A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 107

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 107

EP 19 – A sword should be used as a blade, not a body (1)

In Japan, the yakuza, mainly in the Kansai region, is dominant, and it is on par with the government. At the beginning of the incident, there were a few tantrums of the Self-Defense Forces, and a few strategic actions by the Yakuza who took advantage of that gap.

The United States has lost its central part to zombies due to a disaster during election season. It’s a banal issue. Do you see zombies as citizens or not? I heard that a vaccine was developed, but the internal sequelae are strong.

It is said that tens of millions of infected people remain. For reference, I heard that Won Ok-bun sent a vaccine prototype (the vaccine we used) after Yang Pan-seok was elected.

Because of Putin, who died suddenly after giving up everything except near Moscow, the Moscow government and the Northeast Asian military district with a grudge against him were separated, and the Cold War is in full swing.

North Korea, which had a secret relationship with Won Ok-bun, is barely living while receiving air support from the ROK and U.S. forces, and in Europe, it goes without saying.

So, everyone is bullshit.

Of course, this is not to say that Korea is not a dogged country.

“The biggest problem is the economy, right?”

“What is Yoo Jae-kyung eating these days because of that?”

“Isn’t it a hair loss pill or a stomach pill?”

“Shut up.”

* * *

I was bewildered for a moment by the sudden flight of Kusari, but when I saw Yang Pan-seok’s complicated expression and forehead, my heart sank for a moment.

Once upon a time, like now, I was teased on the wrong tongue, and I was summoned by a senior aide, slapped and pricked, and the memories of being bullied for about two weeks came to mind, and at the same time, I was so traumatized that my body trembled.

It didn’t really matter as we were alone in a bunker 200m underground anyway, but I quickly changed the topic to appease this old man in his mid-60s.

“Ah, ah ha ha…! Of course, it’s much better now. In the past, when I made a stimulant and sprayed it, I thought it would destroy the country. really.”

The Uijeongbu incident that broke down the siege of Seoul and divided the country, and the Seoul incident that completely lost the metropolitan area except for a part of Gangwon-do.

A series of two catastrophes were the biggest crisis in Korea.

In particular, losing the metropolitan area was no different from losing half of the Republic of Korea. Mainly in terms of the rearrangement of the pyramid hierarchy.

Let’s take a simple example. The person who ran the gositel in Busan became richer than the owner of five shopping malls in Gangnam.

The building owners naturally asked for compensation for the building, later asked for money left in the bank, and now they asked for a house to live in, and eventually they fell into a situation where they only asked for food.

And now, if you feel that there is no prospect, you don’t know the lifespan or what, let’s call it a hunter. That’s how I drink stimulants and become a hunter.

If those who awakened naturally at the beginning of the crisis were first-generation hunters, those who went to the bottom of society and drank stimulants were second-generation hunters.

And until I hit the head at the press conference, I didn’t think the second-generation hunters would starve.

Isn’t it a world where magic is money? The energy industry is a field that will never disappear, and mining has been a profession that has been with human history.

However, I did not know that it was going to be a thousand people in Jininsa, and I, too, suddenly came out of Uijeongbu and played a chess game, and did not know that it would eat up the metropolitan area including Seoul.

In the meantime, I did not know that a man named Kim Doo-sik would come out and grab hold of the broken national army and create a rare masterpiece called the Chungcheong defense line.

And the system called the Chungcheong defense line is so perfect that the 2nd generation hunters starve. To be precise, the latecomers among the second-generation hunters are starving.

Hunter is unemployed.


“Adding a bit of exaggeration, Hunters who have just awakened are no different from ordinary people except for some fraudulent ability.”

“Hey, the reason we fought monsters in our days was to live. Safety is guaranteed these days…”

No matter how much I lost everything because of the monster, I was driven to the brink of life and threw away my life and drank stimulants. It was very difficult to pick a monster’s head and go around like a warrior from the past.

It’s not like there’s a world where there’s a level division like some beginner hunting ground.

So, the only thing that remains is the security service, courier service, labor, other services, and-

“He’s a thug.”


“It’s a big deal if you don’t control the security of the superintendents. This is why Japan is ruined. First of all, the soldiers loaded with live ammunition are opening their eyes blue. Basically, all men are in the military, so it’s crazy. These days, gangsters in Chungcheong-do are not upset.”

Nogada is not worth the money, thugs are a bit different, and catching monsters is a little scary.

This was the reality of the current second-generation hunters.

If so, a place where you can see the talents of Hunters and develop them step by step from the beginning. In other words, I had to go to the PMC to get the mana stones in advance.

In the numerous small guilds, it was common to receive mana stones as much as a rat’s tail and to be sucked into the bone marrow.

The problem is that, since it is a private military company properly operated by a large Korean company, there are only GS Aegis, Triple Stars, and SK hunting agencies, so the situation is not so easy.

Besides, with the exception of Geumsoon, the current level of private military enterprises being organized in the Dongdaemun school Apgujeong faction was a situation where the second generation of hunters could trust and rely on.

They are wandering the streets.

He has the power to ‘accidentally’ crush a passerby who passed by while drunk.

And the temperance of not wielding a sword even when drunk, and the fact that a fireball went out when I swung my hand in anger was a different matter.

“…So you want to send it abroad? Well, I’m not sending miners to a German coal mine—”

“no! no! Let’s organize volunteers for international peace, these are the words! International peace forces, security forces, Korean defense agency, something like that-”

“tt, this is something the devil wouldn’t do…”

Yang Pan-seok clicked his tongue.


He frowned lightly and brushed his shaggy beard, thinking for a moment. Yang Pan-seok tapped the sweat on his head with a handkerchief.

“I heard everything about Noah Rumieru. Of course on the EU side as well. They have different perspectives, but they sound roughly the same.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is none of your business. No, we don’t know exactly.”

It was.

what do we do if we

“It reminds me of the Vietnam War. Korajji, who participated in the war and received financial support… Anyway, did you think of this while having dinner with Rumieru?”


“…Did you say that you calculated all of this back then? This devilish political engineering?”

“No, do I look like that?”

“So did you? Didn’t you?”

“…aren’t I a politician too?”

As I talk, I keep reminding myself of a place to weave, what should I do? In fact, in a situation where foreign exchange ran out and only the unemployed remained, finding a job abroad was the answer.

“And from a macro perspective, isn’t that helping people?”

“I know you’re going to have a lot of micro problems too.”


“Hey… you know what you said while driving a yacht on the Han River.”

“I didn’t think I would still remember that…”

Yang Pan-seok had an uneasy expression on his face. I asked him with a sad expression.

“So you don’t want to?”

“Who would like it?”

“Then don’t you?”

I’m trying to get the plan, little by little-


– But it was stopped.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to!”


While the plan to dispatch overseas troops disguised as international aid was slowly being pursued, one problem remained.

Once there is enough positive incentive to attract hunters. It is to pay the magic stone in advance at a fairly low interest rate, take care of the risk allowance, and also pay the magic stone obtained from abroad at a higher price than the market price.

Moreover, in Korea, professional hunters would accompany them as their escorts, and they would fight alongside local soldiers, but ‘relatively’ safe hunting was right.

The problem was the second-generation hunters, their original capabilities. How can people who have never fought a fight go around killing monsters in foreign countries?

Of course, first-generation people like Kim Chun-sik’s Apgujeong faction and Seol Jin-woon’s Dongdaemun faction were one of the world’s leading armed groups, but would they send first-generation hunters abroad for being crazy?

The high-ranking hunters who are fighting a preventive war on the defense line in Chungcheong right now were a kind of strategic resource, and it was a little reluctant to give power to the Hunter Association any more.

Because Hong Seon-ah, the president of the association, belonged to GS. Also, the first generation who left after volunteering for free under Kim Chun-sik belonged to GS.

So, in the end, the only answer is to educate the 2nd generation hunters…

“Uh, hello?”

That’s why I’m calling now.

A familiar voice was heard.

[Uh-huh. What is the minister doing to ordinary people like me?]

“Sister, long time no see? how have you been doing?”

[Did you take power and there was no phone call?]

“Yes. I’m fine too. okay. Is there Seol Jinwoon Hunter by your side? change it hurry.”


Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do is a quiet port city between the Taebaek Mountains and the East Coast. In fact, it is the central part of the Republic of Korea attached to Gangwon-do. Among them, it was the most eastern.

Uljin is an ordinary rural and fishing village. The Taebaek Mountains are spread out to the west, and the East Sea is spread out to the east. The farm villages lined up along the foot of the mountain are beautiful, and the special product, snow crab, is also very delicious.

It was also the highest battleground of the Chungcheong defense line.

Of course, the largest battle took place in Pyeongtaek-Cheonan, just below the metropolitan area, but it was an area where retreat tactics worked. This is an area where you can drive into the green belt and fire self-propelled artillery.

Uljin is a different story.

He didn’t take a single step back. There were not many soldiers because it was far from Seoul already, but they had to stop the monster with their own corpses.

It is one of the best strategic bases.

There was a farm village, Jukbyeon Port, Mangyangjeong Beach, and the Hanul Nuclear Power Plant.

nuclear power plant.

If even one explodes, it gets f**ked.

Six nuclear power plants running smoothly were located in Uljin. Besides, it is supposed to be along the Taebaek Mountains, so it is an area where monsters protrude from the forest like guerrillas.

Of course, the Green Belt, Songnisan, Woraksan, Sobaeksan, and Mujugongsan, which leads to Taebaeksan, were destroyed by Hong Seon-ah’s flames and American bombs to destroy the monsters in Gangwon Province.

The fact that Uljin was at the forefront of the Chungcheong defense line was a serious security threat to the Republic of Korea. So only that side is heading north above the Chungcheong Defense Line.

There are still people isolated in Sokcho, Gangwon Province. It’s still around 250 million. Of these, 500,000 are soldiers.

Of course they are the best. Past events have proven that Yoo Hyeon-jong, the master of retreat, is a master of mobile warfare who has mastered each battle and retreat operation under him.

A place where new recruits can become veterans. There.

In the end, only veterans remained.


For this reason, South Korea was slowly moving north, holding Uljin as its strategic base. And the most elite is dispatched to such a place.

Be it a soldier or a hunter.

That was the reason the Dongdaemun Hunters were in Uljin.

“Hey, uncle soldier!”

A high school sophomore hunter who had been under Kim Chun-sik but changed to Seol-jin-un-na after Hong Seon-ah was completely ignorant, walked to the soldier.

A grim and dirty girl was walking crookedly in a bloody school uniform, and next to her was a middle school girl with a K2, but the soldier didn’t even budge when she saw them.

The soldier said to the high school student Hunter, who had a rather gloomy impression.

“hey. double sword. I told you to call me brother.”

“With that face?”

“Teen seven keys…”

The soldier was one of the early officers of the Apgujeong camp and a veteran who went through the operation to escape the Shinbundang Line. The ROK military recognized his career and assigned him to the hunter team, which was a very effective person.

“Sir, you got a bone…”

“If you are Won Bin even in your 40s, you are an older brother. It’s not about age, is it?”

Anyway, when a high school student walking with two daggers put the facts in, a middle school student with a rifle grinned and responded.

“That’s right! That’s right!”

The soldier grinded his teeth.

“Let’s see if you can’t be conscripted…”

“No, it’s not a conscription issue, is it?”

“Oh shut up!”

“Brother, that’s always the problem. Why do you keep running away from reality?”

A middle school girl with a military service approached the soldier and stole a biscuit from her pocket, while a high school student Hunter pointed a dagger at the edge of the forest.

“Hey, what is it? Two heads running, like a snake, just like that. monkey. Yes?”

“How do I know if I explain it like that? This sucker.”

“Don’t keep making a fuss about the bastard you hear. Anyway, that kid who ate the elderly at the nursing home a few days ago.”

“Ahh. B-type chimera?”

“What’s a chimera, it looks like my dead father’s athlete’s foot, his big toe. Anyway, I got my haircut.”

“…Didn’t that little wing fly?”

“My sister climbed up a tree, jumped, and ran a few hoops, so she crashed into the ground.”

“Ah, that sister? Are you here?”

The soldier stroked the head of the middle school girl who was chewing biscuits and smiled brightly. It was enough to drop the cigarette he was biting on.

“No, if she comes, I have no worries! Anyway, I saw the news last night and they said they beat up a sea monster in Sokcho. When did you get here? I see insults. testimony.”

“Anyway, I don’t understand how people beat monsters for good. If my younger brother was a minister, I spent my time in Jeju Island peeling tangerines. really.”

“Hey mama. He is a good man.”

“My dear, the toothy flesh in front of me is dripping and I am trying to chew on it. good what’s good The yangbans who catch monsters are all psychopaths.”

A middle school girl with a military service who likes monsters chewed a biscuit and gave a grim expression, but the high school hunter untied her tie and put it in her pocket and continued fighting.

“Kim Chun-shik did the same thing with that crazy man. The yangbans who catch monsters to save people, or the yangbans who hunt monsters to make money, where did Mattangi go?”

A middle school girl who was watching, misread the star candy on the biscuit, and added a word.

“Because the leader, Chun-sik, followed me until the end because I liked you.”

“hey! Hey! I, that, what! uh!?”


“……. Crazy bastards…”

A high school student with a gloomy impression was kicking the ground like dirt for nothing, so the soldier smiled kindly and warmed the atmosphere.

“Anyway, let’s not curse those who do good things. If you are cussing for nothing, if you hear yourself-”

Qaang – !

Something flew out of the forest. Dust rose as if a shell had flew from somewhere.

The soldier and the girl clasped their rifles, and the boy pulled out a dagger and began to unleash a slight sword energy.

The dust disappeared in the tension, and fortunately it was a person who walked out of it.

The girl and the soldier lowered their guns, and the boy captured the sword.

“……Is that Doyeon’s sister?”

“…I think that’s right.”

“Are you talking on the phone…?”

Yeo Do-yeon put one hand in her black suit pants, and continued to call while walking in stride. The ground rumbled softly as she walked.

she shouted

“What do you mean after a long time? Seol Jinwoon changed?!”

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