A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 110

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 110

EP 19 – The sword should be used as a blade, not a body (4)

Hong Seon-ah waited for a long time for Seol Jin-woon’s answer.

But what came after a long silence was a question, not an answer.

“…does this make sense?”

Seol Jinwoon was suspicious.

“We fought for our lives together. Is it natural to think like that?”

Clearly, this was not a natural way of thinking.

Rather, it is more natural to dismiss it as Hong Seon-ah’s paranoid delusion. You treat people only thinking about influence, interests, and power structures at every moment.

Isn’t that a very mechanical way of thinking?

“I do not know?”

Hong Seon-ah’s answer was simple.

“First of all, people are really nice. He’s a person who deserves to appear in a textbook, he’s also my benefactor, and to be honest, there were a few points that made my heart flutter…”

“Do you want to suspect such a person…?”

“by the way.”

She replied that he was not human.

“Because that person has the power to keep, and I have a will to keep.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled brightly.

“There’s no doubt that you’ll get hurt, right?”

The more you have, the more complex your thoughts become.

* * *


Her gentle smile put pressure on Seol Jinwoon.

“I mean, we need our Seol Hunter to serve as the vice president of the association so that the minister can stretch out and sleep, right?”


“Aha…! Don’t hurt someone who is tall for nothing. Why don’t you just dictate the cover letter?”

Seol Jinwoon is speechless.

“…the position of vice president can be too burdensome. Right now, it’s just me who gets called around from time to time. It’s a place where you have to bow your head in front of reporters and represent the Korean hunters when there is an accident with the hunters.”


“But it won’t be as difficult as you think! Just act as a government beacon, and teach some newbies! Sometimes, when I send a signal, I argue with the interview and pretend to be rude-”


The smile disappeared from Hong Seon-ah’s face.

All that was left on that white face was an ambiguous expressionless expression that didn’t know whether to smile or not.


Since there was no strangely human nature to be found in that smiling image, Seol Jin-woon spoke under strange pressure.

“…… Vice President, President of the Association. It seems to be a place for politicians, not hunters.”

“So you want to remain as a hunter?”

“…it seems like an overly burdensome place for me.”

Hong Seon-ah looked into Seol Jin-woon’s eyes with a subtle expressionless expression for a long time, and Seol Jin-woon lowered her head to avoid the gaze.



Hong Seon-ah licked her lips and smiled broadly.

“Then there is nothing I can do about it!”

She grabbed her clothes and got up.

“My heart understood. What else are you afraid of putting on your shoulders?”


“You said that you would be stuck in the mountains until the Dongdaemun faction was disbanded. After all, the leadership role is now exhausting. Right?”


“…I, really. It feels like talking to a wall.”


Hong Seon-ah’s lips were crooked.

“You have to serve as the vice president so that the hunters in this country don’t turn Han Seung-moon into an enemy. What he fears the most is that hunters unite under someone other than himself.”


“There must be a reason for twisting things that can be solved by teaching the children as the minister tells them to be so difficult…?”

Seol Jinwoon quietly bowed his head. Hong Seon-ah smiled and opened the door of the container house.

A mountain breeze blew into the house, fluttering the tablecloth, and she swept her fluttering hair behind her ear once, poking out a few words.

“It was a little heavy at first, but it gets better later, right?”


“You pretend to be cool in front of others, but in reality you become really cold.”

“…what are you talking about now?”

Every word that Hong Sun-ah spit lightly flew into Seol Jin-woon’s heart like a dagger.

“Isn’t human death more miserable than you think? I feel like I just caught a cold and I’m groaning.”


“So is the body. As long as your face is fine, it seems like you’ll wake up soon. When a person eventually dies, it is meat. meat.”


“When you become dull with death, you develop self-esteem. You know they died because of their own orders, right? I don’t want to get excited about it again.”

“Stop it.”

“If you intentionally try to cry, tears come out. It’s not a problem because it’s not sad.”


“In the midst of this, looking at the faces of the survivors, I’m out of breath—”

“stop – !”

Seol Jin-woon, who had committed evil, stood up from his seat with a wooden sword.

The cypher blade that quickly extended out violently swayed and cut the legs of the table, and all the objects on the table spilled onto the floor.

There were veins in the boy’s eyes.

It looked very threatening.

A smirk leaked out of Hong Seon-ah’s mouth.

“Oh yeah. Does Seol Hunter see ghosts at night?”

Seol Jin-woon couldn’t stand Hong Seon-ah’s ridicule.


Because it was all true.

The sword of the young swordsman rushed at me in an instant.


Pi Chae-won was not the type to find fun in meals. Until I was in middle school, I was underweight, so I said everything. Especially since my parents passed away, I haven’t been able to hand over rice well.

Also, I wasn’t the type that liked sports. Because attending a private high school in Gangbuk meant that we had to live in extreme competition. When do you exercise?

And now, I have lost the habit of buying something. Fortunately, Han Seung-moon called every Sunday and bought me some things, but most of them are daily necessities.

It was roughly for this reason.

Wearing Nike sneakers in formal wear. It means climbing Mt. Jirisan with trembling legs.

“Hey…! hey…”

A moan escaped from Pi Chae-won’s mouth without realizing it. Even saliva was dripping.

At least Yeo Do-yeon doesn’t look back and takes the lead, it’s a shame that she can’t show such a miserable condition to others-

“Hey, are you okay…?”


Pi Chae-won quickly closed her mouth. Sweet taste from the mouth. I pulled the hair out of my mouth as much as I could with my hands.

He took a breath, wiped the sweat, and barely opened his mouth.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…”

Of course, it wasn’t a good voice to think of on its own. Yeo Do-yeon, who paused for a moment, silently stared at Pi Chae-won, and spit it out as if rebuking her.

“…No, why are you climbing a mountain, so wear a skirt?”

I heard Yeo Do-yeon’s heart because she was so exhausted that she couldn’t control her abilities.

[I’m worried about people…]

I was slightly moved by the completely different mind from how I looked, but now I feel like I’m going to collapse from exhaustion-

Quajik – !


Pi Chae-won stumbled.

To be precise, the soil floor where the center of gravity was concentrated collapsed, and the balance began to collapse backwards.

In other words, while climbing, I fell backwards and broke the back of the head.

He closed his eyes tightly and swung his arms in the air, but nothing was caught.

at that time-


Yeo Do-yeon hugged Pi Chae-won’s slender waist.


“Be careful!”

Pi Chae-won answered suddenly.

“Yes… Sister…”

The two were surprised by the unexpected name that came out suddenly.

In the awkward silence, Pi Chae-won continued.

“Can I call you……?”


The mountain birds are chirping, and the leaves are rustling in the wind.

From the rock in a certain corner of Mt. Jirisan, only a chirping sound resounded.

Yeo Do-yeon and Pi Chae-won sat side by side and shared the tuna rice ball they bought from Tomato Gimbap.

To be precise, Yeo Do-yeon gave Pi Chae-won her lunch with a pitying expression.

Red chilli oil smeared sesame seeds in his mouth, but Pichaewon was half-dead, so there was no time to worry about that.

“Hey, don’t take it.”

[Eat slowly… Pretend…]


Only then did Pi Chae-won finally choke her throat with the water in the bottled water and looked back at herself.


I almost fell backwards while wearing a skirt, but I sprained my ankle and couldn’t even walk.

So, in the end, I was picked up by Yeo Do-yeon.

Although he was born early, he was at the age of graduating from high school, but I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment when I was carried on someone’s back.

And now, Yeo Do-yeon is eating gluttonously with her head buried in the tuna rice ball prepared in advance.

Even the side hair keeps getting stuck in the mouth and the hair is chewed. When I wondered what I was doing here in a moment of bizarre feeling,

“……I’m sorry, hey.”

Yeo Do-yeon apologized.


“It’s impossible for Seungmun to climb the mountain because of his legs. Originally, Jiyoon was going to bring him and fly away…”


“Isn’t Seung-Mun going to say that this bastard has a guest from China? Why doesn’t a young locust appear in the sea off Yeosu, and Jiyoon is put in urgently…”

Even when things were twisted, it was tightly twisted. Yeo Do-yeon bit her tongue and scratched her neck.

“Well, how did this happen?”

“……I was unlucky.”

“right. Are your ankles okay now?”


“……Then I’m happy and what?”

At that moment, a gentle breeze blew, and Pi Chae-won’s long straight hair and Yeo Do-yeon’s middle and middle hair that went down to her shoulders fluttered.

The leaves flew and landed gently on my hair. Even if the world is turned upside down, June is still green.

It was cool. A faint smile formed on the maiden’s lips.

Just when the girl suddenly thought that the sky was really blue, Yeo Do-yeon stretched her finger to the sky.

“Can you see that?”

“Yeah… it’s really blue…”

“no. Shit, that one.”


When Pi Chae-won woke up, there was a small gray solid line in the sky.


“Isn’t it on fire?”

Yeo Do-yeon jumped up from her seat.

“hey! Get up!”

Pi Chae-won hurriedly clings to Yeo Do-yeon’s back.

And I didn’t know then.

Not to run, but to fly.


Fires are scary not just because they are hot.

“Did you know that more people suffocate than burn to death in a fire?”

More than 60% of fire deaths are from asphyxiation. The greatest danger the fire had was not just at that temperature.

“Cuckoo…! Shut it off…!” Seol Jin-woon was acutely aware of that.

All sides are burning

Fallen leaves caught fire and the floor turned red, trees fell to ashes, and his container house burned to pieces.

And Hong Seon-ah is looking at Seol Jin-woon with cold eyes.


“Shut up…! Turn it off…!”

The boy’s face was on fire.

No matter how much he struggled and smashed his face on the ground, the fire did not go out and stayed on his face.


Fire followed his face.

Hong Seon-ah reached out and adjusted the location of the fire.

“I’m not swinging a sword recklessly.”

It stuck to Seol Jinwoon’s face as if it were alive.

Even while the struggle of the superhuman, driven to the limit, was destroying all directions, Hong Seon-ah remained silently manipulating the flames.

at that time.


Someone’s voice came from behind Hong Seon-ah. She turned and confirmed the owner of the voice.

“Turn off the fire. You bastard.”

Yeo Do-yeon stood on the rock that was in good condition, and put down the half-exhausted Pichae-won.


Pi Chae-won slid down her back.

Hong Seon-ah greeted me warmly.

“……long time no see!”

“Can’t you hear me?”

Yeo Do-yeon sharpened her teeth.

“Turn off the fire. baby.”

Hong Seon-ah looked around.


It was magical.

At the same time, the flames that surrounded it were extinguished.

All that was left was soot and ashes, and there was no flame to be found anywhere.

Because the whole area was burned down, there was a vacant lot made of ashes in Cheopcheopsan Mountain.

Yeo Do-yeon gently stepped on the ashes and approached Hong Seon-ah.

“What are you doing to the kid?”

He looked like he was going to pick up a sashimi knife and dip it in salted fish, and Hong Seon-ah swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

“Ugh. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been hit…”

“Shut up.”

Yeo Do-yeon walked past Hong Seon-ah.

Seol Jin-woon was there.

She fell to the ground and laid Seol Jin-woon, who was wriggling, upright. Seol Jin-woon was covered with black ashes, making it impossible to recognize his shape.

After Yeo Do-yeon wiped the ashes off, she looked at Seol Jin-woon’s face.


“Are you okay?”

was fine

When Yeo Do-yeon glared at Hong Seon-ah as if it had happened, an answer came out of her mouth.

“why. There could be a less hot fire.”


“It made me unable to breathe. Breathe.”

You’re trying to kill me, but you can’t beat me.

Hong Seon-ah lifted her shirt slightly and pricked her navel with her finger.

There were no wounds, but there was a lot of blood. Yeo Do-yeon knew from experience that it was the trace of pouring a potion immediately after being shot.

Hong Seon-ah sighed lightly and approached Seol Jin-woon, who was lying on the ashes.

Yeo Do-yeon was wary, but she slumped down on Seol Jin-woon’s bedside.

Then, after pouring a transparent potion on his hand, he rubbed it on Seol Jinwoon’s face as if applying lotion.

Only then did Seol Jinwoon’s eyes carefully opened.

Yeo Do-yeon and Hong Seon-ah asked at the same time.

“hey! Are you okay?”

“Are you awake?”

Seol Jinwoon blinked his eyes and looked up at the sky without saying a word.

Hong Seon-ah looked down at Seol Jin-woon and made eye contact.

“Maybe I did. Was it because of this?”


“You want to hide in the mountains because you don’t want to harm others?”

Seol Jinwoon nodded his head slightly. Maybe it was because the ashes had mixed into the eyes, and tears were flowing down the side.

Hong Seon-ah carefully wiped the tears with her sleeve.

“If there is a problem, I go to counseling. Where is the one who came out of there and was fine. Do you know that only Seol Hunter is like that?”

Hong Seon-ah took off her clothes and got up from her seat.

she smiled brightly.

“I see it sometimes. ghost.”

While Yeo Do-yeon raised her eyes wide wondering what kind of monstrous sound this was, Seol Jin-woon kept her red, bloodshot eyes closed.

Fireworks began to vibrate at Hong Seon-ah’s feet, which got up from her seat.

“Just. Just know this. Either way…”

She smiled softly one last time.

“There is nothing that can be solved by avoiding it.”

The flames spread through Hong Seon-ah’s body in an instant.


There was nothing left where the flame was extinguished.

And Pi Chae-won felt a terrible headache after a long time.


Fireworks rose in the empty room, and Hong Seon-ah walked out of it.

She pulled out a few paper towels, tapped her eyes, took a few straight from the vial and swallowed it without water.

Exhausted, she sat down on a chair at the dining table and drooped.

She rolled her eyes and looked around the room.

In the full-length mirror on one side of the room.

Kim Chun-shik was still looking at her.


In the morning, I heard from Yang Pan-seok that Lee Choong-bin had entered Korea this morning.

It is also an official schedule.

Besides, he’s looking for me.

If we don’t go here, Korea will be ‘officially’ f**king China. That’s because I got plenty of rice.

So I gave up climbing Jirisan and ran to find Seol Jinwoon.

Li Choongbin’s mission was simple.

“I have heard the news that a comrade of the Federation is preparing to establish an international army. I express my infinite gratitude for Korea’s decision.”

Send reinforcements to China.

“…haha, it’s still in close discussion with the Lumière executive-”

Interpretation: I didn’t make it to send it to you.

“On behalf of the one billion people in China, I would like to express my gratitude. comrade.”

Interpretation: What?

“No, that-”

“Thank you!”

The moment Ri Choongbin bowed his head softly at me,

A cold sweat ran down the back of his head.

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