A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 108

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 108

EP 19 – A sword should be used as a blade, not a body (2)

physical and psychic.

Awakeners are divided into two main categories.

The physical world deals with the magic inside the body, and the mental world deals with the magic outside the body.

The former appears in the form of rigid body art, instantaneous body strengthening, and body transformation, and the latter appears in the form of a flame magician and telecommunication magician.

In fact, it is difficult to distinguish them because each individual has slightly different specialties, but only the physical world and the mental world are clearly distinguished.

There were common features.

In the physical world, the stronger the abilities, the stronger the physical abilities including the five senses.

And a male high school student with a gloomy impression looking at Yeo Do-Yeon and a female middle school student with a rifle were physically talented people who rolled hard under Kim Chun-Sik.

“You mama! The 5 million won I borrowed to run for office is still-”

[Ah, Jinwoon Seol will change it, so why is that story coming out!]

It sounds like you can hear all the calls.

* * *

“Do you not know what you did wrong? yes?!”

[You’re trying to stalk me, what?]

“Is that really all you have to say to me?”


Yeo Do-yeon flinched.

“……no! Common sense is that if you take the younger brother back and dive for a few months and then call up the phone, isn’t it basic to ask if Aigoo-sama has been doing well in the past?”

[So you’re pissed off?]

“Who, who’s pissed? You said you never talked to your mom and dad? It’s just, let’s at least keep the morals between him and his family and live…”

[I’m pissed off.]

“Oh, no!”

As the two hunters watched, the expressions of the two hunters began to rot, and only the unawakened soldiers tilted their heads in restlessness.

“Uh, huh? What? Aren’t Doyeon’s sisters angry right now? Where did the monster come from?”

A middle school girl with a rifle whispered to a gloomy high school boy.

“Why are you doing this to Doyeon-i unnie…! Did you drink during the day…?”

“I don’t know…”

It was around the time that several large military transport trucks came down from the foot of the mountain when Yeo Do-yeon finally found her composure.

Trucks stopped in the open area in front of the post with the sound of harsh engines.

Some trucks were carrying people, while others were carrying bodies. Fortunately, there were no human bodies in the piles.

Dozens of hunters got off the truck chatting and chatting.

The hunters wearing the K2 and M16 rifles of the Korean Army were armed with motorcycle helmets and police riot shields.

However, their armed status was different, because some hunters were stronger with their bare body. Usually the poorer the armed, the stronger the hunter.

And Yeo Do-yeon, who only wore a black suit, was quietly talking on the phone as if she had shouted.

“……therefore. Why are you looking for Jinwoon?”

[Uh, is our Seol Jinwoon Hunter there?]

“Why are you looking for it?”

[Let’s have a meal or rice after a long time. Well, this is what it is.]

“…are you here in Uljin?”


As soon as Yeo Do-yeon tilted her head slightly, wondering if he was calling busy hunters from Uljin to Sejong to eat a meal-

[I see it now.]

Black Equus appeared from beyond the horizon hill road, raising dust.

Kugugugugu – !

Three bulletproof Equus, emitting heavy engine sounds, approached in a line.

When the car stopped in the empty lot next to the Chungcheong Defense Line post, a lot of suitmen started to get off. As it was an era, some special forces members were also mixed among them.

In addition, the unusual magic made the spirit hunters guess that some of the bodyguards were superhumans of considerable skill.

Equus and two Don and a half.

Black suit and mountaineering suit.

Bulletproof helmet and motorcycle helmet.

Sniper Rifle and K2.

order and swarm.



As the two sharply contrasting armed groups fell into a state of unintentional confrontation, a sense of tension fell heavily in the vacant lot in front of the military post.

Just then, a stick sticking out of the third vehicle.


“Oh, nice to meet you-.”

A nice greeting was heard.

“There are a lot of familiar people. I’m really sorry for coming to see you all of a sudden without contact.”

With a very natural smile, Han Seung-moon walked limp and hugged Yeo Do-yeon affectionately. Of course, Han Seung-moon hugged Yeo Do-yeon with her hands in her pockets unilaterally.

“Looking at my sister’s impression, it looks like she’s doing well.”

“Why did you come as a grandfather?”

“It’s still bad, so it’s good.”

The atmosphere of Yeo Do-yeon has become more serene because of her shy appearance. The onlookers burst into laughter.

“What about Seol Hunter?”

“I’m not here, man.”


Yeo Do-yeon was smiling bitterly.

“I haven’t seen you in a while.”


Chei Yi Profit – !

The sound of kimchi being cooked in duck oil filled the fireboard. I put on a floral apron and turned the meat over.

I am salivating automatically.

At that moment, a group of sangs were heard from the corner of the store.

“I will enjoy this food – !”

About five hunters smiled brightly and waved at me. The atmosphere spread and the drunken hunters greeted each other.

I responded by waving my hand to them.

“Have a good meal!”


The lively spirit returned, and I happily rummaged through the meat.

Only Yeo Do-yeon, who was sitting next to her, had a shaky expression on her face.

“…you don’t live on national taxes, are you?”

“I’m scratching with the CEO Cheon Geum-soon’s card.”

“Ultimately, I’m happy with someone else’s money—”



She shoved the meat into Yeo Do-yeon’s mouth with tongs. She mumbled deliciously. I didn’t have time to feel the heat.

Daejeon, I rented a whole shop and treated the hunters.

We sat down at several tables and roasted duck. Yeo Do-yeon and I sat alone at the corner table.

Of course, there was no Seol Jin-woon in the store.

I lowered my voice and asked softly.

“…is this the Jinwoon team without Jinwoon?”

“Even if you lower your voice, everyone will hear you.”

“Anyway. How the hell did this happen?”

National Hunters are strictly managed. And it must have come from reports that people of the Seoljinun faction were hunting in Uljin, but there was no Seoljinun.

“……It’s been quite a while. It was probably around the time of your hearing…”

Yeo Do-yeon’s explanation was simple.

“…Seol Jinwoon beat the Hunter? Why don’t you just post your name and go hunting?”

“It’s not like I was beaten. I’m just, a little tired, should I…?”

“…well, it’s not the first time I’ve heard of it.”

I remember Seol Jinwoon saying he was tired when he came to my house to play. My condition was pretty similar to mine, so I had a complicated mood.

Hahaha, a 20-year-old kid who had hundreds of lives on his back and survived that hell was strange if he didn’t get tired.

Besides, is he really dead?



I understand it as a human being, but as a politician, it is not acceptable.

Because politicians are not human.

Without Seol Jin-woon, who will check Hong Seon-ah (played by Cheon Geum-soon)’s solo drinking?

Do-yeon Yeo asked as she was tying her hair up like that.

“No, what’s going on?”

“We are going to dispatch a peacekeeping force with a focus on second-generation hunters. I need someone to take charge of the basic education…”

“What is a second-generation hunter?”

“Ah, Mr….”

In the end, I had to explain it from beginning to end. With the concept of a policing force to maintain world peace, without talking about unemployment and policing.

“If you just send it, you can’t use it. Education is good for us and for those people.”

“Why do you need Seol Jinwoon?”

If left to Hong Seon-ah, too much power is concentrated on the GS line, including Cheon Geum-soon, within the Hunter Association, so it was to use the Seol Jin-un faction in relation to Hunter education.

Of course, this is the kind of political judgment that should not be made public.

So I just stumbled across it.

“Just, what. It seems that Seol Hunter has talent in this direction.”

“Hey, how did you know?”

Someone from behind showed an unexpected reaction. It was a person passing by with side dishes in front of him.


A quick scan.

It almost looks like high school. With a slightly gloomy impression, the school uniform was soaked in dried blood, and two daggers were on his waist.

And next to him was a middle school girl with a rifle.

“……Ahh! that!”


These are the kids from the Apgujeong camp. To be more precise, they were veteran boy soldiers who were attached to Kim Chun-sik and even fought with him in the Battle of Shinbundang, Uijeongbu, and Seoul.

Precisely maybe…

“Recon squad…?”

“ah! Did you remember?”


I quickly got two plastic chairs and sat them down.

“Were you a scout leader?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The male high school student was the Kim Chun-shik group reconnaissance team leader, and the female middle school student was the recon team sniper, but I can’t remember the name.

Perhaps reading my expression, a male high school student with a gloomy impression smiled broadly, and a middle school female student vigorously raised a false salute.

“I call it an adjustment. Everyone calls me a choreographer or a double sword because they have nothing to do.”

“Military female junior high school student Dasol Yeo! Doyeon is the same Uiryeong female sakjugongpa as her sister!”

When I glanced at Yeo Do-yeon, it seemed like they were close friends. I greeted the head coach and the middle school girl by shaking hands in turn.

“We fought together three times, but I’m sorry that I can’t remember the name. By the way, does Hunter Seol Jin-woon teach people well?”

The captain drew a dagger and thrust it in.

That was enough to answer.

“…ho ho.”

At the end of the dagger, there was a little blue sword, the sword used by Seol Jin-Woon.


“After the death of the caucasian man in Seoul, Hong Seon-ah was appointed as the president of the association. It was a little hard to get into.”


“Why, is that so? In the past, I took 40 people from the guild and became independent. Isn’t that the GS Aegis now?”

“It is not.”

After the dinner party, only four people came to the cafe separately. I was sitting in the corner of the cafe with these veteran boy soldiers.

Jo Jo, who sipped a strawberry yogurt smoothie, scoffed at Hong Seon-ah.

“It’s not unusual to live together just because someone destroyed our house and we moved a little bit in the end. So I moved to Seol Jin-woon.”

but. These are the children who followed Kim Chun-sik to Shinbundang Line, Uijeongbu, and Seoul. It is quite natural to dislike Hong Seon-ah, who was blown away with 40 guild hunters.

Actually, I was behind everything, but I’ll just have to keep my mouth shut. I asked the middle school girl who was hugging the rifle tightly. The guy didn’t take the gun off his body for even a moment.

“…does Dasol think so too?”



The immediate answer seemed to be more startled by the captain. Dasol Yeo replied with a smirk.

“I understand Seon-ah’s feelings a little bit. I saw something from the side.”


“But because our captain left… I have a bit of a hip-hop temperament. I thought it would be pricey if I sent it alone. So we came out together.”

There were a few words that I couldn’t understand, but I understood it roughly in nuances. I got to the point.

“I’m a scout leader…”

Although he was in high school, he was an executive of the Apgujeong faction.

“Did Hunter Seol passed on the vision in exchange for the transfer?”

Yeo Do-yeon answered.

“no. They taught me everything, but the only thing I knew how to write was formal.”

“……Can you show me a little bit of swordsmanship?”

Captain Jo Jung-sik pulled out a dagger and frowned. A bluish black energy formed on the tip of the black blade.

When I bring the brown tissue that the cafe gave me, it gets cut. It was very unrealistic.

“…how was this a skill that could be taught? Isn’t that a personal specialty?”

“no. It’s a technique that puts the magic in your body on things.”

“Is it Seol Hunter?”

“yes. Well, they say you can think of a sword as a body…”

It was a somewhat absurd explanation. Is it a new sword union or something like that?

“But it just worked because I kept hitting it with magic for a few days.”

“…how about practicality?”

“You saw it in Seoul. Captain Seol wielded a blade the size of a street lamp and took great pictures.”

“No, can I use this? Efficiency or something…”

Jo Jung-sik tilted his head vaguely.

“I do not know. It’s a little hard to learn, but…”

Then, with a gentle smile, he put the sword that had collected his sword into the table.

“Definitely good.”

The blade of the dagger could not penetrate the table and was bent like a crescent moon.

It was a toy knife.

At this point, a decision has been made.

“Where is Seol Jinwoon Hunter?”

“It’s Mt. Jirisan.”



“Oh, Chaewon. it’s a senator Sorry for calling you late at night. Were you sleeping?”

[Ah yes……]

“Would you like to go hiking tomorrow?”


“Do you want to go hiking?”

[……Eh, tomorrow Saturday-]

“Mountain climbing. call?”

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