A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 11

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 11

EP 3 – Strategies for winning in a new era (2)

We arrived at the accommodation provided by the Armed Forces.

It is a dormitory with a bed, a TV, and a desk and chair in the middle. The rest of the party was already lying there.

Yeo Do-yeon is standing by the window and answering the phone,

“Wow, the military is really good these days. Do you have a bed?”

“Stop being arrogant and be quiet.”

“I! uh? Special Forces! huh?”

Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jung are sitting side by side on the bed and chatting.

The cold-jaw is lying in a white state, and Hwa-ran Cheon is hugging Gam-yoon and Gam-seok.

In particular, Gam Ji-yoon can’t fly.

blood, what Anyway, the student who was finally rescued was wiping away the tears flowing down with a blank expression with a military blanket. The fence looks a bit thick.

Two soldiers put me on the bed.

Yang Pan-seok sat down next to me and smiled softly.

“Oriental medicine clinic.”


“Shall we do some politics?”

* * *

The party greeted us by waving their hands roughly, but we didn’t pay attention to it and continued the conversation without worrying about it.

Destroy Seoul to catch the monster.

The ground operations command is foaming at the mouth and opposing it.

“I think the Deputy Minister will like it if we break their wrists.”

“Still, giving up Seoul is too radical.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Yang Pan-seok gave me a lesson.

“It doesn’t matter if the operation is right.”


It was a soldier’s problem, not a politician’s problem.

“It is important that people will hate it. If we go to the front, we’re covered in shit.”

“How come your expression has become a little cheaper.”

“Be quiet.”

Rep. Yang Pan-seok is a person who doesn’t like to make enemies. Even if he suffered a loss, he tended to give what he had to give while being treated like a hogu.

But he was always a victim of knowing,

He wasn’t the one who didn’t know.

He always keeps an eye on the situation.

“Isn’t the important thing to twist the jijaksa’s wrist? We don’t have to defend the operation.”

“…Jijaksa is afraid of public opinion and refuses to obey the vice minister’s orders. so-“

“Shall we agitate public opinion?”

I slowly nodded my head.

Yang Pan-seok opened his mouth with a smirk, perhaps not thinking much differently.

“I wrote a script…”

“I have a slightly tough idea…”

Two politicians put their heads together.


After roughly an hour of discussion, Yang Pan-seok left to explain the ‘political’ operation to the Vice Minister. To throw a bomb, you need the commander’s permission.

I asked the soldier who was guarding the dormitory door.


“B, yes! sergeant! One dragon!”

“I don’t have one leg, so could you please bring me two crutches?”

“Oh, I see!”

As the very nervous soldier left his seat, Yang Il-ho groaned and approached me.

“Are you new to the dormitory?”

“Be a little bit wary, do you want to do this to the disabled?”

“Hehehe, Mipil, Mipil.”

Ho-jeong Lee slapped Yang Il-ho in the back of the head, dragged a chair over there, and sat cross-legged. All the stockings were torn.

“Senator. Oh, the name is a bit awkward. Anyway, where have you been?”

“I came to see the Deputy Minister of Defense. That person is now the real power in Korea. I can’t tell you the details.”

Ho-Jeong Lee didn’t even bother to ask more. She explained the current situation to me.

“This is not just happening in Korea.”


“It is said that gates have been opened all over the world. I don’t know the details, but Beijing, New York, Tokyo, just. Gates have been opened in all major cities.”


“Is it the end of the world?”

“I don’t know the situation in other countries, but it seems that in our country, the entire nation is going south.”

“The road network must have been paralyzed.”

Ho-Jeong Lee showed me internet articles.

“People are confused because they all talk differently for each broadcaster. North Korean invasion rumors, 1.5 million deaths, the death of the president, South Korean military abandonment theory, alien theory, rapture…”

It doesn’t seem like the media is just talking nonsense.

tuk. tuk. who taps on the shoulder

“Hey, phone.”

Yeo Do-yeon suddenly put the phone to my ear. A familiar voice cries out.

– Hey, boy! Calling first…!

“Ah, Aunt…! sorry. I don’t have time to talk…”

-okay…! I didn’t even think of the mother who raised me because I was busy with life, right? huh? Blood is thicker than water, right? I’m not your parent!?

“My aunt and I are of the same blood line…”

Oh, what can I say? I looked at Yeo Do-yeon with pathetic eyes, but she only smiled and held out the phone.

To be honest, it’s my fault that I forgot to contact you. it was so trash Not even a single text was left.

“Oh, no…! Communication is back and forth…”

-okay! I like excuses too!? Who is heartbreaking! uh!?


Oh hey! With a loud shout, my uncle intercepted the phone.

– Seungmoon-ah! No dog!

“Ah yes. I am now at the Armed Forces Martial Arts Command.”

– No injuries!

“Ugh, I lost my left leg…”

– Mundi is hot! There’s bullshit in this situation!

My uncle sang a song.

– Odego now!

“It’s the martial law command.”

-Oh right. Anyway! and there it is!

“I’m here because I was rescued.”

– Oh, that’s right.

“I have nothing to say to my uncle.”

-……mind! Alive, what more can I ask for!

Hearing his loud shouts, I returned the phone to Yeo Do-yeon. She smiled mischievously, grabbed her phone and disappeared.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon?”

“Ah, thank you.”


I was finally handed the crutches to the soldier. In the end, Yang Pan-seok also returned to the dormitory.


“ah! Fortunately, the!”

“I also got crutches. move slowly Oh yeah.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled softly.

“Do you know how to act?”

“I was an ace in the university theater club.”


The martial law command was crowded with people of all kinds. Thousands of soldiers are running around, taking on their roles.

We walked down the aisle, sifting through the crowds.

“Reporters do not need to gather separately. They say they are all gathered here in front of the building.”

“I’m happy.”

Yang Pan-seok, who had been on the road before, explained.

“Right now, there is no official at the government level. We are the first, except for the miscellaneous things.”

“I’m going to draw aggro well.”

“Ugh, what?”


“Don’t speak English. Old people feel alienated by this.”

Yang Pan-seok and I decided to hold a press conference.

“The Vice-Chairman also seemed to like it very much. Did you memorize the script well?”

“Didn’t I often write speeches when I was the assistant secretary?”

“So is he. I believe you will do well.”


Originally, Yang Pan-seok was to hold a press conference.

He looked at me and smiled.

“You do it.”

“Ah, that, me, are you really okay with that?”

“Before he died, he was full of charisma. Now, I can see a little more than usual.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled and walked forward.

Politicians live on interest. And this press conference was the coveted seat of every politician.

It is a place to engrave your name in Korean history. This press conference could be used as a video footage for decades to come.

“Well, if I went out, wouldn’t I only hear that the old man survived? If you go out on crutches limp, I think you’ll be in good shape.”

“Oh that……”

“I will stand behind you.”

Image, gain, persuasiveness. etc.

It must have been the result of various calculations, but it is not important.

He gave me a chance. They are trying to raise me politically. This is a really valuable opportunity.

Without even having a chance to say thank you, we went out of the martial law headquarters. In the distance, reporters gathered in front of the iron gate.

Cool the head.

Continue to breathe deeply and slowly.

We can see the platform we are going to climb. Microphones and cameras are already crowded.

Reporters who noticed our approach are already pressing the shutter. The pouring noise like raindrops stings my heart.

“Is it true that the president has passed away!”

“What is the evacuation plan of the ROK Army?”

“What are the monsters!”

“Tell me just one word! How many people have died!”

Reporters rush in and ask numerous questions, and soldiers drive them outside the border.

Finally, I made eye contact with the yangban-seok. He nodded with a firm expression on his face.

I limped on crutches and managed to get up to the podium with the help of Yang Pan-seok. He stood behind me, and I grabbed the mic with a somber expression on my face.


“……Hello, fellow citizens. I am Han Seung-moon, a member of the National Assembly.”

As I bow my head, the camera light pours down like a shower. I shook my head with tears in my eyes.

“A lot of people have lost their reputation. Prior to the announcement, I would like to extend my condolences as a human being and an apology as a ruler to the people who have suffered horribly.”

I trembled, limped to the side of the podium, and bowed my back deeply with a wretched grin. I took a deep breath and started talking calmly.

“A significant number of MPs died, and the survivors were scattered.”

That’s not what they’re asking. Throw a bomb

“He, and. President Yoo Jae-gwang has passed away.”

I swallowed saliva for a while and had a photo time.

“A number of ministers and generals, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Strategy and Finance, the Minister of National Defense, the commander of martial law, and the commander of the 1st Corps, have either lost their lives or have lost contact with them.”

The reporters started pounding their laptops like crazy.

“Currently, the legitimate commander-in-chief of the ROK Army that is rescuing the people from this situation is Vice Minister of National Defense Cha Jae-gyun.”

This is the result of Yang Pan-seok and I wrapping our heads together.

If you couldn’t follow the order because you were afraid of public opinion,

Set your feet on fire right now.

“However. ‘Some soldiers’ to cooperate with the command.”

From this moment on, anyone.

“It caused a climax for political reasons.”

You will have to behave so as not to become ‘some soldiers’.

“As a result, the evacuation operation for Seoul citizens ordered by Vice Minister of Defense Cha Jae-gyun is not being implemented.”

If you don’t want to lose

“If you command the South Korean army without carrying out the orders of the military commander-in-chief, it is no different from diverting private soldiers.”

The camera shutter sound is getting louder. I raised my voice and fired sternly.

“As a member of a legislative body elected by the people, I am deeply concerned about the possibility of a military coup taking advantage of the national crisis.”

I coughed again and had a photo time.

“The National Army! We are setting up an operation that prioritizes prevention of human damage rather than property damage, and we will stop the expansion of the monster by any means and means.”

I did not forget what Cha Jae-gyun asked for.

“Currently, based on the central part of Seoul, the monsters have spread among civilians.

The people of the Gangbuk area should evacuate to the north, and the people of the Gangnam area should evacuate to the south. The ROK Army is besieging Seoul.

Also, the abilities of monsters are overwhelmingly higher than those of humans, so please evacuate to a hiding place with a narrow passageway rather than respond to an engagement.”


“Also, I earnestly request the surviving members of the National Assembly. Regardless of the distinction between Democrats and Republicans, I propose the establishment of a ‘Special Committee on Response to Monsters’ as soon as possible.”

Now that many lawmakers have been vacated due to their deaths, the number of ex-members has drastically decreased.

“Please contact the ROK Army as soon as possible and gather at the National Assembly Hall during wartime.”

In the Republic of Korea, the National Assembly building for war, which is managed as a top-class secret, is underground.

“Although the National Assembly has collapsed, the National Assembly will prevent a military coup based on force, discuss measures against monsters, and above all, work for the safety of the people.”

Parliamentarians should gather as soon as possible in order not to become a folding screen. There is nothing a member of Parliament can do,

“A severe public judgment awaits against the insurrection forces who use the military for personal gain outside the command of the military commander guaranteed by the constitution.”

As long as we get together, if our will is right,

He can lead all bills and impeachment.

“I earnestly wish for a free and just Republic of Korea and its people, for its infinite glory. That is all.”

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