that. He didn’t expect any reward for saving someone. She simply stands in her place and silently protects the world.

That was her belief.


Why is she weeping now?

“Wait. for a moment……”

Where man is a beast that lives only by beliefs.

So Noah Lumière is where she stands, no. She had to feel as if the world she had protected was collapsing.

She bowed her head and trembled slightly. And he began to mutter obsessively. Her light began to flicker dangerously.

“……Please, wait a minute.”

“There is no time. bailiff.”

“no. for a moment. Wait……”

“The plan has already begun, and the bill will be passed at least around this time next year.”

“A little time to think…”

“Calm down, Noah Lumière!”



“…I have thought about it.”

and. Whether she feels the world is falling apart or not.

“I’m going to Korea.”

Her method is to save people first when they cry.


If she had talked about this, I could barely understand her thoughts.

1. Expose the plans of the coalition government.

He opposes the bill and overturns the frame of being someone who insulted the tragic deceased. But all the hunters and those saved by her will support her.

Thus, the coalition splits and civil war breaks out.

Europe perishes.

2. To condone the plans of the coalition government.

It is a plan devised by state-level political masters. I don’t know what the plan is, but he will entrap all the hunters in Europe step by step. In the end, I’m going to put a chip into every hunter’s body.

The ‘Brave New World’ of ‘1984’ opens. Or civil war breaks out.

Is it really a world worth surviving?

3. Relocate Hunters.

A large-scale exile of the Hunters occurs. The EU will take a hard line and use appeasement measures or a ban on immigration. Either way, the Hunters will give up their national defense.

There is already a shortage of hunters, so shelters in each city are fighting a hunter-taking war. That alone makes the situation so chaotic that the story of a civil war comes out.

That’s why he risked his life for the stimulant, and if more hunters disappear from here, Europe will surely perish.

So this is the conclusion I came to.

“…Are you saying that you want to asylum to Korea alone?”

“yes. The reason is considered to be opposition to the bill and disillusionment of public opinion. If we expose the plan, there will be civil war.”

And it could be a warning that Korea and she know the EU’s weaknesses.


For that reason, Noah Lumière was at a restaurant in Haeundae. But contrary to her cautious request, I asked her stubbornly.

Because I was in charge.

“The EU and Korea have only just started diplomatic relations. But because of you, things will go to nothing. Do you think it’s worth it?”

She smiled sadly and drank the wine.

“…I know I am not that great of a person.”

She vomited out an answer without hesitation.

“I am just a healer who can heal as many people as possible. It was packed with words like a miracle in Paris and a saint in Europe. I know my worth comes from that packaging.”

“It’s a symbol…”

“So my exile will have an effect beyond my imagination. I predicted that at least that change would make the world a better place. And I just hope so.”

I gently stroked my chin and slowly counted what happened after the declaration of asylum. First of all, an article is embedded in the headline of a French political journal.

[Noah Lumière, exile abroad. Against the anti-hunter sentiment in Europe and the superhuman management law of the coalition government.]

The article title is hot. And the reaction will be explosive.

Noah Lumière is a symbol of the protection of Europe. He is a hero admired by many.

Then she complained about the coalition government and fled abroad. It is clear that there will be a flood of criticisms against the coalition government right now.

“At least, the momentum of the coalition government will be greatly reduced.”

And this was an extremely fatal outcome for a coalition government that advocated only democratic legitimacy without force. Naturally, the coalition government’s hunter control plan is inevitably put to a halt.

Losing a cow and fixing the barn, the coalition government had no choice but to implement a friendly and conciliatory policy toward the hunters, even in the eyes of the citizens.

And from the moment everyone knew that if all the hunters left, the only result would be destruction, the hunters in Europe have a multifaceted advantage.

Only one problem.

“What are you going to do, Mr. Lumiere?”

“I am okay.”

“It’s not a matter of whether it’s okay or not, is it? It must have been okay.”

A European saint will become an Eastern prostitute, a Parisian miracle will become a Parisian enemy.

Such was the spirit of nationalism.

The world is not tolerant of traitors. The tougher the world, the more so. Moreover, it is obvious how the EU will operate the press in Europe without her.

And in such a divided situation of the people, about half would support the coalition government. At least half of Europe will point her finger at her.

So it was an obvious sacrifice.

i asked her

“…is it worth it?”

“I do not know?”

Contrary to her dull expression, the saint falls in the most disgraceful way.

What makes a person something is that person’s life. So, to deny everything you have achieved in your life is the same as destroying the foundation of your life.

At least for me it was.

But it seemed she wasn’t.

There was more to her than achievements and rewards.

“Because it wasn’t something I started to get.”

I don’t know if it’s because of her mood, but her magical powers seemed to radiate a more dazzling light. Once upon a time, I fell in love with that sunlight-like warmth.

I look at Noah Lumière, who is shining softly. All sorts of seemingly common words came to mind. Now isn’t usually just a dramatic moment.

sacrifice. martyrdom. Salvation. In a way, it was even a keyword that was religious.


I could only see blue eyes.

I was clearly looking at someone familiar in her blue eyes. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head.

After such a long silence, in the end, only dejected laughter erupted. I don’t know who it is for.

“…well, my.”

In the beginning, he was a person who could not feed himself back to playing a hero, so the question that barely came out of his mouth was extremely straightforward.

“Why do you live like that?”


She paused, tilted her wine glass, and muttered briefly.

“…if you have at least one head like this, wouldn’t it be nice to live in the world?”

The moment I heard those words, all the political judgments in my head melted away like snow.

Relations with the EU are strained. Suspension of research support. The division of the Superhuman League.

Those things didn’t matter to me anymore.

“……This is a bit of a foul.”

There’s only one thing left.

It was a strong will to overcome this situation.

“Mr. Lumiere. Do you not view international diplomacy too much?”


I am not a person who can say plausible words, but because I am a person who is very good at making plausible countermeasures.


“……Is there any other number?”

“There is a way to make it. If you find it, you will find it.”

As Noah Lumière thought, Han Seung-moon’s reaction after a long persuasion was really exciting.

At first glance, it was almost irresponsible and mean-spirited.


“It also brings awareness to the European Union. When Mr. Lumière came to Korea. Isn’t it enough to keep catching monsters in Europe?”

He showed her a new path. It was a plan that sounded too optimistic, but what he said improvised was not a light idea.

It was too tempting to be an improvisation.

“After setting up a dispatch team under the Superhuman League. Wouldn’t it be better if Mr. Lumière changed his affiliation? Roughly speaking, we take the concept of a peacekeeping force.”

“…can you explain a little more?”

Han Seung-moon poured out his words with a crooked smile. It seemed like someone was talking about something that had been planned for a long time.

To that extent, there were no shortcomings in his speech.

“It’s simple. You are protecting world peace as a member of the Superhuman League peacekeeping force, not the EU Commission President. You will be treated much better than if you were working in the EU. And the same goes for other hunters.”

“…are you going to take the European hunters into the Superman League?”

“Exactly, we want to leave that hole open. Then, won’t the EU take care of trying to catch their hunters? Let’s create a flow of EU hunters to the Superhuman League peacekeeping force. This is it.”

“Will the EU condone that?”

“Peacekeepers don’t just go to Europe. To become an international peace force to defend vulnerable areas around the world. Is there any cause in the world better than world peace? Who would oppose the peacekeepers who were officially supported by Executor Lumière and volunteered?”

“ah. No… those… realistic maintenance costs.”

“You can get the magic stone. In Korea, basic infrastructure is in good condition, so there is a sufficient demand for Mana stone energy. Of course, the price is relatively stable. Of course, in terms of technology, I may be lacking a lot, but I believe in the power of Samsung, SK, and GS.”

“Will the international community tolerate the birth of a new armed group…?”

“It’s a group I created to help you guys, and the harder the situation, the more you’ll like it. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we gave some magic stones to save the country?”

“Oh, that’s right…”

Lumiere couldn’t add any more words. It was a sudden proposal, and it was because a future that was so different from what she had imagined was approaching in an instant.

He said it as if it was too natural, and he even questioned whether this was really going to happen.

Because it seemed like it was a facial expression, Han Seung-moon clicked his tongue and confirmed to Lumière.

“If there is a conflict, you have to reconcile it and start thinking about using it. What do you do if you say you’re going to give up your body? There are several people on your shoulders.”


“Whether it succeeds or not, I will take care of the small issues. If it doesn’t work, I’ll make it happen, and I’ll just hit it until it’s done. Leave this to someone who is good at it and just catch the monster.”

Han Seung-moon smirked and drank all the wine left in the glass. It belonged to her homeland, from which she could no longer return.

“Anyway, one thing is certain.”

He smiled unadornedly after a long time and reached out to her.

“Welcome to Korea.”

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